United Kingdom

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Key facts:
  • Country Long: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Currency: Pound sterling
  • Capital City: London
  • Region: Northern Europe
  • Continent: Europe
  • Demonym: British
  • Latitude: 54°0′N
  • Longitude: -2°0′W
  • Agricultural Land: 172,593.00
  • Forest Area: 31,900.00 m²
  • Land Area: 241,930.00 m²
  • Rural Land: 218,903.00
  • Urban Land: 22,676.00
  • Central Government Debt Pct Gdp: 186.48%
  • Expense Pct Gdp: 43.96%
  • Gdp: 3,070,670,000,000.00
  • Inflation: 7.92
  • Self Employed Pct: 14.31%
  • Tax Revenue Pct Gdp: 26.38%
  • Unemployment Pct: 3.57%
  • Vulnerable Employment Pct: 12.34%
  • Electricity Access Pct: 100.00%
  • Alternative Nuclear Energy Pct: 13.12%
  • Electricty Production Coal Pct: 22.81%
  • Electricty Production Hydroelectric Pct: 1.87%
  • Electricty Production Gas Pct: 29.74%
  • Electricty Production Nuclear Pct: 20.91%
  • Electricty Production Oil Pct: 0.63%
  • Electricty Production Renewable Pct: 22.97%
  • Energy Imports Pct: 34.63%
  • Fossil Energy Consumption Pct: 80.35%
  • Renewable Energy Consumption Pct: 13.50%
  • Co2 Emissions: 308,650.00
  • Methane Emissions: 50,415.70
  • Nitrous Oxide Emissions: 27,696.70
  • Greenhouse Other Emissions: 27,049.70
  • Urban Population Under 5M: 2.08
  • Health Expenditure Pct Gdp: 11.94%
  • Health Expenditure Capita: 5,634.18
  • Hospital Beds: 2.46
  • Suicide Rate: 7.90
  • Armed Forces: 149,000.00
  • Military Expenditure Pct Gdp: 2.22%
  • Birth Rate: 10.10
  • Death Rate: 9.70
  • Fertility Rate: 1.56
  • Internet Pct: 96.68%
  • Life Expectancy: 81.00
  • Net Migration: 202,027
  • Population Female: 33,876,563
  • Population Male: 33,094,847
  • Population: 66,971,411
  • Women Parliament Seats Pct: 34.57%
  • Rural Population: 10,448,880
  • Urban Population: 56,522,531
  • Press: 3.52
  • Democracy Score: 8.53
  • Democracy Type: Full democracy
  • Median Age: 35.90
  • Political Leader: Rishi Sunak (Prime Minister)



Here is the latest on United Kingdom:

Title Source Date
The UK's second city Birmingham is bankrupt Le Monde 2023-09-27
Britain to Allow Big North Sea Oil Field, Despite Climate Concerns New York Times 2023-09-27
Alison Hammond praised for 'joyous' Great British Bake Off presenting debut BBC 2023-09-27
UK's first consumption room for illegal drugs given go-ahead BBC 2023-09-27
Live: Russia accuses US, UK of aiding Ukrainian missile strike on Crimea naval fleet HQ France 24 2023-09-27
HS2 firm 'cautious' about taking future UK projects BBC 2023-09-27
Largest untapped UK oil field approved for development amid environmental backlash CNBC 2023-09-27
UK interior minister Braverman questions role of UN refugee convention Le Monde 2023-09-27
New research: Vast majority of VC-backed UK startups do *nothing* on climate emissions TechCrunch 2023-09-27
Fifa to EA Sports FC: Name change is big gamble for UK's best-selling game BBC 2023-09-27
New blood test which can detect prostate cancer with 94% accuracy is made available in Britain BBC 2023-09-27
5 Bulgarians charged with spying for Russia appear by video in UK court ABC News 2023-09-27
Britain Is Failing Citizens Arbitrarily Jailed Abroad BBC 2023-09-26
David Walliams sues company behind Britain's Got Talent BBC 2023-09-26
JPMorgan's UK digital bank blocks customers from buying crypto CNBC 2023-09-26
VIDEO: UK skydiver lands on inflatable unicorn Daily Telegraph 2023-09-26
UK-produced pandemic flu vaccine deal agreed by government BBC 2023-09-26
Warning to owners of imported dogs as dangerous B canis bug sweeps the UK: Health officials urge Brits to wash their hands each time they touch their pet – as they share 6 symptoms to look out for BBC 2023-09-26
UK should only offer asylum to people being persecuted not discriminated, says Philp Daily Telegraph 2023-09-26
Five Bulgarians living in UK appear in court charged with spying for Russia Mirror 2023-09-26
Married British zoologist – who worked for BBC alongside his wife and David Attenborough – admits raping and torturing dozens of dogs at his animal shelter in case that has shocked Australia BBC 2023-09-26
How Rishi Sunak Can Fix Inheritance Tax Avoidance in the UK Bloomberg 2023-09-26
British crocodile expert who hosted Attenborough pleads guilty to 56 counts of ‘grotesque and perverse’ animal sexual abuse Independent 2023-09-26
UK workplace absences soar to highest level in decade, report finds Daily Telegraph 2023-09-26
Prince Harry’s Search For UK Lodging Continues Amid Royal Family Drama BBC 2023-09-26
