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Title Author Editions
E-commerce : business, technology, society Kenneth C. Laudon 14
Technology in action. Complete Alan Evans 10
Fluency with information technology : skills, concepts & capabilities Lawrence Snyder 7
Computer confluence : exploring tomorrow's technology George Beekman 7
Technology in action : introductory Alan Evans 6
Technology in action Alan Evans 6
Information systems today : managing in the digital world Joseph S. Valacich 5
Using information technology : a practical introduction to computers & communications Brian K. Williams 5
Technology ventures : from idea to enterprise Thomas Byers 4
Introduction to information technology Efraim Turban 4
Information and measurement J. C. G. Lesurf 4
Projects in computing and information systems : a student's guide Christian W. Dawson 4
Digital planet : tomorrow's technology and you George Beekman 4
Introduction to information systems R. Kelly Rainer 4
Management information systems for the information age Stephen Haag 4
Theories of the information society Frank Webster 4
Design science research methods and patterns : innovating information and communication technology Vijay Vaishnavi 3
Using information technology : a practical introduction to computers & communications : complete version Brian K. Williams 3
Architecture and patterns for IT service management, resource planning, and governance : making shoes for the cobbler's children Charles T. Betz 3
Tomorrow's technology and you George Beekman 2
Information systems today Leonard M. Jessup 2
The microdynamics of technological change Cristiano Antonelli 2
Information technology : an introduction for today's digital world Richard Fox 2
Cambridge international AS & A level IT. Student's book Graham Brown 2
Participatory IT design : designing for business and workplace realities Keld Bødker 2
Knowledge management : systems and processes Irma Becerra-Fernandez 2
Introduction to information systems : organisations, applications, technology, and design David Whiteley 2
Riding the revolution : how business can and must transform themselves to win the e-wars Robert Heller 2
The labyrinths of information : challenging the wisdom of systems Claudio Ciborra 2
Information and communications technology in primary schools : children or computers in control? Richard Ager 2
Guided inquiry : learning in the 21st century Carol Collier Kuhlthau 2
Computers : information technology in perspective Larry Long 2
Computers are your future. Complete Catherine LaBerta 2
The hands-on project office : guaranteeing ROI and on-time delivery Richard M. Kesner 2
Computing in the information age Nancy B. Stern 2
The eye for innovation : recognizing possibilities and managing the creative enterprise Robert M. Price 2
Technology strategies for the hospitality industry Peter Nyheim 2
Information 2.0 : new models of information production, distribution and consumption Martin De Saulles 2
New information technology in education David G. Hawkridge 2
Neal-Schuman library technology companion : a basic guide for library staff John Burke 2
IT systems management Rich Schiesser 2
Toward Effective Strategic Analysis : New Applications Of Information Technology Albert Clarkson 2
Business-driven IT-wide agile (scrum) and Kanban (lean) implementation : an action guide for business and IT leaders Andrew Thu Pham 2
The computer continuum Kurt F. Lauckner 2
Scholarship in the digital age : information, infrastructure, and the Internet Christine L. Borgman 2
Environmental reform in the information age : the contours of informational governance A. P. J. Mol 2
Information technology and organisational change Ken Eason 2
Failsafe IS project delivery Andrew Holmes 2
GCSE information and communication technology P. Evans 2
Integrating healthcare with information and communications technology Wendy Currie 2
Advanced GNVQ information technology Harriet Harper 2
Probabilistic methods for financial and marketing informatics Richard E. Neapolitan 2
Far from the factory : lean for the information age George Gonzalez-Rivas 2
Fundamentals of information studies : understanding information and its environment June Lester 2
Internet afterlife : virtual salvation in the 21st century Kevin O'Neill 2
Introduction to Information Systems : Supporting and Transforming Business R. Kelly Rainer 2
Aligning modern business processes and legacy systems : a component-based perspective Willem-Jan van den Heuvel 2
Introduction to automation for librarians William Saffady 2
Online brand communities : using the social web for branding and marketing Francisco J. Martínez-López 1
Qualitätsmanagement in agilen IT-Projekten – quo vadis? : HMD Best Paper Award 2016 Christian. Brandes 1
Open source for the enterprise : managing risks, reaping rewards Dan Woods 1
Oliver and Chapman's data processing and information technology C. S. French 1
Optimization issues in web and mobile advertising : past and future trends Subodha Kumar 1
Reclaiming information and communication technologies for development Tim Unwin 1
Reengineering human resources : achieving radical increases in service quality-with 50% to 90% cost and head count reductions Lyle M. Spencer 1
Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g R1, Business Service Management : a hands-on guide to modeling and managing business services using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11gR1 Ashwin Kumar Karkala 1
Older tourist behavior and marketing tools Vania Vigolo 1
On track. Stage 1 Jill Jesson 1
Office skills for New CLAiT and CLAiT Plus 2006 : for Office XP Alan Clarke 1
Reengineering information technology : success through empowerment Stephen Baxter 1
Reference Architecture for the Telecommunications Industry : Transformation of Strategy, Organization, Processes, Data, and Applications Christian Czarnecki 1
New CLAIT : OCR level 1 certificate for IT users Veronica White 1
New CLAiT 2006 for Office 2003 Alan Clarke 1
New CLAiT 2006 for Office XP Alan Clarke 1
New growth theory : an applied perspective Jati K. Sengupta 1
Religion and critical psychology : religious experience in the knowledge economy Jeremy R. Carrette 1
New information technologies : a practitioner's guide Dimitris N. Chorafas 1
Reinventing the IT department Terry White 1
New office information technology : human and managerial implications Richard J. Long 1
Nineteen years on - as the clock strikes eighteen Janet H. Wademan 1
OCR functional skills. ICT. Student's book Steve Cushing 1
OCR nationals ICT. Level 3 Karen Anderson 1
Reinventing discovery : the new era of networked science Michael A. Nielsen 1
Office information technology : a decision-maker's guide to systems planning and implementation Randy J. Goldfield 1
Office skills for New CLAiT and CLAiT Plus 2006 : for Office 2000 Alan Clarke 1
Projektwissen spielend einfach managen mit der ProjectWorld : HMD best paper award 2015 Silvia Schacht 1
Public value and the digital economy Usman W. Chohan 1
Practical tech for your business : using today's technology to make your business more efficient, creative and flexible Michael J. Martinez 1
Project-management in practice : a guideline and toolbox for successful projects M. Daud Alam 1
Pervasive information architecture : designing cross-channel user experiences Andrea Resmini 1
Networks and new services : a complete story Roberto Minerva 1
Pocket information technology John Browning 1
Policing and media : public relations, simulations and communications Murray Lee 1
Policy and management issues in company links with academic and government laboratories : a cross-technology study Wendy Faulkner 1
Policy design in the age of digital adoption : explore how PolicyOps can drive policy as code adoption in an organization's digital transformation Ricardo Ferreira 1
Primary ICT and the foundation subjects John Williams 1
Primary ICT : knowledge, understanding and practice Jonathan Allen 1
Population health management for poly chronic conditions : evidence-based research approaches Thomas T. H. Wan 1
Postdigital dialogues on critical pedagogy, liberation theology and information technology Peter McLaren 1
Postmodern magic : the art of magic in the information age Patrick Dunn 1


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