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Book subject: Cryptography

Cryptography is a book subject adressed in 190 books and 225 editions by 168 authors

1970 - 2021


There are 190 books and 225 editions on Cryptography between 1970 and 2021

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There are the 190 books on the Cryptography subject with a total 225 editions

Title Author Editions
Introduction to modern cryptography Jonathan Katz 4
Cryptography : theory and practice Douglas R. Stinson 4
Disappearing cryptography : information hiding : steganography & watermarking Peter Wayner 3
An introduction to number theory with cryptography James S. Kraft 3
Cryptographic Boolean functions and applications Thomas W. Cusick 3
Elliptic curves : number theory and cryptography Lawrence C. Washington 2
New directions of modern cryptography Zhenfu Cao 2
Symmetric cryptographic protocols Mahalingam Ramkumar 2
Codes, ciphers & other cryptic & clandestine communication : making and breaking secret messages from hieroglyphs to the Internet Fred B. Wrixon 2
Contemporary cryptography Rolf Oppliger 2
Cryptanalysis of number theoretic ciphers Samuel S. Wagstaff 2
Practical cryptology and web security P. K. Yuen 2
Cryptography in constant parallel time Benny Applebaum 2
Cryptography for developers Tom St. Denis 2
Can you crack the Enigma code? Richard Belfield 2
Cryptology : classical and modern with maplets Richard E. Klima 2
Investigator's guide to steganography Gregory Kipper 2
Data-driven block ciphers for fast telecommunication systems Nick Moldovyan 2
Decrypted secrets : methods and maxims of cryptology Friedrich L. Bauer 2
Information hiding in communication networks : fundamentals, mechanisms, and applications Wojciech Mazurczyk 2
Everyday cryptography : fundamental principles and applications Keith M. Martin 2
The Arcadian cipher : the quest to crack the code of Christianity's greatest secret Peter Blake 2
Group theoretic cryptography María Isabel González Vasco 2
The mathematical and philosophical works of the Right Rev. John Wilkins John Wilkins 2
Applied cryptography : protocols, algorithms, and source code in C Bruce Schneier 2
Understanding and applying cryptography and data security Adam J. Elbirt 2
The codebreakers David Kahn 2
The nature and power of mathematics Donald M. Davis 2
The trustworthy elections : remote electronic voting using trusted computing Matt Smart 1
Modern cryptanalysis : techniques for advanced code breaking Christopher Swenson 1
Modern cryptography for cybersecurity professionals : learn how you can use encryption to better secure your organization's data Lisa Bock 1
Mathematicians, spies and hackers : coding and encryption Joan Gómez i Urgellés 1
Modern cryptography with proof techniques and implementations Seong Oun Hwang 1
Java cryptography Jonathan Knudsen 1
Mathematicians, spies and hackers Joan Gómez i Urgellés 1
Mathematical ciphers : from Caesar to RSA Anne L. Young 1
Maranatha : et in Arcadia ego : the companion D. J. Burden 1
Malicious cryptography : exposing cryptovirology Adam Young 1
Making, breaking codes : an introduction to cryptology Paul B. Garrett 1
Modern cryptography, probabilistic proofs and pseudorandomness Oded Goldreich 1
Towards hardware-intrinsic security : foundations and practice Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi 1
Kryptologie : eine einführung in die wissenschaft vom verschlüsseln, Verbergen und Verheimlichen Albrecht Beutelspacher 1
Kryptografie für Dummies Hans Werner Lang 1
Java cryptography extensions : practical guide for programmers Jason Weiss 1
The code book : the science of secrecy from ancient Egypt to quantum cryptography Simon Singh 1
Trustworthy execution on mobile devices Amit Vasudevan 1
Initial Coin Offering (ICO) : Unternehmensfinanzierung auf Basis der Blockchain-Technologie Christopher Hahn 1
Group-based cryptography Alexei G. Myasnikov 1
Handbook of applied cryptography A. J. Menezes 1
Wittgenstein's secret diaries : Semiotic writings in Cryptography Dinda L. Gorlée 1
Hiding in plain sight : steganography and the art of covert communication Eric Cole 1
Implementation of chaffing and winnowing : providing confidentiality without encryption John Larkin 1
Improving image quality in visual cryptography Bin Yan 1
Visual cryptography for image processing and security : theory, methods, and applications Feng Liu 1
Video encryption technology & application Zhengquan Xu 1
The story of codes Stephen Pincock 1
Introduction to Coding Theory Jurgen Bierbrauer 1
Introduction to cryptography : principles and applications Hans Delfs 1
Introduction to cryptography : with coding theory Wade Trappe 1
