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Severn House

Severn House is a book publisher with 4,234 books and 4,578 editions in our database between 1975 and 2021

1975 - 2021
1975 - 2021


There are 4,234 books and 4,578 editions by Severn House between 1975 and 2021 in our database

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Explore all the 4,578 books and editions by Severn House in our database

Title Author Year
1988 Richard Lamm 1986
633 Squadron _ Operation Titan Frederick E. Smith 1982
633 Squadron, Operation Cobra Frederick E. Smith 1981
633 Squadron : Operation Crisis Frederick E. Smith 1993
633 Squadron : Operation Defiant Frederick E. Smith 1995
633 Squadron : Operation Thor Frederick E. Smith 1994
_ And justice for all : a novel Robert Grossbach 1980
A better class of person Tessa Barclay 2002
A bitter legacy Sara Fraser 2003
A Bombay affair Elisabeth McNeill 2000
A Bombay affair Elisabeth McNeill 2001
A Border knight Juliet Dymoke 1987
A bouquet of thorns Tania Anne Crosse 2008
A bright new day Linda Sole 2005
A brighter tomorrow Rowena Summers 2000
A certain Doctor French Elizabeth Seifert 1980
A chance encounter Mary Balogh 1999
A charm of finches Sheila Newberry 1998
A cherished freedom Joyce Stranger 2000
A child of fortune Caroline Gray 1995
A Christmas promise Mary Balogh 1992
A circle of dead girls Eleanor Kuhns 2020
A classy touch of murder C. F. Roe 1997
A clouded sky Helen Cannam 1999
A cold conspiracy Michael Shea 2000
A cold rain in Berlin Julian Jay Savarin 2002
A cold red sunrise Stuart M. Kaminsky 1990
A comfortable wife Stephanie Laurens 2014
A conflict of interests Clive Egleton 1992
A conformable wife Alice Chetwynd Ley 1988
A coral kiss Jayne Ann Krentz 1992
A Cornish maid Rosemary Aitken 2009
A Cornish rose Linda Sole 2001
A corruptible crown Gillian Bradshaw 2011
A cup of Jo Sandra Balzo 2010
A cut above the rest Marina Oliver 2004
A dangerous deceit Marjorie Eccles 2013
A dangerous friendship Jeffrey Ashford 2008
A dangerous gift Emma Stirling 1997
A dangerous thing Sarah Harrison 2002
A dark enchantment Margaret Pemberton 2001
A dark and stormy night : a Dorothy Martin mystery Jeanne M. Dams 2010
A day at the races Frances Paige 2002
A day without sunshine Les Whitten 1986
A dead man's secret Simon Beaufort 2010
A deadly injustice : a Nick Zuliani mystery Ian Morson 2011
A death for a dancer Doris Shannon 1987
A death for a double Doris Shannon 1992
A death left hanging Sally Spencer 2003
A death at St Anselm's Isabelle Holland 1985
A death in two parts Jane Aiken Hodge 2000
A debt from the past Beryl Matthews 2013
A deceptive clarity Aaron J. Elkins 1993
A different kind of justice Linda Sole 2008
A different kind of love Jean Saunders 1998
A doctor comes to Bayard Elizabeth Seifert 1987
A dog's life Gerald Hammond 2010
A double life Daoma Winston 1991
A double sacrifice Aileen Armitage 2001
A dreadful past Peter Turnbull 2016
A dream of Hunger Moss Mabel Esther Allan 1985
A dream of kings Harry Mark Petrakis 1986
A dream rides by Tania Anne Crosse 2009
A drink before the war Dennis Lehane 2000
A dubious legacy Evelyn Anthony 2002
A dusk of idols, and other stories James Blish 1996
A dying fall Clive Egleton 2004
A dying fall Sally Spencer 2008
A fair exchange is robbery Jeffrey Ashford 2003
A falcon for the hawks Clive Egleton 1992
A family affair Nicola Thorne 1999
A family concern Anthea Fraser 2006
A family matter James Roosevelt 1982
A family at war Kathleen Baker 1975
A fatal assignation : a novel Alice Chetwynd Ley 1987
A fatal inheritance Cora Harrison 2015
A fearful thing Christopher Nicole 2005
A few fiends to tea Virginia Coffman 1990
A final discord Tessa Barclay 2005
A final discord Tessa Barclay 2006
A final reckoning Susan Moody 2013
A fine romance Trisha Marshall 1983
A fire in the heart Katherine Sutcliffe 1991
A flat tyre in Fulham Josephine Bell 1984
A flight of golden wings Beryl Matthews 2007
A foal for Candy Diana Pullein-Thompson 1982
A fool there was Betty Rowlands 2009
A fool there was Betty Rowlands 2010
A forbidden embrace Anna Jacobs 2001
A forbidden embrace Anna Jacobs 2002
A foreign field Margaret Mayhew 2004
A foreign field Margaret Mayhew 2005
A forest of eagles James Follett 2004
A friend in need James Ferguson 1987
A game of love Barbara Cartland 1990
A generation of wrath : a story of embattlement, survival and deliverance during the holocaust of World War II Elio Romano 1984
A gentle feuding Johanna Lindsey 1999
A girl called Hope Grace Thompson 2005
A girl called Rosie Anne Doughty 2008
A girl's guide to the English public schoolboy Rebecca Irvine 1985
A glancing light Aaron J. Elkins 1993
A good confession Bridget Whelan 2008
A good confession Bridget Whelan 2009
A good death Chris Collett 2016
A good man's love Elizabeth Harris 1996
A good walk spoiled J. M. Gregson 2008
A good way to go Peter Helton 2014
A good weekend for murder Jennifer Jordan 1987
A green bay tree Margaret James 1994
A guiding star Joyce Stranger 2006
A handful of dust Tessa Barclay 2004
A happy English child Ursula Zilinsky 1988
A head for poisoning Simon Beaufort 2015
A heart so wild Johanna Lindsey 1991
A hive of bees Betty Rowlands 1996
A home of our own Gwen Kirkwood 2010
A hospital summer : a novel Lucilla Andrews 1986
A hot day in May Julian Jay Savarin 2004
A house for Sister Mary Lucilla Andrews 1983
A house to die for M. R. D. Meek 1999
A house without love Iris Bromige 1980
A house of women H. E. Bates 1988
A hundred thousand dragons Dolores Gordon-Smith 2010
A killing in China Basin : a Ben Raveneau thriller Kirk Russell 2011
A killing coast Pauline Rowson 2012
A killing karma Geraldine Evans 2007
A killing pace Les Whitten 1985
A killing resurrected Frank Smith 2010
A kind of acquaintance David Armstrong 2007
A lady of expectations Stephanie Laurens 2015
A lasting fire Beverly Byrne 1992
A little death A. J. Cross 2017
A little grave Ann Quinton 1994
A little learning J. M. Gregson 2002
A little too much : a Jack Liffey mystery John Shannon 2010
A long time dead Sally Spencer 2006
A love like yours Mary Hooper 1986
A lovely illusion Tessa Barclay 2001
A lover scorned Isabelle Holland 1987
A magic place Iris Bromige 1988
A maiden weeping Jeri Westerson 2015
A malignant house Fay Sampson 2009
A man possessed Donna Baker 1996
A man to die for Eileen Dreyer 1991
A many splendoured thing Margaret Pemberton 2003
A marriage of inconvenience Marion Chesney 1997
A masked deception Mary Balogh 1999
A matter of breeding : A Viennese Mystery J. Sydney Jones 2014
A month of Sundays Eileen Alderton 1985
A more perfect union J. A. Jance 1992
A murderous mind Jane Adams 2015
A necessary end J. M. Gregson 2014
A new beginning Grace Thompson 2005
A new beginning Grace Thompson 2006
A new day Beryl Matthews 2012
A new day dawning Julie Ellis 2006
A nice place to die Jane McLoughlin 2011
A pact of silence : a Kavanagh and Salt mystery David Armstrong 2010
A parallel life Ruth Hamilton 2010
A parting gift Frances Sharkey 1982
A passionate cause Aileen Armitage 2000
A picture of guilt James Brownley 2007
A pirate's love Johanna Lindsey 1988
A place of hope Anna Jacobs 2013
A place in the sun Judith Saxton 2002
A pony found Diana Pullein-Thompson 1983
A presence in her life Louise Brindley 2002
A prisoner of privilege Rosemary Rowe 2019
A private investigation Karl Alexander 1981
A prize for princes Rex Stout 1999
A promise fulfilled Connie Monk 2009
A promise made Linda Sole 2009
A proud lady Helen Cannam 2001
A question of guilt Janet Tanner 2012
A question of identity Anthea Fraser 2012
A question of loyalty Catherine Jones 2005
A question of motive Roderic Jeffries 2009
A quiet death Marcia Dutton Talley 2011
A rare beauty Sally Stewart 2002
A reason to kill Jane Adams 2007
A rebellious heart Margaret Pemberton 2002
A regimental affair Catherine Jones 2004
A rendezvous with death Alan Rustage 2003
A ring of vultures Richard Hunt 1998
A rising star Suzanne Goodwin 1997
A rose called Moonlight Elizabeth Daish 2002
A rose in winter Linda Sole 2002
A royal alliance Brenda Clarke 1999
A royal ambition Iris Gower 1999
A royal murder Elliott Roosevelt 1994
A ruinous wind John Pilkington 2003
A runaway star Barbara Cartland 1987
A running jump Gerald Hammond 1998
A rustle of silk Alys Clare 2016
A safe haven Rowena Summers 1996
A sailor's love Ursula Bloom 1983
A scattering of daisies Susan Sallis 1999
A secret inheritance Elizabeth Lord 2007
A secret rage Charlaine Harris 1984
A secret rage Charlaine Harris 2011
A shadow on the wall Jonathan Aycliffe 2000
A shadowed evil Alys Clare 2015
A shameful murder Cora Harrison 2015
A share of the world Andrea Newman 1992
A ship for the king Richard Woodman 2011
A shocking assassination Cora Harrison 2016
A shop in the High Street Grace Thompson 1999
A silver lining Anne Douglas 2014
A single rose Barbara Delinsky 2009
A slipping down life Anne Tyler 1983
A song in the air Anne Douglas 2008
A sound like thunder Diana Bachmann 1996
A special inheritance Margaret James 1994
A splash of rubies Virginia Coffman 1998
A spy's ransom Clive Egleton 2003
A stranger light Gloria Cook 2006
A stunning way to die Joyce Christmas 1992
A summer engagement Emma Stirling 1996
A summer romance Elizabeth Daish 1999
A sunny disappearance Roderic Jeffries 2005
A tangled thread Anthea Fraser 2015
A tangled web Gwen Kirkwood 2003
A tangled web Gwen Kirkwood 2005
A taste to die for J. G. Goodhind 2007
A theft of honour Aileen Armitage 2000
A thing of state Allen Drury 1995
A thrust to the vitals Geraldine Evans 2007
A time for hope Anna Jacobs 2014
A time of hope Nicola Thorne 1999
A time of peace Beryl Matthews 2005
A time to dance Sally Stewart 2004
A time to heal : triumph over cancer, the therapy of the future Beata Bishop 1985
A time to love Barbara Delinsky 2000
A time to remember Margaret Pemberton 2007
A timeless union Freda Lightfoot 2001
A tissue of lies Tessa Barclay 2008
A touch of suspicion Evelyn Hood 2001
A touch of suspicion Evelyn Hood 2002
A town named Paradise Julie Ellis 2001
A town named Paradise Julie Ellis 2002
A toy epic Emyr Humphreys 1981
A true likeness Tessa Barclay 2002
A truthful injustice Jeffrey Ashford 2002
A turbulent priest J. M. Gregson 2000
A turn in the road Julie Ellis 2003
A turn in the road Julie Ellis 2004
A Tuscan summer Sally Stewart 2010
A velvet scream Priscilla Masters 2011
A vet at large Eddie Straiton 1982
A voice in the dark Claire Lorrimer 1993
A walk with the dead Sally Spencer 2012
A web of circumstances Jeffrey Ashford 1997
A web of dreams Tessa Barclay 2006
A whisper of life Gloria Cook 2007
A whispering of spies Rosemary Rowe 2012
A wicked wench Anne Herries 2004
A wicked wench Anne Herries 2005
A wide berth Stella Whitelaw 2010
A wing and a prayer Margaret Thornton 2019
A winter serpent Aileen Armitage 1999
A woman beyond price Freda Lightfoot 1999
A woman of faith Margaret Allan 2004
A woman of faith Margaret Allan 2005
A woman of fortune Will Holt 1988
A woman of her time Caroline Gray 1995
A woman's touch Emma Stirling 1996
A woman without lies Elizabeth Lowell 1998
A work of art and other stories James Blish 1993
A wreath of dead moths Gwen Moffat 1998
A year to eternity Margaret Pemberton 2000
Abbeyford Margaret Dickinson 1998
Abbeyford inheritance Margaret Dickinson 1998
Abbeyford remembered Margaret Dickinson 1999
Aboard the Mary Rose Juliet Dymoke 1985
Above & beyond Sandra Brown 2013
Absolute poison Geraldine Evans 2002
Absolute poison Geraldine Evans 2004
Absolution : a mystery Anthony Shaffer 1979
Accidents will happen Julian Rathbone 2000
According to the evidence Bernard Knight 2010
According to the evidence Bernard Knight 2011
Acorna's people Anne McCaffrey 2001
Acorna's quest Anne McCaffrey 2004
Acorna's rebels Anne McCaffrey 2005
Acorna's search Anne McCaffrey 2004
Acorna's world Anne McCaffrey 2002
Acorna : the unicorn girl Anne McCaffrey 1998
Across a starlit sea Rebecca Brandewyne 1990
Act of terror Richard Woodman 1996
Action in the Arctic Peter Leslie 1996
Actors Kevin O'Brien 1987
Acts of kindness Charlotte Vale Allen 1983
Adam Hardrow David Fraser 1991
Adam's daughters Elizabeth Villars 1986
Adam's image Debbie Macomber 2016
Adders on the heath Gladys Mitchell 1988
Addy Starr Ruth Ryan Langan 1992
After Clare Marjorie Eccles 2012
After the exhibition : a Jack Haldean mystery Dolores Gordon-Smith 2014
After the first love Isabelle Holland 1988
After the flood Peter Turnbull 2002
After Jodie Barbara Whitnell 2005
After the last post Brenda McBryde 2003
After the last post Brenda McBryde 2004
After Louise Teresa Crane 1983
After the rain Nicola Thorne 2012
Aftermath Peter Turnbull 2010
Against the light : an Irish Nationalist mystery set in Edwardian London Marjorie Eccles 2016
Against the rules Linda Howard 2014
Against the tide Rosemary Aitken 2004
Against the tide Rosemary Aitken 2005
Agnes of God : a novel Leonore Fleischer 1986
Air glow red Ian Slater 1982
Alathea Pamela Belle 1989
Alexia's secrets Una-Mary Parker 2008
Alias the enemy Eileen Dewhurst 1997
Alias the Saint Leslie Charteris 1984
Alice at 80 : a novel David R. Slavitt 1985
Alice in bed Cathleen Schine 1985
Alice Anne Worboys 1992
Alice's awakening Genevieve Lyons 2000
Alien nation Alan Dean Foster 1989
Aliens : a novelization Alan Dean Foster 1987
All in a day Gloria Cook 2008
All the days of their lives Betty McInnes 2002
All the days of their lives Betty McInnes 2004
All the drowned sailors Raymond B. Lech 1984
All the lonely people : a Rafferty & Llewellyn crime novel Geraldine Evans 2009
All my sins Linda Sole 2010
All our tomorrows Pamela Oldfield 2001
All the Queen's men _ Guiy De Montfort 1981
All quiet on arrival Graham Ison 2010
All roads leadeth Peter Turnbull 2003
All roads leadeth Peter Turnbull 2004
All she can be Fern Michaels 1990
All smiles Stella Cameron 2014
All that glisters Janet Tanner 2001
All that glisters Janet Tanner 2002
All that glitters Linda Howard 2013
All that we are Elizabeth Lord 2010
All things undying Marcia Dutton Talley 2011
All the things you are Declan Hughes 2014
All through the day Brenda Clarke 1995
Almost forever Karen Harper 1992
Alpha, beta, gamma... dead Betty Rowlands 2007
Alpha bug M. E. Morris 1987
Always in my heart Theresa Cha.rles 1985
Amaranth Moon Janet Woods 2005
Ambush Nick Oldham 2016
American quartet : a novel Warren Adler 1983
Ammie, come home Barbara Michaels 1985
Amnesia Andrew Neiderman 2004
Amy Linda Sole 2004
Amy Linda Sole 2005
An academic death J. M. Gregson 2001
An academic death J. M. Gregson 2002
An accidental life Titia Sutherland 1999
An affair of sorcerers George C. Chesbro 1980
An air of murder Roderic Jeffries 2003
An air of murder Roderic Jeffries 2006
An angel in hell Barbara Cartland 1981
An army of smiles Grace Thompson 2003
An army of smiles Grace Thompson 2004
An elusive freedom Diana Bachmann 1997
An end to summer Cynthia S. Roberts 1994
An Englishwoman in France Wendy Robertson 2011
An honest betrayal Jeffrey Ashford 1999
An honourable man Helen Cannam 2000
An honourable man Helen Cannam 2001
An inconsiderate death Betty Rowlands 1997
An independent wife Linda Howard 2014
An independent woman Anna Jacobs 2005
An independent woman Anna Jacobs 2006
An instinctive solution Roderic Jeffries 2008
An intriguing murder Roderic Jeffries 2002
An intriguing murder Roderic Jeffries 2005
An irresistible impulse Barbara Delinsky 2001
An open door Claire Lorrimer 1999
An uncertain death Jo Bannister 1997
An unsuitable death J. M. Gregson 2000
Anarchaos Donald E. Westlake 2004
And a golden pear Jean Chapman 2002
And a golden pear Jean Chapman 2005
And gold was ours Rebecca Brandewyne 1993
And one rode west Heather Graham 1994
Andrew the playboy prince Andrew Morton 1983
Angel among us Katy Munger 2012
Angel in Babylon Jill Downie 1985
Angel of darkness Christopher Nicole 2009
Angel of darkness Katy Munger 2012
Angel of destruction Christopher Nicole 2009
Angel of doom Christopher Nicole 2008
Angel of the evening Rowena Summers 1992
Angel eyes Alanna Knight 1997
Angel face Stephen Solomita 2011
Angel from hell Christopher Nicole 2006
Angel in jeopardy Christopher Nicole 2007
Angel Landing Alice Hoffman 1982
Angel in red Christopher Nicole 2006
Angel rising Christopher Nicole 2008
Angel of vengeance Christopher Nicole 2007
Angels dining at the Ritz John Gardner 2004
Angels dining at the Ritz John Gardner 2005
Angelus! Peter Tremayne 1991
Annabella Aileen Armitage 1996
Annie : a novel Leonore Fleischer 1982
Annie's rainbow Fern Michaels 1999
Another door opens Lee Mackenzie 1986
Another Eden Julie Ellis 2002
Another life, another love Eileen Stafford 2003
Another life, another love Eileen Stafford 2004
Another time, another place Kitty Neale 2006
Antietam assassins Michael Kilian 2005
Any four women could rob the Bank of Italy : a novel Ann Cornelisen 1985
Anything for love Janelle Taylor 1997
Apple blossom time Kathryn Haig 1998
Applemere summer Harriet Hudson 2005
Appointment in Venice Sally Stewart 2003
Arctic peril Max Marlow 1993
Ariel Jack M. Bickham 1985
Army doctor Elizabeth Seifert 1982
Around another corner Grace Thompson 2006
Arthritis Vernon Coleman 1985
As dark as my fur Clea Simon 2016
As she left it Catriona McPherson 2020
Ashes, ashes Charles Atkins 2008
Ashes to ashes Margaret Duffy 2015
Asking for it Joan Taylor 1982
Asking questions H. R. F. Keating 2020
Asphalt moon Ronald Tierney 2007
Assassins' rage Charles O'Brien 2008
Assault on the Rock Duncan Harding 2006
Assault on St Nazaire Duncan Harding 1997
Assume nothing Gar Anthony Haywood 2011
At any price Brian Freemantle 1998
At the sign of the golden pineapple Marion Chesney 1990
Attack New York! Duncan Harding 1994
Autopsy! Howard A. Olgin 1988
Autumn comes to Mrs Hazell Louise Brindley 1996
Autumn skies Elizabeth Lord 2001
Avenged Julie Ellis 1995
Avenging angel Lori Copeland 1990
Avenue of poplars Elizabeth Daish 1998
Axe Ed McBain 1990
Baby, come back Erica Spindler 2016
Baby doll games Margaret Maron 2006
Back room girl Donna Baker 1999
Back with vengeance Caroline Carver 2009
Backhand smash J. M. Gregson 2015
Backlash : a Monika Paniatowski Mystery Sally Spencer 2011
Backlash Nick Oldham 2001
Backlash Nick Oldham 2005
Backward in high heels Judith Kelman 2006
Bad blood Geraldine Evans 2004
Bad blood Nick Oldham 2016
Bad debt Stuart Kay 1987
Bad dream John Christopher 2003
Bad housekeeping Sue Limb 1998
Bad tidings Nick Oldham 2013
Bahama heat Barry Estabrook 1992
Bahamas blue David Poyer 1994
Ballad in blue Linda Shaw 1990
Baptism of blood K. N. Kostov 1981
Bargain bride Rowena Summers 1993
Basilisk Graham Masterton 2009
Battle for Hitler's eagle's nest Leo Kessler 2000
Battleground Alan Savage 2002
Battleground W. E. B. Griffin 1994
Battles lost and won Beryl Matthews 2011
Battlesquad 1942 : Alamein attack! Jack Bradley 1982
Battlesquad 1943 : killer winter! Jack Bradley 1984
Battlesquad 1943 : slaughter on Sicily! Jack Bradley 1983
Be my guest Elizabeth Cadell 1990
Be not afraid Christopher Nicole 2000
Be not afraid Christopher Nicole 2002
Bean there, done that Sandra Balzo 2008
Bearing an hourglass Piers Anthony 1986
Beau Specs Sara Fraser 1998
Beauty Heather Hay 1992
Becky Ryan Sheila Jansen 2002
Becoming Charlotte Vale Allen 1994
Beguinage is dead! J. T. Edson 1980
Behind the lines W. E. B. Griffin 1996
Behind the walls Merry Bloch Jones 2012
Beignets, brides and bodies J. R. Ripley 2016
Being a green mother Piers Anthony 1989
Believing in giants Charlotte Vale Allen 1986
Belladonna Jeanne Whitmee 1999
Beloved sinner Jessica Stirling 1981
Beneath the soil Fay Sampson 2014
Beneath the sun Claire Lorrimer 1996
Benin light Peter Tonkin 2008
Bergerac is back! : based on the television series created by Robin Banks Stewart Andrew Saville 1985
Bergerac and the moving fever Andrew Saville 1990
Berlin exchange Ted Allbeury 2000
Best friends Julie Ellis 2000
Best kept secrets Sandra Brown 1990
Best place to die Charles Atkins 2012
Best served cold Sally Spencer 2015
Betrayal at Blackcrest Jennifer Wilde 1992
Betrayal Evelyn Anthony 2004
Betrayals Anne Harrell 1991
Betrayals Brian Freemantle 1996
Betrayed Karen E. Olson 2016
Betrayed skies : a novel Rudolf Braunburg 1981
Betrothed Pamela Oldfield 1997
Between the lines Jayne Ann Krentz 2009
Between lives Bill James 2003
Beverly Hills Cop II Robert Tine 1988
Beyond all frontiers Elizabeth Darrell 2002
Beyond the bone Reginald Hill 2000
Beyond the bone Reginald Hill 2001
Beyond the green hills Anne Doughty 2002
Beyond heaven's river Greg Bear 1989
Beyond midnight Antoinette Stockenberg 1997
Beyond the pale Vivien Armstrong 2002
Beyond recognition Ridley Pearson 1998
Beyond the shore Connie Monk 2010
Beyond tomorrow Fern Michaels 2012
Bid time return Frances Paige 2003
Bid time return Jean Ure 1981
Big city jacks Nick Oldham 2005
Biggles in the Antarctic W. E. Johns 1983
Biggles Larry Milne 1986
Biggles goes to war W. E. Johns 1980
Bindlestiff Bill Pronzini 1984
Bird of prey Vivien Armstrong 2003
Birdwatching on estuaries, coast and sea Clare Lloyd 1981
Birdwatching : on inland fresh waters Malcolm Ogilvie 1981
Bishop's gambit, declined Conrad Haynes 1990
Bitter finish Linda Barnes 1983
Bitter harvest Anne Goring 1998
Bitter harvest Jeannie Johnson 2008
Bitter legacy Kathleen Fuller 1988
Bitter poison Margaret Mayhew 2015
Bittersweet Sylvie Sommerfield 1991
Black magic Whitley Strieber 1987
Black majesty Christopher Nicole 1984
Black majesty Christopher Nicole 1985
Black ops W. E. B. Griffin 2008
Black pearl Peter Tonkin 2013
Black unicorn Tanith Lee 1995
Blackmaddie Rowena Summers 1990
Blackout Guy N. Smith 2006
Blackstone and the balloon of death Alan Rustage 2006
Blackstone and the endgame Sally Spencer 2013
Blackstone and the fire bug Sally Spencer 2005
Blackstone and the golden egg Alan Rustage 2004
Blackstone and the golden egg Alan Rustage 2006
Blackstone and the Great War Sally Spencer 2012
Blackstone and the heart of darkness Alan Rustage 2007
Blackstone and the new world : an Inspector Blackstone mystery Sally Spencer 2009
Blackstone and the tiger Alan Rustage 2003
