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Key facts:
  • Country Long: Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Currency: Nigerian naira
  • Capital City: Abuja
  • Region: Western Africa
  • Continent: Africa
  • Demonym: Nigerian
  • Latitude: 10°0′N
  • Longitude: 8°0′E
  • Agricultural Land: 694,500.00
  • Forest Area: 216,270.00 m²
  • Land Area: 910,770.00 m²
  • Rural Land: 882,025.00
  • Urban Land: 25,189.90
  • Gdp: 477,386,000,000.00
  • Inflation: 18.85
  • Self Employed Pct: 80.58%
  • Unemployment Pct: 5.76%
  • Vulnerable Employment Pct: 78.64%
  • Electricity Access Pct: 59.50%
  • Alternative Nuclear Energy Pct: 0.27%
  • Electricty Production Hydroelectric Pct: 18.20%
  • Electricty Production Gas Pct: 81.80%
  • Energy Imports Pct: -93.03%
  • Fossil Energy Consumption Pct: 18.88%
  • Renewable Energy Consumption Pct: 82.51%
  • Co2 Emissions: 111,978.00
  • Methane Emissions: 151,060.00
  • Nitrous Oxide Emissions: 41,196.30
  • Greenhouse Other Emissions: 38,585.80
  • Urban Population Under 5M: 2.72
  • Health Expenditure Pct Gdp: 3.38%
  • Health Expenditure Capita: 69.76
  • Hospital Beds: 0.50
  • Hiv Incidence: 0.34
  • Suicide Rate: 3.50
  • Armed Forces: 223,000.00
  • Internally Displaced Persons: 3,646,000
  • Military Expenditure Pct Gdp: 0.97%
  • Birth Rate: 37.12
  • Death Rate: 13.08
  • Fertility Rate: 5.24
  • Internet Pct: 55.36%
  • Life Expectancy: 53.00
  • Net Migration: -76,364
  • Population Female: 108,093,075
  • Population Male: 110,448,136
  • Population: 218,541,212
  • Women Parliament Seats Pct: 3.61%
  • Rural Population: 101,575,770
  • Urban Population: 116,965,442
  • Press: 2.14
  • Democracy Score: 4.44
  • Democracy Type: Hybrid regime
  • Median Age: 13.20
  • Political Leader: Muhammadu Buhari (President)



