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Updated: 113 days ago

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Key facts:
  • City: Cupertino
  • Country: United States
  • Sector: Technology
  • Foundation Year: 1976
  • Industry: Consumer Electronics
  • Linkedin Followers: 17,179,377
  • CEO: Timothy D. Cook (male)
  • Type: public company
  • Employees: 154,000
  • Revenues: 387,542 m$
  • Market cap: 2,480,260 m$
  • Assets: 351 b$



Here is the latest on Apple:

Title Source Date
Apple and Google want to shift how you listen to podcasts The Verge 2023-09-26
Apple's Eddy Cue defends default search contract with Google as best option for consumers CNBC 2023-09-26
Apple exec defends tech giant's decision to make Google default search engine on Apple iPhones, Macs Times of India 2023-09-26
Apple’s Studio Display gets manual controls for its webcam The Verge 2023-09-26
Top Apple Executive Defends Favoring Google on iPhones New York Times 2023-09-26
Apple defends Google Search deal in court: ‘There wasn’t a valid alternative’ The Verge 2023-09-26
Apple releases macOS Sonoma, with iOS-like widgets and Game Mode The Verge 2023-09-26
Apple Podcasts overhaul pulls in original programming from third-party apps The Verge 2023-09-26
The first trailer for Apple’s sci-fi film Fingernails shows a retrofuturistic romcom The Verge 2023-09-26
Apple issues iPhone 12 update over radiation concerns Independent 2023-09-26
Apple Podcasts adds original programming from Apple Music, Apple News+ and other apps TechCrunch 2023-09-26
Apple executives break down AirPods’ new features TechCrunch 2023-09-25
Why the iPhone 15 Is Missing a Chip From Apple Daily Telegraph 2023-09-25
Apple’s Eddy Cue will take the stand Tuesday in the Google antitrust trial The Verge 2023-09-25
Apple’s discontinued MagSafe Duo charger is on sale for $35 off The Verge 2023-09-25
Apple AirTag killer jailed for repeatedly running over boyfriend Independent 2023-09-25
First Impressions of Apple's New iPhone 15 Pro Max and Watch Ultra 2 Bloomberg 2023-09-24
Startup Rivos Says Apple Intimidates Workers Who 'Dare to Leave' Bloomberg 2023-09-24
Apple’s new software is widgets all the way down The Verge 2023-09-24
Apple’s new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro reach doorsteps and store shelves Ars Technica 2023-09-22
Yes, you have to update your Apple devices again, because spyware is bad TechCrunch 2023-09-22
Apple’s faster Haptic Touch is as close to a 3D Touch comeback as we’re gonna get The Verge 2023-09-22
Apple CEO Tim Cook appears in New York to celebrate iPhone 15 release CNBC 2023-09-22
New Apple products on sale Friday Daily Telegraph 2023-09-22
Apple's iPhone 15 launches in China with people flocking to stores — even as Huawei revival emerges CNBC 2023-09-22
Incomplete disclosures by Apple and Google create “huge blindspot” for 0-day hunters Ars Technica 2023-09-21
An early iPhone 15 Pro teardown looks inside Apple’s new flagship phone The Verge 2023-09-21
Google taunts Apple again over its lack of RCS messaging support The Verge 2023-09-21
Apple’s failure to develop its own modem detailed in new report The Verge 2023-09-21
Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Buy Bose, Sony, Apple and more BBC 2023-09-20
iPhone 15: Apple workers strike in France ahead of biggest launch of the year Independent 2023-09-20
Apple reportedly stopped short of bringing a stock trading feature to iPhone The Verge 2023-09-20
Apple Watch Series 9 review TechCrunch 2023-09-20
Apple and Goldman were planning stock-trading feature for iPhones until markets turned last year CNBC 2023-09-20
Microsoft Eyes Apple's Spot as World's Largest Stock Bloomberg 2023-09-20
Apple’s Lisa Jackson explains how going carbon neutral by 2030 is good business TechCrunch 2023-09-19
iFixit retroactively dings the iPhone 14 over Apple’s parts pairing requirement The Verge 2023-09-19
Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max goes to Disneyland TechCrunch 2023-09-19
Huawei's chip breakthrough poses new threat to Apple in China — and questions for Washington CNBC 2023-09-19
Apple releases iPadOS 17 with interactive widget support and a redesigned lock screen TechCrunch 2023-09-18
Apple just released its big annual iPhone update. Here's what's new and how to install it CNBC 2023-09-18
Apple’s bigger iCloud Plus plans are now available The Verge 2023-09-18
The smaller iPhone 16 Pro might get Apple’s new ‘tetraprism’ zoom lens The Verge 2023-09-18
Has Apple Pay made it too easy to spend money? VOX 2023-09-18
Apple will charge you way less to fix cracked back glass on an iPhone 15 Pro Ars Technica 2023-09-18
Apple releases most of 2023’s big software updates today—is your device supported? Ars Technica 2023-09-18
Apple’s new AirPods Pro with USB-C charging case is already $50 off on a preorder The Verge 2023-09-18
Has Apple Pay made it too easy to spend money? VOX 2023-09-18
Apple's new AirPods won't have to be taken out of your ears as often, thanks to sophisticated AI CNBC 2023-09-18
Apple made it way cheaper to repair an iPhone 15 Pro’s broken back glass The Verge 2023-09-18
Geopolitics complicates Apple’s relationship with China Ars Technica 2023-09-18
Apple's Watch Series 9, iPhone 15 Will Hold It Over Until Vision Pro ... Bloomberg 2023-09-18
Apple’s USB-C shift could bring back the MagSafe Duo and Battery Pack The Verge 2023-09-17
Apple continues to use our own mortality as marketing The Verge 2023-09-17
Apple has an AirPod repair problem VOX 2023-09-16
Apple Plans iPhone 12 Update to Address French Radiation Issue Bloomberg 2023-09-16
Apple to update iPhone 12 in France after radiation row Times of India 2023-09-16
EXCLUSIVE: iPhone 12 radiation fears: FDA is ‘reviewing’ Apple handsets after reports they are radioactive – as France halts sales BBC 2023-09-15
Apple is now charging more for most Apple Watch battery swaps The Verge 2023-09-15
Do Apple’s environmental claims live up to its own highly polished hype? TechCrunch 2023-09-15
Apple to release software update for iPhone 12 to solve radiation concerns TechCrunch 2023-09-15
If you’d bought Apple shares instead of iPhones, you’d now have $147,000 TechCrunch 2023-09-15
Apple to update iPhone 12 in France over radiation BBC 2023-09-15
Apple will issue software update for iPhone 12 over radiation worries Ars Technica 2023-09-15
Here’s why Apple put a Thread radio in the iPhone 15 Pro The Verge 2023-09-14
Twelve South’s new HiRise 3 Deluxe is for StandBy Mode and charging all your Apple stuff The Verge 2023-09-14
iPhone 12 is not emitting dangerous radiation, Apple says, amid fears of Europe ban Independent 2023-09-14
What is behind France’s ban of Apple’s iPhone 12? Al Jazeera 2023-09-13
Apple now finally sells USB-C EarPods The Verge 2023-09-13
Apple announces iOS 17 release date CNBC 2023-09-13
Apple Event 2023: Everything you need to know about iPhone 15, Apple Watch, USB-C connector TechCrunch 2023-09-13
Here’s how Apple’s new iPhone 15 models compare to some of the best Android phones The Verge 2023-09-13
Apple's iPhone 15 launch focused heavily on AI — even though the tech giant didn't mention it CNBC 2023-09-13
Apple’s switch to USB-C resurfaces the need to label the cables TechCrunch 2023-09-13
Apple Event 2023: Everything you need to know about iPhone 15, Apple Watch, USB-C connector TechCrunch 2023-09-13
The 17 Best Shows on Apple TV+ Right Now WIRED 2023-09-13
iPhone 15: Apple forced to ditch lightning charger BBC 2023-09-13
How to Navigate Apple’s Shift From Lightning to USB-C NYT 2023-09-13
Apple Unveils iPhone 15 With Changes to Its USB-C Charger NYT 2023-09-13
Apple embraces India’s GPS alternative NavIC in iPhone 15 Pro TechCrunch 2023-09-13
Apple is adding Roadside Assistance via satellite to the iPhone The Verge 2023-09-13
Apple’s smart home app can now tell you when you’re using clean energy The Verge 2023-09-13