Blackstone and the tiger Alan Rustage 2004
Blackstone and the wolf of Wall Street Sally Spencer 2010
Blackthorn Cottage Rowena Summers 2006
Blaine's way Monica Hughes 1988
Blind duty Frederick W. Nolan 1984
Blind eye Marilyn Todd 2007
Blind eye Marilyn Todd 2008
Blind panic Graham Masterton 2009
Blind Reef Peter Tonkin 2015
Blind run Kenneth Bulmer 1980
Blindside Edward Gorman 2011
Blitz harvest Peter Leslie 1999
Blitzfreeze Sven Hassel 1981
Blood from a stone Dolores Gordon-Smith 2013
Blood imperial Pamela Belle 1996
Blood is thicker Sarah Cox 2008
Blood maidens Barbara Hambly 2010
Blood moon Marilyn Todd 2009
Blood never dies Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2012
Blood oath David Morrell 1989
Blood on the bones Geraldine Evans 2006
Blood on the sand Pauline Rowson 2010
Blood red, white and blue : a Mary McGill dog mystery Kathleen Delaney 2017
Blood royal Elisabeth McNeill 2008
Blood and sandals Jason Foss 2004
Blood of the south Alys Clare 2014
Blood substitute Margaret Duffy 2008
Blood ties Frances Paige 1995
Blood ties Jane Adams 2010
Blood tracks Matt Hilton 2015
Blood will tell Jeanne M. Dams 2015
Bloodwood Gillian Bradshaw 2007
Bloody palms Ronald Tierney 2008
Bloody sunrise Christopher Nicole 1993
Bloody sunset Christopher Nicole 1994
Blue Avenue Michael Wiley 2014
Blue Knight, White Cross Colin Campbell 2009
Blue murder Vivien Armstrong 2006
Blue murder Walter Wager 1984
Blue yonder Alan Savage 2005
Bluebell windows Susan Sallis 2000
Bluebirds over David Williams 1981
Blues in the night Dick Lochte 2011
Blunt impact Lisa Black 2013
Bodies in winter Robert Knightly 2009
Body line Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2010
Body and soul Sherryl Woods 1990
Bombers' moon Iris Gower 2009
Bonded heart Jane Jackson 2009
Bonded heart Jane Jackson 2010
Bones under the beach hut Simon Brett 2020
Bonfire night James Mitchell 2002
Book early for murder Jennifer Jordan 1992
Born in ice Nora Roberts 1995
Born in shame Nora Roberts 1996
Born to dance June Tate 2010
Borneo story James Albany 1985
Borrower of the night Elizabeth Peters 1994
Bottled spider John Gardner 2002
Bottom line John Chaloner 1984
Boudica and the lost Roman Mike Ripley 2005
Bought with blood Ann Quinton 2001
Bound by the heart Marsha Canham 1991
Bound by love Catherine Lanigan 1989
Brandenburg concerto Julian Rathbone 2001
Breach of privilege Graham Ison 2009
Break point Michael Shea 2001
Breakaway Michael Hardcastle 1980
Breakdown Bill Pronzini 1991
Breakheart Hill Thomas H. Cook 1997
Breaking and entering H. R. F. Keating 2020
Breaking point : a DCI Neil Paget mystery Frank Smith 2008
Breaking point Frank Smith 2008
Breakout Kenneth Royce 1995
Breakout from Stalingrad : an SS Wotan adventure Leo Kessler 1995
Breath of brimstone Anthea Fraser 1996
Brewed, crude and tattooed : a Maggy Thorsen mystery Sandra Balzo 2010
Brewed, crude and tattooed Sandra Balzo 2009
Briar patch Linda Sole 2011
Briar Rose Susan Wiggs 1998
Bribery, corruption also H. R. F. Keating 2020
Bridal array Elizabeth Cadell 1996
Bride of a stranger Jennifer Blake 1990
Bride by candlelight Dorothy Eden 1991
Bride of dreams Jane Aiken Hodge 1996
Bridget Linda Sole 2002
Bridie Christine Thomas 1997
Brief ecstasy Denise Robins 1983
Bright lights, dark rooms David Nemec 1981
Brighton Belle Peggy Eaton 1997
Brilliance Rosalind Laker 2007
Britannia Hospital Gerald Cole 1982
Broken journey Janet Woods 2007
Bronze bell Stirling Silliphant 1987
Brothers and enemies Christopher Nicole 1984
Brothers' tears J. M. Gregson 2013
Brought to book Anthea Fraser 2003
Brute strength : a dog lover's mystery Susan Conant 2011
Buccaneer N. J. Crisp 1980
Buck Rogers in the 25th century Addison E. Steele 1979
Buffalo are coming J. T. Edson 1985
Bullet for a star Stuart M. Kaminsky 1981
Bullet beach Ronald Tierney 2010
Bullet proof : an Eliot Ness novel Max Allan Collins 2005
Bump in the night Isabelle Holland 1989
Buried in beignets J. R. Ripley 2015
Buried Caesars Stuart M. Kaminsky 1990
Burying the past Judith Cutler 2012
Butterfly Gwendoline Butler 1996
Butterfly summers Elizabeth Lord 2000
Butterfly summers Elizabeth Lord 2001
By blood written Steven Womack 2005
By courage endured Margaret Allan 2005
By courage endured Margaret Allan 2006
By faith divided Margaret Allan 2001
By hope united Margaret Allan 2003
By order of the president Michael Kilian 1988
By order of the President W. E. B. Griffin 2005
By reason of M. R. Henderson 1987
Byron's shadow Jason Foss 1994
Cachalot Alan Dean Foster 1994
Caged Hilary Norman 2010
Calder born Calder bred Janet Dailey 1999
Caleb's kingdom Essie Summers 1996
Call after midnight Tess Gerritsen 2011
Call of the heather Gwen Kirkwood 2007
Call for the Saint Leslie Charteris 1986
Call to arms W. E. B. Griffin 1992
Call to treason Jeff Rovin 2005
Calypso magic Catherine Coulter 1998
Cambermere Aileen Armitage 1996
Cameron's terror Gary Brandner 1988
Can't find my way home Carlene Thompson 2014
Cape Farewell Peter Tonkin 2006
Caper Lawrence Sanders 1987
Captain at arms Philip McCutchan 1998
Captain of the Caryatid Richard Woodman 1997
Captive innocence Fern Michaels 1998
Captive secrets Fern Michaels 1996
Cardinal rules Barbara Delinsky 2014
Caribbean pirate Karl Horst 1982
Caribee Christopher Nicole 1990
Casa Grande Jude Deveraux 1997
Cast the first stone Margaret Thornton 2012
Cast into doubt Patricia J. MacDonald 2010
Casting bones Don Bruns 2016
Castle terror Marion Zimmer Bradley 1994
Castles in Spain Sally Stewart 2001
Casualty Evan Christie 1987
Cat-a-lyst Alan Dean Foster 1993
Cat people : a novel Gary Brandner 1982
Catching the sunlight Harriet Hudson 2003
Catrina Elizabeth Daish 1998
Caught in the shadows Carolyn Haddad 1993
Cause of death Jane Adams 2012
Cecily Isabelle Holland 1985
Cedar Green Rose Boucheron 2008
Cemetery Road Gar Anthony Haywood 2009
Cemetery Road Gar Anthony Haywood 2011
Centrifuge J. C. Pollock 1985
Chain of evidence : a Burren mystery Cora Harrison 2013
Chain lightning Elizabeth Lowell 2011
Chain of love Anne Stuart 2011
Chain reaction : a Lucinda Pierce mystery Diane Fanning 2013
Chance encounters Rosie Harris 2016
Chances are Barbara Delinsky 2013
Change of circumstances Margaret Bingley 1986
Change of season Anna Jacobs 2003
Changing fortunes Pamela Oldfield 2002
Changing of the guard Steve Perry 2005
Chaos theory Graham Masterton 2007
Charles & Diana John Craven 1982
Charlie Nigel Williams 1984
Chasing rainbows Charlotte Vale Allen 1993
Chasing rainbows Rowena Summers 2009
Chateau in the shadows Julie Ellis 1994
Chelsea smile Peter Turnbull 2007
Cherrybrook Rose Tania Anne Crosse 2008
Chestnut gold Patricia Leitch 1987
Chief executive Alexander Fullerton 1984
Children of the glens Gwen Kirkwood 2004
Children of the glens Gwen Kirkwood 2005
Children's ward Claire Rayner 1995
Children of the streets Harlan Ellison 2004
Chill factor Peter Turnbull 2005
Chill factor Peter Turnbull 2006
Chimaera's copper Piers Anthony 1993
Chinese puzzle Elizabeth Darrell 2006
Choke point Charles D. Taylor 1988
Christmas masquerade Debbie Macomber 2016
Christopher Margaret Yorke 1992
Churchill's gold James Follett 1991
Cinnamon sky Janet Woods 2006
Citadel Dale A. Dye 1989
Cities of the dead Linda Barnes 1986
City of the dead Ian Morson 2008
City of dreadful night Peter Guttridge 2010
City in shadow Evan Marshall 2010
City of sorcery Marion Zimmer Bradley 1990
City of whispering stone George C. Chesbro 1981
Clash in the Baltic Duncan Harding 2004
Classic in the barn : a case for Jack Colby, the car detective Amy Myers 2011
Classic at bay Amy Myers 2016
Classic calls the shots : a case for Jack Colby, the car detective Amy Myers 2012
Classic cashes in Amy Myers 2014
Classic in the clouds : a case for Jack Colby, car detective Amy Myers 2012
Classic in the dock Amy Myers 2015
Classic mistake Amy Myers 2013
Classic in the pits Amy Myers 2013
Clay Jennifer Blake 2012
Clay country Rowena Summers 1987
Click to play David Handler 2009
Cliff walk Margaret Dickson 1987
Climb to the stars Denise Robins 1983
Close call J. M. Gregson 2006
Close call Vivien Armstrong 1994
Close combat James Albany 1983
Close combat W. E. B. Griffin 1995
Close quarters Adrian Magson 2015
Close relations Jo Harris 1992
Close to the bone Lisa Black 2014
Closing stages Eileen Dewhurst 2001
Cloud music Karen Hayes 1998
Cloud shadows Elizabeth Webster 1995
Clouds before the sun Janet Wright Matthews 2000
Clutch of phantoms Clare Layton 2001
Cobweb Margaret Duffy 2007
Cockney waif Elizabeth Waite 1994
Code blue - emergency James White 1990
Code grey Clea Simon 2015
Code of silence Sally S. Wright 2008
Codename Mercury David Fraser 1992
Codeword Janus Evelyn Anthony 2003
Codgerspace Alan Dean Foster 1994
Cold case Peter Turnbull 2016
Cold country, hot sun Christopher Nicole 2005
Cold, cruel winter Chris Nickson 2011
Cold Florida Phillip DePoy 2015
Cold hands Clare Curzon 1999
Cold in the heads Gerald Hammond 2005
Cold tactics Ted Allbeury 2001
Collar of pearls Betty McInnes 2003
Collar of pearls Betty McInnes 2006
Comanche trail Jim Miller 1988
Come and be killed Sally Spedding 2007
Come hell or highwater! Duncan Harding 1993
Come lie with me Linda Howard 2016
Come rain, come shine : a novel in the Hamilton sequence 1960 - 1966 Anne Doughty 2012
Come to Castlemoor Jennifer Wilde 1991
Come to harm Catriona McPherson 2020
Comeback Leslie Waller 1997
Comes the blind fury John Saul 1983
Comfort and joy Gerald Cole 1984
Coming alive Judith Cutler 2000
Command performance Nona Coxhead 1986
Commando Alan Savage 1999
Commitments Barbara Delinsky 1990
Common murder Val McDermid 1994
Community Graham Masterton 2013
Company of rebels Elizabeth Lord 2004
Company of rebels Elizabeth Lord 2006
Complicity Jennie Melville 2000
Comrades Paul Leaf 1987
Comrades of war Sven Hassel 1983
Condemned to death Cora Harrison 2014
Conflict Poul Anderson 1992
Conflict of interest Aileen Armitage 2005
Conflict of interest Aileen Armitage 2006
Connections Hilary Bailey 2000
Connie Ron Hutchinson 1985
Conquered by love Barbara Cartland 1988
Convoy of death Duncan Harding 2005
Convoy of death Duncan Harding 2006
Cool in Tucson Elizabeth Gunn 2007
Coppitts Green Nicola Thorne 2003
Copycat Betty Rowlands 1999
Cordelia? Garson Kanin 1983
Cork and the serpent Macdonald Hastings 1975
Corner of a small town Grace Thompson 1996
Corpse in waiting Margaret Duffy 2010
Corpus delicti Keith McCarthy 2009
Corsican honor William Heffernan 1994
Cosmic engineers Clifford D. Simak 1985
Cotswold manners Michael Spicer 1989
Cottage hospital Claire Rayner 1993
Countdown Susan Rogers Cooper 2014
Counterattack W. E. B. Griffin 1993
Counterfeit road : a Ben Raveneau mystery Kirk Russell 2012
Counterfeit road Kirk Russell 2012
Country bride Debbie Macomber 2013
Country plot Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2012
Cousins Suzanne Goodwin 1986
Cover up Howard A. Olgin 1990
Covert operations W. E. B. Griffin 2000
Covert warriors W. E. B. Griffin 2012
Cracker bling Stephen Solomita 2008
Crafty ideas Myrna Daitz 1981
Crash Gerald Hammond 2008
Crime always pays Declan Burke 2014
Criminal innocence Jeffrey Ashford 2010
Crimson angel Barbara Hambly 2014
Criss-cross Alan Scholefield 1995
Cristobel Diane Guest 1994
Critical angle Jo Bannister 1999
Critical threat Nick Oldham 2007
Critical threat Nick Oldham 2008
Crooked Street Priscilla Masters 2016
Cross of Vengeance Cora Harrison 2013
Crossbow Caroline Gray 1996
Crossfire P. M. Carlson 2006
Crossing by night David Aaron 1994
Crossing Eden Emma Gordon 1992
Crossing the river Elizabeth James 1997
Crown wars Peter Ling 1996
Crowner's crusade Bernard Knight 2012
Crowner's quest Bernard Knight 2004
Crucified Michael Slade 2008
Cruel choices Charles O'Brien 2007
Cruelty games Wendy Robertson 1996
Crunch time Nick Oldham 2008
Cry baby Gloria White 2006
Cry of the children J. M. Gregson 2013
Cry for the strangers John Saul 1984
Cry to the moon Joyce Stranger 2001
Cry uncle Russel D. McLean 2014
Cry wolf : a Sebastiano Cangio thriller Michael Gregorio 2014
Cry wolf Michael Gregorio 2014
Crying out loud Cath Staincliffe 2011
Cure the Texas fever J. T. Edson 1996
Curlew island. Sally Stewart 1997
Curse this house Barbara Wood 1999
Curtain fall Jean Ure 1980
Curtains for Miss Plym Kathleen Delaney 2015
Cut one, they all bleed J. T. Edson 1987
Cyberbooks Ben Bova 1990
Czech mate Elizabeth Darrell 2007
Daddy's gone a-hunting Penelope Mortimer 1975
Dagger magic Katherine Kurtz 1995
Dai-San Eric Lustbader 1991
Daisie's ark Grace Thompson 1994
Daisy's war Rowena Summers 2001
Damaged fruit Eunice Chapman 1996
Damned by logic Jeffrey Ashford 2013
Dance of death William Paul 1991
Dance to your daddy Gladys Mitchell 1986
Danced over the sea Jean Chapman 2004
Dancer in the flames Stephen Solomita 2012
Dancing with Clara Mary Balogh 1993
Dancing in the dark Stuart M. Kaminsky 1997
Dancing in the dark Susan Moody 2012
Dancing with death : a Nell Drury mystery Amy Myers 2017
Danger on the river J. Robert Janes 1986
Danger point Patricia Wentworth 1989
Dangerous arrivals Ted Allbeury 2007
Dangerous cargo Pauline Rowson 2016
Dangerous deception Anthea Fraser 1998
Dangerous deception Janet Tanner 2006
Dangerous games Sally Spencer 2007
Dangerous love Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 1997
Dangerous loyalties Virginia Coffman 1993
Dangerous minds Priscilla Masters 2016
Dangerous notes Gillian Bradshaw 2001
Dangerous practice Clare Curzon 2002
Dangerous secrets Pamela Oldfield 2003
Dangerous secrets Pamela Oldfield 2004
Daniella's decision Genevieve Lyons 1999
Daring to dream Nora Roberts 1998
Dark alley Evan Marshall 2009
Dark before dawn Kay Stephens 1997
Dark fire Elizabeth Lowell 2009
Dark heart Peter Tonkin 2012
Dark horse Marilyn Todd 2002
Dark horse Marilyn Todd 2005
Dark legacy Julie Ellis 2005
Dark legacy Julie Ellis 2006
Dark liaisons Jill Downie 1987
Dark masquerade Jennifer Blake 1990
Dark north Gillian Bradshaw 2007
Dark omens Rosemary Rowe 2013
Dark passage Marcia Dutton Talley 2013
Dark satanic Marion Zimmer Bradley 1991
Dark secrets Peter Turnbull 2002
Dark secrets Peter Turnbull 2004
Dark side : a British police procedural Margaret Duffy 2013
Dark stranger Heather Graham 1993
Dark summer Lawrence Sanders 1991
Dark waters Mary Minton 1995
Dark waters Susan Rogers Cooper 2013
Darkness on his bones Barbara Hambly 2015
Darkness, take my hand Dennis Lehane 2000
Darkness visible : a Lambert and Hook mystery J. M. Gregson 2009
Darkover landfall Marion Zimmer Bradley 1986
Darkroom Graham Masterton 2004
Darling Kate Teresa Crane 1995
Dasia Joan Eadington 1994
Daughter of ashes Marcia Dutton Talley 2014
Daughter of the sun Barbara Wood 2009
Daughters of war Hilary Green 2011
Dawn of a legend Christopher Nicole 2010
Day of absolution John Gardner 2002
Day trippers Grace Thompson 2002
Day of vengeance Jeanne M. Dams 2014
Daybreak Burt Hirschfeld 1992
Days of wine and roses? Christopher Nicole 1991
Deacon's dagger James Albany 1983
Dead or alive Ken McCoy 2016
Dead and buried : a Benjamin January mystery Barbara Hambly 2011
Dead and buried Barbara Hambly 2010
Dead centre Claire Lorrimer 2005
Dead certainty Glenis Wilson 2015
Dead in the dog Bernard Knight 2012
Dead end Brian Freemantle 2004
Dead end Joan Lock 2004
Dead end Joan Lock 2005
Dead ends Sandra Balzo 2012
Dead fall Joan Lock 2005
Dead fall Joan Lock 2006
Dead heat Linda Barnes 1984
Dead heat Nick Oldham 2004
Dead letters Joan Lock 2003
Dead loss Joan Lock 2006
Dead man dancing Marcia Dutton Talley 2008
Dead man's shoes Richard Hunt 1999
Dead man's wharf Pauline Rowson 2009
Dead man talking Richard Woodman 2002
Dead man walking Simon R. Green 2016
Dead men living Brian Freemantle 2000
Dead in the morning Margaret Yorke 1984
Dead of night Chris Collett 2014
Dead on course Glenis Wilson 2015
Dead on cue Deryn Lake 2012
Dead on cue Sally Spencer 2001
Dead reckoning Claire Lorrimer 2009
Dead reckoning Glenis Wilson 2017
Dead ringer Judith Cook 2003
Dead ringer Judith Cook 2004
Dead sea Peter Tonkin 2012
Dead slow ahead Stella Whitelaw 2008
Dead to the world Susan Rogers Cooper 2014
Dead in the water Vivien Armstrong 1998
Dead weight Susan Rogers Cooper 2012
Deadbolt Jay Brandon 1992
Deadlight Hall Sarah Rayne 2014
Deadline Jenny Oldfield 1996
Deadly bond Christine Green 2001
Deadly choice Christine Green 2004
Deadly corruption Jeffrey Ashford 2005
Deadly dance Hilary Bonner 2017
Deadly departures Ted Allbeury 2007
Deadly echo Christine Green 2002
Deadly echo Christine Green 2005
Deadly impact Peter Tonkin 2014
Deadly inheritance Simon Beaufort 2009
Deadly intent Anna Sweeney 2014
Deadly lampshades J. G. Goodhind 2009
Deadly night Christine Green 2004
Deadly obsession Betty Rowlands 2004
Deadly obsession Betty Rowlands 2005
Deadly obsession Julie Ellis 1995
Deadly ordeal Miles Tripp 1999
Deadly quarrel Charles O'Brien 2009
Deadly retreat Christine Green 2007
Deadly reunion Geraldine Evans 2011
Deadly verdict Andrew Neiderman 2008
Deadly waters Pauline Rowson 2007
Deadly web Christine Green 2005
Dear Emily Fern Michaels 1995
Dear loyalty Denise Robins 1993
Dear mum : poems for mums & their babies Pam Ayres 1985
Death of a busker king Bartholomew Gill 1997
Death of a cave dweller Sally Spencer 2000
Death of a friend : a novel Richard Harris 1983
Death of a stranger Eileen Dewhurst 1999
Death of a tyrant Christopher Nicole 1997
Death of an adept Katherine Kurtz 1997
Death of an innocent : a Chief Inspector Woodend novel Sally Spencer 2002
Death at the beggar's opera Deryn Lake 2013
Death and the black pyramid Deryn Lake 2009
Death at the Boston Tea Party Deryn Lake 2016
Death in the cup Anne Hocking 1984
Death dance Geraldine Evans 2010
Death in the dark walk Deryn Lake 2013
Death at Dearley Manor Betty Rowlands 1998
Death of the devil Caroline Gray 1994
Death in disguise Sally Spencer 2016
Death at Dovecote Hatch Dorothy Cannell 2015
Death dream Graham Masterton 1989
Death dues Geraldine Evans 2008
Death in Elysium Judith Cutler 2014
Death from arctic skies : an SS Wotan adventure Leo Kessler 1997
Death and honor : an honor bound novel W. E. B. Griffin 2008
Death is disposable : a mystery of hidden Manhatten Evan Marshall 2008
Death at King Arthur's court : a Lyon and Bea Wentworth mystery Richard Forrest 2005
Death lies beneath Pauline Rowson 2012
Death in North Beach Ronald Tierney 2009
Death notes Gloria White 2005
Death notes Sarah Rayne 2016
Death on the eleventh hole J. M. Gregson 2002
Death on the eleventh hole J. M. Gregson 2003
Death on the heath Louise Brindley 2003
Death on the heath Louise Brindley 2004
Death on the Rhine Charles Whiting 1994
Death on the rocks Deryn Lake 2013
Death in Pacific Heights Ronald Tierney 2009
Death at Pompeia's wedding : a Libertus mystery of Roman Britain Rosemary Rowe 2009
Death at Pompeia's wedding Rosemary Rowe 2008
Death's dark shadow : a DCI Paniatowski mystery Sally Spencer 2013
Death's eagles : an S.S. Wotan adventure Leo Kessler 1998
Death in the secret garden Richard Forrest 2004
Death in the sky Alan Savage 2006
Death Surge Pauline Rowson 2013
Death trance Graham Masterton 1987
Death trap Charles Whiting 1996
Death under the dryer Simon Brett 2020
Death walkers Gary Brandner 1989
Death watch : a Chief Inspector Wooden novel Sally Spencer 2008
Death at the wedding feast Deryn Lake 2011
Deathline Jane Aiken Hodge 2003
Deathship : being the second volume in the Earthsearch saga James Follett 1993
Deathtrap Peter Turnbull 2000
Deathwind P. M. Carlson 2004
Deceiving mirror Margaret Yorke 1988
Deception Adrian Magson 2012
Deception Claire Lorrimer 2003
Deception Claire Lorrimer 2004
Deed of murder Cora Harrison 2011
Deep cover : A Harry Vicary novel Peter Turnbull 2011
Deep cover Peter Turnbull 2011
Deep gold Arthur Mather 1988
Deep waters Barbara Whitnell 1999
Deep waters Patricia Hall 2016
Definitely deceased Roderic Jeffries 2001
Defy not the heart Johanna Lindsey 2000
Deliver us from evil Peter Turnbull 2010
Demon Christopher Nicole 2003
Demon's door Graham Masterton 2010
Denial of murder Peter Turnbull 2014
Denny's law Elizabeth Gunn 2016
Descendant Graham Masterton 2006
Desert city diva Corey Lynn Fayman 2015
Desert combat Robert Jackson 1998
Desert heat : a Joanna Brady mystery Judith A. Jance 2004
Desert sinner : a Father Dowling mystery Ralph McInerny 1994
Design for life Essie Summers 1997
Design for murder Carolyn G. Hart 2004
Designing woman Vera Cowie 1999
Desire in disguise Rebecca Brandewyne 1994
Desire is blind Denise Robins 1986
Desperado Rebecca Brandewyne 1996
Desperate journey Julie Ellis 2008
Destiny's child Iris Gower 1999
Destiny in Tenerife Evelyn Hood 2000
Destiny in Tenerife Evelyn Hood 2001
Devgln Trechayne Aleen Malcolm 1990
Devil in the detail : a Superintendent Mike Yeadings mystery Clare Curzon 2011
Devil in the detail Clare Curzon 2010
Devil-may-care Elizabeth Peters 1997
Devil's dance Daniel Depp 2014
Devil's daughter Catherine Coulter 1990
Devil's gambit Lisa Jackson 2016
Devil's work Margaret Yorke 1996
Devilday Angus Hall 1986
Devlyn Tremayne Aleen Malcolm 1991
Diabetes Vernon Coleman 1985
Dial V.E.T. Joyce Stranger 1983
Diamond bay Linda Howard 2010
Diamond Jacqueline Evans Wall 1988
Diamond Spitfire Robin Moore 1984
Diamonds Michael Feeney Callan 1982
Diamonds in disguise Tessa Barclay 2009
Diamonds in the dust Beryl Matthews 2008
Diary of a medical nobody Kenneth Lane 1983
Die happy J. M. Gregson 2011
Die-off Kirk Russell 2013
Different tides Janet Woods 2014
Dinosaur planet Anne McCaffrey 1996
Dinosaur summer Greg Bear 1999
Dinotopia lost Alan Dean Foster 1998
Diplomatic baggage James Melville 1994
Directive 16 Charles Robertson 1989
Dirty work Betty Rowlands 2003
Disengaged Mischa Hiller 2015
Dismissed with prejudice J. A. Jance 2003
Disposable asset John Altman 2015
Distant homeland Kay Stephens 2004
Distant homeland Kay Stephens 2006
Distant horizons Rowena Summers 2008
Distemper Beth Saulnier 2005
Divided love Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 1998
Divine evil Nora Roberts 1993
Division Graham Ison 1997
Doctor Hegerty Elizabeth Seifert 1984
Doctor in judgment Elizabeth Seifert 1989