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2 dead in Nigeria after building collapses, many more may be trapped under rubble BBC 2023-08-24
Building collapse in Nigeria's capital leaves two people dead while many are feared trapped ABC 2023-08-24
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Extremists abduct more than 40 women in latest attack in northeast Nigeria ABC 2023-08-23
Nigeria Plans Dollar Asset Listings to Ease Forex Woes for Firms Bloomberg 2023-08-23
British police charge former Nigerian oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke with bribery BBC 2023-08-22
Nigeria's ex-oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke charged with bribery in the UK BBC 2023-08-22
Libya repatriates 161 Nigerian refugees in UN-backed scheme Al Jazeera 2023-08-22
Nigerian president swears in new ministers, promises to accelerate reforms Le Monde 2023-08-21
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Two Nigerian hackers accused of targeting American children in ‘sextortion’ plot plead not guilty Independent 2023-08-18
Suspended Nigerian central bank governor faces indictment as graft charges escalate BBC 2023-08-18
Two Nigerian brothers charged in sextortion that led to American teen’s suicide plead not guilty Independent 2023-08-18
Nigerian military says 36 soldiers killed in ambush and helicopter crash in clashes with armed gang in northern region ABC 2023-08-17
Nigeria says 36 soldiers killed in an ambush by an armed group and a related helicopter crash ABC 2023-08-17
Two dozen Nigerian troops die in air crash and evacuation mission gone awry Al Jazeera 2023-08-17
A Nigerian forest and its animals are under threat. Poachers have become rangers to protect both ABC 2023-08-17
In Nigeria, a population in the grip of an economic crisis opposes intervention in Niger Le Monde 2023-08-17
Nigerian military helicopter that crashed while on a rescue mission reportedly shot down, possibly by gangs BBC 2023-08-17
A Nigerian military helicopter crashed on a rescue mission. Witnesses say it was shot down by gangs ABC 2023-08-16
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Nigeria to Expand Education Access Through a Student Loan Scheme GLI 2023-08-14
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Chargers go wild for Nigerian teammate who recorded sack in his first-ever organized football game BBC 2023-08-14
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2 Nigerian men accused of sex-torting minors DT 2023-08-14
Niger junta is open to diplomacy, say Nigerian scholars F24 2023-08-13
Nigeria mosque collapse: At least seven die in Zaria BBC 2023-08-12
Seven worshippers killed in northern Nigeria mosque collapse Al Jazeera 2023-08-12
A mosque in northwestern Nigeria collapses during prayers, killing 7 worshippers ABC 2023-08-12
The ‘hanging libraries’ of Nigeria: How a book drive is exciting pupils Al Jazeera 2023-08-09
Local businesses in northern Nigeria feel the sting of regional sanctions against neighboring Niger ABC 2023-08-08
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Lauren James apologises to Nigeria player after red card SKY 2023-08-08
The rise, fall and rise again of Nuhu Ribadu, Nigeria’s new security chief Al Jazeera 2023-08-08
Analysis: Nigeria ‘cannot afford’ ECOWAS military intervention in Niger DT 2023-08-08
England beats Nigeria despite a red card, and Australia advances as Sam Kerr returns NPR 2023-08-07
England beats Nigeria on penalties at World Cup, reach quarter finals F24 2023-08-07
Five things we learned as England scraped past Nigeria to reach World Cup quarter-finals BBC 2023-08-07
Nigerian fans at home laud battle against odds in Women’s World Cup The Guardian 2023-08-07
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Nigerian Lawmakers Seek Diplomatic Solution to Niger's Coup Bloomberg 2023-08-05
Striking Nigerian doctors to embark on nationwide protest over unmet demands by country's leader ABC 2023-08-05
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Tinubu meets labour unions as strike under way across Nigeria Al Jazeera 2023-08-02
Labor unions across Nigeria protest against soaring cost of living under new president WT 2023-08-02
Nigerian stowaways survive 14-day trip across Atlantic on ship’s rudder, drank ocean water: report BBC 2023-08-02
