Barry Martin

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Key facts:
  • Birth Date: 1943
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Gender: male
  • Books: 3
  • Artworks: 4
  • Author Period Covered: 1984 - 2018



There are 4 artworks by Barry Martin created between 1961 and 1966 in our database:


There are 3 artworks by Barry Martin linked to an art movement:

Movement Artworks Distribution %
Kinetic Art 2 66.67
British Pop 1 33.33

Media and materials

Barry Martin used 4 distinct media and materials:

Collected by

4 artworks by Barry Martin are located in the following collections:

Collection Artworks
Tate Museums 4

Directory of work

Explore 4 artworks by Barry Martin:

Title Year Medium
Double Ringed Movement 1966 Metal, plastic and 3 motors
Metal Surface 1964 Metal, wood and motor
Movement Collage 1965 Printed papers and ink on paper
Three Interlocking Spirals with Differing Rates of Acceleration 1961 Linoprint on paper

Main subjects

Books written by Barry Martin primarily cover the following subjects:


The 3 editions have been published in 1 languages:

Language Editions
eng 3


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