Doctor's destiny Elizabeth Seifert 1988
Doctor's orders Elizabeth Seifert 1985
Doctor Samaritan Elizabeth Seifert 1983
Doctor Who book of science Michael Holt 1985
Doctor Who book of space Michael Holt 1985
Doing wrong H. R. F. Keating 2020
Domesday revisited : a traveller's guide Mark Morris 1987
Dominator James Follett 1992
Don't believe a word Patricia J. MacDonald 2016
Don't leave me Clare Curzon 2001
Don't tell Laura Susan Trott 1984
Done to death Charles Atkins 2014
Doomstalker Gary Brandner 1990
Double act Eileen Dewhurst 2000
Double fault : a Fran Harman mystery Judith Cutler 2013
Double jeopardy Bill James 2002
Double jeopardy Bill James 2002
Double jeopardy Bill James 2005
Double standards Aviva Hellman 1987
Double take Gregory Dowling 1985
Double trouble : vet up the wall Joyce Stranger 1982
Down the garden path Gerald Hammond 2003
Downbelow station C. J. Cherryh 1985
Dr Gordon's casebook Richard Gordon 1983
Dracula the undead Freda Warrington 2009
Dragon fruit Karen Keskinen 2016
Dragon's field Elizabeth Gill 2011
Dragon's gold Piers Anthony 1992
Dragonfly John Farris 1997
Dragoons Garry Kilworth 2011
Dream boat Marilyn Todd 2002
Dream boat Marilyn Todd 2004
Dream breakers Elizabeth Gill 2009
Dream chasers : a Meryen saga Gloria Cook 2011
Dream chasers Gloria Cook 2009
Dream fever Katherine Sutcliffe 1992
Dream river Dorothy Garlock 1990
Dream walker Jacqueline Marten 1988
Dreams of home Gwen Kirkwood 2009
Dreams of peace Rowena Summers 2002
Dreams to sell Anne Douglas 2013
Drena and the duke Barbara Cartland 1992
Dress rehearsal Jean Ure 1981
Driving ambition Paula Milne 1984
Drought Graham Masterton 2014
Drumfire Graham Ison 2006
Dry bones : a village mystery Margaret Mayhew 2012
Dry Max Marlow 1997
Due process Ted Allbeury 2003
Dust to dust Margaret Duffy 2016
Dusty death J. M. Gregson 2005
Dusty letters Elisabeth McNeill 1997
Dutch courage Elizabeth Darrell 2008
Dying in the dark Sally Spencer 2005
Dying to know Keith McCarthy 2010
Dying for you Geraldine Evans 2004
Dying for you Geraldine Evans 2006
Dzerzhinsky Square James O. Jackson 1986
Early autumn Robert B. Parker 1987
Early one morning Pamela Oldfield 2001
Early one morning Pamela Oldfield 2002
Earth Piers Anthony 1996
Earthsearch James Follett 1994
Easeful death Eileen Dewhurst 2002
East and west Gerald Green 1988
East wind Julie Ellis 1990
Echo of a Stuart Elizabeth Elgin 1998
Echoes of betrayal Una-Mary Parker 2009
Echoes of betrayal Una-Mary Parker 2010
Echoes of the dead Sally Spencer 2010
Echoing yesterday Alexandra Manners 1985
Eclipse Hilary Norman 2012
Eczema and dermatitis Vernon Coleman 1985
Eden Leslie Waller 1997
Edge Nick Oldham 2014
Edge of evil Judith A. Jance 2006
Edge of regret Janet Woods 2008
Edgewise Graham Masterton 2006
Educating Rita : a novel Peter Chepstow 1983
Eleanor of Aquitaine Alan Savage 1995
Elegy for a soprano Kay Nolte Smith 1986
Eleven little piggies Elizabeth Gunn 2012
Eleven that went up to heaven Anthea Fraser 1999
Elimination Edward Gorman 2014
Elimination Edward Gorman 2015
Elusive dawn Kay Hooper 1998
Embers of dawn Patricia Matthews 1983
Embrace an angel Carol Jerina 1989
Embrace and conquer Jennifer Blake 1992
Emerald Iris Gower 1998
Emerald Suzanne Goodwin 1980
Emerald flame Virginia Coffman 1996
Emerald station Daoma Winston 1989
Emily's ghost Antoinette Stockenberg 1992
Eminence William X. Kienzle 1992
Emma and the leprechauns Elizabeth Daish 2000
Emma's Christmas rose Elizabeth Daish 1997
Emma's family Elizabeth Daish 1996
Emma's haven Elizabeth Daish 1995
Emma's journey Elizabeth Daish 1999
Emma's peace Elizabeth Daish 1995
Emma's war Elizabeth Daish 1997
Empire and honor W. E. B. Griffin 2013
Empty houses Betsy Thornton 2015
Enchanted Elizabeth Lowell 2003
Endel House Lucilla Andrews 1993
Endgame Michael Shea 2002
England by the sea : where to go, what to see and things to do Elizabeth Gundrey 1982
Entangled Paul Jason 1983
Escape Barbara Cartland 1985
Escape to victory Yabo Yablonsky 1981
Eternity ring Patricia Wentworth 1988
Evan blessed Rhys Bowen 2006
Evan can wait Rhys Bowen 2005
Evan only knows Rhys Bowen 2006
Evanly choirs Rhys Bowen 2005
Evasion Françoise Sagan 1993
Even chance Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 1995
Even in darkness Lynn S. Hightower 2013
Evening the score Deborah Nicholson 2004
Everlasting Lynda Trent 1992
Every noble knight Maggie Bennett 2012
Every step you take Judith Kelman 2004
Evidentially guilty Jeffrey Ashford 2004
Evidentially guilty Jeffrey Ashford 2005
Evil justice : a mystery of hidden Manhattan Evan Marshall 2008
Evil in the sun Iris Collier 1990
Execution Adrian Magson 2013
Exit stage left Graham Ison 2015
Exit to Eden Anne Rice 1998
Explorers : a novel George Gipe 1986
Eye of the beholder Kay Hooper 1999
Eye of the law Cora Harrison 2010
Eye of the storm Catherine Jones 2006
Faces of fear Graham Masterton 1996
Facing justice : a Henry Christie novel Nick Oldham 2011
Facing justice Nick Oldham 2011
Fair exchange is robbery Jeffrey Ashford 2004
Fair prisoner Iris Bromige 1989
Faker Katy Gardner 2009
Faking it Marianne Macdonald 2006
Falconer and the death of kings Ian Morson 2010
Falconer and the ritual of death Ian Morson 2008
Falconer's trial Ian Morson 2009
Falcons of Narabedla Marion Zimmer Bradley 1991
Fall girl Kenneth Bulmer 1981
False alarm Veronica Heley 2012
False charity Veronica Heley 2007
False colours Judith Saxton 2001
False diamond : an Abbot Agency mystery Veronica Heley 2013
False fire Veronica Heley 2016
False friends Grace Thompson 2007
False front Diane Fanning 2012
False impression Veronica Heley 2014
False impression Veronica Heley 2015
False knight Peter Turnbull 2006
False money : an Abbot Agency mystery Veronica Heley 2010
False patriots Charles O'Brien 2010
False picture Veronica Heley 2008
False pretences Veronica Heley 2009
False report : an Abbot Agency mystery Veronica Heley 2012
False report Veronica Heley 2012
False step : an Abbot agency mystery Veronica Heley 2008
False wall Veronica Heley 2015
Families and friendships Margaret Thornton 2013
Family : a novel in the form of a memoir Herbert Gold 1983
Family business Helen Cannam 1999
Family connections Anna Jacobs 2007
Family money Doris Shannon 1986
Family portrait Graham Masterton 1986
Family pride Grace Thompson 1994
Family reunion Joyce Harrington 1983
Family secrets Burt Hirschfeld 1987
Family shadows Rowena Summers 1995
Family ties Rowena Summers 1988
Famine Graham Masterton 1981
Far morning Brenda Clarke 1995
Faraday's flowers Tony Kenrick 1987
Farewell gesture Roger Ormerod 1995
Farewell performance Ernest Lehman 1984
Farewell performance Tessa Barclay 2001
Farewell performance Tessa Barclay 2002
Fast courting Barbara Delinsky 2003
Fast fade Arthur Lyons 1990
Fast friends Susan Dunlap 2004
Fatal ally Tim Sebastian 2019
Fatal carnival Charles O'Brien 2006
Fatal catch Pauline Rowson 2015
Fatal cut Christine Green 1999
Fatal quest : Woodend's first case Sally Spencer 2008
Fateful voyage Pamela Oldfield 2007
Father unknown Fay Sampson 2011
Fathers and daughters Anthea Fraser 2002
Fathers and sins Jo Bannister 2008
Fathom Marc Hammond 1980
Faux pas Shannon Esposito 2015
Fear and loathing Hilary Norman 2014
Fear on Friday Ann Purser 2005
Fear on Friday Ann Purser 2006
Feelings of fear Graham Masterton 2000
Fell purpose : a Bill Slider mystery Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2010
Fell purpose Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2009
Fellrunner Bob Langley 1996
Felstead Kay Stephens 1996
Festival of fear Graham Masterton 2012
Festival in Prior's Ford Evelyn Hood 2013
Fever Elizabeth Lowell 2012
Fiddler's ferry Iris Gower 2002
Fifty-first state Hilary Bailey 2008
Fighter 2 vendetta David Williams 1982
Fighting for the dead Nick Oldham 2012
Figures of fear Graham Masterton 2014
Final act J. M. Gregson 2016
Final act Michael Spicer 1981
Final approach John J. Nance 1993
Final edition Val McDermid 1996
Final justice W. E. B. Griffin 2003
Final settlement Linda Davies 2007
Final toll Roger Ormerod 1999
Finding the dream Nora Roberts 1999
Fine tune Gerald Hammond 1998
Fire angels Christine Green 2001
Fire burn Peter Turnbull 2006
Fire over Serbia Leo Kessler 1993
Fire song Catherine Coulter 1990
Fire spirit Graham Masterton 2010
Fireball Bob Langley 1997
Fireflood Peter Cave 1981
Firefly Norma Harris 1986
Firestorm Donna Baker 1999
First, best and only Barbara Delinsky 2012
First impressions Margaret Thornton 2014
First love, last love Rosemary Anne Sisson 2002
First parish Helen Cannam 1998
First tracks Catherine O'Connell 2019
Flame child Linda Sole 1998
Flames of fortune Aileen Armitage 2002
Flames over France Robert Jackson 1997
Flames over Norway Robert Jackson 1996
Flames over Provence Peter Leslie 1998
Flamescape Gerald Hammond 1999
Flash point Colby Marshall 2016
Flashback Julia Greene 1983
Flashpoint Edward Gorman 2013
Flawed light Clare Curzon 2003
Flawed light Clare Curzon 2005
Flawless Burt Hirschfeld 1985
Fleeced Carol Higgins Clark 2007
Flight of the archangel Isabelle Holland 1986
Flight from Berlin : an SS Wotan adventure Leo Kessler 1995
Flight from Moscow Leo Kessler 1992
Flight to anywhere Elizabeth Darrell 2001
Flights of fear Graham Masterton 1995
Flinx in flux Alan Dean Foster 1989
Flip side of yesterday Barbara Delinsky 2001
Flirting with destiny Sara Hylton 2010
Flirting with disaster Deborah Nicholson 2005
Flodden Field : a novel Elisabeth McNeill 2007
Floodtide Sally Stewart 1998
Flowers for Miss Pengelly Rosemary Aitken 2013
Fly in amber Vivien Armstrong 2000
Fly in amber Vivien Armstrong 2001
Fly me to the morgue Robert J. Randisi 2011
Fold and die : a Jordan Lacey mystery Stella Whitelaw 2009
Follow your heart Rosanne Bittner 2013
Fool's gold Caro Peacock 2017
Fool's gold Vivien Armstrong 2000
Football : a complete guide to better soccer Tom Tully 1980
Footprints to murder Marcia Dutton Talley 2016
Footstep on the stair Rosemary Anne Sisson 1999
Footsteps of a Stuart Elizabeth Elgin 1997
Footsteps on the shore Pauline Rowson 2011
For all of her life Heather Graham 1995
For always Claire Lorrimer 2001
For better, for worse Elizabeth Jeffrey 2013
For better, for worse Elizabeth Jeffrey 2016
For better, for worse Margaret Bacon 2005
For King or Commonwealth Richard Woodman 2012
For king and country Kate Sedley 2006
For love or money Susan B. Kelly 2000
For love of mother - not Alan Dean Foster 1992
For many a long day Anne Doughty 2009
Forbidden Elizabeth Lowell 2003
Forbidden Patricia Robins 1992
Forbidden garden Diane Guest 1993
Forbidden love : an upstairs , downstairs saga Anne Herries 2008
Forest ghost Graham Masterton 2013
Forests of the night Jon Cleary 1989
Forever young Robert Tine 1993
Forget the glory Elizabeth Darrell 2003
Forget it David Craig 1995
Forget me not Elizabeth Lowell 1998
Forget-me-not bride Margaret Pemberton 1994
Forgotten destiny Janet Tanner 2004
Forgotten destiny Janet Tanner 2005
Forgotten voices Jane Adams 2015
Forsaken Patricia Robins 1993
Fortress Eagle, Tank 2 David Williams 1986
Fortress England Robert Jackson 1998
Fortune's daughter Elizabeth Lord 2002
Fortune's daughter Mary Minton 1997
Fortune's song Donna Baker 2001
Four-cornered circle Jon Cleary 2007
Four in hand Stephanie Laurens 2012
Fox Brian Shakespeare 1980
Foxing the geese Janet Woods 2015
Fragile lives Jane Adams 2008
Frail barrier Edward Sklepowich 2007
Frame John Harvey 1995
Francesca's party Patricia Scanlan 2002
Frankie's letter Dolores Gordon-Smith 2012
Frederick Delius Thomas Beecham 1975
Free as a bird Ken McCoy 2007
Free fall Fern Michaels 2007
Freedom road Howard Fast 1980
Freezing Clea Koff 2011
French leave Elizabeth Darrell 2009
French leave Suzanne Goodwin 2001
Friends in high places Caro Peacock 2015
Friends and secrets Grace Thompson 2006
From a distance Gloria Cook 2004
From a distance Gloria Cook 2005
From China with love Margaret Pemberton 2000
From cradle to grave Patricia J. MacDonald 2009
From cradle to grave Patricia J. MacDonald 2010
From the grounds up Sandra Balzo 2009
From Penvarris, with love Rosemary Aitken 2008
From tyranny to freedom Leo Kessler 2008
Frozen Charlotte Priscilla Masters 2011
Fulfilment Patricia Robins 1993
Full circle : a powerful tale of love and friendship in the 1950s Connie Monk 2013
Full circle Janie Bolitho 2003
Full circle Pamela Oldfield 2007
Full circle Susan Rogers Cooper 2010
Full of money Bill James 2009
Fun city Burt Hirschfeld 1987
Funny man Eric Thwaite 1982
Furnished for murder Elizabeth Ferrars 1988
Gabriel Lisa Tuttle 1987
Game over Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2008
Game to Miss Cowan Frances Paige 2001
Game to Miss Cowan Frances Paige 2002
Games lovers play June Tate 2013
Games to keep the dark away Marcia Muller 1985
Garden of the dead Andrew Neiderman 2010
Garden of evil Graham Masterton 2012
Garlands of gold Rosalind Laker 2008
Garlands of gold Rosalind Laker 2009
Genevra Elizabeth Ann Hill 2002
Genevra Tania Langley 1987
Genius Graham Masterton 2003
Gentle rogue Johanna Lindsey 2003
Gentle stranger Charlotte Vale Allen 1990
Gerry Anderson & Christopher Burr's Terrahawks Jack Curtis 1984
Get off the unicorn Anne McCaffrey 1982
Ghost Piers Anthony 1988
Ghost division Leo Kessler 1981
Ghost house Clare McNally 1986
Ghost house revenge Clare McNally 1987
Ghost music Graham Masterton 2008
Ghostbusters Larry Milne 1985
Ghostflight William Katz 1981
Ghostman Kenneth Royce 1997
Gideon's house Jean Brody 1985
Gift wrapped Peter Turnbull 2013
Gifts of love Charlotte Vale Allen 1986
Gingerbread mansion Lizbie Brown 2009
Girl gone missing J. M. Gregson 1998
Girl Talk Cindy Blake 2002
Give me liberty W. E. B. Griffin 2000
Give me tomorrow Linda Sole 2004
Give me tomorrow Linda Sole 2005
Glass chameleon Ronald Tierney 2006
Glenallen Mary Ryan 1996
Glint of gold Frances Paige 2006
Glorious angel Johanna Lindsey 2003
Glorious morning Julie Ellis 1991
Glory in the flower Jacqueline Marten 1989
Glory Lane Alan Dean Foster 1990
Goal in Europe : a Mark Fox story Michael Hardcastle 1985
God is an executioner Tom Barling 1988
Goddess of fire Bharti Kirchner 2015
Gods of gold Chris Nickson 2014
GodSword Emerson Cole 2006
Goering's list J. C. Pollock 1994
Gold Brian Freemantle 1998
Gold unicorn Tanith Lee 1996
Golden destiny Jean Saunders 1990
Golden fancy Jennifer Blake 1996
Golden gate people Virginia Coffman 2000
Golden lasso Fern Michaels 2011
Goldengirl Peter Lovesey 2002
Gone in a flash Susan Rogers Cooper 2013
Good deeds Denise Gess 1985
Good man Friday : a Benjamin January novel Barbara Hambly 2013
Good time coming C. S. Harris 2016
Good to the last kiss Ronald Tierney 2011
Goodbye forever Bonnie Hearn Hill 2016
Grail for sale Gerald Hammond 2002
Gramercy Park Jo Harris 1991
Grave matters Margaret Yorke 1989
Graveyard shift Casey Daniels 2016
Great ghosts of the world Aidan Chambers 1981
Great polar adventures Marie Herbert 1978
Green eyes Karen Robards 1992
Green and pleasant land Judith Cutler 2014
Green spaces Elizabeth Daish 2001
Greenthieves Alan Dean Foster 1996
Gregory's game Jane Adams 2014
Grey dawn Clea Simon 2013
Grey expectations : a Dulcie Schwartz mystery Clea Simon 2012
Grey expectations Clea Simon 2012
Grey howl : a Dulcie Schwartz feline mystery Clea Simon 2013
Grey matters Clea Simon 2009
Grey zone : a Dulcie Schwartz mystery Clea Simon 2010
Greybeard Brian W. Aldiss 1993
Grianan Alexandra Raife 1999
Grimalkin's tales : strange and wonderful cat stories Stella Whitelaw 1984
Grounds for appeal Bernard Knight 2011
Grounds for murder Sandra Balzo 2007
Growing up Frances Paige 2005
Growing up Frances Paige 2006
Growth : a novel Max Marlow 1993
Guarded passions Rosie Harris 2014
Guardian of Rannoch Lyn Vanner 1987
Guilt edged Judith Cutler 2013
Guilt trip : a Lina Townend mystery Judith Cutler 2012
Guilt trip Judith Cutler 2012
Guilty as sin Judith Cutler 2015
Guilty pleasures : a Lina Townend mystery Judith Cutler 2011
Guilty pleasures Judith Cutler 2011
Guilty waters Priscilla Masters 2014
Gun trap at Arabella Ray Hogan 1990
Gunrunner Graham Ison 2011
Guns in the desert Christopher Nicole 1998
Hail, hail, the gang's all here Ed McBain 1989
Hallowed ground Margaret James 1998
Hand of steel : the story of the commandos Rupert Butler 1981
Hands off! Ann De Gale 1985
Hangman's noose Gladys Mitchell 1983
Happy are those who thirst for justice Andrew M. Greeley 1988
Happy endings Trisha Ashley 2008
Hard cover Adrian Magson 2016
Hard going : a Bill Slider mystery Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2013
Hardcastle's actress Graham Ison 2007
Hardcastle's airmen Graham Ison 2006
Hardcastle's Armistice Graham Ison 2004
Hardcastle's burglar : a Hardcastle and Marriott historical mystery Graham Ison 2008
Hardcastle's collector Graham Ison 2015
Hardcastle's conspiracy Graham Ison 2005
Hardcastle's frustration Graham Ison 2012
Hardcastle's mandarin Graham Ison 2009
Hardcastle's obsession Graham Ison 2011
Hardcastle's quartet Graham Ison 2014
Hardcastle's soldiers Graham Ison 2010
Hardcastle's spy Graham Ison 2004
Hardcastle's traitors Graham Ison 2013
Hart to Hart : talent for adventure Roger Bowdler 1982
Harte's desire Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2007
Harvest of destiny Erica Lindley 1985
Harvest of war Hilary Green 2012
Hasty death Marion Chesney 2005
Haunted landscape Nicola Thorne 1997
Hawkmistress! Marion Zimmer Bradley 1988
He. _ She : a novel Herbert Gold 1982
Head over heels Judith Cutler 2001
Head of state Richard Hoyt 1986
Heads or hearts Paul Johnston 2015
Hear the children calling Clare McNally 1990
Hear me talking to you David Craig 2005
Heart Susan Ross 1982
Heart of the dreaming Di Morrissey 1996
Heart of the home Gwen Kirkwood 2010
Heart in ice Iris Gower 2000
Heart in ice Iris Gower 2001
Heart of the night Barbara Delinsky 1990
Heart on fire Iris Gower 2000
Heart on fire Iris Gower 2001
Heart's ease Anne Stuart 2010
Heart of stone Iris Gower 1980
Heart of stone Iris Gower 2002
Heart of stone Jane Jackson 2009
Heart-wood Kristin James 1987
Heartbeat: forever yours Dave Martin 1996
Heartbreak and happiness Rosie Harris 2015
Heartbreaker Linda Howard 2015
Heartland Rebecca Brandewyne 1991
Hearts of gold Janet Woods 2009
Hearts of gold T. E. Cruise 1991
Hearts of stone B. J. Smith 2016
Heartsearch Patricia Wright 1988
Heatwave Jane Adams 2004
Heaven in Hong Kong Barbara Cartland 1990
Hegira Greg Bear 1988
Heir to a throne Virginia Coffman 1995
Heir to Stonemoor Kay Stephens 1995
Heirs and assigns Marjorie Eccles 2015
Hell Hilary Norman 2011
Hell hath no fury Rosie Harris 2013
Hell house Richard Matheson 2004
Hell on the Rhine Duncan Harding 2003
Hell's angels Charles Whiting 1997
Hell's children Max Marlow 1996
Hell's paradise Brian Freemantle 2001
Hellborn Gary Brandner 1988
Hello, you Rebecca Gregson 2007
Henry's women Pamela Oldfield 2005
Henry's women Pamela Oldfield 2006
Her forbidden knight Rex Stout 1998
Her native colours Elisabeth Hyde 1986
Her shining splendour Valerie Sherwood 1993
Her sister's keeper Linda Barlow 1994
Her vampyrrhic heart Simon Clark 2013
Heraklion blue Mike Lunnon-Wood 2001
Here I stay Barbara Michaels 1993
Here, there and yesterday E. V. Thompson 2000
Here, there and yesterday E. V. Thompson 2001
Heritage Heather Hay 1990
Hero under cover Suzanne Brockmann 2016
Hester Dark Emma Blair 1984
Hidden agendas Tom Clancy 2001
Hidden Karen E. Olson 2015
Hidden currents Rowena Summers 1994
Hidden graves Jack Fredrickson 2016
Hidden meaning Charlotte Vale Allen 1984
Hidden witness Nick Oldham 2010
Hidden world Graham Masterton 2003
Hide and die Stella Whitelaw 2003
Hide and die Stella Whitelaw 2005
High blood pressure Vernon Coleman 1985
High jinx Shannon Esposito 2016
High midnight Stuart M. Kaminsky 1982
High wind in Java Peter Tonkin 2007
Highland heritage Rowena Summers 1991
Highland laddie gone Sharyn McCrumb 1993
Highlander Garry Douglas 1986
Highway of eternity Clifford D. Simak 1987
Hillbilly doctor Elizabeth Seifert 1981
His vampyrrhic bride Simon Clark 2012
Hit and run Gerald Hammond 2008
Hit and run Sandra Balzo 2014
Hitched Carol Higgins Clark 2006
Hitler Youth attacks! Leo Kessler 2004
HMS 'Leviathan' John Winton 1994
Hold on to your dreams Beryl Matthews 2009
Holding the dream Nora Roberts 1998
Holding the fort Maurice Gran 1982
Holding the light : a meryen saga Gloria Cook 2009
Holy terror Graham Masterton 2004
Home street home Elizabeth Webster 1993
Home to the glen Gwen Kirkwood 2006
Home to the high fells Elizabeth Gill 2006
Home-town doctor Elizabeth Seifert 1986
Home for the wedding Elizabeth Cadell 1995
Homeland E. V. Thompson 1999
Homeworld Harry Harrison 1986
Honeymoon with murder Carolyn G. Hart 1994
Honour and empire Philip McCutchan 1999
Horse in a million Patricia Leitch 1983
Horsemen in the shadows Julian Jay Savarin 1998
Hospital circles Lucilla Andrews 1986
Hostage Ted Allbeury 2003
Hostage queen Freda Lightfoot 2010
Hostage to love Janet Tanner 2001
Hostage to love Janet Tanner 2002
Hot news Elisabeth McNeill 2003
Hot news Elisabeth McNeill 2005
Hotel girl Anne Worboys 1997
House of bells Chaz Brenchley 2012
House of bones Graham Masterton 2008
House of destiny Anne Worboys 1998
House of doors Chaz Brenchley 2011
House report Deborah Nicholson 2004
House of secrets Helen Cannam 2002
House of shadows Iris Gower 2010
How little we know Doreen Wallace 1975
How to renovate yourself from head to toe Oleda Baker 1982
Howard's way 3 : the third book of the BBC series John Brason 1988
Howards' Way 2 : the second book of the BBC series John Brason 1987
Howards' way : a novel based upon the BBC television series John Brason 1985
Howards' way omnibus John Brason 1988
Hunt the tortoise Elizabeth Ferrars 1990
Hunter's Lodge Connie Monk 2008
Hunter's rain Julian Jay Savarin 2004
Husband and wives Susan Rogers Cooper 2012
Hush little darlings Judith Kelman 1993
Husk Dave Zeltserman 2018
Hyde Place Virginia Coffman 1989
I'll be seeing you Margaret Mayhew 2006
I'll be there : (beaches 2) Iris Rainer Dart 1993
I'll get by Janet Woods 2013
I'm a fool to kill you Robert J. Randisi 2010
I'm a stranger here myself Jean Stubbs 2004