Good news, everyone: Apple’s Polishing Cloth supports the iPhone 15 Pro Max The Verge 2023-09-13
Apple hikes iPhone prices in key China and India markets despite keeping them the same in the U.S. CNBC 2023-09-13
France orders Apple to halt iPhone 12 sales due to high radiation levels F24 2023-09-13
The iPhone 12 emits too much radiation and Apple must take it off the market, a French agency says WT 2023-09-13
Liveblog: All the news from Apple’s “Wonderlust” event Ars Technica 2023-09-11
The Apple Event Quiz The Verge 2023-09-11
Qualcomm says it will supply Apple with 5G modems for iPhones through 2026 CNBC 2023-09-11
Apple’s Lightning connector was the first great port — and USB-C might be the last The Verge 2023-09-11
Apple September 12 Wonderlust Event: What to Expect From iPhone ... Bloomberg 2023-09-11
Apple making big changes to charging DT 2023-09-10
Actors unions rally at Apple, Amazon offices in Toronto DT 2023-09-10
Stock Markets Today: S&P 500 target, Apple in China, Yuan ... Bloomberg 2023-09-09
Apple's iPhone 15 event kicks off on Tuesday. Here's what to expect CNBC 2023-09-08
A software update from Apple addresses security concerns DT 2023-09-08
Apple May Struggle as China Risks Mount, JPMorgan Says Bloomberg 2023-09-08
Apple’s M3 MacBooks might not arrive this year The Verge 2023-09-08
Apple Event 2023: How to watch the iPhone 15 reveal on Sept. 12 TechCrunch 2023-09-08
Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Max could get USB-C ports next year The Verge 2023-09-08
Godzilla returns in Apple’s first trailer for the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters TV series The Verge 2023-09-08
Apple shares fall following reports of China iPhone ban F24 2023-09-08
Apple's Share Slump Has Some Options Investors Bargain Hunting Bloomberg 2023-09-08
Apple shares slide after China government iPhone ban reports BBC 2023-09-08
Apple patches “clickless” 0-day image processing vulnerability in iOS, macOS Ars Technica 2023-09-08
Here are the best Apple Watch deals right now The Verge 2023-09-08
Apple fixes zero-day bugs used to plant Pegasus spyware TechCrunch 2023-09-07
Dealmaster: Save on Apple, Dell, Lenovo laptops, Steelcase chairs, and more Ars Technica 2023-09-07
Apple Event 2023: What we expect from the ‘Wonderlust’ iPhone 15 reveal TechCrunch 2023-09-07
Apple shares fall after reports that China banned iPhone use by government employees CNBC 2023-09-07
Apple shares fall amid reports of China’s increasing iPhone restrictions Al Jazeera 2023-09-07
Apple’s latest 14-inch MacBook Pro falls to a new low of $1,699 for today only The Verge 2023-09-07
Apple’s Stock Falls on Reports of a Chinese Government iPhone Ban NYT 2023-09-07
EU's crackdown on Apple, Meta and others is to avoid forced breakups, top official says CNBC 2023-09-07
Apple, Amazon, Meta among 6 'gatekeepers' to face EU heat TOI 2023-09-07
Apple buying Disney would be a storybook ending for Iger, but fairy tales aren't real CNBC 2023-09-07
Apple is reportedly spending ‘millions of dollars a day’ training AI The Verge 2023-09-06
Apple and Arm sign deal for chip technology that goes beyond 2040 CNBC 2023-09-06
Footage shows how woman stole £700 iPhone from Apple store using only her teeth Mirror 2023-09-06
EU hits Apple, Meta and other tech ‘gatekeepers’ with new regulations F24 2023-09-06
Apple says iPhone and iPad apps will show up on the visionOS App Store from the get-go TechCrunch 2023-09-06
Apple signs new agreement with Arm that goes past 2040 The Verge 2023-09-06
Apple, Google, Nvidia and other tech giants are considering buying Arm shares CNBC 2023-09-05
What to expect from Apple’s iPhone 15 event The Verge 2023-09-05
Apple’s BIS acquisition is a bet on a classical music catalogue, and on building cred in the industry TechCrunch 2023-09-05
“We’re not ‘gatekeepers,’” Apple and Microsoft tell European Union Ars Technica 2023-09-05