Covid drug prescribed to more than 20,000 British patients may cause the virus to mutate, scientists warn BBC 2023-09-26
Study says UK's cost-of-living crisis will lead to more premature deaths France 24 2023-09-26
UK Police begin investigation into Russell Brand allegations Daily Telegraph 2023-09-25
Sex assault claims against Russell Brand being investigated, UK police says Al Jazeera 2023-09-25
Hollywood strikes: UK film industry workers hit by US dispute BBC 2023-09-25
British troops train Ukrainian soldiers in mine disposal skills Independent 2023-09-25
A former UK nurse will be retried on a charge that she tried to murder a baby girl at a hospital Times of India 2023-09-25
Former UK nurse will be retried on charge she tried to murder baby girl at hospital ABC News 2023-09-25
A former UK nurse will be retried on a charge that she tried to murder a baby girl at a hospital ABC News 2023-09-25
French family planning agency turns to British TV show Sex Education BBC 2023-09-25
Some U.K. police refuse their guns after officer charged in shooting death Washington Post 2023-09-25
Suella Braverman orders review into UK police firearms regulations Times of India 2023-09-25
UK State Bank Swings to £135 Million Loss on Sliding Tech Prices Bloomberg 2023-09-25
How the fall of the 'King of Crypto' cost one British man millions BBC 2023-09-25
Post-Brexit, migrant farm workers in the UK increasingly come from Asia Le Monde 2023-09-25
Some UK police put down guns after an officer is charged with murder in the shooting of a Black man Times of India 2023-09-25
'I'll never, ever stop': British father searching for answers after daughter's death abroad SKY News 2023-09-24
Some in UK police force say no to armed patrols Times of India 2023-09-24
UK's Sunak Working on Plans to Cut Inheritance Tax, Times Says Bloomberg 2023-09-24
Trump praises Rishi Sunak for climate target rollbacks as British PM’s popularity plummets Independent 2023-09-24
High-speed rail was touted game-changer in Britain, but costs making government think twice Washington Times 2023-09-24
High-speed rail was touted as a game-changer in Britain. Costs are making the government think twice ABC News 2023-09-24
Net zero: Rishi Sunak 'destroying' UK green credibility, says Yanis Varoufakis BBC 2023-09-24
High-speed rail was touted as a game-changer in Britain. Costs are making the government think twice Independent 2023-09-24
Sensible Sunak and Recession Signals: Your Saturday UK Briefing Bloomberg 2023-09-24
Putin’s cronies tried to assassinate me three times… I’m their no 1 enemy & now UK cops are probing a new ‘kill order’ The SUN 2023-09-24
Russell Brand Accusations Force Britain to Look in the Mirror Bloomberg 2023-09-24
Help Households With Energy Bills This Winter, Lawmakers Urge UK Bloomberg 2023-09-23
United Kingdom could ban smoking for next generation Daily Telegraph 2023-09-23
British banker and Putin pal wanted by Interpol arrested by Russian special forces Mirror 2023-09-23
Pro-EU supporters march for Britain to rejoin the European Union France 24 2023-09-23
Has Coffee Finally Ousted Tea as the U.K.’s Favorite Hot Drink? New York Times 2023-09-23
Prince Andrew enjoys quiet horse ride in Windsor after poll names him the UK’s least favourite royal BBC 2023-09-23
The seven secrets to living to 100, according to the UK’s centenarians and longevity experts BBC 2023-09-23
World must pass ‘AI stress test’, UK Deputy PM says, announcing summit Global Issues 2023-09-23
Microsoft's revamped $69 billion deal for Activision gets closer to UK approval ABC News 2023-09-23
Catholic woman's silent prayer lawful, British police force admits; 'thoughtcrime' arrest dropped Washington Times 2023-09-22
Ethiopian Prince Alemayehu's lock of hair returned after 140 years in UK BBC 2023-09-22
Britain's Superdrug to stop selling single-use vapes Times of India 2023-09-22
Microsoft's new Call of Duty deal set for UK approval BBC 2023-09-22
Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard deal gets preliminary approval from UK regulator The Verge 2023-09-22
Microsoft-Activision: UK looks poised to clear restructured deal TechCrunch 2023-09-22
UK regulator says it may clear Microsoft's new Activision Blizzard takeover offer CNBC 2023-09-22
Warner Bros to expand Barbie movie studios in UK BBC 2023-09-22
Novels from Canada, Ireland, US, UK finalists for Booker Prize for fiction Al Jazeera 2023-09-22
Girl receives UK's first rejection-free kidney from mum BBC 2023-09-22
MAFS UK groom George sparks backlash after x-rated comment about new wife BBC 2023-09-22
Meredith Whittaker reaffirms that Signal would leave UK if forced by privacy bill TechCrunch 2023-09-21
