Data is all about representing reality as it is

Everything we do is driven by this idea

Protect and ensure Data Integrity

We do not alter the data we receive. We operate some cleaning, nomenclature and convention adjustments to make sure it fits our overall data model - all under the strict constraints that the inbound data has to be preserved.

Stay neutral, reflect and represent reality

We do not push any agenda, positive or negative. All our work is on data, not opinion. We are committed to exactly match the reality of our world, not distort it. Our rigorous approach through scripts and research is the same across all entities.

Be transparent

We provide transparency on our data sources on any page. We describe the work we do, showcase any step so that it can be understood and challenged by anyone. A feedback option is available on all our pages so users can raise concerns.

Support sustainable systems, diversity and uniqueness

We work against preconceived labels, and do not focus on the few but the many. We work towards a better world for everyone, for the short term and the long.

Fight disinformation and prevent any offensive use

We go against any push towards distorted information for the benefit of a few. We give free Pro access to our platform to all journalists, supporting them as well as ensuring fact checking on all the topics we address.

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