I'm a stranger here myself Jean Stubbs 2005
I remember you Louise Brindley 2004
I remember you Louise Brindley 2005
I rode a winner Christine Pullein-Thompson 1984
I saw you first Cindy Blake 2003
I see you Patricia J. MacDonald 2014
I wish you missed me Bonnie Hearn Hill 2016
Ibiza beach Simon Gandolfi 1996
Ice age Brian Freemantle 2002
Ice cream in winter Kay Christopher 1995
Ice station Peter Tonkin 2011
Iceberg Clive Cussler 1986
If anything should happen Bonnie Hearn Hill 2015
If I should die M. R. Henderson 1988
If morning ever comes Anne Tyler 1984
If my love could hold you Elaine Coffman 1993
If you go down to the woods M. R. D. Meek 2001
Illegal guilt Jeffrey Ashford 2007
Illusion Andrew Neiderman 1993
Illusion of love Denise Robins 2000
Illusions of happiness Elizabeth Lord 2013
Image Anna Dillon 1992
Immaculate deception Warren Adler 1994
Imp Andrew Neiderman 1985
Imperial splendour Barbara Cartland 1988
Impetuous innocent Stephanie Laurens 2013
Improbable cause J. A. Jance 1992
Improve your riding Christine Pullein-Thompson 1985
Improving the silence Peter Turnbull 2009
In a strange land Margaret Thomson Davis 2001
In the bees and honey Michael Stewart 1988
In the blood Fay Sampson 2009
In danger's path W. E. B. Griffin 1999
In the enemy camp Robert L. Duncan 1986
In focus Anna Jacobs 2009
In the lake of the moon David L. Lindsey 1990
In the line of duty W. E. B. Griffin 1999
In search of hope Anna Jacobs 2013
In search of murder Roderic Jeffries 2013
In the shadow of evil : a DCI Neil Paget mystery Frank Smith 2012
In suspense Peter Lovesey 2001
In suspense Peter Lovesey 2002
In their footsteps Tess Gerritsen 2010
In this quiet earth Nicola Thorne 1998
In time of war Nicola Thorne 2000
In turkish waters Charles Whiting 1994
In vino veritas J. M. Gregson 2010
In vino veritas Peter Turnbull 2015
In the woods Merry Bloch Jones 2014
Incognito Susan Trott 1983
Indelible Peter Helton 2014
Indian summer Elizabeth Darrell 2010
Indian summer Louise Brindley 1997
Indiana Jones and the last crusade Rob MacGregor 1989
Indiana Jones and the temple of doom James Kahn 1984
Infatuation Claire Lorrimer 2007
Informed consent : a Hennessey and Yellich mystery Peter Turnbull 2009
Informed consent Peter Turnbull 2009
Inherit the earth Audrey Willsher 1995
Inheritance tracks Catherine Aird 2019
Injustice for all J. A. Jance 1993
Innocent blood Graham Masterton 2005
Inspector Ghote caught in meshes H. R. F. Keating 1985
Inspector Ghote plays a joker H. R. F. Keating 1984
Instinct : a Henry Christie mystery Nick Oldham 2012
Instinct Nick Oldham 2012
Intimate betrayal Linda Barlow 1996
Intimate friends Charlotte Vale Allen 1989
Into the blue Gerald Hammond 2000
Into enemy hands W. E. B. Griffin 2001
Into the grey Clea Simon 2016
Into what far harbour Allen Drury 1993
Intricate liaisons Pamela Oldfield 2004
Intricate liaisons Pamela Oldfield 2005
Invasion Earth Harry Harrison 1984
Invasion of the Ormazoids Philip Martin 1986
Iron ships, iron men Christopher Nicole 1987
Isabel's wedding Pamela Oldfield 2012
Island of dreams Patricia Potter 1991
It happened in Spring Ursula Bloom 1983
It's a dog's life Toffee Parker (Dog) 2015
It's my party Cindy Blake 2003
It's now or never June Francis 2014
It was a very bad year Robert J. Randisi 2012
Ivy Violet Joan Eadington 1994
Jack in the box Graham Ison 2008
Jack's shadow Pamela Oldfield 2006
Jade Star Catherine Coulter 1999
Jamintha Jennifer Wilde 1994
Jason McGee Robert H. Fowler 1988
Jason's dominion Aileen Armitage 1997
Jenny kiss'd me Isabelle Holland 1986
Jest and die Stella Whitelaw 2004
Jigsaw Anthea Fraser 2004
Jigsaw Anthea Fraser 2005
Jigsaw guilt Jeffrey Ashford 2009
Johanna Julie Ellis 1992
Johannes Brahms : his work and personality Hans Gál 1975
Journey's end Jean Saunders 1996
Journey's end Sally Stewart 2008
Judgement call : a detective superintendant Henry Christie novel Nick Oldham 2013
Julia Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2002
Julia's sister Charlotte Vale Allen 1985
Julia's sister Suzanne Ebel 1981
Julia's way Elizabeth Lord 2009
Julia's way Elizabeth Lord 2011
Juliet bravo Mollie Hardwick 1981
Just desserts J. M. Gregson 2004
Just desserts J. M. Gregson 2005
Just like a woman Jill Gascoine 1997
Just what I wanted : a Christmas collection Anne Melville 1997
Justice deferred Jeffrey Ashford 2011
Justice is served Linda Sole 2007
Justice postponed Anthea Fraser 2014
Karma Susan Dunlap 1991
Karran Kinrade Alexandra Manners 1986
Kate's progress Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2013
Kate Weatherby Anne Goring 1996
Kathy Linda Sole 2003
Kathy Linda Sole 2004
Keene's liberty Derek Wilson 2002
Keene's quest Derek Wilson 2001
Keene's terror Derek Wilson 2001
Keene's terror : the story of an English spy in the war against France Derek Wilson 2001
Keeper of the bride Tess Gerritsen 2013
Keeper of the heart Johanna Lindsey 2004
Keeper's gold Judith Cook 2004
Keeper's gold Judith Cook 2006
Keeper turned poacher Gerald Hammond 2006
Keepers of the secrets Philip José Farmer 1985
Keeping echoes Gloria Cook 2006
Keeping secrets Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 1998
Keeping secrets Gwen Madoc 2008
Keepsake Linda Barlow 1995
Kemp's last case M. R. D. Meek 2004
Kemp's last case M. R. D. Meek 2005
Kenlaren Aleen Malcolm 1990
Kensei : a novel Steven Schlossstein 1984
Kick off : a Mark Fox story Michael Hardcastle 1986
Kicking the air Graham Ison 2005
Kill the chocolate biscuit, or, Behind the screen Desmond Wilcox 1982
Kill monster Sean Doolittle 2019
Kill my darling Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2011
Kill Patton! Leo Kessler 2003
Kill Patton! Leo Kessler 2004
Kill Rommel John Kerrigan 1995
Killer mountain Marc Hammond 1982
Killer's wedge Ed McBain 1981
Killigrew Clay Rowena Summers 1986
Killing a stranger Jane Adams 2006
Killing Cassidy Jeanne M. Dams 2013
Killing frost Ronald Tierney 2015
Kindred spirits June Barraclough 1988
King of Heaven Burt Hirschfeld 1983
King's ransom Ed McBain 1982
King of the south Iris Collier 1992
King of the world Celia Fremlin 1994
Kingpin Burt Hirschfeld 1989
Kings of many castles Brian Freemantle 2001
Kinship with the stars Poul Anderson 1993
Kirsty's vineyard Anna Jacobs 2007
Kiss of the cobra Peter Tremayne 1994
Kiss me, Katie Robin Lee Hatcher 1998
Kissing Arizona : a Sarah Burke mystery Elizabeth Gunn 2010
Kiwi wars Garry Kilworth 2008
Knowing one's place Frances Paige 2004
Krull Alan Dean Foster 1984
Kyril : a novel of espionage John Trenhaile 1981
Lace for a lady Eileen Ainsworth Ramsay 2002
Laced Carol Higgins Clark 2008
Lady Anne's deception Marion Chesney 1991
Lady in the lake Jason Foss 1996
Lady Lightfingers Janet Woods 2011
Lady Lucy's lover Marion Chesney 1992
Lady on the loch Betty McInnes 2010
Lady of passion : the story of Mary Robinson Freda Lightfoot 2013
Lady of Perdition Barbara Hambly 2020
Lambs to the slaughter Sally Spencer 2012
Lammas night Katherine Kurtz 1986
Land of heart's desire Alexander Cordell 1995
Land of the silver dragon Alys Clare 2013
Last of the barons Brenda Clarke 1998
Last bastion James Albany 1984
Last known address Malcolm Forsythe 2001
Last light Catherine Ross 2005
Last night Meryl Sawyer 1996
Last run Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 1994
Last run Hilary Norman 2007
Late harvest Fiona Buckley 2016
Late harvest Kay Stephens 2000
Late harvest Kay Stephens 2001
Late, late in the evening Gladys Mitchell 1995
Latter end Patricia Wentworth 1993
Laurian Vale Iris Bromige 1982
Lawman's justice James Calder Boone 1988
Lawrence Sanders' McNally's bluff Vincent Lardo 2004
Lawrence Sanders' McNally's dare Vincent Lardo 2003
Laws in conflict Cora Harrison 2012
League of terror Bill Granger 1991
Least of evils J. M. Gregson 2012
Leaving shades Gloria Cook 2010
Led astray Sandra Brown 2012
Legacy for a doctor Elizabeth Seifert 1981
Legacy Jayne Ann Krentz 2012
Legacy of lies Jane Adams 2007
Legend in green velvet Elizabeth Peters 1995
Less stress, more success Audrey Livingston Booth 1988
Let there be love Gwendoline Butler 1997
Let us prey Dorothy Eden 1995
Lethal beauty Charles O'Brien 2005
Lethal justice Fern Michaels 2006
Letter from the tower Kay Stephens 2005
Letter to my love Elizabeth Cadell 1988
Letters from Carthage Bill James 2006
Letters from the dead Campbell Black 1987
Levantine : a novel Peter Delacorte 1987
Liar liar Deborah Nicholson 2006
Liar's moon Heather Graham 1996
Liberty Whitney Stine 1987
Licence to dream Anna Jacobs 2010
Licence to kill John Gardner 1990
Life assured Nicholas Rhea 2007
Life class Elizabeth James 1990
Life form Alan Dean Foster 1997
Life sentence Andrew Neiderman 2007
Lifelines Helen Cannam 2004
Lifelines Helen Cannam 2005
Light the candles Denise Robins 1981
Light fantastic Graham Ison 2003
Light of the moon Barbara Cartland 1989
Lights, camera, murder! Marie Celine 2015
Lights out! Donald Bain 2014
Lights in the sky Philip Purser 2005
Like father, like daughter? Lori Copeland 1993
Like father, like son? Lori Copeland 1993
Like love Ed McBain 1989
Linden Woods Michael Taylor 2007
Liquidate Paris Sven Hassel 1980
Lisa's boy Joseph Machlis 1983
Listening to the quiet Gloria Cook 2001
Live the dream Claire Lorrimer 2016
Living in dread Penny Kline 1998
Lizzie Louise Brindley 1998
Local hero David Benedictus 1983
London in chains Gillian Bradshaw 2009
London under midnight Simon Clark 2006
Long shadows Rowena Summers 2007
Longer than - Erica Spindler 2013
Look, listen and love Barbara Cartland 1980
Looking-glass justice Jeffrey Ashford 2001
Looking up Rebecca Gregson 2008
Loose ends Susan Moody 2012
Lord Harry's folly Catherine Coulter 1992
Lord Kelvin's machine James P. Blaylock 1993
Lord of the trees Philip José Farmer 1982
Lords of the Middle Dark Jack L. Chalker 1989
Loren Ruston, S.R.N. Hermina Black 1983
Losing Nicola Susan Moody 2011
Losing touch Margaret Hinxman 1996
Lost or found : a Brock and Poole mystery Graham Ison 2007
Lost and found Sally Stewart 2000
Lost and found Sally Stewart 2001
Lost in his eyes Andrew Neiderman 2015
Louise's blunder Sarah R. Shaber 2014
Louise's chance Sarah R. Shaber 2015
Louise's dilemma Sarah R. Shaber 2013
Louise's gamble Sarah R. Shaber 2012
Louise's lies Sarah R. Shaber 2016
Louise's war : a World War II novel of suspense Sarah R. Shaber 2011
Love alters not Freda Lightfoot 1998
Love bites Tori Carrington 2010
Love, cherish me Rebecca Brandewyne 1990
Love or duty Rosie Harris 2014
Love and inheritance Isabelle Holland 1988
Love is a stranger Frances Paige 2000
Love is not enough Anne Herries 2008
Love letters in the sand June Francis 2015
Love lies bleeding Geraldine Evans 2005
Love, lies and marriage Barbara Cartland 1992
Love lies weeping Anne Herries 2006
Love life Charlotte Vale Allen 1986
Love and marriage Margaret Thornton 2016
Love me never Edith Courtney 1997
Love on the wind Barbara Cartland 1985
Love only once Johanna Lindsey 1990
Love play Rosemary Rogers 1982
Love's challenge Ruby M. Ayres 1982
Love's daring dream Patricia Matthews 1984
Love's labours Sue Limb 1997
Love's lady lost : a regency novel Patricia Veryan 1993
Love's wild desire Jennifer Blake 1991
Love song Andrew M. Greeley 1990
Love song Elizabeth Lowell 2014
Love and war Anne Herries 2008
Love and war Patricia Hagan 1990
Lovely in her bones Sharyn McCrumb 1993
Lovers and enemies Anne Herries 2005
Lovers and friends Elizabeth James 1991
Lovers in paradise Barbara Cartland 1987
Lovesome hill Jean S. MacLeod 1996
Lovesong Valerie Sherwood 1987
Loving enemies Jeannie Johnson 2007
Loving and losing Pamela Oldfield 2007
Loving memory Gerald Hammond 2007
Loving touches Johanna Kingsley 1995
Low profile Nick Oldham 2014
Lowering skies : being the third volume in the classic Heron Saga Pamela Oldfield 1998
Lucia in love Heather Graham 2013
Lucifer's ark Simon Clark 2007
Lucifer's champion Stella Riley 1988
Lucy Leighton's journey Genevieve Lyons 1996
Luke Jennifer Blake 2011
Lyonhurst Rona Randall 1990
MacAllister's task Julian Jay Savarin 1999
MacDougal's luck Betty McInnes 2003
MacDougal's luck Betty McInnes 2005
Mackenzie Andrea Newman 1981
Maddy's song Margaret Dickson 1986
Madeleine Bernard Taylor 1987
Madeleine Pamela Elizabeth West 1984
Madson Rachel Silver 1996
Maggie Marie Maxwell 2015
Magnolia dawn Erica Spindler 2015
Magnum P.I. : a novel Roger Bowdler 1985
Mailed fist James Albany 1983
Maisie's way Grace Thompson 1998
Make them pay Graham Ison 2012
Making stuff up Bill James 2006
Malice aforethought J. M. Gregson 1999
Mallory Keep Aileen Armitage 1998
Mammal watching Michael Clark 1981
Man about the house Chris Barlas 1976
Man destroyed Stuart Kay 1987
Man of my dreams Johanna Lindsey 1998
Maneater Guy N. Smith 2009
Manitou blood Graham Masterton 2005
Manshare : a novel Maxine Paetro 1987
Manu Christopher Nicole 2011
Many a tear has to fall June Francis 2016
Marbeck and the double-dealer John Pilkington 2012
Marbeck and the Gunpowder Plot John Pilkington 2015
Marbeck and the king-in-waiting John Pilkington 2013
Marbeck and the privateers John Pilkington 2014
March to Corunna Juliet Dymoke 1985
Marching fire James Albany 1984
Marchwood Iris Bromige 1986
Margery Allingham's Albert Campion returns in Mr Campion's farewell Margery Allingham 2014
Margery Allingham's Mr Campion's fox Mike Ripley 2015
Marguerite Elisabeth Luard 1998
Mariner's ark Peter Tonkin 2015
Marriage of inconvenience Debbie Macomber 2015
Marriage of secrets Emma Stirling 1997
Marrying Miss Martha Anna Jacobs 2004
Marsh Blood Lucilla Andrews 1993
Masquerade Caroline Gray 1997
Masquerade Jean Ure 1980
Masquerade William X. Kienzle 1992
Massacre at Jutland Duncan Harding 2006
Master of destiny Angela Drake 1999
Master of secrets George Bartram 1989
Masterstroke Marilyn Sharp 1982
Matlock's system Reginald Hill 1996
Matters arising Sarah Harrison 2009
Matters of trust Pamela Oldfield 2003
Maybury Alton Steene 1981
Mayday! Clive Cussler 1985
McCafferty's nine Elizabeth Gunn 2007
Meadowlands Elizabeth Jeffrey 2014
Meadowlands Elizabeth Jeffrey 2015
Meet me in time Charlotte Vale Allen 1987
Meet me in Venice Elizabeth Adler 2007
Meg Charlotte Hardy 2007
Memories are made of this June Francis 2013
Memories of the body Lisa Tuttle 1992
Memories Vera Cowie 1996
Men are only human Denise Robins 1984
Men at war. Bk.4, The fighting agents Alex Baldwin 1988
Men at war Alex Baldwin 1986
Men at war Alex Baldwin 1987
Men at war Alex Baldwin 1988
Men were deceivers ever Patricia Veryan 1993
Menu for murder : a Honey Driver mystery J. G. Goodhind 2009
Mercy killing Stephen Solomita 2009
Merely players : A DCI 'Percy' Peach mystery J. M. Gregson 2010
Midas Piers Kelaart 1982
Midlife mischief Philippa Gregory 1998
Midnight guardians : a Max Freeman thriller Jonathon King 2011
Midnight masquerade Shirlee Busbee 1990
Midnight movies David A. Kaufelt 1984
Midnight rainbow Donna Baker 1998
Midnight rainbow Linda Howard 2009
Midnight star Catherine Coulter 2000
Midnight sun Lisa Jackson 2013
Midnight waltz Jennifer Blake 1995
Midsummer magic Catherine Coulter 1999
Midsummer moon Laura Kinsale 1990
Milady in love Marion Chesney 1989
Milady's revenge Anne Herries 2004
Milady's revenge Anne Herries 2006
Mind games : a novel Ann Rule 1984
Mind games Evelyn Anthony 2005
Minder - back again Anthony Masters 1985
Minder Anthony Masters 1984
Minder - yet again! Anthony Masters 1986
Minstrel's fire Carla Neggers 1990
Mirror Graham Masterton 1988
Mirror image Sandra Brown 1991
Mirror, mirror Patricia Scanlan 2002
Mirror mirror Stella Whitelaw 2006
Miscarriage of justice Linda Sole 2007
Miss Fiona's fancy Marion Chesney 1988
Miss Minchin dies : a Sukey Reynolds mystery Betty Rowlands 2010
Missing child Patricia J. MacDonald 2012
Missing the moment Grace Thompson 1995
Missing, presumed dead J. M. Gregson 1997
Mission of honour Jeff Rovin 2004
Mission to Venus William Emms 1986
Mist of evil Patricia Matthews 1990
Mist over the water Alys Clare 2009
Mistaken identity : a Lucinda Pierce novel Diane Fanning 2010
Mister White Eyes : a novel Herbert Gold 1985
Mistress of Marymoor Anna Jacobs 2002
Misunderstandings Patricia Cavendish 1993
Mixed emotions Charlotte Vale Allen 1991
Modern love Leslie Glass 1983
Moment to moment Barbara Delinsky 1999
Moments of meaning Charlotte Vale Allen 1985
Moments of time Gloria Cook 2003
Monday's child Rowena Summers 2005
Monday's child Rowena Summers 2006
Money troubles Elisabeth McNeill 1999
Monkey in the middle Stephen Solomita 2008
Montana man Barbara Delinsky 2010
Monte Cassino Sven Hassel 1984
Monty's fight for victory Leo Kessler 2006
Mood indigo Sally Stewart 1999
Moon cutters Janet Woods 2013
Moonfire Linda Lael Miller 1989
Moonflower madness Margaret Pemberton 1993
Moonspun magic Catherine Coulter 1996
Moorhaven Daoma Winston 1990
More deaths than one Rex Stout 1975
More than a promise Janet Woods 2006
Moreta _ dragonlady of Pern Anne McCaffrey 1983
Morning's gone Jon Cleary 2007
Mortal remains Margaret Yorke 1990
Mortal taste J. M. Gregson 2003
Mortal taste J. M. Gregson 2004
Morwennan House Janet Tanner 2002
Morwennan House Janet Tanner 2004
Moth to a flame Janet Tanner 2008
Mother nature Margaret Bacon 2000
Mother's milk Charles Atkins 2009
Mothers and daughters Gwen Madoc 2007
Mothers of the disappeared : a J. McNee mystery Russel D. McLean 2014
Mothers of the disappeared Russel D. McLean 2014
Mountain-peak mystery Carolyn Keene 1984
Moura Virginia Coffman 1993
Mourning the little dead Jane Adams 2002
Mourning the little dead Jane Adams 2004
Mouvar's magic Piers Anthony 1994
Moving on Anna Jacobs 2011
Moving on Rosie Harris 2015
Mr Brading's collection Patricia Wentworth 1987
Mr Campion's fault Mike Ripley 2016
Mud huts and missionaries E. V. Thompson 1997
Murder in a Cornish alehouse Kathy Lynn Emerson 2016
Murder in Abbot's folly Amy Myers 2011
Murder between friends Vivien Armstrong 2004
Murder between friends Vivien Armstrong 2005
Murder by accident Veronica Heley 2003
Murder by accident Veronica Heley 2005
Murder by bicycle Veronica Heley 2006
Murder by committee Veronica Heley 2005
Murder by committee Veronica Heley 2006
Murder by mistake Veronica Heley 2010
Murder by mudpack J. G. Goodhind 2010
Murder by suspicion Veronica Heley 2015
Murder at the castle Jeanne M. Dams 2013
Murder at the Chase Eric Brown 2014
Murder in the CIA Margaret Truman 1988
Murder at Colditz Leo Kessler 2002
Murder delayed Roderic Jeffries 2006
Murder in disguise : a Roaring Twenties mystery Mary Miley 2017
Murder at the FBI Margaret Truman 1996
Murder in Friday Street Amy Myers 2005
Murder in Friday Street Amy Myers 2006
Murder in the garden Veronica Heley 2004
Murder in the garden Veronica Heley 2006
Murder and the golden goblet Amy Myers 2007
Murder at Hampton Court Palace Teresa Collard 1992
Murder has a pretty face Jennie Melville 1995
Murder in hell's corner Amy Myers 2006
Murder in the holy city Simon Beaufort 2014
Murder in house Veronica Heley 2009
Murder of identity Veronica Heley 2007
Murder of innocence Veronica Heley 2003
Murder of innocence Veronica Heley 2004
Murder at the Kennedy Center Margaret Truman 1990
Murder at the loch Eric Brown 2016
Murder at the lodge J. M. Gregson 2003
Murder with majesty Amy Myers 1999
Murder, Majorcan style Roderic Jeffries 2011
Murder in the market J. Robert Janes 1985
Murder in the Merchant's Hall Kathy Lynn Emerson 2015
Murder with mercy Veronica Heley 2013
Murder in mind Veronica Heley 2012
Murder in the mist Amy Myers 2008
Murder at Mullings Dorothy Cannell 2014
Murder my neighbour Veronica Heley 2011
Murder at the national cathedral Margaret Truman 1991
Murder needs imagination Roderic Jeffries 2007
Murder on Capitol Hill : a novel Margaret Truman 1983
Murder on Monday Ann Purser 2002
Murder on the Old Road Amy Myers 2010
Murder on the Orient Espresso Sandra Balzo 2013
Murder on the Potomac Margaret Truman 1995
Murder on the run Gloria White 1992
Murder on the short list Peter Lovesey 2009
Murder on the Yellow Brick Road Stuart M. Kaminsky 1981
Murder in the Oval Office Elliott Roosevelt 1990
Murder at the palace Elliott Roosevelt 1990
Murder in the park Veronica Heley 2007
Murder in the Queen's boudoir Amy Myers 2000
Murder in the Queen's boudoir Amy Myers 2002
Murder in the queen's wardrobe Kathy Lynn Emerson 2014
Murder at the Royal Shakespeare Teresa Collard 1994
Murder's art Alan Savage 2002
Murder in the Smithsonian Margaret Truman 1985
Murder in style Veronica Heley 2016
Murder in the supreme court Margaret Truman 1984
Murder at Swann's Lake : a Chief Inspector Woodend mystery Sally Spencer 2012
Murder at Swann's Lake Sally Spencer 1999
Murder take three Eric Brown 2017
Murder takes the stage Amy Myers 2009
Murder in time Veronica Heley 2014
Murder at the Tower Teresa Collard 1991
Murder under the mistletoe Jennifer Jordan 1988
Murder in Washington Margaret Truman 1989
Murder in the West wing : an Eleanor Roosevelt mystery Elliott Roosevelt 1994
Murder in the White House : a novel Margaret Truman 1981
Murder will out Jeffrey Ashford 2000
Murdered by nature Roderic Jeffries 2012
Murfy's men Gerald Green 1982
Museum piece Anne Stuart 2012
Music of the distant stars Alys Clare 2010
My brother's keeper Keith Gilman 2011
My father sleeps Gladys Mitchell 1981
My fellow Americans Keir Graff 2007
My friend the professor Lucilla Andrews 1987
My lady, my love Anne Herries 2005
My love, my land Judy Gardiner 1981
My rebel son Joyce Bell 1997
Mystery in Prior's Ford Evelyn Hood 2011
Mystery of the stone tiger Carolyn Keene 1982
Mystery of the wax queen Carolyn Keene 1985
Naked witness Eileen Dewhurst 2003
Naked witness Eileen Dewhurst 2005
Nasty cutter Tim O'Mara 2016
Nella John Godey 1982
Nellie Wildchild Emma Blair 1984
Nemesis Louise Cooper 1993
Nemesis circle Emerson Cole 2007
Nest of scorpions Iris Collier 1991
Nesta Marion Harris 1988
Never call it loving Eileen Ainsworth Ramsay 2001
Never just a memory Gloria Cook 2005
Never just a memory Gloria Cook 2006
Never let go Gloria Cook 2012
Never look back Ted Allbeury 2000
Never love a stranger Emma Woodhouse 1983
Never say die Tess Gerritsen 2015
Never say goodbye Claire Lorrimer 2000