UK to charge five Bulgarian nationals with spying for Russia Al Jazeera 2023-09-21
Timing of King's climate remarks in France felt awkward - as UK government delays targets SKY News 2023-09-21
UK bolts US ‘data bridge’ deal onto EU-US Data Privacy Framework TechCrunch 2023-09-21
UK charges five Bulgarians suspected of spying for Russia Le Monde 2023-09-21
King Charles proposes new France-UK Entente to tackle climate change Le Monde 2023-09-21
U.K. Leader Rishi Sunak Waters Down Climate Goals BBC 2023-09-21
King Pledges to Strengthen ‘Indispensable Relationship’ Between UK and France Daily Telegraph 2023-09-21
President Macron’s touching treatment of UK’s King Charles Daily Telegraph 2023-09-21
Sunak ‘absolutely confident’ UK will meet net zero targets Daily Telegraph 2023-09-21
A British ex-soldier pleads not guilty to escaping from a London prison ABC News 2023-09-21
The need for a new Entente Cordiale between France and the UK Le Monde 2023-09-21
UK interest rate freeze ends run of 14 straight increases BBC 2023-09-21
King Charles urges stronger France-UK ties, partnership on climate change Al Jazeera 2023-09-21
King Charles proposes new France-UK Entente to tackle climate change Daily Telegraph 2023-09-21
King Charles III proposes France-UK ‘partnership for sustainability’ to tackle climate emergency France 24 2023-09-21
Palantir’s Reputation Stalks Its Bid for the UK’s National Health Data WIRED 2023-09-21
King Charles says UK will 'always be one of France's closest allies and best friends' in historic speech SKY News 2023-09-21
New Look shoppers in love with ‘super warm jacket for bleak British winters’ BBC 2023-09-21
Sir Alok Sharma: UK ‘less likely’ to meet net zero targets Daily Telegraph 2023-09-21
King Charles to address French Senate after urging stronger France-UK ties Daily Telegraph 2023-09-21
UK Monarchy embraces ‘soft diplomatic power’ to improve relations with two ‘crucial’ European allies Daily Telegraph 2023-09-21
UK NHS strike: Junior doctors join seniors over pay Daily Telegraph 2023-09-21
British tourist falls 90m to death while scaling ‘stairway to heaven’ ladder in Austria’s Dachstein mountains Independent 2023-09-21
UK interest rate decision set to be close call after inflation fall BBC 2023-09-21
UK climate policy: PM softens key green commitments Daily Telegraph 2023-09-21
UK migratory birds 'in freefall' over climate change BBC 2023-09-21
British government postpones key measures for achieving carbon neutrality Le Monde 2023-09-21
'Unacceptable costs': U.K. leader Rishi Sunak delays ban on new gas and diesel cars by 5 years Washington Times 2023-09-21
Poo from baboons, lemurs and pigs contains secret for treating ulcers in diabetes patients, UK researchers say BBC 2023-09-21
Charles III urges reinvigoration of Franco-British relations at Versailles dinner Le Monde 2023-09-20
Sunak announces U-turn on several UK net zero policies Al Jazeera 2023-09-20
Weather maps show exact date 24C Sub-Saharan plume will hit UK BBC 2023-09-20
Meta targeted for fresh UK gov’t warning against E2E encryption for Messenger, Instagram TechCrunch 2023-09-20
How should UK, US and Australia respond to Canada-India row? The Guardian 2023-09-20
British police officer charged with murder of unarmed Black man in London ABC News 2023-09-20
Could Rishi Sunak's green review threaten UK net zero? BBC 2023-09-20
UK PM Rishi Sunak announces shift on climate policies, waters down targets CNBC 2023-09-20
Sunak pushes UK's new petrol and diesel car ban back to 2035 in major U-turn Le Monde 2023-09-20
Nuclear heroes sue the UK government for their missing medical records Mirror 2023-09-20
UK leader Rishi Sunak delays ban on new gas and diesel cars by 5 years Times of India 2023-09-20
Shortage of treatment for highly contagious itchy skin condition caused by tiny mites poses ‘significant threat’ to public health, UK health leaders warn BBC 2023-09-20
UK skips signing leaders' statement on climate action BBC 2023-09-20
U.K.'s new online safety law adds to crackdown on Big Tech companies Washington Times 2023-09-20
UK inflation: Slowing food prices drive surprise fall BBC 2023-09-20
Hamza, the Moroccan hotelier who helped a British woman find her dad’s body Al Jazeera 2023-09-20
Sunak accused of dropping UK’s position as climate leader for political gain Daily Telegraph 2023-09-20
UK strikes – who will be walking out in the next few weeks? Daily Telegraph 2023-09-20
What does King Charles visit mean for France-UK relations? Daily Telegraph 2023-09-20
Rishi Sunak to Weaken U.K. Climate Targets as Election Approaches New York Times 2023-09-20
