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Key facts:
  • Country Long: Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Currency: Vietnamese dong
  • Capital City: Hanoi
  • Region: South-Eastern Asia
  • Continent: Asia
  • Demonym: Vietnamese
  • Latitude: 16°16′N
  • Longitude: 107°83′E
  • Agricultural Land: 123,600.00
  • Forest Area: 146,431.00 m²
  • Land Area: 313,429.00 m²
  • Rural Land: 297,627.00
  • Urban Land: 28,615.40
  • Gdp: 408,802,000,000.00
  • Inflation: 3.16
  • Self Employed Pct: 53.66%
  • Unemployment Pct: 1.92%
  • Vulnerable Employment Pct: 51.68%
  • Electricity Access Pct: 100.00%
  • Alternative Nuclear Energy Pct: 6.94%
  • Electricty Production Coal Pct: 29.57%
  • Electricty Production Hydroelectric Pct: 36.61%
  • Electricty Production Gas Pct: 33.21%
  • Electricty Production Oil Pct: 0.49%
  • Electricty Production Renewable Pct: 0.12%
  • Energy Imports Pct: -15.11%
  • Fossil Energy Consumption Pct: 69.82%
  • Renewable Energy Consumption Pct: 19.11%
  • Co2 Emissions: 355,323.00
  • Methane Emissions: 79,619.20
  • Nitrous Oxide Emissions: 26,832.50
  • Greenhouse Other Emissions: 22,687.90
  • Urban Population Under 5M: 22.50
  • Health Expenditure Pct Gdp: 4.68%
  • Health Expenditure Capita: 166.23
  • Hospital Beds: 2.60
  • Hiv Incidence: 0.06
  • Suicide Rate: 7.50
  • Armed Forces: 522,000.00
  • Military Expenditure Pct Gdp: 2.28%
  • Birth Rate: 15.01
  • Death Rate: 7.32
  • Fertility Rate: 1.94
  • Internet Pct: 74.21%
  • Life Expectancy: 74.00
  • Net Migration: -992
  • Population Female: 49,685,569
  • Population Male: 48,501,287
  • Population: 98,186,856
  • Women Parliament Seats Pct: 30.26%
  • Rural Population: 60,123,739
  • Urban Population: 38,063,117
  • Press: 1.04
  • Democracy Score: 3.08
  • Democracy Type: Authoritarian
  • Median Age: 28.40
  • Political Leader: Nguyễn Phú Trọng (General Secretary of the Communist Party)



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VinFast: Vietnam EV maker valued at more than Ford or GM BBC 2023-08-16
Vietnamese EV maker VinFast debuts on the Nasdaq after completing SPAC merger CNBC 2023-08-15
Biden reveals that he plans to visit Vietnam amid tensions with China WT 2023-08-09
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Joe Biden says he will visit Vietnam 'shortly' TOI 2023-08-09
Vietnam's EV ownership will see 'strong growth' in 2023, says new report CNBC 2023-08-07
Vietnam will export 2M doses of swine fever vaccine to Philippines by October BBC 2023-08-02
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Vietnam jails 50 in mass bribery trial over Covid-19 flights BBC 2023-07-28
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People smuggler jailed for manslaughter of 39 Vietnamese migrants DT 2023-07-11
Vietnam frees Australian pro-democracy campaigner sentenced in 2019 to 12 years in prison ABC 2023-07-11
South China Sea: Blackpink Vietnam concert in trouble over China map BBC 2023-07-07
Vietnam Bans ‘Barbie’ Movie Over South China Sea Map NYT 2023-07-05
Barbie movie gets Vietnam ban over South China Sea map BBC 2023-07-04


The country has a total population of 98,186,856 (1.24% of worldwide)

The average net migration is -992 (-0.0% of pop)

The population density is around 313 ppl/km²

Population distribution

The total population is 98,186,856

The male share is 49.4% and female 50.6%

The urban population represent 38.8% and rural 61.2%

The median age is 28.4

Age distribution:

Age group Pop Share
0 7,301,940 7.44%
5 7,509,077 7.65%
10 7,173,155 7.31%
15 6,976,126 7.10%
20 6,802,174 6.93%
25 7,710,365 7.85%
30 8,187,734 8.34%
35 7,879,128 8.02%
40 7,458,695 7.60%
45 6,822,227 6.95%
50 5,667,307 5.77%
55 5,107,038 5.20%
60 4,640,234 4.73%
65 3,659,463 3.73%
70 2,388,720 2.43%
75 1,304,843 1.33%
80 1,598,630 1.63%
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Vietnam is located in South-Eastern Asia, Asia

The total country area is 313,429 km² (0.24% of worldwide)

Hanoi is the capital

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There are 65 cities in Vietnam in our database, they represent 13.50% of the population of the country altogether

City Population
Ho Chi Minh City 3,467,426
Ha Noi 1,431,377
Hanoi 1,431,377
Hai Phong 602,718
Da Nang 472,255
Biên Hòa 407,224
Hue 287,228
Nha Trang 283,452
Can Tho 259,608
Rach Gia 228,365
Qui Nhon 210,346
Vung Tau 209,699
Nam Dinh 193,507
Phan Thiet 160,665
Long Xuyên 158,159
Hong Gai 148,072
Buon Me Thuot 146,986
Cam Ranh 146,771
Cam Pha 135,487
Thái Nguyên 133,882
Da Lat 131,382
My Tho 122,315
Soc Trang 114,462
Plây Cu 114,234
Thanh Hóa 112,482
Cà Mau 111,903
Bac Lieu 107,920
Vinh 107,130
Hòa Bình 105,268
Vinh Long 103,323
Yên Bái 96,548
Phan Rang 91,520
Viet Tri 71,462
Tuy Hòa 69,602
Tân An 64,806
Uông Bí 63,829
Ben Tre 59,449
Tam Ky 59,000
Chau Doc 58,039
Hai Duong 58,035
Trà Vinh 57,413
Bac Giang 53,732
Thái Bình 53,095
Tây Ninh 47,971
Kon Tum 47,414
Kon Tum 47,414
Bac Ninh 43,564
Cao Bang 41,117
Son Tay 40,636
Dien Bien 40,292
Ninh Bình 36,868
Lào Cai 36,502
Tuyên Quang 36,435
Lang Son 34,964
Quang Ngai 32,995
Hoi An 32,757
Hà Giang 32,690
Phu Ly 31,818
Dong Hoi 31,044
Dong Hoi 31,044
Ha Tinh 26,547
Dong Xoai 23,978
Bac Can 21,837
Son La 19,054
Vinh Yen 17,876

UNESCO sites

There are 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Vietnam:

List of sites


Vietnam democracy type is: Authoritarian

General Secretary of the Communist Party Nguyễn Phú Trọng is the political leader of the country

Democracy forecast: protests for more democracy are likely

Parity forecast: at this rate of evolution, parity will be reached in 2553

Political parties

There are 0 parties in our database


GDP Evolution

The country GDP is 0.41% of worldwide

The GDP per capita is $4,163.51 and the GDP per km² is $1,304,289.01

Carbon Dioxide Emissions (CO2)

Latest: 355,323 kt CO2 / yr (1.1% of worlwide)


There are 7 artists in our database for Vietnam:

Here are 100 of the most prolific ones:

COVID-19 Situation

Latest total reported figures for Vietnam

09-Mar Last 7 days vs last week Total
Cases 0 57 -14.93% 11,526,994
Deaths 0 0 nan% 43,186
Case Fatality nan% 0.0% nan% 0.37%

Reported Covid-19 deaths, Vietnam

There have been a total of 43,186 deaths related to COVID-19 in Vietnam, 0 yesterday and 0 in the last 7 days (nan%)

The chart below shows a rolling 7-day average, and includes all corrections made by countries in the past

Reported Covid-19 cases, Vietnam

There have been a total 11,526,994 cases related to COVID-19 in Vietnam, 0 yesterday and 57 in the last 7 days (-14.93%)

The graph below shows a rolling 7-day average, and includes all corrections made by countries in the past

In literature

There are 710 books about Vietnam in our database:


There are 6 universities in Vietnam in our database



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