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The second sex

The second sex is a book by Simone de Beauvoir published 10 times between 1953 and 2015

1953 - 2015


Title: The second sex

Author: Simone de Beauvoir

Edition dates: between 1953 and 2015

Series: Everyman's library, Four square books, Vintage classics

Subjects in the book

There are 2 key subjects in the book:

In libraries

This book is in the following libraries:


The book has been edited by 8 distinct publishers:

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Book editions

The second sex has been edited 10 times

Title Publisher Year Language
The second sex Cape 1953 eng
The second sex Landsborough 1960 eng
The second sex Penguin 1972 eng
The second sex DCampbell 1993 eng
The second sex Vintage 1997 eng
The second sex Jonathan Cape 2009 eng
The second sex Vintage 2010 eng
The second sex Vintage Books 2011 eng
The second sex Vintage Digital 2014 eng
The second sex Vintage Digital 2015 eng

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