Never say never Elizabeth Waite 2007
Never surrender Clive Egleton 2004
Never too late Elizabeth Tettmar 1996
New beginnings Pamela Oldfield 2002
New cat stories Stella Whitelaw 1991
New river blues : a Sarah Burke mystery Elizabeth Gunn 2009
New television adventures of Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally Keith Waterhouse 1982
New world, new love Rosalind Laker 2002
Next door to murder Anthea Fraser 2008
Next of kin Maureen Carter 2015
Nickel-plated soul Ronald Tierney 2004
Night fall Frank Smith 2013
Night fire Catherine Coulter 1995
Night howl Andrew Neiderman 1987
Night magic Charlotte Vale Allen 1992
Night moves Tom Clancy 2001
Night plague Graham Masterton 1991
Night train to murder Simon R. Green 2020
Night vision Jane Adams 2012
Nightfall John Farris 1988
Nightfall Katharine Marlowe 1993
Nightmare seasons Charles L. Grant 1989
Nightshades : a "nameless detective” mystery Bill Pronzini 1986
Nightstar Fern Michaels 2013
Nine days to kill Julie Ellis 1996
Nine men dancing Kate Sedley 2003
Nine men dancing Kate Sedley 2013
No bananas Peter Cave 1996
No bed of roses Vera Cowie 2000
No birds singing Vivien Armstrong 2003
No deal in diamonds Peter Leslie 1992
No enemy but winter Anne Goring 1997
No fury Margaret Yorke 1987
No gentle love Rebecca Brandewyne 1994
No going back Lyndon Stacey 2010
No going back Lyndon Stacey 2011
No good deed Barbara Block 2007
No hearts, no roses Colin Murray 2011
No hiding place Janet Tanner 2004
No holds barred Lyndon Stacey 2012
No love lost Eileen Dewhurst 2001
No more horses : vet in a muddle! Joyce Stranger 1983
No more loving Patricia Robins 1986
No ordinary business : the Juliana's story Thomas Vaughan 1986
No ordinary man Suzanne Brockmann 2013
No peace for the wicked Elizabeth Ferrars 1985
No precious time Jean Ure 1981
No resistance Evelyn Anthony 2004
No second chances Lyndon Stacey 2016
No stone unturned Peter Turnbull 2008
No stranger Stella Cameron 2013
No time for tears Kitty Neale 2006
Noble blood Charles O'Brien 2004
Nobody's fool Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 1997
Noontime follies Elizabeth Gunn 2014
Noose Bill James 2013
Nor all your tears Keith McCarthy 2012
Nor crystal tears Alan Dean Foster 1993
Northern eX Colin Campbell 2010
Northrop Hall Margaret Bacon 2003
Norwegian fire Julian Jay Savarin 1998
Not in our stars Harriet Hudson 1998
Nothing but lies Lyndon Stacey 2014
Nothing ventured Anne Douglas 2015
Notorious angel Jennifer Blake 1996
Now you see her Eileen Dewhurst 1995
Numberplay Gyles Daubeney Brandreth 1984
Numberplay Gyles Daubeney Brandreth 1985
Nurse errant Lucilla Andrews 1984
Nurse in the sun Claire Rayner 1994
Nurse at Whispering Pines Elizabeth Petty 1982
O'Farrell's law Brian Freemantle 1995
O love! O fire! Denise Robins 1990
Oasis Patricia Matthews 1988
Oberst William Harrington 1990
Obsession Claire Lorrimer 2013
Odyssey John Bierman 1985
Off the record Dolores Gordon-Smith 2010
Off the record Dolores Gordon-Smith 2011
Off-street parking Bill James 2008
Off-street parking Bill James 2009
Officers' ladies Marion Harris 1987
Ogilvie and the gold of the Raj Philip McCutchan 2003
Ogilvie and the gold of the Raj Philip McCutchan 2005
Ogilvie and the Mem'Sahib Philip McCutchan 2002
Ogilvie and the mullah Philip McCutchan 2001
Ogilvie's act of cowardice Philip McCutchan 2002
Ogilvie's dangerous mission Philip McCutchan 2003
Ogilvie's dangerous mission Philip McCutchan 2004
Ogilvie's royal command Philip McCutchan 2000
Ogilvie's royal command Philip McCutchan 2002
Ogilvie and the traitor Philip McCutchan 2001
Ogilvie under fire Philip McCutchan 2000
Ogilvie and the uprising Philip McCutchan 2004
Ogilvie and the uprising Philip McCutchan 2006
Ogilvie at war Philip McCutchan 1999
OGPU prison Sven Hassel 1982
Ogre, ogre Piers Anthony 1994
Oh, happy day! Nicola Thorne 2002
Old acquaintances Frances Anne Bond 1999
Old bones Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2016
Old devotions Ursula Perrin 1984
Old friends, new friends Margaret Thornton 2014
Old glory Christopher Nicole 1986
Old moccasins on the trail J. T. Edson 1983
Old secrets Rowena Summers 2011
Old soldiers never die Margaret Mayhew 1999
Ole Devil and the Caplocks J. T. Edson 1981
Ole Devil's hands and feet : they were called his floating outfit J. T. Edson 1984
Ole Devil at San Jacinto J. T. Edson 1982
On a clear day Anne Doughty 2001
On a day like today Nicola Thorne 2008
On a pale horse Piers Anthony 1986
On the ball : a Mark Fox story Michael Hardcastle 1981
On the fringe Aaron J. Elkins 2005
On her doorstep Kay Hooper 2000
On the line Anthony Minghella 1982
On the nickel John Shannon 2010
On the outside looking in Julie Ellis 2007
On the warpath Gerald Hammond 2006
On wings of love Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 1999
Once a biker Peter Turnbull 2007
Once a spy Robert Footman 1988
Once a stranger Margaret Yorke 1988
One bright star Suzanne Goodwin 1998
One coffee with Margaret Maron 2005
One day at a time Julie Ellis 2005
One foot in heaven Hartzell Spence 1975
One head too many Peter Tonkin 2002
One head too many Peter Tonkin 2005
One-hit wonder Lisa Jewell 2003
One man too many Virginia Coffman 1988
One nation, under God Keir Graff 2008
One night in Malibu Elizabeth Adler 2008
One spoilt spring Beata Bishop 1985
One through the heart Kirk Russell 2012
One under Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2015
One week in August Margaret Thornton 2015
Only a game J. M. Gregson 2009
Only his Elizabeth Lowell 2006
Only human Beryl Kingston 2001
Only living witness Malcolm Forsythe 2000
Only love can heal Rosie Harris 2017
Only mine Elizabeth Lowell 2007
Only young Beryl Kingston 2001
Onslaught Nick Oldham 2015
Opal fires Lynda Trent 1993
Operation chaos Poul Anderson 1995
Operation Fury Leo Kessler 1997
Operation Glenn Miller Leo Kessler 2001
Operation Iraq Leo Kessler 2004
Operation judgement Duncan Harding 1994
Operation Leningrad Leo Kessler 2005
Operation sovereign Clive Egleton 1998
Operation Stormwind Duncan Harding 1996
Operation torch Duncan Harding 2005
Options Freda Bright 1989
Orc's opal Piers Anthony 1993
Original sin Judith Kelman 2002
Orion Ben Bova 1985
Our summer faces Louise Brindley 1988
Our Yanks Margaret Mayhew 2001
Out of control G. Gordon Liddy 1980
Out of the dark Ursula Cur.tiss 1986
Out of the dawn light Alys Clare 2009
Out of nowhere Susan Dunlap 2016
Out on a limb Sue Limb 1999
Out of the past Christine Marion Fraser 1997
Out of the past Patricia Wentworth 1985
Out of shadows Gloria Cook 2007
Outlaw marshal Ray Hogan 1988
Outlaw's kiss Nan Ryan 1989
Outside Eden Merry Bloch Jones 2013
Over the bridge Edith Courtney 1988
Over the green mask Lisa Cooper 1982
Over my dead body Claire Lorrimer 2003
Over the sea to Skye Sally Stewart 2007
P-K, [photokinesis] Hugh Walters 1986
Pacific cavalcade : a novel Virginia Coffman 1986
Pageant of murder Gladys Mitchell 1984
Painted lady Donna Baker 2000
Painted lives Charlotte Vale Allen 1995
Painted skins Matt Hilton 2016
Pale flyer Julian Jay Savarin 1995
Pale guardian Barbara Hambly 2016
Pandora's box Clive Egleton 2008
Pandora's box Marjorie Eccles 1995
Panzer platoon, blood and ice Gunther Lutz 1981
Panzer platoon, invade Russia! Gunther Lutz 1980
Paper doll Janet Woods 2010
Paradise Lane Elizabeth Gill 2009
Paradise wild Johanna Lindsey 1988
Paragon Walk Anne Perry 2002
Paris imperfect Susie Vereker 2008
Parting shot Roger Ormerod 1998
Partisan Alan Savage 2001
Party to murder Betty Rowlands 2005
Passage to Petrograd Charles Whiting 1995
Passion moon rising Rebecca Brandewyne 1997
Passions of the mind Frances Paige 1999
Passions in the sand Barbara Cartland 1981
Passions of war Hilary Green 2011
Past love Nicola Thorne 1998
Past shadows Anthea Fraser 2001
Pastures new J. M. Gregson 2008
Pastures new Margaret Thornton 2017
Paths of death and glory : the war in Europe, January-May 1945 Charles Whiting 1997
Patterns of life Janet Wright Matthews 2000
Patton's wall Leo Kessler 1999
Pay the doctor Elizabeth Seifert 1986
Payback Fern Michaels 2004
Payback Fern Michaels 2005
Paying the ferryman Jane Adams 2014
Payment in kind J. A. Jance 2004
Peacekeepers Ben Bova 1992
Peckover holds the baby Michael Kenyon 1988
Peggy Sue got murdered Tess Gerritsen 1998
Pengarron dynasty Gloria Cook 2002
Pengarron rivalry Gloria Cook 2004
Pepa Aileen Crawley 1988
Perchance to dream Kathleen Korbel 1991
Perdita Isabelle Holland 1987
Perdita's passion Genevieve Lyons 1997
Peregrine William Bayer 1982
Perfect fools Charlotte Vale Allen 1984
Perfect little angels Andrew Neiderman 1990
Perils and dangers Peter Turnbull 2001
Person or persons unknown Anthea Fraser 2005
Person or persons unknown Anthea Fraser 2006
Personal growth Sherry Ashworth 1993
Pet in peril Marie Celine 2016
Peter Sellers : the mask behind the mask Peter Evans 1981
Peterloo shadows Joyce Bentley 1995
Petrified Graham Masterton 2011
Phantom horse in danger Christine Pullein-Thompson 1983
Picture perfect Fern Michaels 2000
Pippa and the midnight ponies Judith M. Berrisford 1985
Pippa's mystery horse Judith M. Berrisford 1983
Pirates of the thunder Jack L. Chalker 1989
Pity my love Daoma Winston 1988
Plague of the Manitou Graham Masterton 2014
Plain dealer William Ardin 1997
Planet of no return Harry Harrison 1983
Platinum canary Ronald Tierney 2005
Platoon : a novel Dale A. Dye 1987
Play for love Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 1995
Playing with fire Gerald Elias 2016
Plough the furrow Margaret Dickinson 1997
Point of no return Jeanne Whitmee 2000
Politika Tom Clancy 1999
Pond watching Paul Sterry 1982
Ponies in the blizzard Christine Pullein-Thompson 1986
Ponies in the forest Christine Pullein-Thompson 1983
Ponies in the park Christine Pullein-Thompson 1983
Pony patrol and the mystery horse Christine Pullein-Thompson 1981
Pony-trekkers, go home! Judith M. Berrisford 1982
Poor darling Christopher Nicole 2002
Poppy Penhaligon's progress Genevieve Lyons 1996
Porthminster Hall Janet Tanner 2005
Portrait of Maud June Barraclough 1994
Positively vetted! Eddie Straiton 1983
Postcards from a stranger Sally Stewart 1999
Pot of gold Rowena Summers 2009
Powder burn Carl Hiaasen 1993
Pray and die Stella Whitelaw 2000
Pray, love, remember Margaret Yorke 1995
Prelude to war Christopher Nicole 1999
Prepared to die Duncan Harding 2007
Presence of mind Anthea Fraser 1994
Press relations Elisabeth McNeill 2003
Press relations Elisabeth McNeill 2006
Presumed guilty Tess Gerritsen 2012
Pretty women Kate Coscarelli 1990
Pride of place Kathleen Fuller 1989
Primary justice William Bernhardt 1994
Primavera Marjorie David 1983
Prime force Bob Langley 1995
Prime Minister, spy Michael Spicer 1986
Prime suspect Lynda La Plante 1991
Primmy's daughter Rowena Summers 1998
Primrose square Anne Douglas 2012
Prince of darkness Barbara Michaels 1985
Prince Philip presents 101 great games Paul James 1984
Prisoner of desire Jennifer Blake 1994
Prisoner of midnight Barbara Hambly 2018
Prize of gold Hazel Fisher 1982
Promise me anything Meryl Sawyer 1995
Promise me tomorrow Nora Roberts 1984
Promised land Marita Conlon-McKenna 2001
Promises of love Katherine Stone 1993
Promises to keep Malcolm Macdonald 2012
Property of a lady Sarah Rayne 2011
Prospero's daughters Sally Stewart 2005
Prospero's daughters Sally Stewart 2006
Proud Mary Iris Gower 2001
Pryde and the infernal device Malcolm Archibald 2008
Pryde's rock Malcolm Archibald 2007
Psycho alley Nick Oldham 2006
Psychopath Keith R. Ablow 2006
Public men Allen Drury 1999
Punish the deed : a Lucinda Pierce mystery Diane Fanning 2011
Punish the deed Diane Fanning 2009
Punish me with kisses : a novel William Bayer 1981
Punish the sinners John Saul 1984
Purebred dead Kathleen Delaney 2015
Put out the light Ann Quinton 2000
Pyrophobia Jack Lance 2015
Quadrille Margaret Mayhew 2005
Quadrille Margaret Mayhew 2006
Quarry Bill Pronzini 1992
Queen of glory Christopher Nicole 2012
Queen of love Alan Savage 1995
Queen of the road Helen Cannam 2000
Queens ransom : a Sofie Metropolis novel Tori Carrington 2012
Quick and the dead Susan Moody 2016
Quick off the mark Susan Moody 2016
Quicker than the eye Ray Bradbury 1999
Quicksilver : a "nameless detective' mystery Bill Pronzini 1985
Quiet neighbors : a novel Catriona McPherson 2020
Quinn Harriet Hudson 2001
Quozl Alan Dean Foster 1991
Radio Free Albemuth Philip K. Dick 1987
Raging sea, searing sky Christopher Nicole 1988
Raiders of the lost Ark : novel Campbell Black 1981
Rainbows for sale Jane Pitt 1985
Ralph's children Hilary Norman 2008
Ralph's party Lisa Jewell 2002
Ramps down, troops away! : a novel of D-day Duncan Harding 2005
Ramps down, troops away Duncan Harding 2004
Ran away Barbara Hambly 2011
Rannoch Chase Lyn Vanner 1985
Ransom island Christopher Nicole 2001
Ransom island Christopher Nicole 2004
Rat poison Margaret Duffy 2011
Rat run Caro Ramsay 2016
Raw wounds Matt Hilton 2017
Real life Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 1998
Reasons of the heart : a novel Henry Giniger 1988
Rebels of Sabrehill Raymond Giles 1988
Recalled to death Priscilla Masters 2015
Reckless Sherryl Woods 1990
Reckless endangerment Graham Ison 2014
Reckless love Elizabeth Lowell 2013
Reclining nude Claudia Riess 1983
Red Man down Elizabeth Gunn 2014
Red river Peter Tonkin 2010
Red Station Adrian Magson 2010
Redback Kirk Russell 2010
Redcap Brian Callison 2006
Reflections Deborah Fowler 1987
Reflections Gloria Cook 2010
Refugees Diana Christopher 1987
Relative strangers Anne Worboys 1997
Relentless storm Claire Lorrimer 1994
Reliable sources Beth Saulnier 2004
Reluctant queen Freda Lightfoot 2010
Remains to be seen J. M. Gregson 2007
Remember Rachel Elizabeth Ann Hill 1997
Remote intrusion Howard A. Olgin 1997
Renegade son Lisa Jackson 2014
Renting silence Mary Miley 2016
Replenish the earth Anna Jacobs 2001
Report for murder Val McDermid 2000
Repossession Nicola Thorne 1996
Requiem for a slave : a Libertus mystery of Roman Britain Rosemary Rowe 2010
Requiem for a slave Rosemary Rowe 2010
Resistance Alan Savage 2003
Resolution burning Peter Tonkin 2006
Resolutions Jane Adams 2010
Rest assured J. M. Gregson 2014
Rest assured Nicholas Rhea 2005
Restless waters Jessica Speart 2005
Resurrection Row Anne Perry 2001
Retreat, hell! W. E. B. Griffin 2004
Retribution Adrian Magson 2012
Retribution Anthea Fraser 2016
Return of the eagles James Follett 2004
Return of the eagles James Follett 2005
Return engagement Kay Hooper 1999
Return journey Ruby M. Ayres 1983
Return to Moura Virginia Coffman 1999
Return to Prior's Ford Evelyn Hood 2012
Return to Shangri-La Leslie Halliwell 1988
Return to Stonemoor Kay Stephens 1998
Return to Wuthering Heights Nicola Thorne 1996
Returning the favour Sarah Harrison 2010
Revenge! John Kerrigan 1996
Rewind Vivien Armstrong 2001
Rewind Vivien Armstrong 2002
Rhapsody creek Freda Lightfoot 1999
Rhialto the Marvellous Jack Vance 1987
Richard Plantagenet Brenda Clarke 1997
Richer than rubies Tessa Barclay 2006
Ride for a fall Donna Baker 1998
Ride like the wind Patricia Leitch 1986
Riding out Sally-Anne Robinson 1997
Riding the storm Pamela Oldfield 2000
Riding the storm Pamela Oldfield 2001
Ring and die Stella Whitelaw 2005
Ring of guilt Judith Cutler 2010
Ring of guilt Judith Cutler 2011
Ring o'roses Lucilla Andrews 1994
Ringer David R. Slavitt 1983
Rising tide Patricia Twomey Ryan 2014
Ritual Graham Masterton 1988
River of ghosts : a Mariner adventure Peter Tonkin 2009
Roan Jennifer Blake 2012
Robert and Arabella Kathleen Winsor 1987
Rogue black Raymond Giles 1987
Rogue officer Garry Kilworth 2007
Rogue in porcelain Anthea Fraser 2007
Role play Anne Melville 1996
Roll over play dead Vivien Armstrong 2007
Roman spring Sally Stewart 2005
Roman spring Sally Stewart 2006
Romanced to death Susan Rogers Cooper 2008
Romansgrove Mabel Esther Allan 1984
Romeo summer Julian Jay Savarin 2003
Rommel's last battle Leo Kessler 2006
Rook Graham Masterton 1996
Rookhurst Hall Elizabeth Jeffrey 2008
Roscoe : the bright shiner : the biography of Brigadier Roscoe Harvey, DSO Tim Fitzgeorge-Parker 1987
Rose petal soup Sarah Harrison 2008
Rose of rapture Rebecca Brandewyne 1991
Rosebuds Margaret Mayhew 2004
Rosemary for remembrance Susan Sallis 2001
Rosevean Iris Bromige 1987
Rosewood Candace Camp 1991
Rosina's choice Pamela Edgar 1995
Rough justice B. J. Smith 2015
Roundabout Eileen Dewhurst 1998
Rowan Cottage Evelyn Hood 1999
Royal punishment Barbara Cartland 1984
Royal pursuit : the palace, the press and the people Douglas Keay 1983
Rude awakening : a Milt Kovak mystery Susan Rogers Cooper 2009
Rude awakening : a Milt Kovak mystery Susan Rogers Cooper 2011
Rue du Bac Tony Foster 1988
Rules of engagement Nicola Thorne 1997
Rules of the game Ted Allbeury 2001
Rumpole for the defence John Mortimer 1992
Run, Sara, run Anne Worboys 1982
Running away Charlotte Vale Allen 1991
Running dogs Gwen Moffat 1999
Running on empty Sandra Balzo 2010
Russian roulette Elizabeth Darrell 2005
ruthless. com Tom Clancy 1999
Rutland place Anne Perry 2002
Ryan's quadrangle Elizabeth Daish 1996
Sabotage Fletcher Knebel 1988
Sabotage at Stableways Judith M. Berrisford 1982
Sabrehill Raymond Giles 1987
Sacred Dennis Lehane 2001
Sacrifice John Farris 1999
Sacrifice play Conrad Haynes 1991
Safe return home Elizabeth Waite 2007
Saffron's army Frederick E. Smith 1994
Saffron's trials Frederick E. Smith 1996
Sahara strike Denis Cleary 1981
Salt city blues Barbara Block 2004
Salt city blues Barbara Block 2005
Salting the wound Janet Woods 2009
Samson and the Greek Delilah Miles Tripp 1995
Sand blind Julian Rathbone 2000
Sapphire Patricia Matthews 1991
Sara's song Fern Michaels 1999
Sarah Charlotte Hardy 2006
Satin doll Maggie Davis 1988
Savage thunder Johanna Lindsey 1998
Savannah blue William Harrison 1982
Save the ponies! Josephine Pullein-Thompson 1984
Saving Willowbrook Anna Jacobs 2009
Scales of retribution Cora Harrison 2011
Scandal in the secret city Diane Fanning 2014
Scapegoat for a Stuart Elizabeth Elgin 1999
Scapegoat! : famous courts martial John Harris 1988
Scarface Paul Monette 1984
Scarlet Jane Brindle 1991
Scarlet rebel Jean Saunders 1991
Scarlet sash Garry Kilworth 2010
Scarlet shadows Elizabeth Darrell 2000
Scorpion east Jerrold Morgulas 1987
Scorpion rising Marilyn Todd 2006
Scotch mist Elizabeth Darrell 2011
Scramble Dieppe Matthew Holden 1981
Screen of deceit Nick Oldham 2008
Screen kisses Trudi Pacter 1991
Sea changes Kay Stephens 2003
Sea changes Kay Stephens 2004
Sea of fire Jeff Rovin 2005
Sea glass summer Dorothy Cannell 2012
Sea gypsy Fern Michaels 2014
Sea of love Mary Minton 1999
Sea sting Andrew Chatham 1982
Sea witch Iris Gower 1998
Seaforth Hugh Miller 1995
Seagull Bay Janet Tanner 2009
Search for a new dawn Barbara Delinsky 2003
Search for a shadow Kay Christopher 1995
Season of darkness Cora Harrison 2019
Season of the senses Anne Worboys 1996
Season of the sun Catherine Coulter 2000
Season of the sun Catherine Coulter 2001
Seasons of change Julian Jay Savarin 2005
Seasons of love Anna Jacobs 2000
Seasons of revenge William Paul 1985
Second act Marilyn Todd 2003
Second Atlantis James Follett 1998
Second best Evelyn Hood 1999
Second chance Claire Lorrimer 1998
Second sitting Stella Whitelaw 2008
Second skin Michael Wiley 2015
Second time around Julie Ellis 1997
Second to none Stella Cameron 2012
Second vision Ralph Vallone 1995
Secret honor W. E. B. Griffin 2000
Secret sins Jeannie Johnson 2007
Secrets of the Bible seas : an underwater archaeologist in the Holy Land Alexander Flinder 1985
Secrets Jane Adams 2013
Secrets Katharine Marlowe 1992
Secrets of the dead Simon Clark 2014
Secrets in the heather Gwen Kirkwood 2007
Secrets and lies Janet Woods 2012
Secrets on Saturday Ann Purser 2006
Secrets of our hearts Sarah Harrison 2011
Seeing is deceiving Roderic Jeffries 2002
Seek the stars Barbara Cartland 1991
Seekers Lynda La Plante 1993
Seize the fire Laura Kinsale 1990
Seizure Nick Oldham 2010
Self assured Nicholas Rhea 2006
Self-destruct Angus Hall 1985
Seminar in evil Daoma Winston 1993
Semper fi W. E. B. Griffin 1992
Send her victorious Alexander Cordell 1997
Sentenced to Prism Alan Dean Foster 1988
September morning Rowena Summers 1999
September song Colin Murray 2012
Serenade James M. Cain 1982
Serpent's silver Piers Anthony 1992
Set in stone Kay Stephens 2003
Set Texas back on her feet J. T. Edson 1986
Set to music Jeanne McCafferty 2000
Shades of grey Clea Simon 2009
Shades of love Vera Cowie 1999
Shades of love Vera Cowie 2001
Shadesmoor Jason Foss 1995
Shadow of a broken man George C. Chesbro 1981
Shadow of a doubt Jane McLoughlin 2010
Shadow behind the curtain Velda Johnston 1986
Shadow in the corn Jason Foss 1993
Shadow of death William X. Kienzle 1984
Shadow at evening Max Marlow 1994
Shadow on the land Anne Doughty 2010
Shadow play Katherine Sutcliffe 1992
Shadow of the Protector Elizabeth Lord 2002
Shadow watch Tom Clancy 2000
Shadowed Karen E. Olson 2016
Shadows in the afternoon Robert Tyler Stevens 1983
Shadows Stella Cameron 2011
Shadows of death Jeanne M. Dams 2013
Shadows in the moonlight Elizabeth Peters 1986
Shadows on the ice Zena Meyler 1987
Shadows on the sun Kathryn Haig 1999
Shadows over the sun Elizabeth Darrell 2004
Shadows over the sun Elizabeth Darrell 2006
Shadows of the past Janet Tanner 2003
Shadows in the sun Christopher Nicole 1998
Shady borders John Sherwood 1996
Shady lady : a novel Ruth Gordon 1983
Shaitan Max Ehrlich 1982
Shaker Run Karen Harper 2012
Shark Africa Kenneth Bulmer 1981
Shark raid Kenneth Bulmer 1982
Shark trap Kenneth Bulmer 1983
Shelter from the storm Rowena Summers 2005
Shelter from the storm Rowena Summers 2006
Sherlock Holmes and the American angels Barrie Roberts 2007
Sherlock Holmes and the devil's foot : further cases of the world's most famous detective Arthur Conan Doyle 1986
Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein's diary Barry Grant 2013
Sherlock Holmes and the king's governess Barrie Roberts 2005
Sherlock Holmes and the rule of nine Barrie Roberts 2003
Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare letter Barry Grant 2010