Understanding cryptography : a textbook for students and practitioners Christof Paar 1
Introduction to cryptography with Java applets David Bishop 1
Introduction to cryptology Brian Beckett 1
Uncovered Sergey Savelev 1
Modern cryptography, probalistic proofs and pseudorandomness Oded Goldreich 1
Optical cryptosystems Naveen K. Nishchal 1
Noiseless steganography : the key to covert communications Abdelrahman Desoky 1
Secure communications and asymmetric cryptosystems Gustavus J. Simmons 1
Sending secrets : an introduction to codes Audrey Coppard 1
Simple ciphers Francey Lane 1
State secrecy and security : refiguring the covert imaginary William Walters 1
The cracking codebook : how to make it, break it, hack it, crack it Simon Singh 1
Statistical trend analysis of physically unclonable functions : an approach via text mining Behrouz Zolfaghari 1
Steganography Techniques for Digital Images Abid Yahya 1
Studies in complexity and cryptography : miscellanea on the interplay between randomness and computation Oded Goldreich 1
Surreptitious software : obfuscation, watermarking, and tamperproofing for software protection Christian Collberg 1
System-on-chip architectures and implementations for private-key data encryption Máire McLoone 1
Techniques for cryptanalysis of block ciphers Eli Biham 1
The American black chamber Herbert O. Yardley 1
The code book : the secret history of codes and codebreaking Simon Singh 1
The Montefeltro conspiracy : a Renaissance mystery decoded Marcello Simonetta 1
The Quantum countdown : Quantum computing and the future of smart ledger encryption Maury D. Shenk 1
The analysis and implementation of the AKS algorithm and its improvement algorithms Hua Li 1
The crypto controversy : a key conflict in the Information Society Bert-Jaap Koops 1
Secret writing : an introduction to cryptograms, ciphers and codes Henry Lysing 1
The code book : the secret history of codes and code-breaking cryptography Simon Singh 1
Secret language Barry J. Blake 1
Optimization models in steganography using metaheuristics Dipti Kapoor Sarmah 1
Passwords : philology, security, authentication Brian Lennon 1
Physical-layer security and quantum key distribution Ivan Djordjevic 1
Practical Cryptography in Python : Learning Correct Cryptography by Example Seth James Nielson 1
Practical cryptography Niels Ferguson 1
The official PGP user's guide Philip Zimmermann 1
Primality and cryptography Evangelos Kranakis 1
Primality testing and integer factorization in public-key cryptography Song Y. Yan 1
Privacy and security online : best practices for cybersecurity Nicole Hennig 1
Fundamentals of cryptology : a professional reference and interactive tutorial Henk C. A. van Tilborg 1
Quantum bits and quantum secrets : how quantum physics is revolutionizing codes and computers Oliver Morsch 1
Quantum cryptography and secret-key distillation Gilles Van Assche 1
Quantum cryptography represents the next line of IT security Roland Hengerer 1
Recent advances in RSA cryptography Stefan Katzenbeisser 1
The micro kids : an 80s adventure with ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and more Gary Plowman 1
Protect your privacy : the PGP user's guide William Stallings 1
.NET security and cryptography Peter Thorsteinson 1
Foundations of cryptography. Volume 2, Basic applications Oded Goldreich 1
Codes and cryptography D. J. A. Welsh 1
Code games Norvin Pallas 1
Codebreaker : the history of secret communication Stephen Pincock 1
Codebreaking & cryptograms : a practical guide Elonka Dunin 1
Codes : an introduction to information communication and cryptography Norman Biggs 1
Codes and ciphers Frank Higenbottam 1
Codes and ciphers Jean Cooke 1
Codes and ciphers Sean Callery 1
Codes and ciphers : Julius Caesar, the Enigma and the internet Robert F. Churchhouse 1
Codes and secret writing Herbert S. Zim 1
Cipher systems : the protection of communications Henry Beker 1
Codes, ciphers and secret language Fred B. Wrixon 1
Complexity and cryptography : an introduction J. Talbot 1
Computer security and cryptography Alan G. Konheim 1
Cracking codes & cryptograms for dummies Denise Sutherland 1
Cryptanalytic attacks on RSA Song Y. Yan 1
Crypto : secrecy and privacy in the new code war Steven Levy 1
Cryptographic applications of analytic number theory Igor E. Shparlinski 1
Cryptographic crimes : the use of cryptography in real and fictional crimes Marcel Danesi 1
Code crackers Neil Grant 1
Broadband access, optical components and networks, and cryptography Emmanuel Desurvire 1
Cryptographic security architecture : design and verification Peter Gutmann 1