UK inflation dips to 6.7%, below expectations as food prices ease CNBC 2023-09-20
King Charles III and Queen Camilla's visit to France: A busy itinerary to demonstrate French-British friendship Le Monde 2023-09-20
China says Britain's plans to disrupt Hong Kong 'doomed to fail' Times of India 2023-09-20
E4 MAFS UK viewers fear for Ella as honeymoon argument breaks out after trans ‘bombshell’ BBC 2023-09-20
Crypto casinos under investigation for breaching UK laws Daily Telegraph 2023-09-20
Forget LA – it’s British film studios that are in demand BBC 2023-09-20
British missiles used by Ukraine tore massive holes in hull of Russian submarine The SUN 2023-09-19
The UK passes massive online safety bill The Verge 2023-09-19
Britain Passes Sweeping New Online Safety Law New York Times 2023-09-19
UK opens new chapter in digital regulation as parliament passes Online Safety Bill TechCrunch 2023-09-19
Britain to continue trade talks with India despite murder of Sikh leader in Canada Times of India 2023-09-19
British football fan stabbed in Italy ahead of Champions League clash SKY News 2023-09-19
UK inflation forecast to be highest of advanced economies BBC 2023-09-19
Jeff Stelling takes on his latest Football March for Prostate Cancer UK marathon in honour of Bill Turnbull BBC 2023-09-19
What UK, Australia, US said on Canada accusing India of killing Sikh leader Al Jazeera 2023-09-19
UK block on Scottish gender reforms unlawful, court hears BBC 2023-09-19
The Sea Won’t Scare Us: A Refugee’s journey to the UK | Witness Daily Telegraph 2023-09-19
Bank of England deputy governor says impairments rising among UK lenders CNBC 2023-09-19
Hollywood Strikes Send a Chill Through Britain’s Film Industry New York Times 2023-09-19
Charles appears in high spirits while meeting with school children during a visit to a sustainability project – after the King was ‘too busy’ to see Harry during his whirlwind UK trip BBC 2023-09-19
UK opposition leader Starmer to meet Macron at Elysée Palace Le Monde 2023-09-19
How women aged over 100 now outnumber men 23 to one as the number of UK centenarians soars to 14,000 BBC 2023-09-18
UK police receive sex assault allegation following Russell Brand reports Al Jazeera 2023-09-18
U.K. Labour leader Keir Starmer says he'll seek closer ties with the EU if he wins the next election Washington Times 2023-09-18
UK police officers’ data stolen in cyberattack on ID supplier TechCrunch 2023-09-18
UK’s competition watchdog drafts principles for ‘responsible’ generative AI TechCrunch 2023-09-18
UK Labour leader Keir Starmer says he'll seek closer ties with the EU if he wins the next election Independent 2023-09-18
Iran releases five detainees including British citizen in prisoner swap SKY News 2023-09-18
Deadly virus spreading closer to UK - the nine symptoms you need to know Mirror 2023-09-18
Call of Duty Warzone: Does UK esports scene need more live events? BBC 2023-09-18
UK strikes: Who is walking out in September? Daily Telegraph 2023-09-18
Was Brexit's impact on the UK's economy ultimately negligible? Le Monde 2023-09-18
British volunteer in Ukraine was tortured and killed by fellow Brit fighter, investigators fear The SUN 2023-09-17
UK comedian Russell Brand accused of sexual assault Le Monde 2023-09-17
Four Victorian diseases making a comeback in the UK and what the symptoms are BBC 2023-09-17
Port Talbot: Tata Steel would have left UK without aid - Welsh secretary BBC 2023-09-17
British comedian Russell Brand accused of rape, sex assaults and emotional abuse France 24 2023-09-17
Britain’s streets are being choked with weeds because of councils’ green obsession… transforming swathes of Middle England into infested eyesores BBC 2023-09-17
UK comedian Russell Brand accused of rape, sexual assault: Media Al Jazeera 2023-09-16
British media report rape and emotional abuse allegations against Russell Brand NPR 2023-09-16
Russell Brand denies ‘extremely disturbing’ criminal allegations ahead of exposé in the UK BBC 2023-09-16
Andy Murray breaks down in tears after missing his beloved grandmother’s funeral to win Davis Cup match for Britain BBC 2023-09-16
Turkey's Erdogan to Meet UK's Prince Edward as Ties Develop Bloomberg 2023-09-16
Discount Airlines Slam UK Air-Traffic Control for Disruption Bloomberg 2023-09-16
'Don’t look back': How UK PM Rishi Sunak plans to save his job Times of India 2023-09-16
UK visa fee hike for visitors, students to be effective from October 4 Times of India 2023-09-16
XL bully ban live updates including what happens to banned dogs as breed to be made illegal in UK BBC 2023-09-16