Labor unions across Nigeria protest against soaring cost of living under new president ABC 2023-08-02
Traction raises $6M seed as Nigeria’s merchant acquiring space continues to heat up TechCrunch 2023-08-01
Nigeria’s Remedial Health gets QED backing in $12M round TechCrunch 2023-08-01
Nigerian leader has announced economic measures to ease hardship as labor unions threaten protests ABC 2023-08-01
Nigeria, Australia seal Women’s World Cup last-16 spots Al Jazeera 2023-07-31
Curfew declared in Nigerian state after warehouses and shops are looted ABC 2023-07-31
Nigerian president reveals Cabinet nominees 2 months after taking offic BBC 2023-07-27
Nearly two months into his term, Nigeria's leader finally proposes his Cabinet to legislators WT 2023-07-27
Nigeria for life’: Super Falcons stun Australia at Women’s World Cup Al Jazeera 2023-07-27
Nearly two months into his term, Nigeria's leader finally proposes his Cabinet to legislators ABC 2023-07-27
Nigeria’s Bola Tinubu submits list of 28 cabinet nominees Al Jazeera 2023-07-27
Women’s World Cup: Nigeria Stuns Australia; Portugal Gets First Win NYT 2023-07-27
Nigeria's Naira Currency Seen Weakening in Face of Dollar Demand Bloomberg 2023-07-26
Overstretched and underpaid Nigerian doctors walk off job again as many have leave for overseas WT 2023-07-26
Nigerian doctors walk off the job again. Overstretched and underpaid, many have left for overseas ABC 2023-07-26
Davido video: Wole Soyinka defends Nigerian Afrobeats star in Muslim row BBC 2023-07-26
Godwin Emefiele's arrest: How Nigeria's bank boss ended up in court BBC 2023-07-26
Suspended Nigerian Central Bank governor appears in court, pleads not guilty to firearm charges BBC 2023-07-25
Nigeria's suspended Central Bank governor appears in court more than a month after his arrest WT 2023-07-25
Nigeria's suspended Central Bank governor appears in court more than a month after his arrest Independent 2023-07-25
Nigeria's suspended Central Bank governor appears in court more than a month after his arrest ABC 2023-07-25
Suspended Nigerian central bank governor denies firearm charges Al Jazeera 2023-07-25
Nigeria tanker explosion leaves 8 people burned to death BBC 2023-07-25
Eight people burn to death in southern Nigeria after gasoline tanker explodes, authorities say ABC 2023-07-24
End of Nigerian Fuel Subsidy Fuels Crippling Inflation NYT 2023-07-24
Eight dead after fuel truck explosion in southwest Nigeria Al Jazeera 2023-07-24
103 bodies from protests will be buried, Nigerian officials say. ABC 2023-07-24
From marathon glory to jail: Nigeria’s ‘great race fiasco’ Al Jazeera 2023-07-22
Nigeria holds Olympic champions Canada with penalty save in Women’s World Cup F24 2023-07-21
Women’s World Cup: Canada Ties Nigeria, but Laments Missed Penalty NYT 2023-07-21
Nigeria vs Canada preview: Women’s World Cup 2023 Al Jazeera 2023-07-20
Olympic champion Canada gears up for opening World Cup match against Nigeria in Melbourn DT 2023-07-19
Climate and violence hobble Nigeria's push to rely on its own wheat after the hit from Russia's wa WT 2023-07-19
Nigeria’s to scale its open insurance API platform with new fundin TechCrunch 2023-07-19
Climate and violence hobble Nigeria's push to rely on its own wheat after the hit from Russia's wa ABC 2023-07-19
Climate and violence hobble Nigeria's push to rely on its own wheat after the hit from Russia's wa ABC 2023-07-19
Gunmen have killed 24 villagers in latest attack in Nigeria's hard-hit north ABC 2023-07-19
Nigerian man ‘goes blind’ during bizarre seven-day ‘cry-a-thon’ (but he won’t be getting a Guinness World Record) BBC 2023-07-18
Nigeria's President Bola Tinubu declares state of emergency over food BBC 2023-07-14
Fuel prices have tripled in Nigeria, squeezing millions who are already struggling NPR 2023-07-13
Nigerian leader plans $10 monthly handout to poor households after gas subsidy ends ABC 2023-07-13
Nigeria’s recovery might be a better bet than South Africa’s Financial Times 2023-07-13
Nigerian court orders gov’t to release or charge central bank chief Al Jazeera 2023-07-13
New malaria vaccine offers a ray of hope to Nigeria. There's just one thing ... NPR 2023-07-12
Bat Couple: Nigeria’s bat researchers Al Jazeera 2023-07-11