Sherlock Holmes and the Swedish enigma Barry Grant 2012
Shifting sands Anne Worboys 1999
Shifting sands Anthea Fraser 2011
Shimmer Hilary Norman 2009
Shimura trouble Sujata Massey 2008
Shine on, Harvey Moon Anna Morgan 1982
Shockwaves Thomas Tessier 1983
Shooting star : a Mark Fox story Michael Hardcastle 1982
Shopkeepers Valerie Maskell 1996
Short and sweet : a collection of short romantic stories Anna Jacobs 2011
Shotgun wedding Susan Rogers Cooper 2008
Showtime Brian Cant 1986
Shroud of evil Pauline Rowson 2014
Sick of shadows Marion Chesney 2006
Sick of shadows Sharyn McCrumb 1992
Side effects Michael Palmer 1987
Siege Peter Cave 1980
Sign of the moon Kay Stephens 1997
Silence the dead Jack Fredrickson 2014
Silent footsteps Jo Bannister 2019
Silent intruder Gerald Hammond 2010
Silent rage Julie Ellis 2006
Silent running Pauline Rowson 2015
Silent witness Margaret Yorke 1989
Silken bonds Marion Chesney 1998
Silver guilt Judith Cutler 2010
Silver harvest Kay Stephens 2002
Silver Street Elizabeth Gill 2008
Silver-tongued devil Jennifer Blake 1996
Singing in the wilderness Elizabeth Harris 1997
Single mother Julie Ellis 1999
Single mother Julie Ellis 2001
Singleton's law Reginald Hill 1997
Sink the Ark Royal Duncan Harding 1997
Sink the 'Ark Royal' Karl Horst 1981
Sink the Bismarck Duncan Harding 2001
Sink the Graf Spee Duncan Harding 1998
Sink HMS Cossack Duncan Harding 2001
Sink HMS Cossack Duncan Harding 2002
Sink HMS Kelly Duncan Harding 2002
Sink the Hood Duncan Harding 2000
Sink the Prince of Wales Duncan Harding 1998
Sink the Scharnhorst Duncan Harding 1999
Sink the Warspite Duncan Harding 2002
Sins of the fathers Sally Spencer 2006
Sins of the flesh Fern Michaels 1995
Sins of the mother Deborah Nicholson 2005
Sins of omission Fern Michaels 1995
Sir Walter's Lady Judith Saxton 2003
Sirens of Dunkirk Leo Kessler 2003
Sirens of Dunkirk Leo Kessler 2004
Sirocco Anne Melville 1988
Sisters Patricia J. MacDonald 2013
Sisters Suzanne Goodwin 1984
Sisters of fortune Frances McNeil 2007
Skeleton blues Paul Johnston 2015
Skeleton Island Gladys Mitchell 1985
Skeleton plot J. M. Gregson 2015
Skeleton staff Elizabeth Ferrars 1984
Skiing down Everest Ingrid Cranfield 1983
Skin like silver Chris Nickson 2015
Skye O'Malley Bertrice Small 1990
Slaughter in Singapore Duncan Harding 2003
Slaves of Sabrehill Raymond Giles 1988
Sleepers of Mars John Wyndham 1980
Sleeping with the enemy Evelyn Anthony 2003
Slimming magazine high speed diets Gaynor Hagan 1983
Slipt Alan Dean Foster 1999
Slow heat in heaven Sandra Brown 1990
Small-town dreams Julie Ellis 2004
Small-town dreams Julie Ellis 2005
Smile and be a villain Jeanne M. Dams 2016
Smile now, die later Vivien Armstrong 2002
Smiling Willie and the Tiger John Harris 1983
Smoke alarm : a Martha Gunn mystery Priscilla Masters 2012
Smoke dance Tom Barling 1991
Smoke dragon Tom Barling 1988
Smoke and mirrors : a Miss Barnum mystery Casey Daniels 2017
Smokescreen Betty Rowlands 2008
Smoky Joe's cafe Bryce Courtenay 2002
Snapshots Anne Melville 1990
Snatched Bill James 2014
Snobbery with violence Marion Chesney 2005
Snow Hall Elizabeth Gill 2010
Snow on the wind Hugh Miller 1987
Snowbeast! Peter Tremayne 1992
Snowman Graham Masterton 1999
So bright the vision Clifford D. Simak 1986
So comes tomorrow Essie Summers 1995
So shall you reap Audrey Willsher 1997
Soft summer blood Peter Helton 2015
Soldier of the Queen Philip McCutchan 1998
Soldiers of God Barnaby Williams 2000
Some assured Nicholas Rhea 2004
Some assured Nicholas Rhea 2005
Some day I'll find you Donna Baker 1997
Some deaths before dying Peter Dickinson 2001
Some foul play Ann Quinton 1996
Somebody come and play Clare McNally 1990
Somebody please love me : a novel Aviva Helman 1985
Somebody's fool Adam Kennedy 1992
Someone in the house Barbara Michaels 1997
Somers v Somers Julie Ellis 2008
Something in the blood J. G. Goodhind 2007
Something is rotten J. M. Gregson 2007
Something rotten Stuart Kay 1989
Something wicked Carolyn G. Hart 1994
Sometime ... never Deborah Fowler 1993
Son of destruction Kit Reed 2012
Song for Athena Linda Sole 2003
Song of the heart Helene Wiggin 2004
Songbird Linda Shaw 1989
Songmaster Orson Scott Card 1994
Songs of spring Harriet Hudson 2000
Sons of the morning Matthew Holden 1980
Sons of the wolf Barbara Michaels 1994
Sophie Street Grace Thompson 1999
Sorrow on Sunday Ann Purser 2007
Sorry! Ian Davidson 1982
Sour grapes Marilyn Todd 2005
Sour grapes Marilyn Todd 2006
Souvenirs of murder Margaret Duffy 2009
Spanish Inquisition Elizabeth Darrell 2012
Spares Caroline Gray 1993
Spawn of the devil Caroline Gray 1993
Speak, angel Mary Elsie Robertson 1985
Spec's war Sara Fraser 1997
Special circumstances Brian Lysaght 1983
Special deliverance Clifford D. Simak 1983
Special forces Ted Allbeury 2002
Special operations W. E. B. Griffin 1996
Special ops W. E. B. Griffin 2001
Special people Burt Hirschfeld 1988
Spella Ho H. E. Bates 1989
Spider Gordon Stevens 1985
Spies for dinner J. Robert Janes 1985
Spies like us Gordon McGill 1986
Spies and spying Jock Haswell 1986
Spin and die Stella Whitelaw 2002
Spinners' Wharf Iris Gower 2002
Spiralling down Alan Savage 2006
Spirit in the rainforest Eric Wilson 1987
Split second Fern Michaels 1999
Split second Fern Michaels 2001
Spotlight Patricia Wentworth 1990
Spring break Gerald Elias 2017
Spring fever Mary Mackie 1996
Springboard Steve Perry 2006
Squadron : based on the BBC-TV series created by Alistair Balfour and Peter May Norman Ross 1983
Stages of grey Clea Simon 2014
Stalag assault Leo Kessler 2000
Stallion Gordon McGill 1990
Stands a Calder man Janet Dailey 1998
Star of danger Marion Zimmer Bradley 1993
Star fall Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2014
Star of the rising sun Evelyn Hart 1998
Star trek Alan Dean Foster 1982
Star Trek III : the search for Spock Vonda N. McIntyre 1985
Star trek IV : the voyage home Vonda N. McIntyre 1987
Star Trek V : the final frontier J. M. Dillard 1989
Star Trek VI : the undiscovered country J. M. Dillard 1992
Starfire Julian Jay Savarin 2000
Starlight Anne Douglas 2010
Starstruck Suzanne Goodwin 1997
Starting over Tessa Barclay 2000
Starworld Harry Harrison 1988
State of war Steve Perry 2004
Stealth bomber Barnaby Williams 1999
Stealth Margaret Duffy 2012
Steel-jacket Merle Constiner 1978
Steel tiger Stirling Silliphant 1986
Stella Eric Morecambe 1986
Stepsisters Anita Davies 1986
Stick or twist Diane Janes 2016
Still life on sand Karen Hayes 1999
Still waters Marilyn Todd 2010
Stolen dreams Barbara Harrison 1991
Stolen moments Rosie Harris 2013
Stolen moments Sherryl Woods 1991
Stone cold Marilyn Todd 2005
Stone killer Sally Spencer 2005
Stone killer Sally Spencer 2006
Stonemoor house Kay Stephens 1995
Stop Rommel! Alan Savage 1998
Storm warning Alan Savage 2007
Stormqueen! Marion Zimmer Bradley 1989
Stormy waters Rosemary Aitken 2001
Stormy waters Rosemary Aitken 2002
Strange music Malcolm Macdonald 2012
Stranger by the lake Jennifer Wilde 1993
Strangers in paradise Heather Graham 2012
Strangers and pilgrims Maggie Bennett 2010
Straw in the wind Janet Woods 2010
Street parties Grace Thompson 2003
Street parties Grace Thompson 2004
Strength of stones Greg Bear 1991
Stressmanship Audrey Livingston Booth 1985
Strike eagle Julian Jay Savarin 1997
String of pearls Madge Swindells 2009
Student body Susan Rogers Cooper 2017
Styx Christopher Hyde 1982
Substance and shadow Anthea Cohen 1986
Substantial threat Nick Oldham 2002
Suddenly at home Graham Ison 2016
Suffer the children Sara Fraser 2011
Sugar and spice Ruth Hamilton 2010
Summer of the eagle Julian Jay Savarin 2005
Summer flight Margaret Yorke 1986
Summer kingdom Vivian Lord 1988
Summer lightning Pamela Oldfield 2005
Summer lightning Pamela Oldfield 2006
Summer of my first love : a novel Isabelle Holland 1987
Summer of secrets Grace Thompson 1994
Summer session Merry Bloch Jones 2011
Summer of storms Judith Kelman 2001
Summer visitors Susan Sallis 2002
Sun, sea and murder Roderic Jeffries 2009
Sunrise in Hong Kong Denise Emery 1981
Sunset and the major Julian Jay Savarin 2006
Supergirl Norma Fox Mazer 1984
Superman III William Kotzwinkle 1983
Supping with the devil Sally Spencer 2014
Surprise attack John Kerrigan 1996
Survivors : book two of the dinosaur planet saga Anne McCaffrey 1997
Susan in America Jane Aiken Hodge 1998
Swamp! Peter Tremayne 1993
Swan Island Elizabeth Gill 2007
Swan Road Rebecca Brandewyne 1995
Swan song of A.J. Wentworth H. F. Ellis 1982
Sweet and deadly Charlaine Harris 2010
Sweet ember Barbara Delinsky 1999
Sweet Humphrey Peter Turnbull 2006
Sweet nothings Trisha Ashley 2007
Sweet piracy Jennifer Blake 1993
Sweet revenge Fern Michaels 2006
Sweet talking money Harry Bingham 2002
Sweet Wells Elizabeth Gill 2008
Sweet wind, wild wind Elizabeth Lowell 2010
Sweeter than wine Mary Mackie 1997
Sweets for my sweet Janie Bolitho 1996
Swimmer Graham Masterton 2001
Swimming in the shadows Diane Janes 2014
Swingboats on the sand Grace Thompson 2001
Swingboats on the sand Grace Thompson 2002
Switchback Matthew Klein 2011
Switchback Susan Dunlap 2015
T-Force, the last mission Charles Whiting 1979
Tainted ground Margaret Duffy 2006
Take my child Gwen Madoc 2006
Takeover Rosalind Ashe 1983
Taking chances Janelle Taylor 1995
Taking the fifth J. A. Jance 2003
Taking heart Rowena Summers 2000
Tales of the wolf Lawrence Sanders 1987
Tales of the wolf Lawrence Sanders 1988
Tall poppies Janet Woods 2012
Tallant for democracy Andrew York 1996
Tallant for terror Andrew York 1995
Tame my wild heart Sylvie Sommerfield 1993
Tana Maguire Virginia Coffman 1987
Tangled dynasty Jean Chapman 1984
Tangled reins Stephanie Laurens 2011
Tank 3, Sugar sugar David Williams 1987
Tank David Williams 1985
Tanks Christine Sparks 1980
Tanquillan Louise Brindley 1986
Tanquillan Louise Brindley 1987
Tantalus Louise Brindley 1999
Tapestry of fear Margaret Pemberton 1994
Tar box Michael Wiley 2016
Tara Jane Blackmore 1985
Target Brian Freemantle 2000
Target down! Julian Jay Savarin 1995
Taste of evil Patricia Matthews 1993
Tea with jam and dread Tamar Myers 2015
Tears will not save them Linda Sole 2010
Temple of the winds James Follett 2000
Ten plus one : an 87th Precinct mystery Ed McBain 1982
Tender warrior Fern Michaels 1997
Tenement girl Anne Douglas 2013
Tengu Graham Masterton 1984
Tenko reunion : a novel Anne Valery 1986
Terror on Tuesday Ann Purser 2003
Test of fire Ben Bova 1984
Texas fury Fern Michaels 1991
Texas guns Ray Hogan 1988
Texas heat Fern Michaels 1989
That day the Rabbi left town Harry Kemelman 1997
The acorn winter Elizabeth Webster 1994
The action Peter Tonkin 1996
The adept Katherine Kurtz 1992
The Aegean Campaign Ian Blake 1995
The Afrika Korps Alan Savage 1998
The alchemy of fire Gillian Bradshaw 2004
The allotment gardener's handbook Alan Titchmarsh 1982
The Alsos mission Clive Egleton 1997
The altered case : a Hennessey and Yellich mystery Peter Turnbull 2012
The ambassador's son Kenneth Royce 1994
The Amtrak Wars Patrick Tilley 1984
The Amtrak Wars Patrick Tilley 1985
The analog bullet Martin Cruz Smith 1982
The Anderson Line Christopher Nicole 1985
The angel of the glade Scott MacKay 2009
The angel maker Ridley Pearson 1994
The angry wife Pearl S. Buck 1980
The Antigone Richard Woodman 1997
The apricot bed Margaret Yorke 1986
The arena William Haggard 1984
The armies of Elfland Poul Anderson 1994
The art of the devil John Altman 2014
The ash grove Margaret James 1995
The assassin W. E. B. Griffin 1998
The Atkinson century Mollie Hardwick 1980
The atonement murder Syrell Rogovin Leahy 1994
The baby farm Karen Harper 2013
The Balfour twins Betty McInnes 2006
The Balkan chase : a story of the S.A.S. Charles Whiting 1999
The ballad of Bill Spinks' bedstead : & other poems Pam Ayres 1981
The balloon man Charlotte MacLeod 2000
The Baltic commandos Peter Leslie 1997
The beckoning Virginia Coffman 1994
The beggar man Ruby M. Ayres 1983
The Beirut contract Paul Mann 1991
The bell tower Sarah Rayne 2015
The Berlin conspiracy Tom Gabbay 2008
The best defence Kate Wilhelm 1998
The best of friends Nomi Berger 1985
The Bhunda jewels Anne Worboys 1980
The big goodnight Judy Gardiner 1983
The big score Burt Hirschfeld 1989
The big score Michael Kilian 1994
The bill. 3 John Frederick Burke 1991
The birthday Margaret Yorke 1991
The birthday present Pamela Oldfield 2009
The birthright Clayton Matthews 1988
The bishop's brood Simon Beaufort 2003
The bishop's brood Simon Beaufort 2005
The bitter core Denise Robins 1995
The black Lyon Jude Deveraux 1990
The Black Sea connection Robin Moore 1981
The black stallion mystery Walter Farley 1982
The blackbird's song Nicola Thorne 2001
The blackout murders Leo Kessler 2004
The blackout murders Leo Kessler 2005
The blacksmith's girl Rosemary Aitken 2016
The Blackstone chronicles John Saul 1998
The blessing stone Barbara Wood 2003
The blood of roses Marsha Canham 1989
The blood stained throne Simon Beaufort 2010
The bloodstained throne Simon Beaufort 2010
The blue and the gray John Leekley 1983
The boat house Pamela Oldfield 2010
The boiling pool Gary Brandner 1995
The bonds that break Linda Sole 2000
The bonds that break Linda Sole 2001
The book of hair care for you and your family Marc Young 1982
The Bormann mission Leo Kessler 1997
The Bosnian Inferno David Monnery 1994
The boy in the woods Carter Wilson 2014
The Brack report : a novel Patrick Winter 1982
The brain eaters Gary Brandner 1992
The brass ring Kay Stephens 1998
The breathless summer Mary Minton 1996
The bride box Michael Pearce 2013
The Brigadier's collection Peter Tinniswood 1986
The bright dawning Pamela Oldfield 1999
The bright red business men : a 'Commander Shaw' novel Philip McCutchan 1983
The brightest day Alan Savage 2005
The broken bough Nicola Thorne 2001
The broken bough Nicola Thorne 2002
The bronze Madonna Elizabeth Daish 2001
The brown satin bomb Anthea Goddard 1985
The Burgundian's tale Kate Sedley 2005
The Burgundian's tale Kate Sedley 2006
The burning mountain : a novel of the invasion of Japan Alfred Coppell 1996
The burning rocks Max Marlow 1995
The burrowers beneath Brian Lumley 1993
The business Heather Hay 1989
The butcher beyond Sally Spencer 2004
The butcher beyond Sally Spencer 2005
The butterfly hunter Janwillem Van de Wetering 1983
The cadaver Guy N. Smith 2007
The Caldwell girls Rowena Summers 2002
The call of the sea Joyce Stranger 2003
The calling : a novel Bob Randall 1982
The calm and the storm Alan Savage 2008
The Camelot caper Elizabeth Peters 1996
The candidate's wife Virginia Coffman 1990
The cardinal virtues Andrew M. Greeley 1991
The Caroline quest Barbara Whitnell 2001
The carousel Rosamunde Pilcher 1983
The case of the black pearl Lin Anderson 2014
The case of the curious cook Cathy Ace 2016
The case of the demure defendant Erle Stanley Gardner 1986
The case of the dotty dowager Cathy Ace 2015
The case of the drowning duck Erle Stanley Gardner 1982
The case of the lame canary Erle Stanley Gardner 1983
The case of the missing Madonna Lin Anderson 2015
The case of the missing Morris dancer Cathy Ace 2015
The case of the runaway corpse Erle Stanley Gardner 1986
The case of the substitute face Erle Stanley Gardner 1980
The catapult ultimatum Peter Leslie 1990
The cause Alan Savage 2000
The chains of fate Pamela Belle 1990
The Champagne Mumm book of ocean racing : an illustrated history Ian Dear 1985
The chandelier ballroom Elizabeth Lord 2014
The charmer Allan Prior 1989
The Chessman Dolores Gordon-Smith 2015
The children's guide to the royal family John L. Morton 1985
The Christmas wassail Kate Sedley 2013
The Churchill papers Leo Kessler 1998
The civilisation game : and other stories Clifford D. Simak 1997
The clouded mountain Elizabeth Daish 2000
The clover field Suzanne Ebel 1987
The coal gatherer Janet Woods 2007
The coiners' quarrel Simon Beaufort 2004
The cold hand of malice Frank Smith 2009
The cold room Robert Knightly 2011
The collectors Evan Christie 1986
The colonel's daughter Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2005
The colonel's daughter Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2006
The colour of blood Clare Curzon 2000
The colour of blood Clare Curzon 2001
The colour of money Walter Tevis 1985
The combination Andrew York 1984
The commissar Sven Hassel 1985
The confessors' club Jack Fredrickson 2015
The confetti bed Frances Paige 1996
The congregation Nigel Colborn 1996
The Cornish legacy Barbara Whitnell 2000
The Cornish legacy Barbara Whitnell 2001
The Cornwell bride Sheila Walsh 1997
The corpse of St James's Jeanne M. Dams 2012
The corpse of St James's Jeanne M. Dams 2013
The corridor of ghosts William Vivian Butler 1987
The Corrigan legacy Anna Jacobs 2006
The cosmic puppets Philip K. Dick 1986
The cost of innocence Jeffrey Ashford 1998
The countess Catherine Coulter 2003
The creator and other stories Clifford D. Simak 1993
The croaking raven Gladys Mitchell 1985
The Cromwell file William Harrington 1986
The cruise of the commissioner Richard Woodman 1998
The crystal cat Velda Johnston 1987
The crystal singer Anne McCaffrey 1982
The cuckoo's child Marjorie Eccles 2011
The cuisine of Jacques Maximin Jacques Maximin 1986
The curse Andrew Neiderman 2004
The curse of the clan Barbara Cartland 1987
The cut Terence Kelly 1999
The cutting edge Linda Howard 2012
The cybernetic samurai Victor Milán 1986
The daffodils of Newent Susan Sallis 2000
The daisy chain Sally Stewart 2001
The daisy chain Sally Stewart 2002
The Dallancy bequest Tessa Barclay 2005
The dance of death Kate Sedley 2009
The dance master Peter Turnbull 2004
The dance master Peter Turnbull 2006
The dancer's daughter Josephine Edgar 1985
The dandelion clock Brenda McBryde 2000
The dandelion clock Brenda McBryde 2006
The Danube enigma Michael Shea 2001
The daring Patricia Hagan 1993
The dark Andrew Neiderman 2002
The dark city Max Allan Collins 2005
The dark cliffs Frederick E. Smith 1983
The dark design Philip José Farmer 1987
The dark gondola Virginia Coffman 1995
The dark lady Sally Spencer 2000
The dark lady Sally Spencer 2001
The dark side of the road Simon R. Green 2015
The dark side of yesterday Janet Tanner 2007
The daughter Caroline Gray 1992
The day comes round Ruby M. Ayres 1984
The day the Martians came Frederik Pohl 1990
The day she died Catriona McPherson 2020
The dead can't kill Anne Hampson 2005
The dead hand of history Sally Spencer 2009
The dead of winter Jane Adams 2011
The deadly travellers Dorothy Eden 1994
The deal Terence Kelly 2000
The death doll Anthea Goddard 1987
The death of pie Tamar Myers 2014
The death of Ruth Elizabeth Kata 1982
The deceivers Alfred Bester 1984
The deception Catherine Coulter 2001
The deluge drivers Alan Dean Foster 1989
The deputies J. T. Edson 1988
The desert raiders Shaun Clarke 1996
The destiny makers Allen Drury 1988
The devil met a lady Stuart M. Kaminsky 1993
The Devil's Chair Priscilla Masters 2014
The Devil's code John Sandford 2002
The Devil's Monk Sara Fraser 2015
The devil's moon Peter Guttridge 2013
The devil's own Janet Louise Roberts 1988
The Devil's own R. A. Scotti 1987
The devil's own Sandra Brown 2015
The dew of heaven Caroline Bridgwood 1989
The diabolical baron Mary Jo Putney 1993
The dig Alan Dean Foster 1997
The dirty dollar Gerald Hammond 2002
The disastrous voyage of the Santa Margarita Richard Woodman 2009
The disinherited Clayton Matthews 1988
The district nurse Hugh Miller 1984
The divided heart Sarah Harrison 2002
The doctor's healing hands Elizabeth Seifert 1982
The Doctor Who technical manual Mark Harris 1983
The doctors of Downlands Claire Rayner 1994
The doomsday ultimatum James Follett 1993
The doorkeepers Graham Masterton 2001
The double agents : a men at war novel W. E. B. Griffin 2007
The Dower House Malcolm Macdonald 2011
The dragoman's story Michael Pearce 2000
The dream killers Daoma Winston 1987
The dream lover Lawrence Sanders 1988
The drinking gourd Barbara Hambly 2016
The drowned ones Sara Fraser 2009
The duke's dilemma Barbara Cartland 1994
The Dukes of Hazzard, gone racin' Eric Alter 1983
The Durham deception Philip Gooden 2011
The East Indiaman Richard Woodman 2001
The echoing stones Celia Fremlin 1993
The edict Max Ehrlich 1984
The education of Miss Patterson Marion Chesney 1992
The eighth day Alfred Coppel 1995
The electric horseman H. B. Gilmour 1980
The elixir of youth Gillian Bradshaw 2005
The Ely testament Philip Gooden 2011
The Empire strikes back : from the adventures of Luke Skywalker : a novel Donald F. Glut 1980
The empress file John Sandford 2003
The empty hours : an 87th precinct mystery Ed McBain 1981
The empty house Isabelle Holland 1985
The enchanter's wand Sally Stewart 2007
The enemy within Sally Spencer 2003
The enemy within Sally Spencer 2004
The English daughter Lindsay Townsend 2004
The English lady William Harrington 1984
The establishment Robin Moore 1982
The evil seed Joanne Harris 1998
The evil that Christy knows Clare McNally 1995
The evil that men do Jeanne M. Dams 2011
The ewe lamb Margaret Bacon 1999
The Ewings of Dallas : a novel Burt Hirschfeld 1981
The expatriates Mary Wells 1987
The expurgator Andrew York 1985
The fabulous Fox twins Ken McCoy 2002
The Fairbairn fortunes Una-Mary Parker 2016
The Fairbairn girls Una-Mary Parker 2013
The Fairfax legacy Pamela Oldfield 2008
The faithful heart Claire Lorrimer 2002
The falls of death Christopher Nicole 2004
The falls of death Christopher Nicole 2006
The family at Redburn Mollie Chappell 1985
The family way Jayne Ann Krentz 2015
The family web Iris Bromige 1987
The Famous Five and the Stately Homes Gang : a new adventure of the characters created by Enid Blyton Claude Voilier 1983
The far morning Margaret Pemberton 1998
The far side of desire Ralph Glasser 1994
The fateful day Rosemary Rowe 2014
The fields of yesterday Robert Tyler Stevens 1984
The fifth cataract Jo Bannister 2005
The final curtain Priscilla Masters 2013
The final reckoning Margaret James 1996
The fingerprint Patricia Wentworth 1988
The fingers of one foot Gerald Hammond 2009
The Finland mission Duncan Harding 1999
The fire people Alexander Cordell 1995