UK officially bans Russia’s Wagner paramilitary group as terrorist organisation Independent 2023-09-16
‘Cannot go on’: UK to ban common dog breed Daily Telegraph 2023-09-16
Major UK methane greenhouse gas leak spotted from space BBC 2023-09-16
80 officers absent the day prisoner escaped in UK Daily Telegraph 2023-09-16
Banned dogs UK: How a savage attack on a six-year-old Bradford girl led to Pit Bull Terrier ban BBC 2023-09-15
Ukraine says British and French missiles worked 'perfectly' in attack on Russian navy SKY News 2023-09-15
British nurse Lucy Letby to appeal convictions for killing seven babies Al Jazeera 2023-09-15
Now more UK airports including Heathrow could face Gatwick-style flights shambles sparked by ‘sickies’ – as travel expert warns high sickness levels among air traffic control staffers could spark chaos elsewhere BBC 2023-09-15
Britain and Tata Agree to $1.6 Billion Package for Steel Mill New York Times 2023-09-15
After attacks, British prime minister says American XL Bully dogs are dangerous and will be banned Times of India 2023-09-15
Wagner group formally banned as terror organisation in the UK BBC 2023-09-15
UK's first school set up in partnership with orchestra opens BBC 2023-09-15
Tata Steel: Port Talbot steelworks gets £500m by UK government BBC 2023-09-15
China poses threat to UK way of life, says Rishi Sunak BBC 2023-09-15
Arm: UK chip designer shares surge in market return BBC 2023-09-15
UK butterfly numbers at highest level since 2019 BBC 2023-09-15
Britain, France and Germany say they will keep their nuclear and missiles sanctions on Iran ABC News 2023-09-15
Man arrested over British woman's death in Spain SKY News 2023-09-15
Iran seeks to prevent protests for anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s death – as UK and US issue fresh sanctions Independent 2023-09-15
UK government vows action after man dies in latest dog attack Le Monde 2023-09-15
Bahrain activist Maryam al-Khawaja denied boarding on UK to Manama flight Al Jazeera 2023-09-15
UK sanctions senior Iranian officials one year from Mahsa Amini’s death Al Jazeera 2023-09-15
Olivia Rodrigo: Second album Guts goes straight to number one in UK BBC 2023-09-15
UK doctor murdered in Africa say his family as officials claim death was suicide Mirror 2023-09-14
Britain’s monarchy is dying, and no PR can save it Al Jazeera 2023-09-14
US Envoy Says UK Should Seek 'Smaller Things,' Not Major FTA Bloomberg 2023-09-14
Russian pilot fires two missiles at British RAF plane that was carrying 30 aircrew Mirror 2023-09-14
Russian fighter jet fired two missiles at UK spy plane to shoot it down in terrifying near-miss over Black Sea The SUN 2023-09-14
UK DeepTech gets another boost with new $100M SCVC fund out of Bristol TechCrunch 2023-09-14
A Concrete Crisis Has the UK Literally Crumbling WIRED 2023-09-14
Chris Mason: Parties battle to be seen as the UK's housebuilders BBC 2023-09-14
Ukraine uses British missiles in major attack on Russian submarine SKY 2023-09-13
UK Storm Shadow missiles used in Ukraine’s largest strike so far on Putin’s Black Sea Fleet in Crimea Independent 2023-09-13
Flight carrying Sara Sharif’s family arrives in UK DT 2023-09-13
UK passes ‘Troubles’ bill, granting accused murderers conditional immunity DT 2023-09-13
UK government will not block Scots drug room pilot BBC 2023-09-13
Sara Sharif LIVE: Dad flying back to UK and will land TONIGHT after girl, 10, found dead Mirror 2023-09-13
UK government spy scandals fuel calls for tougher stance on China F24 2023-09-13
Barclays to Cut About 450 Jobs in UK Retail Bank, Union Says Bloomberg 2023-09-13
Asian hornets set to invade Britain as 'triple whammy' means 'our luck has run out' Mirror 2023-09-13
Ukraine-Russia war – live: UK Storm Shadow missiles used in attack on Putin’s Crimea fleet Independent 2023-09-13
Three adults sought by police over Sara Sharif's death flying back to UK from Pakistan SKY 2023-09-13
What is net zero and how are the UK and other countries doing? BBC 2023-09-13
UK Nears Post-Brexit Deal for Access to EU Border Agency Bloomberg 2023-09-13
British soldier charged with second-degree murder in Canada after ‘elbowing businessman’ Independent 2023-09-13
UK economy shrinks at fastest pace in seven months, hit by strikes and wet weather CNBC 2023-09-13
Arm, a British Chip Designer, Juggles Challenges Before 2023’s Biggest I.P.O. NYT 2023-09-13
UK economy shrinks more than expected as rain and strikes hit BBC 2023-09-13
Value of UK mortgage arrears jumps by a third BBC 2023-09-13
Theresa May: My Brexit deal would have been better for UK BBC 2023-09-13