The country has a total population of 218,541,212 (2.76% of worldwide)

The average net migration is -76,364 (-0.0% of pop)

The population density is around 240 ppl/km²

Population distribution

The total population is 218,541,212

The male share is 50.5% and female 49.5%

The urban population represent 53.5% and rural 46.5%

The median age is 13.2

Age distribution:

Age group Pop Share
0 35,377,688 16.19%
5 31,051,278 14.21%
10 27,641,245 12.65%
15 23,623,802 10.81%
20 19,462,784 8.91%
25 16,128,181 7.38%
30 13,489,531 6.17%
35 11,768,583 5.39%
40 10,166,879 4.65%
45 8,154,976 3.73%
50 6,300,940 2.88%
55 4,997,345 2.29%
60 3,877,496 1.77%
65 2,827,967 1.29%
70 1,850,945 0.85%
75 1,124,336 0.51%
80 697,232 0.32%
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Nigeria is located in Western Africa, Africa

The total country area is 910,770 km² (0.7% of worldwide)

Abuja is the capital

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There are 149 cities in Nigeria in our database, they represent 21.77% of the population of the country altogether

City Population
Lagos 8,789,133
Kano 3,626,204
Ibadan 3,565,810
Kaduna 1,582,211
Port Harcourt 1,148,753
Bénin 1,125,126
Maiduguri 1,112,511
Zaria 975,228
Aba 897,613
Ogbomosho 861,303
Jos 816,876
Ilorin 814,246
Oyo 736,113
Enugu 653,436
Abeokuta 593,140
Sokoto 563,899
Onitsha 561,106
Warri 536,068
Oshogbo 499,444
Calabar 461,832
Katsina 432,179
Akure 420,623
Ife 372,191
Iseyin 340,707
Bauchi 316,173
Ikorodu 313,468
Makurdi 292,664
Minna 291,930
Ede 283,728
Ilesha 277,922
Owo 276,593
Umuahia 264,680
Ondo 257,023
Damaturu 255,913
Ikot Ekpene 254,821
Iwo 250,459
Gombe 250,278
Jimeta 248,166
Gusau 226,873
Mubi 225,721
Ikire 222,174
Owerri 215,053
Shagamu 214,574
Ugep 200,293
Gboko 195,710
Nnewi 194,002
Ise 190,077
Ilawe 182,896
Ikare 182,779
Ila 179,204
Shaki 178,688
Abuja 174,152
Bida 171,672
Awka 167,751
Ijero 167,644
Inisa 164,172
Suleja 162,150
Sapele 161,692
Otukpo 160,830
Kishi 155,520
Gbongan 139,494
Ejigbo 138,367
Funtua 136,821
Igboho 136,772
Obosi 136,753
Bugama 135,417
Ikirun 134,246
Abakaliki 134,113
Okrika 133,284
Amaigbo 127,309
Lafia 127,246
Gashua 125,827
Opobo 125,398
Opobo 125,398
Uyo 124,690
Modakeke 119,537
Bama 118,129
Ilobu 118,097
Jalingo 117,766
Offa 113,841
Oron 112,040
Nsukka 111,026
Nguru 111,022
Ikole 110,874
Hadejia 110,761
Uromi 108,617
Birnin Kebbi 108,172
Pindiga 106,323
Azare 105,695
Nkpor 103,741
Ikere 103,062
Lafiagi 102,780
Kontagora 98,763
Yola 96,013
Biu 95,012
Olupona 95,002
Lere 93,289
Wukari 92,940
Igbo Ora 92,725
Emure 90,646
Ifo 88,278
Duku 87,671
Igede 87,282
Effium 86,952
Idanre 86,468
Potiskum 86,003
Keffi 85,919
Epe 84,719
Ogaminana 84,380
Ihiala 83,272
Ipoti 82,114
Lalupon 81,130
Ughelli 79,993
Bende 79,624
Kafanchan 79,529
Ikom 79,110
Agulu 79,027
Daura 78,283
Oka 78,016
Numan 77,622
Kagoro 77,015
Ode 75,464
Ode 75,464
Okitipupa 74,062
Ozubulu 73,818
Aku 73,748
Oyan 73,623
Jega 73,495
Asaba 73,381
Ohafia 73,361
Afikpo 71,872
Apomu 71,657
Fiditi 71,460
Eruwa 71,027
Eha Amufu 70,785
Malumfashi 70,715
Kaura Namoda 69,731
Idah 68,709
Abonnema 68,591
Agbor 67,616
Uga 64,184
Nkwerre 62,997
Auchi 62,912
Ankpa 61,691
Lokoja 60,585
Ekpoma 59,624
Kumo 35,715
Yenagoa 24,335
Dutse 17,129

UNESCO sites

There are 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Nigeria:

List of sites

Site Type Date inscribed
Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove Cultural 2005
Sukur Cultural Landscape Cultural 1999


Nigeria democracy type is: Hybrid regime

President Muhammadu Buhari is the political leader of the country

Democracy forecast: protests for more democracy are likely

Parity forecast: at this rate of evolution, parity will be reached in 4307

GDP Evolution

The country GDP is 0.48% of worldwide

The GDP per capita is $2,184.42 and the GDP per km² is $524,156.48

Carbon Dioxide Emissions (CO2)

Latest: 111,978 kt CO2 / yr (0.35% of worlwide)


There are 6 artists in our database for Nigeria:

Here are 100 of the most prolific ones:

COVID-19 Situation

Latest total reported figures for Nigeria

09-Mar Last 7 days vs last week Total
Cases 0 0 -100.0% 266,598
Deaths 0 0 nan% 3,155
Case Fatality nan% nan% nan% 1.18%

Reported Covid-19 deaths, Nigeria

There have been a total of 3,155 deaths related to COVID-19 in Nigeria, 0 yesterday and 0 in the last 7 days (nan%)

The chart below shows a rolling 7-day average, and includes all corrections made by countries in the past

Reported Covid-19 cases, Nigeria

There have been a total 266,598 cases related to COVID-19 in Nigeria, 0 yesterday and 0 in the last 7 days (-100.0%)

The graph below shows a rolling 7-day average, and includes all corrections made by countries in the past

In literature

There are 1199 books about Nigeria in our database:


There are 4 universities in Nigeria in our database



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