Applied cryptography, second edition : protocols, algorithms, and source code in C Bruce Schneier 1
A search-based framework for security protocol synthesis Hao Chen 1
Algebraic cryptanalysis Gregory V. Bard 1
Algebraic geometry in coding theory and cryptography Harald Niederreiter 1
Algorithmic cryptanalysis Antoine Joux 1
An acoustic side channel attack on Enigma Ehsan Toreini 1
An introduction to cryptology Henk C. A. van Tilborg 1
Applied Cryptography in .NET and Azure Key Vault : A Practical Guide to Encryption in .NET and .NET Core Stephen Haunts 1
Applied cryptanalysis : breaking ciphers in the real world Mark Stamp 1
Arcadia : the solution to the Templar code D.O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V.M Clifton Power 1
Break the code : cryptography for beginners Bud Johnson 1
Arcadian cipher : The quest to crack the code of Christianity's greatest secret Peter Blake 1
Authentication codes and combinatorial designs Dingyi Pei 1
Authentication systems for secure networks Rolf Oppliger 1
Basic methods of cryptography Jan C. A. Van Der Lubbe 1
Beale treasure map to cipher success Stan Clayton 1
Beginning cryptography with Java David Hook 1
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies : a comprehensive introduction Arvind Narayanan 1
Boolean functions and their applications in cryptography Chuan-Kun Wu 1
Cryptographic libraries for developers Ed Moyle 1
Cryptography Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo 1
Finite fields and applications Gary L. Mullen 1
Decrypted secrets : methods and maxims of cryptology Friedrich Ludwig Bauer 1
Cryptology and error correction : an algebraic introduction and real-world applications Lindsay Childs 1
Cryptology transmitted message protection : from deterministic chaos up to optical vortices Igor Izmailov 1
Cryptology unlocked Reinhard Wobst 1
Cryptorunes : codes and secret writing Clifford A. Pickover 1
Cybercryptography : applicable cryptography for cyberspace security Song Y. Yan 1
Cypherpunks : freedom and the future of the Internet Julian Assange 1
Data hiding techniques in Windows OS : a practical approach to investigation and defense Nihad Ahmad Hassan 1
Data privacy and security David Salomon 1
Determining user passwords from partial information Dylan Clarke 1
Cryptology : an introduction to the art and science of enciphering, encrypting, concealing, hiding, and safeguarding described without any arcane skullduggery but not without cunning waggery for the delectation and instruction of the general public Albrecht Beutelspacher 1
Disappearing cryptography : being and nothingness on the Net Peter Wayner 1
Domain specific high-level synthesis for cryptographic workloads Ayesha Khalid 1
Donald Michie : on machine intelligence, biology and more Donald Michie 1
A brief history of cryptology J. V. Boone 1
Elliptic curves and their applications to cryptography : an introduction Andreas Enge 1
Elliptic curves in cryptography Ian F. Blake 1
Feistel ciphers : security proofs and cryptanalysis Valerie Nachef 1
Finite automata and application to cryptography Renji Tao 1
Cryptology : classical and modern Richard E. Klima 1
Cryptography, information theory, and error-correction : a handbook for the 21st century Aiden A. Bruen 1
Cryptography : a primer Alan G. Konheim 1
Cryptography arithmetic : algorithms and hardware architectures Amos R. Omondi 1
Cryptography : a very short introduction Fred Piper 1
Cryptography : an introduction Nigel P. Smart 1
Cryptography : an introduction to computer security Jennifer Seberry 1
Cryptography and e-commerce Jon Graff 1
Cryptography and information security V. K. Pachghare 1
Cryptography and public key infrastructure on the internet Klaus Schmeh 1
Cryptography and secure communication Richard E. Blahut 1
Cryptography and secure communications Man Young Rhee 1
Cryptography decrypted H. X. Mel 1
Cryptography with shrinking generators : fundamentals and applications of keystream sequence generators based on irregular decimation Sara Díaz Cardell 1
Cryptography demystified J. E. Hershey 1
Cryptography engineering : design principles and practical applications Niels Ferguson 1
Cryptography for Internet and database applications : developing secret and public key techniques with Java Nick Galbreath 1
Cryptography for Visual Basic : a programmer's guide to the Microsoft CryptoAPI Richard Bondi 1
Cryptography for developers Jose Estevez 1
Cryptography in C and C++ Michael Welschenbach 1
Cryptography in the database : the last line of defense Kevin Kenan 1
Cryptography made simple Nigel P. Smart 1
Wittgenstein's secret diaries : cryptography and semiotics Dinda L. Gorlée 1
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