Apple and Microsoft reportedly want iMessage and Bing off the EU’s tech ‘gatekeeper’ list The Verge 2023-09-04
New iPhone, new charger: Apple bends to EU rules BBC 2023-09-04
Apple September 12 Event: iPhone 15 Charging Port Change to ... Bloomberg 2023-09-04
SoftBank Lines Up Apple and Nvidia as Strategic Arm IPO Backers Bloomberg 2023-09-02
Amazon increases fees, ChatGPT comes to the enterprise, and Apple announces a press conference TechCrunch 2023-09-02
Apple details reasons to abandon CSAM-scanning tool, more controversy ensues Ars Technica 2023-09-02
Apple reduces cost of MLS Season Pass to $29 for the rest of the season TechCrunch 2023-09-02
In Monitoring Child Sex Abuse, Apple Is Caught Between Safety and Privacy NYT 2023-09-02
Apple Watch Series 9: Apple (AAPL) Tests 3D Printing in Device ... Bloomberg 2023-08-31
Baidu's Ernie bot jumps to the top of Apple's app store in China CNBC 2023-08-31
Apple may stop offering customer support on social media The Verge 2023-08-30
Everything we know about Apple’s Vision Pro headset The Verge 2023-08-30
Apple will reportedly launch AirPods with USB-C in September The Verge 2023-08-29
Invitation sent: Apple will debut the iPhone 15 in September livestream Ars Technica 2023-08-29
Apple sends invites for Sept. 12 launch event, new iPhone 15 expected CNBC 2023-08-29
Apple announces the iPhone 15 launch event The Verge 2023-08-29
Apple will announce the iPhone 15 on September 12 TechCrunch 2023-08-29
Apple plans biggest iPad Pro update since 2018 Ars Technica 2023-08-28
Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air with M2 processor is selling for just $899 The Verge 2023-08-28
Apple reportedly planning major iPad Pro upgrade CNBC 2023-08-28
Samsung prices its 27-inch 5K monitor at $1,599 — just like Apple’s Studio Display The Verge 2023-08-28
Google might recreate Apple’s satellite SOS on Android The Verge 2023-08-28
Apple Security Chief Must Face Bribery Charge Over Gun Permits Bloomberg 2023-08-27
Column: Apple has fought the right to repair devices for years. Why did it just make a U-turn? LA Times 2023-08-25
Apple, Spotify Make it Easier for Podcasters to Find Their Audience Bloomberg 2023-08-25
Apple, Buffett Show How to Earn $1 Billion by Doing Nothing Bloomberg 2023-08-25
Astropad’s latest is a combo iPad screen protector/Apple Pencil Tip TechCrunch 2023-08-24
Surprise: Apple now supports California’s right-to-repair The Verge 2023-08-23
Apple lends support to California State Right to Repair bill TechCrunch 2023-08-23
Apple Podcasts now shows creators who’s really paying for their shows The Verge 2023-08-21
Apple Podcasts gain new creator tools, including Subscription Analytics and Linkfire integration TechCrunch 2023-08-21
Apple’s sci-fi drama Invasion ramps up the tension in season 2 The Verge 2023-08-21
Apple devices spoofed, Musk eggs on Zuckerberg and Better.com goes public TechCrunch 2023-08-19
25 Years Ago Steve Jobs Launched the First iMac—and the Strategy That Saved Apple WIRED 2023-08-18
iPhone 15 production begins in India as Apple aims to diversify from China: Report CNBC 2023-08-17
This $70 device can spoof an Apple device and trick you into sharing your password TechCrunch 2023-08-16
Apple orchard owner tells Arab customer all Muslims are thieves on video DT 2023-08-16
Apple moved the end call button again in iOS 17 The Verge 2023-08-16
Apple reverses course, moves iPhone 'end call' button back to middle in latest beta CNBC 2023-08-15
Apple’s third-gen AirPods are matching their best price to date right now The Verge 2023-08-15
How the iMac saved Apple The Verge 2023-08-15
Apple’s iPhone ‘batterygate’ settlement payments should start going out soon The Verge 2023-08-14
An Apple malware-flagging tool is “trivially” easy to bypass Ars Technica 2023-08-14
Dealmaster: Early Labor Day savings on Apple, Lenovo, Kindle, and Google tech Ars Technica 2023-08-14
Apple moves “End Call” button on iPhone DT 2023-08-14
Apple to pay half-billion in lawsuit DT 2023-08-14