Putin gives chilling warning to UK after bizarre claim Brit special ops are training Ukraine to hit Russian nuke plants The SUN 2023-09-13
British woman, 31, who died after 'Brazilian butt lift' was 'nervous' before procedure in Turkey SKY 2023-09-13
UK 'closely monitoring' spread of fatal cow disease in Europe SKY 2023-09-13
Has the UK woken up to the China spy challenge? BBC 2023-09-11
Ian Wilmut, a British scientist who led the team that cloned Dolly the Sheep, dies at age 79 WT 2023-09-11
A Less Glum Outlook Hasn't Done Much for UK Assets Bloomberg 2023-09-11
Revelations of Chinese espionage rock British Parliament WP 2023-09-11
Stocks Are on Sale in the UK — If You Know Where to Look Bloomberg 2023-09-11
UK resists calls to label China a threat following claims a Beijing spy worked in Parliament TOI 2023-09-11
‘Completely innocent’: UK parliamentary researcher denies spying for China Al Jazeera 2023-09-11
Rescue teams from U.K., Spain in Moroccan quake disaster zone DT 2023-09-11
UK parliamentary research denies being 'a Chinese spy' Le Monde 2023-09-11
Covid vaccine rollout begins early in the UK with new variant under watch CNBC 2023-09-11
Open Cosmos, a UK satellite startup focused on sustainability, raises $50M TechCrunch 2023-09-11
Morocco earthquake: Missing British tourists found after sleeping on streets for two days Mirror 2023-09-11
Where is Susanna Reid? Good Morning Britain absence explained BBC 2023-09-11
Prince Harry draws criticism after neglecting to meet with family during UK visit DT 2023-09-11
Spy claim prompts call for rethink on UK's China stance BBC 2023-09-11
UK’s Sunak voiced ‘strong concerns’ over alleged China spying to Premier Li DT 2023-09-11
China says reports it had spy in UK parliament ‘malicious slander’ Al Jazeera 2023-09-11
‘Unacceptable’: British PM raises ‘strong concerns’ of Chinese spying allegations DT 2023-09-11
Chinese spies in UK prompts fear in Australia’s parliament DT 2023-09-11
Escaped UK prisoner captured but concerns raised over Victorian-era prison DT 2023-09-11
‘Silent lightning storms’ hit UK as expert explains rare ‘heat lightning’ weather phenomenon seen across country BBC 2023-09-11
Sunak Confronts China, Djokovic Goes for History: UK Sunday Briefing Bloomberg 2023-09-10
Sunak chides China after report says a UK House staffer is a suspected Beijing spy TOI 2023-09-10
British officials: Drone strike on Russian air base launched from inside Russia WT 2023-09-10
Morocco earthquake – live: UK deploys search and rescue teams as hunt for survivors continues Independent 2023-09-10
As UK schools crumble, a look inside the college Rishi Sunak donated $3 million to Independent 2023-09-10
British pilot, 75, dies in horror glider crash in the Pyrenees after aircraft smashed into tree as it came in land BBC 2023-09-10
UK rocked by Chinese spy claims DT 2023-09-10
UK government to be reported to UN over strike law by TUC BBC 2023-09-10
How China uses spy network of ‘sex & cash to woo US & UK officials’ as ‘Communist agent’ found at heart of Westminster The SUN 2023-09-10
Sara Sharif dad and stepmum 'urged to flee UK' over fears of being 'mistreated' Mirror 2023-09-10
Sunak Hints at UK Benefits Cut After 'Huge' Rise in Payments Bloomberg 2023-09-10
UK experiences its hottest day of the year DT 2023-09-10
UK parliament researcher arrested for China spying: Report TOI 2023-09-10
Pakistani police detain relatives of the man wanted in the death probe of his daughter in UK ABC 2023-09-10
Councils' toxic debt is why parts of Britain are going bust TOI 2023-09-09
UK police arrest escaped terror suspect in London following nationwide manhunt F24 2023-09-09
UK police arrest escaped terrorism suspect TOI 2023-09-09
UK police arrest terror suspect who escaped from a London prison Le Monde 2023-09-09
Daniel Abed Khalife, Ex-Soldier Who Escaped From British Prison, Is Recaptured NYT 2023-09-09
British journalist woken by sound of wife screaming as earthquake hits Morocco Independent 2023-09-09
British man fighting in Ukraine found dead in water with his hands bound Independent 2023-09-09
UK police offer almost $40,000 in manhunt for terror suspect DT 2023-09-09
Lough Neagh: What does future hold for UK's largest freshwater lake? BBC 2023-09-09
Ukraine-Russia war – live: British man found dead in water with hands bound Independent 2023-09-09
Dave and Central Cee track Sprinter named UK song of summer 2023 BBC 2023-09-09
British man fighting in Ukraine found dead in water with hands bound behind back Mirror 2023-09-08
A U.K. soldier accused of terrorism escaped prison strapped under a truck NPR 2023-09-08
One Chip Challenge: Amazon and eBay pull spicy tortilla from UK shop BBC 2023-09-08