The firebird's feather Marjorie Eccles 2014
The firebirds Beverly Byrne 1993
The fires of the gods : a Sugawara mystery I. J. Parker 2010
The first command Philip McCutchan 1997
The flames of vengeance Beverly Byrne 1993
The fleeting years Connie Monk 2015
The flesh traders Richard Tresillian 1987
The flesh traders Richard Tressillian 1987
The flood David Hewson 2015
The flowers of Adonis Rosemary Sutcliff 1986
The flowing tide Alan Savage 2008
The followers Christopher Nicole 2004
The followers Christopher Nicole 2005
The footlights flickered W. Macqueen-Pope 1975
The forbidden garden Ursula Cur.tiss 1984
The forgotten family Beryl Matthews 2006
The four of us Margaret Pemberton 2004
The four of us Margaret Pemberton 2005
The fourth wall Beth Saulnier 2005
The fox and the faith Dan Parkinson 1999
The fox and the flag Dan Parkinson 1990
The fox and the fortune Dan Parkinson 2000
The fox and the fury Dan Parkinson 1999
The foxglove tree Elizabeth Gill 2006
The fragrant harbour Barbara Whitnell 1999
The Free Fishers John Buchan 1982
The Friday spy Christopher Nicole 1981
The Friday spy Christopher Nicole 1989
The fruitful vine Audrey Willsher 1998
The fury John Farris 1993
The future scrolls Fern Michaels 2001
The future scrolls Fern Michaels 2002
The game of empire Poul Anderson 1994
The game of treachery Alan Savage 2004
The Ganymede takeover Philip K. Dick 1988
The Garden Club murder Amy Patricia Meade 2019
The garden party Peter Turnbull 2012
The generous gardener Trisha Ashley 2004
The generous gardener Trisha Ashley 2005
The Geneva rendezvous Julie Ellis 1997
The gentle art of murder Jeanne M. Dams 2015
The German agent J. Sydney Jones 2014
The ghost and Lady Alice Marion Chesney 1994
The ghosts of Albi Susan B. Kelly 1998
The gift Andrew Puckett 2000
The gilded cage Denise Robins 1998
The gilded land Pamela Oldfield 1997
The girl in the cellar Patricia Wentworth 1984
The girl from Addis Ted Allbeury 1995
The girl from Wish Lane Anne Douglas 2008
The girl who knew too much Margaret Pemberton 1997
The glass case Anne Goring 1999
The go-between Joyce Stranger 2009
The golden child George C. Chesbro 1987
The golden collar Elizabeth Cadell 1984
The golden days Elisabeth McNeill 2001
The golden days Elisabeth McNeill 2002
The golden mile to murder Sally Spencer 2001
The golden spiders Rex Stout 1982
The goldsmith's daughter Kate Sedley 2001
The goldsmith's daughter Kate Sedley 2002
The good cop Peter Steiner 2019
The Good Friday murder Syrell Rogovin Leahy 1993
The good life John Esmonde 1976
The granite cliffs Rosemary Aitken 2003
The Granville affaire Una-Mary Parker 2005
The Granville affaire Una-Mary Parker 2006
The Granville legacy Una-Mary Parker 2006
The Granville sisters Una-Mary Parker 2005
The Granville sisters Una-Mary Parker 2006
The great balloon adventure Jon Chalon 1984
The great betrayal Pamela Oldfield 2011
The great escape Leo Kessler 2002
The Green Empress Elizabeth Cadell 1987
The green fields beyond Evelyn Hart 1995
The green lady : an Alex Mavros mystery Paul Johnston 2013
The Green Man Kate Sedley 2008
The guineaman Richard Woodman 2000
The gulag rats K. N. Kostov 1982
The Hamiltons of Ballydown Anne Doughty 2004
The Hampton heritage Julie Ellis 1992
The Hampton passion Julie Ellis 2001
The Hampton sisters Bernard F. Conners 1989
The Hampton women Julie Ellis 1992
The handkerchief tree Anne Douglas 2012
The handyman Gerald Suster 1985
The hanged man's song John Sandford 2004
The hanging psalm Chris Nickson 2018
The happy fortress Iris Bromige 1991
The hawthorns bloom in May Anne Doughty 2005
The hawthorns bloom in May Anne Doughty 2006
The healing stream Connie Monk 2012
The healing time Lucilla Andrews 1985
The heart of the home Grace Thompson 2005
The heartbreaker : Prince Charles Edward Stewart Elisabeth McNeill 2009
The hearts that hold Linda Sole 2000
The hearts that hold Linda Sole 2002
The heir Catherine Coulter 2003
The Hell candidate Graham Masterton 1985
The hell-cat and the king Barbara Cartland 1986
The hell hound : and other true mysteries Peter Haining 1986
The hell raiser Ray Hogan 1990
The Helmingham rose J. P. Hessayon 1998
The hermit's horse Diana Pullein-Thompson 1985
The hidden : a Monika Paniatowski mystery Sally Spencer 2017
The Hide and Horn Saloon J. T. Edson 1984
The hide and tallow men J. T. Edson 1986
The high crusade Poul Anderson 1982
The high flyer Elizabeth Darrell 2015
The highwayman Helen Cannam 1998
The hills of homicide Louis L'Amour 1987
The hitch Gerald Hammond 2004
The hitch Gerald Hammond 2005
The Hitler werewolf murders Leo Kessler 1994
The holly tree Nicola Thorne 2010
The Holmes factor Brian Freemantle 2005
The Holmes factor Brian Freemantle 2006
The Holmes inheritance Brian Freemantle 2004
The Holmes inheritance Brian Freemantle 2005
The home front Peter Tinniswood 1983
The homecoming Elizabeth Gill 2003
The homecoming Grace Thompson 1997
The honest assassin Caroline Carver 2010
The honeymoon murders Louise Brindley 2005
The honeymoon murders Louise Brindley 2006
The Honeywell badger Joyce Stranger 1986
The honor of spies W. E. B. Griffin 2009
The hook Denis Cleary 1980
The hook Tim O'Mara 2019
The horns of danger Mabel Esther Allan 1985
The horsemasters Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2001
The horsemasters Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2002
The hostage Robert Tyler Stevens 1985
The hostage W. E. B. Griffin 2005
The hostage prince Vanessa Hannam 2006
The hot and copper sky Bruce Stewart 1982
The hound of the Borders Peter Tonkin 2003
The hound of the Borders Peter Tonkin 2006
The hour of the bell Harry Mark Petrakis 1986
The House Christopher Lee 1994
The house by the brook Grace Thompson 2004
The house by the brook Grace Thompson 2005
The house by the fjord Rosalind Laker 2011
The house by the sea Nicola Thorne 2003
The house of nightingales Suzanne Ebel 1985
The house on the lake Julie Ellis 2000
The Howard Hughes affair Stuart M. Kaminsky 1980
The howling Gary Brandner 1986
The Howling III : echoes Gary Brandner 1987
The hunter and the hunted Cynthia S. Roberts 1994
The hunters W. E. B. Griffin 2007
The I inside Alan Dean Foster 1988
The ice mask Richard Woodman 2003
The iceberg rose Sarah Franklin 1982
The ideal wife Mary Balogh 1991
The ides of June Rosemary Rowe 2016
The illustrated movie quiz book Rob Burt 1981
The incident Andrew Neiderman 2016
The incredible honeymoon Barbara Cartland 1982
The Indians won Martin Cruz Smith 1982
The inheritance Caroline Gray 1999
The inheritance Claire Rayner 1998
The intrepid Miss Haydon Alice Chetwynd Ley 1987
The intruders Robert Jackson 1997
The invasion of sand Bel Mooney 2005
The invasion of sand Bel Mooney 2006
The investigators W. E. B. Griffin 2000
The invisible enemy Peter Cave 1994
The Irish adventures of Worzel Gummidge Keith Waterhouse 1984
The iron cage Brian Freemantle 1999
The iron veil Michael Shea 2000
The iron water Chris Nickson 2016
The island Isabelle Holland 1986
The Italian affair Julie Ellis 1998
The Italian connection : pulsar no.2 Robin Moore 1981
The jacaranda tree Rebecca Brandewyne 1995
The jackal's head Elizabeth Peters 1985
The Japanese princess Charles Whiting 1996
The jewelled darkness Virginia Coffman 1989
The jewels of terror Janet Louise Roberts 1988
The jingler's luck : the sixth Thomas the Falconer mystery John Pilkington 2006
The joys of my life Alys Clare 2008
The junket man Christopher Matthew 1983
The jury Fern Michaels 2005
The jury Fern Michaels 2006
The justice game Peter Turnbull 1998
The Kadin Bertrice Small 1989
The Keating dynasty Michael Warlum 1988
The keeper of hands : a Viennese mysteries novel J. Sydney Jones 2013
The keeper of hands J. Sydney Jones 2013
The keepsake Paul Huson 1982
The Kendrick girls Elizabeth Ann Hill 1997
The kids from Fame 1 Lisa Todd 1985
The kids from Fame 2 Lisa Todd 1986
The killing ground Alan Savage 2003
The killing ship Simon Beaufort 2016
The kilt maker Anne Douglas 2009
The kindness of strangers Bernard Taylor 1986
The kindred of darkness : a James Asher vampire novel Barbara Hambly 2013
The king's chameleon Richard Woodman 2013
The King's friends Bill James 1995
The king's spies Simon Beaufort 2003
The kiss of Judas R. A. Scotti 1987
The kissing time Jean Saunders 1992
The kitchen digest Frieda Arkin 1985
The Kremlin conspiracy Brian Freemantle 1997
The lady of Cawnpore Elisabeth McNeill 2004
The lady of Cawnpore Elisabeth McNeill 2005
The lady of Lyon House Jennifer Wilde 1992
The Laird of Lochandee Gwen Kirkwood 2002
The Laird of Lochandee Gwen Kirkwood 2004
The Lammas feast Kate Sedley 2002
The Lancashire leopard J. M. Gregson 2001
The Lantern network Ted Allbeury 1996
The larach Alexandra Raife 1998
The last battle Christopher Nicole 1993
The last cocktail party Elisabeth McNeill 2002
The last cocktail party Elisabeth McNeill 2004
The last enemy Bill James 1997
The last goodbye Margaret Pemberton 2007
The last king of Brighton Peter Guttridge 2011
The last letter Margaret Pemberton 1998
The last refuge : a Hannah Ives mystery Marcia Dutton Talley 2012
The last refuge Clive Egleton 2006
The last scramble Ronald Scott Thorn 1990
The last witness W. E. B. Griffin 2013
The last wolf Margaret Mayhew 2011
The lawmen of Rockabye County J. T. Edson 1989
The learning curve Frances Paige 2007
The legacy of anger Sara Hylton 2008
The legacy Claire Rayner 1997
The legend of Hereward : a novel of Norman England, 1063-1071 A.D. as descibed by Thomas of Ely, of blessed memory, in 1107 A.D., suitably edited by Gerald of Wales in Lincoln in 1205 A.D. Mike Ripley 2007
The lie Linda Sole 2008
The lifeship Harry Harrison 1997
The light in the ward Lucilla Andrews 1985
The lily and the leopard Susan Wiggs 1991
The limbo ladies Margaret Yorke 1992
The Lisbon crossing Tom Gabbay 2007
The little flowers Nicola Thorne 2004
The little flowers Nicola Thorne 2005
The little ship Margaret Mayhew 2003
The lodge of the lynx Katherine Kurtz 1993
The Lombard cavalcade Virginia Coffman 1986
The Lombard heiress Virginia Coffman 1986
The London connection : Pulsar No.1 Robin Moore 1980
The London gun Basil Heatter 1985
The London linnet Tania Langley 1985
The loner Clive Egleton 2006
The long day's dying Alan White 1975
The long lie Simon Michael 1992
The long love Katharine Gordon 2001
The long riders Steven Phillip Smith 1981
The long road Mary Minton 1995
The long weekend Julie Ellis 2009
The long weekend Julie Ellis 2010
The longest dance Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 2000
The longest journey Betty McInnes 2010
The longest road Pamela Oldfield 2008
The lost and the blind Declan Burke 2014
The love gift Judith Saxton 1999
The love that God forgot Alexander Cordell 1995
The love thing Burt Hirschfeld 1988
The loves of Harry D. Lawrence Sanders 1987
The low road Reginald Hill 1998
The Luzern photograph William Bayer 2015
The MacKinnons W. A. Harbinson 1977
The mad woman in the attic Jim Mortimore 1996
The Magdalen Marita Conlon-McKenna 2002
The magic line : a Sarah Burke mystery Elizabeth Gunn 2012
The magic line Elizabeth Gunn 2012
The magic of love Barbara Cartland 1983
The Magic pony Patricia Leitch 1986
The magistrates of hell Barbara Hambly 2012
The maiden bell John Pilkington 2005
The making of an African legend : the Biafra story Frederick Forsyth 1983
The man next door Emanuel Litvinoff 1985
The man who came back Harriet Hudson 2010
The man who heard too much Bill Granger 1993
The man who used the universe Alan Dean Foster 1987
The Manchester connection Angus Ross 1984
The manitou Graham Masterton 1988
The mapmaker's daughter John Pilkington 2004
The marathon photograph and other stories Clifford D. Simak 1986
The marrying kind Elizabeth Cadell 1995
The Mary Celeste Brian Freemantle 1999
The mask of the raven Eric Wilson 1986
The Master of Blacktower Barbara Michaels 1986
The master of Phoenix Hall Jennifer Wilde 1990
The masters Christopher Nicole 1995
The Masuda affair I. J. Parker 2010
The Melbourne virus Peter Leslie 1992
The Melody Girls Anne Douglas 2010
The memory of trees Francis Cottam 2013
The men of Dallas Burt Hirschfeld 1982
The merry mistress Judith Saxton 2003
The merry mistress Judith Saxton 2004
The merry month of May Elvi Rhodes 1997
The midnight man Simon Clark 2008
The midsummer crown Kate Sedley 2011
The midsummer rose Kate Sedley 2004
The midsummer rose Kate Sedley 2005
The midsummer rose Kate Sedley 2013
The mill cottage Barbara Whitnell 1998
The mills of God Deryn Lake 2010
The miser of Cherry Hill Scott MacKay 2011
The missing diamond murder Diane Janes 2019
The mixture as before Rosie Harris 2015
The moderns Daoma Winston 1988
The money burn Tony Foster 1989
The money makers Harry Bingham 2001
The monster club R. Chetwynd-Hayes 1992
The moonlit door Deryn Lake 2014
The moonlit door Deryn Lake 2015
The morning after : a novel Eileen Lottman 1987
The mouth of the crocodile Michael Pearce 2014
The mouth of the crocodile Michael Pearce 2015
The mugger Ed McBain 1991
The murder book Jane Adams 2016
The Murder House Simon Beaufort 2013
The murderers W. E. B. Griffin 1998
The Muscovy Chain John Pilkington 2007
The mystery lady Anna Clarke 1988
The namedropper Brian Freemantle 2007
The nature of love H. E. Bates 1981
The networks Ted Allbeury 2002
The New York connection Robin Moore 1979
The Newel Post Cicely Louise Evans 1985
The next room Sarah Harrison 2005
The next room Sarah Harrison 2006
The night church Whitley Strieber 1986
The night flower Max Brand 1988
The night hunter Caro Ramsay 2014
The night is ours Anne Hampson 2005
The night of the party Iris Bromige 1987
The night of the scorpion John Winton 1994
The night visitor Patricia Matthews 1988
The Night Wanderer Alys Clare 2016
The night wind Mabel Esther Allan 1982
The nightmare clowns William Vivian Butler 1985
The nightmare file Jack Livingstone 1987
The ninth life Clea Simon 2015
The ninth nightmare Graham Masterton 2011
The no-good pony Josephine Pullein-Thompson 1982
The noble outlaw Bernard Knight 2015
The nodding canaries Gladys Mitchell 1987
The Normandie affair Elizabeth Villars 1987
The Normandie mission Duncan Harding 2000
The nothing job Nick Oldham 2009
The old trade of killing John Harris 1982
The olive grove Evelyn Hood 1998
The open door Beryl Matthews 2004
The orchid tree Virginia Coffman 1985
The order of the star Evelyn Hart 1997
The original Miss Honeyford Marion Chesney 1988
The other side of Eden Julian Jay Savarin 2006
The other side of Eden Julian Jay Savarin 2011
The outlandish knight Richard Adams 2000
The outlaw hearts Rebecca Brandewyne 1993
The outlaws W. E. B. Griffin 2010
The outpost Gerald Hammond 2004
The outpost Gerald Hammond 2005
The overlooker Fay Sampson 2012
The pain of winning David Fraser 1994
The painted man Graham Masterton 2008
The palace garden Katharine Gordon 2000
The paradise job Sally Spencer 1999
The Parfit knight Anna Marsh 1986
The passing of the day Elizabeth Ann Hill 2003
The passing of the day Elizabeth Ann Hill 2004
The passion and the glory Christopher Nicole 1989
The pathfinder Margaret Mayhew 2002
The paths of the air Alys Clare 2008
The pay-off Vivien Armstrong 2005
The pay-off Vivien Armstrong 2006
The peacock fan Katharine Gordon 1996
The peacock rider Katharine Gordon 1994
The Penningtons Pamela Oldfield 2010
The Penrose treasure Janet Tanner 2005
The phoenix Caroline Gray 1998
The piper Campbell Black 1992
The piper Lynn S. Hightower 2013
The players Gary Brandner 1997
The Plekhanov original Jon Burmeister 1989
The plumed serpent Evelyn Anthony 1997
The plunderers Franklin Coen 1981
The point of death Peter Tonkin 2001
The poisoned chalice Bernard Knight 2003
The pony seekers Diana Pullein-Thompson 1981
The poppy field Christine Marion Fraser 1997
The power of one : a Rina Martin mystery Jane Adams 2011
The power of one Jane Adams 2009
The power and the passion Christopher Nicole 1983
The power and the prince Barbara Cartland 1982
The preacher's son Elizabeth Gill 2005
The presidential affair Clive Egleton 2006
The pretty pink shroud Elizabeth Ferrars 1992
The price Peter Ransley 1985
The price of innocence Lisa Black 2013
The price of liberty Keir Graff 2010
The price of silence : an Anthony Brooke espionage thriller Dolores Gordon-Smith 2017
The pride of lions Marsha Canham 1990
The primrose switchback Jo Bannister 1999
The primrose switchback Jo Bannister 2001
The prince of Berlin Dan Sherman 1985
The princess bride : S. Morgenstern's classic tale of true love and high adventure : the 'good parts' version William Goldman 1988
The princess passes Ruby M. Ayres 1983
The Princess Royal Virginia Coffman 1994
The principals Bill James 2016
The prison ship Peter Tonkin 2010
The private wing Claire Rayner 1996
The privateersman Richard Woodman 2000
The privateersman Richard Woodman 2001
The prize pony Josephine Pullein-Thompson 1983
The prodigal son Kate Sedley 2006
The professional gentleman Robert Tyler Stevens 1988
The professional killers J. T. Edson 1988
The promised land Caroline Gray 1997
The pursuit Christopher Nicole 2002
The QE2 is missing Harry Harrison 1981
The quality Amy Hollins 1986
The Queen and the courtesan Freda Lightfoot 2011
The queen of Paris Christopher Nicole 1982
The queen's diamond Juliet Dymoke 1985
The queen's secret : a novel Charles Templeton 1988
The Queensland file Julian Jay Savarin 1999
The quest Christopher Nicole 2000
The quest Christopher Nicole 2002
The quest for Bowie's blade J. T. Edson 1982
The quick brown fox Susan Kelly 1999
The quick and the dead Judy Gardiner 1981
The quiet wards : a novel Lucilla Andrews 1987
The Radley curse Aileen Armitage 1998
The ragged, rugged warriors Martin Caidin 1980
The raging hearts Patricia Hagan 1990
The ramage hawk John Pilkington 2004
The raven and the rose Susan Wiggs 1992
The reasons for marriage Stephanie Laurens 2010
The rebel bride Catherine Coulter 2002
The reckless Miss Grainger Margaret Pemberton 2002
The reckoning Claire Lorrimer 1998
The red dress Sarah Harrison 2006
The red dress Sarah Harrison 2007
The red gods Christopher Nicole 1996
The red herring : a Chief Inspector Woodend novel Sally Spencer 2002
The Red Hotel Graham Masterton 2012
The red tide Christopher Nicole 1995
The reich flies the flag Leo Kessler 2005
The reluctant constable Sara Fraser 2007
The reluctant sinner June Tate 2009
The reluctant spy James Melville 1995
The renegades Clive Egleton 2005
The rescue Nicholas Sparks 2002
The restless bones, and other true mysteries Peter Haining 1985
The resurrection men Sara Fraser 2008
The reunion Claire Lorrimer 1997
The reunion Helen Cannam 2003
The reunion Janet Tanner 2007
The rice dragon Elizabeth Darrell 2001
The richest girl in the world Virginia Coffman 1988
The riddle of the frozen fountain Carolyn Keene 1982
The rider of Lost Creek Louis L'Amour 1983
The right Jack : a Sigrid Harald mystery Margaret Maron 2006
The ring of death Sally Spencer 2010
The rising sun Robert Jackson 1999
The road home Charlotte Hardy 2009
The road to Huntingland Mabel Esther Allan 1986
The rose arch Linda Sole 2001
The rose in winter Sarah Harrison 2017
The rose of the world Alys Clare 2011
The Roswell legacy Frances Patton Statham 1990
The saboteurs W. E. B. Griffin 2006
The Saint bids diamonds Leslie Charteris 1980
The Salton killings Sally Spencer 2016
The Salton killings Sally Spencer 1998
The sanctuary seeker Bernard Knight 2003
The sandwich girl Grace Thompson 2001
The sandwich girl Grace Thompson 2002
The Santa Ana wind Helen Van Slyke 1982
The Santa Ana wind Helen Van Slyke 1990
The savage sands Christopher Nicole 1983
The savage shore Cynthia Roberts 1993
The scarlet generation Christopher Nicole 1996
The scent of death Betty Rowlands 2014
The scent of death Betty Rowlands 2015
The scent of fear Patricia Matthews 1992
The schoolmaster's daughter Dorothy Eden 1992
The Scott-Dunlap ring George La Fountaine 1980
The Screaming Eagles Leo Kessler 2001
The sea & the sand Christopher Nicole 1986
The sea wife Laird Koenig 1987
The seamstress Aileen Armitage 1999
The search : a novel Robert Mayer 1987
The search Christopher Nicole 2001
The search for love Claire Lorrimer 2000
The secret armour Lucilla Andrews 1996
The secret Elizabeth Gill 2007
The secret of Quarry House Claire Lorrimer 1994
The secret of the silver dolphin Carolyn Keene 1983
The secret of Spandau Peter Lovesey 2000
The secret of Spandau Peter Lovesey 2001
The secret of Spandau Peter Lovesey 2016
The seeds of power Christopher Nicole 1994
The seeds of sin Anne Herries 2006
The self-made woman Wendy Robertson 1999
The send-off Elisabeth McNeill 2000
The send-off Elisabeth McNeill 2001
The session Judith Kelman 2006
The seven razors of Ockam Roger Ormerod 1997
The seventh link Margaret Mayhew 2014
The seventh sinner Elizabeth Peters 1985
The seventh sinner Elizabeth Peters 1991
The shadow of death Caroline Gray 1989
The shadow falls Claire Lorrimer 1995
The shadow falls Michael Shea 1999
The shadow riders Louis L'Amour 1984
The shattered chain : a Darkover novel Marion Zimmer Bradley 1985
The sheriff of Rockabye County J. T. Edson 1988
The ship breakers Peter Tonkin 2007
The ship with no name Christopher Nicole 1987
The shirt on his back Barbara Hambly 2011
The shivering turn Sally Spencer 2016
The shooters W. E. B. Griffin 2008
The shooting in the shop Simon Brett 2020
The shuffle Terence Kelly 2000
The sign of the gallows Susanna Calkins 2021
The silence : a Viennese mystery J. Sydney Jones 2011
The silence Sarah Rayne 2013
The silence of stones Jeri Westerson 2015
The silent land Sally Spencer 2016
The silent land Sally Spencer 1996
The silent shore Rosemary Aitken 2001
The silent shore Rosemary Aitken 2002
The silent Vulcan James Follett 2001
The silent woman Peter Tonkin 2003
The silk king Mary Wells 1987
The silken thread Judith Saxton 1999
The silver city Pamela Belle 1994
The silver lining Tessa Barclay 2003
The sin eater Sarah Rayne 2012
The sins of the children James Brownley 2008
The sirens of autumn Tom Barling 1984
The sixth man and other stories Bill James 2006
The Skorzeny project Clive Egleton 1998
The sleeper Clive Egleton 2005
The sleeping bride Dorothy Eden 1995