Apple Event September 12, 2023: Apple Watch Series 9, Ultra 2; Watch X Later Bloomberg 2023-08-13
Apple’s M3 Ultra Mac Studio could have a 32-core CPU and up to 80 GPU cores The Verge 2023-08-13
Apple is winding down its classic iTunes Movie Trailers app The Verge 2023-08-11
Apple’s 14-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro is up to $300 off right now The Verge 2023-08-11
App Store payment rules won’t change as Apple’s battle with Epic Games heads to Supreme Court TechCrunch 2023-08-09
Supreme Court says Apple can keep its App Store payment rules for now The Verge 2023-08-09
Apple is planning to move the button to hang up a call in new iPhone software CNBC 2023-08-08
Gizmodo editor-in-chief sues Apple over Tetris movie The Verge 2023-08-08
Apple’s iPad Mini is $100 off The Verge 2023-08-08
Apple and Samsung line up to invest in Arm The Verge 2023-08-08
Apple’s M3 Max MacBook Pro rumored to have 40 GPU cores and up to 48GB of RAM The Verge 2023-08-07
Report: Apple buys every 3 nm chip that TSMC can make for next-gen iPhones and Macs Ars Technica 2023-08-07
Apple's iPhone 15 is reportedly set for mid-September launch CNBC 2023-08-07
Apple may be testing an M3 Mac Mini The Verge 2023-08-06
Watch Apple's Market Value Drops Below $3 Trillion Bloomberg 2023-08-05
Apple shares fall most since September 2022 after third-quarter earnings report CNBC 2023-08-04
The former Canoo CEO hired by Apple is facing a lawsuit from the SEC The Verge 2023-08-04
Apple’s AirTags are on sale for $25 a pop at Amazon and Walmart The Verge 2023-08-04
Apple shares slide after it reports decreased revenue for iPhone and other hardware CNBC 2023-08-04
Stomp brings a fully-functional Mastodon app to your Apple Watch TechCrunch 2023-08-04
Apple's subscription milestone Quartz 2023-08-04
Apple’s services business now has more than 1B subscribers TechCrunch 2023-08-04
Apple’s and Amazon’s Report Cards for the Global Economy NYT 2023-08-04
Apple, Samsung could be hit by India laptop and PC import restrictions CNBC 2023-08-04
FirstFT: Apple and Amazon results highlight contrasting fortunes Financial Times 2023-08-04
Tigress Financial Partners CIO on Apple, Amazon Bloomberg 2023-08-04
Apple's most profitable line of business is making up for some hardware struggles CNBC 2023-08-04
Apple (AAPL) Meets Estimates After Services Help Offset Hardware Slump Bloomberg 2023-08-04
Apple Faces Longest Sales Slowdown in Decades Bloomberg 2023-08-04
Apple now has 1 billion paying subscribers Quartz 2023-08-03
Sales Drop in Apple’s Third Quarter but Top Wall Street Expectations NYT 2023-08-03
iPhone sales are down, but Apple’s subscriptions are growing fast Ars Technica 2023-08-03
Apple’s big services bet is paying off as iPhone sales dip The Verge 2023-08-03
Apple services growth continues to counter iPhone sales slide in Q3 TechCrunch 2023-08-03
Apple Revenue Drops 1% but Tops Wall Street Expectations NYT 2023-08-03
Apple, Amazon Earnings Bring Consumer Into Focus Bloomberg 2023-08-03
Why Apple bet on Pixar tech to make the metaverse work The Verge 2023-08-03
Apple fined in Russian court over ‘false’ material DT 2023-08-03
Russia fines Wikipedia and Apple for spreading 'false information' about Ukraine conflict ABC 2023-08-03
Apple and Amazon Results Pose Tech Rally's Toughest Hurdle Yet Bloomberg 2023-08-03
Apple in India and Nintendo’s IP push Financial Times 2023-08-03
Apple being sued for $1bn by UK-based app developers Sky News 2023-07-25
Apple launches dev kit program for the Vision P TechCrunch 2023-07-25
Rare Apple computer trainers on sale for $50,000 BBC 2023-07-25
Why Apple is threatening to remove iMessage from the UK market Quartz 2023-07-20
Dealmaster: Apple gear, Lenovo laptops, and Ars Technica 2023-07-20
Report: Apple has already built its own ChatGPT-like chatbot Ars Technica 2023-07-20
Apple’s market cap briefly shot up $67 billion on AI news Quartz 2023-07-19