No Bidders in British Offshore Wind Auction NYT 2023-09-08
Rishi Sunak accused of leaving British man to 'rot in jail' in India BBC 2023-09-08
I won't rush India-UK trade deal, says Rishi Sunak BBC 2023-09-08
Singapore accuses British journalist of foreign interference TOI 2023-09-08
UK police say explosive experts called to vehicle at Channel Tunnel terminal TOI 2023-09-08
Britain commemorates first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death Al Jazeera 2023-09-08
British police search for escaped terrorism suspect F24 2023-09-08
Former soldier escapes from U.K. prison, triggers massive manhunt DT 2023-09-08
YouTube starts verifying health workers in the UK BBC 2023-09-08
Zopa, the UK neobank, hits 1M customers and raises another $93M TechCrunch 2023-09-08
A trade deal between the UK and India isn't guaranteed any time soon - and this is why SKY 2023-09-08
Prince Harry back in Britain on anniversary of queen's death TOI 2023-09-07
UK hunts for soldier Daniel Khalife after Wandsworth prison escape DT 2023-09-07
US, UK authorities sanction more alleged Trickbot gang members TechCrunch 2023-09-07
Stripe rival Adyen secures banking license in the UK CNBC 2023-09-07
The U.K. is rejoining the European Union's science research program as post-Brexit relations thaw WT 2023-09-07
UK government vows escaped terrorism suspect will be found TOI 2023-09-07
We fled the UK to build luxury home in a CAVE – we felt like the Flintstones at first…but now we’ve gone a step further The SUN 2023-09-07
Who'll Win the UK House Price Stand-Off? Bloomberg 2023-09-07
UK hunts for soldier Daniel Khalife after Wandsworth prison escape Al Jazeera 2023-09-07
Police comb the U.K. and put airports on alert for an escaped prison inmate awaiting terrorism trial WT 2023-09-07
UK to rejoin EU’s Horizon science programme DT 2023-09-07
UK rejoins EU science program it left due to Brexit Le Monde 2023-09-07
'I ditched UK to live inside a 1,000-year-old Spanish cave - I've never slept better' Mirror 2023-09-07
The UK is rejoining the European Union's science research program as post-Brexit relations thaw Independent 2023-09-07
I tackled a crazed passenger as he tried to open DOOR on UK-bound flight – I had to headlock him as he was hogtied The SUN 2023-09-07
UK rejoins EU science research scheme Horizon BBC 2023-09-07
UK government accused of 'cutting corners' as 147 schools named at risk due to crumbling concrete TOI 2023-09-07
Father of Pakistani sought over death of 10-year-old daughter in UK asks him to surrender, cooperate ABC 2023-09-07
People in UK least likely to say work is important to their life - survey BBC 2023-09-07
British soldier awaiting trial on terror-related charges escapes from London prison WT 2023-09-06
British police hunt for prison escapee facing trial over ‘bomb hoax’ WP 2023-09-06
Ministerial statement on UK’s Online Safety Bill seen as steering out of encryption clash TechCrunch 2023-09-06
‘Noose tightening around Wagner’: UK’s ‘terrorist’ designation to have major implications worldwide DT 2023-09-06
UK scientists search cathedral roofs for cosmic dust DT 2023-09-06
British couple deny running from Greek restaurants without paying for meals Mirror 2023-09-06
Experts warn RAAC concrete affects thousands of UK buildings BBC 2023-09-06
I moved from UK to live in a 1,000 year old cave house – it’s so warm you don’t need any heating and I sleep like a baby The SUN 2023-09-06
U.K. Police Hunt Daniel Abed Khalife, Terror Suspect Who Escaped London Prison NYT 2023-09-06
UK's Labour Party leads Tories in polls, but risks being over-cautious Le Monde 2023-09-06
Britain Admits Defeat in Controversial Online Safety Bill WIRED 2023-09-06
UK expected to re-join Horizon science scheme BBC 2023-09-06
UK government lifts de facto ban on onshore wind farms WT 2023-09-06
UK’s second biggest city Birmingham declares financial insolvency DT 2023-09-06
British Bees Face a Deadly Invasion NYT 2023-09-06
UK’s hottest day of the year likely to be on Saturday, Met Office says DT 2023-09-06
British couple trapped in Greek apartment for 14 hours as Storm Daniel turns resort into 'warzone' SKY 2023-09-06
Wagner to be declared a terrorist organisation by UK BBC 2023-09-06
‘Justice denied’: Victims’ families slam UK’s Northern Ireland legacy bill Al Jazeera 2023-09-06
What is an omega block - and how is it causing the UK heatwave? SKY 2023-09-06
UK Air Traffic Control Chaos Was a ‘1 in 15 Million’ Problem NYT 2023-09-06
UK strikes: Who is walking out in September? DT 2023-09-06
Sara Sharif's stepmother says family 'willing to co-operate' with UK authorities SKY 2023-09-06
