Oxford studies in digital politics

Oxford studies in digital politics is a series of 24 books by 20 authors between 2010 and 2019

2010 - 2019


The 24 books in this series in our database

Title Year
The digital origins of dictatorship and democracy : information technology and political Islam 2010
News on the internet : information and citizenship in the 21st century 2012
The MoveOn effect : the unexpected transformation of American political advocacy 2012
Taking our country back : the crafting of networked politics from Howard Dean to Barack Obama 2012
Digital cities : the internet and the geography of opportunity 2013
Revolution stalled : the political limits of the internet in the post-Soviet sphere 2013
Democracy's fourth wave? : digital media and the Arab Spring 2013
The hybrid media system : politics and power 2013
Affective publics : sentiment, technology, and politics 2015
Disruptive power : the crisis of the state in the digital age 2015
The civic organization and the digital citizen : communicating engagement in a networked age 2015
Using technology, building democracy : digital campaigning and the construction of citizenship 2015
Risk and hyperconnectivity : media and memories of neoliberalism 2016
Prototype politics : technology-intense campaigning and the data of democracy 2016
Analytic activism : digital listening and the new political strategy 2016
The citizen marketer : promoting political opinion in the social media age 2017
The hybrid media system : politics and power 2017
Media and protest logics in the digital era : the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong 2018
The only constant is change : technology, political communication, and innovation over time 2018
If... then : algorithmic power and politics 2018
Apostles of certainty : data journalism and the politics of doubt 2018
China's digital nationalism 2018
Digital feminist activism : girls and women fight back against rape culture 2019
Presidential campaigning in the Internet age 2019
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