Apple stock pops on report it's developing its own equivalent of ChatGPT CNBC 2023-07-19
Spain fines Apple, Amazon for alleged collusion to block competition BBC 2023-07-19
India is now one of Apple's top 5 iPhone markets for the first time CNBC 2023-07-18
When will we see Apple’s 3 nm M3? Let’s sort through conflicting rumors Ars Technica 2023-07-18
India will account for 20% of Apple's user growth over the next five years, Morgan Stanley estimates CNBC 2023-07-18
Apple can delay App Store changes to file Supreme Court plea The Verge 2023-07-17
Apple (AAPL) Was Once a Telecom Italia Takeover Target. What Happened? Bloomberg 2023-07-17
Dealmaster: Post-Prime Day sales on Apple and Lenovo laptops, an OLED TV, and more Ars Technica 2023-07-13
Foxconn: Apple supplier drops out of $20bn India factory plan BBC 2023-07-12
The best Apple deals available for Amazon Prime Day 2023 The Verge 2023-07-12
Nasdaq Rebalance: Why the Big Six Like Nvidia and Apple Needed Kneecapping Bloomberg 2023-07-12
Live news updates from July 11: Microsoft-Activision deal clears hurdle, Apple to sell products on WeChat Financial Times 2023-07-12
Worried About Nvidia, Apple and Meta? Nasdaq Has Your Back Bloomberg 2023-07-12
Apple supplier Foxconn pulls out of $19.5 billion India chip project CNBC 2023-07-11
Apple releases, quickly pulls Rapid Security Response update for 0-day WebKit bug Ars Technica 2023-07-11
Apple launches online store on China's giant WeChat messaging app CNBC 2023-07-11
Apple launches an online store on Chinas WeChat app TechCrunch 2023-07-11
Apple may be ‘experimenting’ with a 32-inch iMac, but don’t expect one soon TheVerge 2023-07-10
Apple’s new Mac Studio and 15-inch MacBook Air are both on sale right now TheVerge 2023-07-10
Buying Apple’s Vision Pro headset could require an appointment and a face scan TheVerge 2023-07-07
Apple purges predatory lending apps in India following scrutiny TechCrunch 2023-07-07
Threads app hits Top 5 on Apple’s China App Store despite ban TechCrunch 2023-07-07
Apple’s Strange Planet animated series starts streaming in August TheVerge 2023-07-06
Spotify is booting legacy subscribers still paying via Apple’s App Store TheVerge 2023-07-06
Apple reportedly slashes Vision Pro production, pushes back cheaper model TechCrunch 2023-07-04
Apple may be planning a new, more independent Mac display TheVerge 2023-07-03
The best Fourth of July deals on OLEDs, Apple Watches, and other tech TheVerge 2023-07-03
Apple considered a finger-worn controller for the Vision Pro TheVerge 2023-07-03
Apple’s next AirPods Pro may check your hearing health and take your temperature TheVerge 2023-07-03
Goldman may be trying to bail on Apple Card TechCrunch 2023-07-02
Apple is now the first publicly traded company to close above a $3 trillion market value TechCrunch 2023-07-02
Apple’s Card partnership could move from Goldman Sachs to American Express TheVerge 2023-07-01
Apple is a $3 trillion company — again TheVerge 2023-06-30
As Apple reaches $3T, it’s time to shake up the Big Tech club TechCrunch 2023-06-30
Apple joins opposition to encrypted message app scanning BBC 2023-06-30
Apple’s alien show Invasion returns for season 2 in August TheVerge 2023-06-30
The 13 Best Movies on Apple TV+ Right Now WIRED 2023-06-30
Apple uploads entire first episode of ‘Silo’ on Twitter ahead of season finale TechCrunch 2023-06-28
You can watch the first episode of Apple’s Silo... on Twitter TheVerge 2023-06-27
Apple says proposed UK law ‘poses a serious threat’ to end-to-end encryption TheVerge 2023-06-27


All metrics are actuals:

Employees 154,000
Revenues (m$) 387,542
Profits (m$) 94,680
Assets (b$) 351
Market cap (m$) 2,480,260
Cash (m$)
Debt (m$) 119,691
Free Cash Flow (m$) 83,344

Market share

The total market size of the Consumer Electronics industry is 1,010 billion $USD

Apple is ranked #1 amongst the 6,248 companies in the Consumer Electronics industry based on revenues

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