The sleeping and the dead Ann Quinton 1994
The small black knife Pamela Hill 1998
The smoke Tom Barling 1986
The snake stone Margaret James 1993
The snatch Gerald Hammond 2003
The society Michael Palmer 2006
The Somers treatment Gillian Bradshaw 2003
The Somers treatment Gillian Bradshaw 2006
The son of heaven Philip Boast 2007
The sorcerers Daoma Winston 1988
The sound of murder Patricia Matthews 1994
The sower went forth Audrey Willsher 1999
The Spandau wager Marc Hammond 1981
The Spanish boy Juliet Dymoke 1987
The Spanish rose Shirlee Busbee 1992
The spirit of the family Josephine Boyle 1999
The spirit of liberty Ted Allbeury 2007
The spoils of Eden Robert H. Fowler 1987
The spying machines William Vivian Butler 1986
The spymasters W. E. B. Griffin 2012
The stabbing the in the stables Simon Brett 2020
The stainless steel rat for president Harry Harrison 1983
The stainless steel rat's revenge Harry Harrison 1993
The stainless steel rat saves the world Harry Harrison 1993
The stairway Ursula Cur.tiss 1987
The Star of Babylon Barbara Wood 2005
The stationmaster's daughter Harriet Hudson 2005
The stonecutter's daughter Janet Woods 2005
The stork club Iris Rainer Dart 1993
The storm Elisabeth McNeill 2006
The storm knight Frederick E. Smith 1983
The storm and splendor Jennifer Blake 1994
The storms of fate Cynthia S. Roberts 1992
The strange return of Sherlock Holmes Barry Grant 2010
The stranger at the gate Josephine Edgar 1995
The stranger on the beach Anne Melville 1989
The Stratton story Elizabeth Cadell 1985
The streets of town John Gardner 2003
The strident whisper Mary Minton 1996
The String family at home Patricia Cleveland-Peck 1986
The striver Stephen Solomita 2014
The strong heart Denise Robins 1983
The suffocating sea Pauline Rowson 2008
The suitcase killings Miles Tripp 1997
The summer fields Frances Paige 2001
The summer riders Patricia Leitch 1980
The summer season Sheila Newberry 2000
The summoning Francis Cottam 2014
The sun climbs slowly Matthew Holden 1981
The sun and the dragon Christopher Nicole 1986
The sun on fire Christopher Nicole 1987
The sun rises Christopher Nicole 1985
The 'Sunday Times' guide to movies on television Angela Allan 1980
The sunset gun George Bartram 1988
The sunset warrior Eric Lustbader 1990
The surgeon's apprentice Sara Fraser 2001
The surgeon's apprentice Sara Fraser 2002
The sweet cheat gone Alanna Knight 1992
The sweet red earth Rowena Summers 1987
The Sweetman curve Graham Masterton 1990
The swimming pool Frances Paige 1999
The sword and the jungle Alan Savage 1996
The sword and the prison Alan Savage 1997
The sword and the scalpel Alan Savage 1996
The tailor's daughter Maggie Bennett 2006
The takers William G. Flanagan 1986
The talisman Jonathan Aycliffe 2001
The taming of Lady Lorinda Barbara Cartland 1984
The tangled web Grace Thompson 2000
The tangled wood Iris Bromiqe 1990
The target Sara Fraser 1998
The taste of Wormwood Keith McCarthy 2012
The tears of angels Caro Ramsay 2015
The templar treasure Katherine Kurtz 1994
The ten-mile trials Elizabeth Gunn 2009
The ten-mile trials Elizabeth Gunn 2011
The terminal connection Robin Moore 1978
The terror alliance Jack D. Hunter 1981
The terror Graham Masterton 1998
The Theseus Code Marc Hammond 1981
The thing itself Peter Guttridge 2012
The third pinnacle Bob Langley 1998
The third place J. Sydney Jones 2015
The third princess Philip Boast 2005
The thirteenth child Elizabeth Jeffrey 2009
The three kings of Cologne Kate Sedley 2007
The thriving thorn Jeanne Whitmee 2000
The ties that bind Jayne Ann Krentz 2014
The ties that bind Linda Sole 1999
The ties that bind Linda Sole 2001
The tiger Alan Savage 2000
The tin can tree Anne Tyler 1984
The tinderbox Jo Bannister 2006
The Tintern treasure Kate Sedley 2012
The titans Christopher Nicole 1992
The Tobruk rescue Duncan Harding 1995
The Torquemada principle Jerrold Morgulas 1988
The torrent Caroline Gray 1999
The towman's daughters : a Wild Onion Ltd mystery David J. Walker 2011
The trade Christopher Nicole 1997
The traffickers W. E. B. Griffin 2009
The traitor within Alan Savage 1999
The transitive vampire : a handbook of grammar for the innocent, the eager and the doomed Karen Elizabeth Gordon 1985
The trapdoor Andrew Klavan 1998
The Tregenza girls Rosemary Aitken 2006
The trench Max Marlow 1998
The trooper's wife Sara Fraser 2004
The trophy exchange Diane Fanning 2008
The true bride Thomas Altman 1986
The truth game Janet Tanner 2008
The Tudor sisters Aileen Armitage 2005
The Tudor sisters Aileen Armitage 2006
The turbulent years Margaret Pemberton 2005
The turning of the tide Reginald Hill 1999
The twelve apostles Anthea Fraser 1999
The twisted cord Rita Bradshaw 1998
The two sisters H. E. Bates 1992
The tycoon Mary Wells 1988
The unburied past Anthea Fraser 2013
The uncertain years Beryl Matthews 2010
The unchanging heart Maggie Bennett 2007
The understudy Margaret Tabor 1983
The unkindest cut Gerald Hammond 2012
The unknown quantity Ethel M. Dell 1984
The unlit fire Denise Robins 1982
The unloved John Saul 1989
The unquiet Patricia Matthews 1991
The unsettled account : an autobiography Eugenia Huntingdon 1986
The untouchables : a novel Marvin H. Albert 1988
The vampire curse : a novel Daoma Winston 1993
The vampire terror : and other true mysteries Peter Haining 1984
The vampyre of Moura Virginia Coffman 1997
The vanishing point M. R. D. Meek 2002
The Vatican target Barry Schiff 1982
The veils of Venice : an Urbino Macintyre mystery Edward Sklepowich 2009
The verdict on winter Eileen Dewhurst 1996
The vestal vanishes : a Libertus Roman mystery Rosemary Rowe 2011
The vestal vanishes Rosemary Rowe 2011
The victim W. E. B. Griffin 1997
The victim in Victoria Station Jeanne M. Dams 2013
The vigilantes W. E. B. Griffin 2010
The violins of autumn Margaret Pemberton 2006
The vital minute Roger Ormerod 1996
The Vivian inheritance Jean Stubbs 1995
The voice from nowhere William Vivian Butler 1985
The vortex Alan Savage 2009
The voyage Christopher Nicole 2003
The voyage Christopher Nicole 2005
The wages of sin J. M. Gregson 2004
The wages of sin Sarah Cox 2009
The waiting days Penelope Hicks 2000
The waiting game Jayne Ann Krentz 2011
The wandering widows Elizabeth Ferrars 1986
The wanting Campbell Black 1993
The warden's daughters Anne Douglas 2011
The warrior king Brenda Clarke 1998
The watchman Adrian Magson 2014
The watchmen Brian Freemantle 2002
The water's edge Nicola Thorne 2002
The way between the worlds Alys Clare 2011
The way you die tonight : a 'Rat Pack' mystery Robert J. Randisi 2013
The Weston women Grace Thompson 1996
The whirlwind Alan Savage 2007
The whispering Sarah Rayne 2014
The White House murder Elliott Roosevelt 1995
The white mandarin Dan Sherman 1984
The white shepherd Annie Dalton 2015
The Wickenham murders Amy Myers 2004
The Wickenham murders Amy Myers 2005
The widening gyre Robert B. Parker 1991
The wild cry of love Barbara Cartland 1982
The wild, unwilling wife Barbara Cartland 1981
The Windchime legacy A. W. Mykel 1981
The winds of Darkover Marion Zimmer Bradley 1996
The Windsor protocol Peter MacAlan 1993
The windy hill Harriet Hudson 2004
The wine-dark opal Virginia Coffman 1997
The winter house Judith Lennox 1999
The winter king Alys Clare 2013
The Winyard fortune Judith Saxton 1998
The wishing well Anna Jacobs 2005
The witch maker Sally Spencer 2005
The witch maker Sally Spencer 2004
The witch mark J. Alexandra Connor 1986
The witch's omen Carolyn Keene 1984
The witness W. E. B. Griffin 1997
The wizard's daughter Barbara Michaels 1996
The wolf within Pamela Belle 1995
The woman in Berlin Robert Tyler Stevens 1986
The woman from Kerry Anne Doughty 2003
The woman who went away Firth Haring 1985
The women of Dallas : a novel Burt Hirschfeld 1981
The women of the Souk Michael Pearce 2016
The workbox Valerie Maskell 1995
The workhouse doctor Sara Fraser 2001
The worsted viper Gladys Mitchell 1980
The Wotan mission Leo Kessler 1996
The would-be widow Mary Jo Putney 1992
The wounded thorn Fay Sampson 2015
The woven thread Claire Lorrimer 1997
The wrong kind of money Stephen Birmingham 1998
The wrong reflection Gillian Bradshaw 2000
The wrong road Vivien Armstrong 1997
The wrong side of happiness Tania Anne Crosse 2011
The years between Margaret Bacon 2003
The years between Margaret Bacon 2004
The years to come Janet Tanner 2009
The young doctors downstairs Lucilla Andrews 1983
The zero factor William Oscar Johnson 1980
The zero option Peter Tonkin 1997
Theft on Thursday Ann Purser 2004
Theft on Thursday Ann Purser 2005
Their guilty pleasures June Tate 2011
There are no spies Bill Granger 1992
There's a word for it Howard Rheingold 1988
There's something about St Tropez Elizabeth Adler 2009
These foolish things Imogen Parker 1999
Thicker than water Anthea Fraser 2009
Thicker than water Dylan Jones 1997
Thicker than water Sally Spencer 2015
Think wolf Michael Gregorio 2016
This Calder range Janet Dailey 1997
This Calder sky Janet Dailey 1999
This girl Rowena Summers 2004
This girl Rowena Summers 2005
This mortal coil Ann Quinton 1998
This outward angel Alanna Knight 1993
This side of heaven Emma Blair 1985
This towering passion. Vol. 2, The mistress Valerie Sherwood 1991
This wicked generation Caroline Bridgwood 1989
Thomas J. Alexandra Connor 1987
Thomas Winsden's cricketing almanack : 136th edition Vernon Coleman 1983
Those in peril Fay Sampson 2010
Those in peril Margaret Mayhew 2006
Those who feel nothing Peter Guttridge 2014
Those whom the gods love Clare Layton 2001
Threats and promises Barbara Delinsky 2012
Three monkeys Marianne Macdonald 2005
Three quick and five dead Gladys Mitchell 1989
Three shot burst Phillip DePoy 2016
Three silent things Margaret Mayhew 2008
Through my eyes Barbara Delinsky 2015
Through the wall Patricia Wentworth 1986
Thunder Bay Peter Tonkin 2001
Thunder at dawn Alan Evans 1995
Tides of love Patricia Matthews 1982
Ties of affection Tessa Barclay 2008
Tiger's eye Virginia Coffman 1998
Til death do us part Sara Fraser 2013
Time bandits Charles E. Alverson 1981
Time remembered Louise Brindley 2001
Time to kill Brian Freemantle 2006
Time to kill Brian Freemantle 2007
Times of triumph Charlotte Vale Allen 1987
Tip top David Craig 2005
Titan 10 Peter Tonkin 2004
Titanic affair Amanda Grange 2004
To all eternity Christopher Nicole 1999
To all eternity Christopher Nicole 2001
To cast a stone Elizabeth Lord 2007
To catch and conquer Aileen Armitage 2001
To die for Tessa Barclay 2007
To dream of snow Rosalind Laker 2004
To dream of snow Rosalind Laker 2005
To Europe with love John Chaloner 1984
To kill a wife J. M. Gregson 1999
To the last drop Sandra Balzo 2016
To love and honour Jean Saunders 1992
To the manor born Peter Spence 1981
To my own desire Harriet Hudson 2000
To save a son Brian Freemantle 2006
To taste the wine Fern Michaels 1990
To the vanishing point Alan Dean Foster 1990
Tom Clancy's net force Tom Clancy 2000
Tomorrow is another day Stuart M. Kaminsky 1996
Tomorrow's garden Harriet Hudson 2002
Tomorrow's garden Harriet Hudson 2005
Tomorrow's miracle Frank G. Slaughter 1983
Tomorrow's path Anna Jacobs 2015
Tomorrow's vengeance Marcia Dutton Talley 2014
Tomorrow and tomorrow Ed McBain 1980
Too close for comfort Elizabeth Villars 1997
Too many clients : a wild onion, ltd mystery David J. Walker 2010
Too many ponies for Pippa Judith M. Berrisford 1984
Too many yesterdays Sara Hylton 2009
Too much of water J. M. Gregson 2005
Tooth and claw Graham Masterton 1997
Top flyte L. Metcalfe 1987
Total commitment Elizabeth Waite 2008
Touch me not Betty Rowlands 2001
Touch the silence Gloria Cook 2003
Touch of terror Patricia Matthews 1995
Touching the dark Jane Adams 2003
Touchy and feely Graham Masterton 2006
Toward what bright glory? Allen Drury 1990
Town on trial William Harrington 1995
Tracers : a Harry Tate novel Adrian Magson 2011
Tracers Adrian Magson 2011
Tragedy at two Ann Purser 2009
Trail of love Taria Hayford 1983
Trainer John Pennington 1992
Trance Richard Kessler 1993
Trap line Carl Hiaasen 1993
Trapp's secret war Brian Callison 2008
Travelling girl Sally Stewart 2002
Treason in the secret city Diane Fanning 2016
Treasure trove Peter Turnbull 2003
Treasure trove Peter Turnbull 2005
Trial by fury J. A. Jance 2000
Trial love Elizabeth Tettmar 1997
Tribe of the dead Gary Brandner 1989
Trio Cath Staincliffe 2002
Triple shot Sandra Balzo 2011
Trivia choice Maureen Hiron 1985
Tropical connections Susie Vereker 2009
Tropical connections Susie Vereker 2010
Trotsky's run Richard Hoyt 1987
Trouble brewing : a Jack Haldean mystery Dolores Gordon-Smith 2012
Trouble in the town hall : a Dorothy Martin mystery Jeanne M. Dams 2013
Troubled waters Claire Lorrimer 2004
Troubled waters Claire Lorrimer 2005
True colours Jayne Ann Krentz 2013
True grey Clea Simon 2012
True love Herbert Gold 1984
Trust me Claire Lorrimer 2015
Truth to tell Claire Lorrimer 2008
Truth will out Pamela Oldfield 2009
Truth will out Pamela Oldfield 2011
Tucker's Inn Janet Tanner 2003
Tucker's Inn Janet Tanner 2004
Tucker's last stand William F. Buckley 1991
Turn back time Elisabeth McNeill 1998
Turn and die Stella Whitelaw 2007
Turn left at Doheny J. F. Freedman 2014
Turn loose the dragons George C. Chesbro 1983
Turn of the tide Elisabeth McNeill 2006
Turning leaves Pamela Oldfield 2004
Turning leaves Pamela Oldfield 2006
Turning point Peter Turnbull 2008
Twelve across Barbara Delinsky 2013
Twilight of a goddess Christopher Nicole 2010
Twisted reason Diane Fanning 2010
Two bronze pennies Chris Nickson 2015
Two flags for France Juliet Dymoke 1986
Two strangers Beryl Matthews 2014
Two women Brian Freemantle 2003
Two women Brian Freemantle 2004
Typhoon strike Julian Jay Savarin 1996
U700 James Follett 1991
Ullin Macbeth Christine Marion Fraser 1996
Under fire W. E. B. Griffin 2002
Under the knife Tess Gerritsen 2014
Undercover princess Suzanne Brockmann 2014
Undercurrent Pauline Rowson 2013
Undying love Margaret Pemberton 1999
Unfinished portrait Anthea Fraser 2010
Unforgettable Elisabeth McNeill 2001
Unforgettable Gloria Cook 2011
Unforgettable days Margaret Pemberton 2005
Unforgiving Nick Oldham 2015
Union Jack Val McDermid 1996
Unknown fears John Gardner 2004
Unlawful entry Jo Bannister 1998
Unlocking the past Grace Thompson 1997
Unnatural wastage Betty Rowlands 2012
Unsafe hands Jane Aiken Hodge 1997
Unsafe harbor Jessica Speart 2006
Unspeakable Graham Masterton 2007
Unsung heroes Elizabeth Darrell 2001
Untamed Elizabeth Lowell 2006
Unwise promises Grace Thompson 2002
Unyielding fire Vivian Lord 1985
Up in flames Geraldine Evans 2003
Up in flames Geraldine Evans 2005
Up to Mametz Llewelyn Wyn Griffith 1981
Up the Victorian staircase : a London mystery Mabel Esther Allan 1987
Upon a moon-dark moor Rebecca Brandewyne 1989
Vain hope Christine Green 2002
Vain hope Christine Green 2004
Valentina Fern Michaels 1998
Valley of fire Janelle Taylor 1993
Vanished Julie Ellis 1994
Vanishing ladies Ed McBain 1983
Variation on a theme Barbara Delinsky 2000
Veil of death Stella Whitelaw 2004
Veiled destiny Marina Oliver 1997
Velvet dawn Rowena Summers 1991
Velvet song Jude Deveraux 1984
Vendetta Fern Michaels 2005
Vendetta Castle Julie Ellis 1993
Vengeance child Simon Clark 2009
Vengeance of Orion Ben Bova 1988
Verdict of the court Cora Harrison 2014
Very important corpses Simon R. Green 2016
Vet behind the ears Christopher Timothy 1981
Vet on call Joyce Stranger 1982
Vet riding high Joyce Stranger 1983
Victory and honor W. E. B. Griffin 2011
View from a balcony Louise Brindley 2000
Villa D'Este Margaret Pemberton 1995
Villa Fontaine Julie Ellis 1999
Village sins Anne Worboys 1994
Villiger Julian Jay Savarin 2000
Vision of death Patricia Matthews 1993
Visions of terror William Katz 1982
Vixen in velvet Fern Michaels 2000
Voices of a summer day Irwin Shaw 1982
Voices in the house Pearl S. Buck 1983
Voices in summer Rosamunde Pilcher 1985
Voices in the wardrobe Marlys Millhiser 2005
Volcano Roads Peter Tonkin 2009
Vows Johanna Kingsley 2004
Voyagers Ben Bova 1987
Voyagers II : the alien within Ben Bova 1987
Vultures at twilight Charles Atkins 2012
Wade Jennifer Blake 2014
Wait for me Phantom Horse Christine Pullein-Thompson 1985
Wait till summer Grace Thompson 2000
Wait till summer Grace Thompson 2001
Waiting for Katie Elizabeth Webster 1996
Waiting for yesterday Grace Thompson 2001
Waking partners Gerald Hammond 2007
Walk into darkness Julie Ellis 1993
Walking in the garden Gillian Nelson 1994
Walking with ghosts J. G. Goodhind 2008
Wallflower Ruby M. Ayres 1982
Wanted! Belle Starr J. T. Edson 1986
Wanton angel Linda Lael Miller 1988
War clouds Jim Miller 1990
Warde Fowler's countryside : impressions of a Victorian naturalist Warde Fowler 1985
Wargames David Bischoff 1984
Warning at one Ann Purser 2008
Warrior caste James Albany 1982
Warrior's woman Johanna Lindsey 2004
Wars and winters Alfred Coppel 1994
Watches of the night Sally S. Wright 2008
Watching seashore life Andrew Cleave 1984
Water in the desert Elizabeth Daish 2002
Waterloo sunset Judith Saxton 1998
Wave and die Stella Whitelaw 2001
Wave and die Stella Whitelaw 2002
Wayward lady Nan Ryan 1988
We can build you Philip K. Dick 1988
We'll meet again Rosemary Anne Sisson 2003
Wedge goes to Arizona J. T. Edson 1997
Weekend warriors Fern Michaels 2003
Weekend woman Ruby M. Ayres 1985
Weeping on Wednesday Ann Purser 2003
Well and good Gerald Hammond 2009
West country doctor Kenneth Lane 1984
Weyman's brew Margery Forester 1987
What can I do? Vanessa Miles 1984
What's new in space? Patrick Moore 1983
Whatever happened to Molly Bloom? Jessica Stirling 2014
Wheel of fate Kate Sedley 2010
Wheelworld Harry Harrison 1988
When the bough breaks Connie Monk 2011
When day is done Elizabeth Gill 2003
When doctors marry Elizabeth Seifert 1987
When the heather blooms Gwen Kirkwood 2008
When love awaits Johanna Lindsey 1991
When somebody kills you Robert J. Randisi 2015
When the summer people have gone Julie Ellis 1998
When tomorrow comes Julie Ellis 2003
When the wind blows John Saul 1983
Where curlews cry Elizabeth Gill 2004
Where death delights : a forensic mystery of the nineteen-fifties Bernard Knight 2010
Where the evil dwells Clifford D. Simak 1984
Where have all the birdies gone? Aaron J. Elkins 2004
Where heaven begins Rosanne Bittner 2011
Where is the baby? Charlotte Vale Allen 2012
Where is Crystal Martin? C. K. Cambray 1988
Where no man cries Emma Blair 1986
Where the river rises Max Marlow 1994
Where shadows walk Angela O'Neill 1998
Where the wild thyme blows Jeannie Johnson 2007
Wherever Lynn goes Jennifer Wilde 1994
While angels sleep Judith Kelman 1995
Whiplash Graham Ison 2004
Whirlwind Eileen Stafford 1997
Whisper my name Fern Michaels 2010
Whisper to me of love Shirlee Busbee 1992
Whispers of the heart Jillian Fayre 1983
Whispers in the wind : a Regency romance Janet Woods 2016
Whispers in the wind Janet Woods 2017
Whispers in the wind Mary Ryan 1995
Whistleblower Tess Gerritsen 2015
Whitby vampyrrhic Simon Clark 2009
White rivers Rowena Summers 1999
Whitney, my love Judith McNaught 1988
Who saw him die? J. M. Gregson 1994
Who was Sylvia? Judy Gardiner 1982
Wicca James Follett 2000
Wicked words J. G. Goodhind 2010
Widow's pique Marilyn Todd 2004
Widows Lynda La Plante 1983
Wielding a red sword Piers Anthony 1987
Wild in the country Jane Butterworth 1986
Wild Honey Fern Michaels 1984
Wild is the day Christine Marion Fraser 1996
Wild justice J. M. Gregson 2009
Wild star Catherine Coulter 1994
Will : the autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy G. Gordon Liddy 1981
Willerby Manor Aileen Armitage 2002
Willow harvest Rowena Summers 1984
Wilson's choice Giles Tippette 1983
Wilson's luck Giles Tippette 1993
Wilson's revenge Giles Tippette 1983
Wilson's woman Giles Tippette 1993
Wind of destiny Christopher Nicole 1988
Winds of change Anna Jacobs 2012
Winds of change Diana Bachmann 1998
Windswept Patricia Twomey Ryan 2014
Wine and roses Freda Lightfoot 1998
Winged love Denise Robins 1982
Winged victory Barbara Cartland 1984
Wings of the Falcon Barbara Michaels 1995
Winners and losers Linda Sole 2009
Winning a wife Annie Wilkinson 2005
Winter break Merry Bloch Jones 2012
Winter and the general Julian Jay Savarin 2003
Winter roses Harriet Hudson 1999
Winter wine Elizabeth Lord 2001
Winter wine Elizabeth Lord 2002
Wipe out : a collection of short stories (1987-96) Gary Morecambe 1998
Wipe-out Denis Cleary 1981
Wired Harry Hellerstein 1982
Witch hill Marion Zimmer Bradley 1992
Witch's sabbath J. M. Gregson 2006
Witchcraft Jayne Ann Krentz 2010
With a passion put to use Keith McCarthy 2008
With Hemingway : a year in Key West and Cuba Arnold Samuelson 1985
With my little eye Gerald Hammond 2011
With this ring Jean Saunders 1993
Without a grave Marcia Dutton Talley 2009
Without reproach Janet Woods 2008
Woman of a thousand secrets Barbara Wood 2008
Wordplay Gyles Daubeney Brandreth 1982
Wordplay Gyles Daubeney Brandreth 1985
Workhouse lass Una Horne 2008
Working girl Graham Ison 2002
World enough Clea Simon 2017
World War Two will not take place Bill James 2011
Worlds apart Valerie Maskell 1998
Worm in the bud Judith Cook 2003
Worm in the bud Judith Cook 2005
Wound for wound Janie Bolitho 1995
Writ in stone Cora Harrison 2009
Writers in Romney Marsh Iain Finlayson 1986
Written out : a Kavanagh and Salt mystery David Armstrong 2009
Written in red Annie Dalton 2016
Wrong man running Alan Hruska 2011
Wrong turn Diane Fanning 2012
Year of the gun Michael Mewshaw 1985
Yesterday's child Barbara Wood 1996
Yesterday's news Margaret Allan 2002
Yorkshire Rose Margaret Pemberton 1996
You can be a ballet dancer Barbara Newman 1984
You can be a gymnast Avril Lennox 1983
You can play cricket Ted Dexter 1982
You can play the guitar Dan Morgan 1984
You can play soccer Gordon Banks 1982
You can swim David Haller 1983
You can write a romance! : and get it published! Yvonne MacManus 1984
You'll be all right Kenneth Bulmer 1983
You make me feel so dead Robert J. Randisi 2013
Young Ole Devil J. T. Edson 1981
Young passions Lee Mackenzie 1985
Young Sherlock Holmes Alan Arnold 1986
Zone Jack Lance 2015