The UK says it will declare Russia’s Wagner mercenary group a banned terrorist organization Independent 2023-09-06
Ukraine will get Scimitar armored reconnaissance vehicles from UK DEF 2023-09-06
Russia's Wagner Group to be declared terrorist organisation by UK Government Mirror 2023-09-06
The UK Is Poised to Force a Bad Law on the Internet WIRED 2023-09-06
Rishi Sunak urged to raise India detention of British man BBC 2023-09-06
New law may block aid being spent on asylum seekers in UK, says watchdog BBC 2023-09-06
Russia-Ukraine war – live: Putin’s forces ‘dealt a good kick’ after first UK Challenger 2 tank destroyed Independent 2023-09-06
UK to declare Russia’s Wagner Group a ‘terrorist’ organisation Al Jazeera 2023-09-06
UK to declare Wagner Group a terrorist organisation Independent 2023-09-06
‘Curtsy’ evasion: Meghan Markle ‘avoiding’ Princess Catherine and UK DT 2023-09-06
Russia's Wagner to be declared a terrorist organization by UK TOI 2023-09-06
Russia's Wagner Group to be declared a terrorist organisation by the UK SKY 2023-09-06
Gayle Hunnicutt, Texan actress who thrived in Britain, dies at 80 WP 2023-09-06
Sunak blamed for unsafe schools crisis in Britain TOI 2023-09-06
'Scared' British family told they cannot leave their Greece hotel after 'biblical' rainfall SKY 2023-09-05
German court refuses extradition to U.K. based on prison conditions WP 2023-09-05
Birmingham, UK’s second biggest city, declares financial distress Al Jazeera 2023-09-05
UK government lifts de facto ban on onshore wind farms TOI 2023-09-05
British-made Challenger 2 tank destroyed by Russian troops, officials say SKY 2023-09-05
Russia warns of ‘escalation’ if US stations nuclear bombs in UK TOI 2023-09-05
UK heatwave: Heat-health alert upgraded to amber as temperatures to hit 32C BBC 2023-09-05
Rise in young women vaping daily in the UK BBC 2023-09-05
Everything we know about British policewoman, 22, found dead on holiday in Corfu Mirror 2023-09-05
UK strikes: Who is walking out in September? DT 2023-09-05
Spike in Asian hornet sightings could be deadly for British bees, experts say WP 2023-09-05
British couple 'flee THREE restaurants in Crete without paying for food' Mirror 2023-09-05
Dozens of UK schools at risk of collapse Le Monde 2023-09-05
Hundreds of UK women can now take legal action over Essure device BBC 2023-09-05
Five men deny raping British woman in Cyprus — as cops hunt more suspects The SUN 2023-09-05
Insect-borne diseases found in the tropics could emerge in UK’s warming climate DT 2023-09-04
In the UK, an 'atrocious miscarriage of justice' led to 17 years in jail Le Monde 2023-09-04
British policewoman, 22, dies ‘falling’ on Corfu holiday Independent 2023-09-04
Five men arrested after British woman reportedly raped in Cyprus SKY 2023-09-04
UK bees in danger as Asian hornet sightings rise BBC 2023-09-04
Novo Nordisk's Wegovy weight loss drug launches in the UK CNBC 2023-09-04
Ireland considers legal action against UK’s Northern Ireland legacy bill Al Jazeera 2023-09-04
Why are schools in the UK forced to close over RAAC ‘crumbling concrete’? Al Jazeera 2023-09-04
UK strikes: Who is walking out in September? DT 2023-09-04
UK’s controversial Northern Ireland ‘legacy’ Bill: All you need to know Al Jazeera 2023-09-04
Royal Family ‘nervous’ ahead of Prince Harry’s UK visit DT 2023-09-04
‘Concern’ Prince Harry will ‘draw media attention to himself’ during UK visit DT 2023-09-04
British girl 'raped 10 times' in Gibraltar as man, 25, charged with attacks Mirror 2023-09-03
Reason Meghan and Harry will never return to UK DT 2023-09-03
Mystery as British cop, 22, dies in 'accidental fall' hours after arriving in Corfu Mirror 2023-09-03
We ditched UK life to build a cabin in the wilderness…we lived in a tent for months and only spend £100-a-week The SUN 2023-09-03
Sent home: how Kenyan’s dream of life as a UK care worker turned sour The Guardian 2023-09-03
Fear, family and near-death experiences: 18 months as a Ukrainian refugee in the UK SKY 2023-09-03
British policewoman, 22, dies after being found with head injury on Corfu holiday Mirror 2023-09-02
‘Scary’ UK muggings skyrocket: What Aussies must know DT 2023-09-02
UK government orders review into police 'political activism' TOI 2023-09-02
UK scientists tackle the taboo subject of periods in polar research BBC 2023-09-02
British government orders over 100 schools to keep buildings closed due to concerns over aging concrete BBC 2023-09-02
Blink 182 postpone UK gigs as Travis Barker rushes home for 'urgent family matter' SKY 2023-09-01
UK chart: One in four top 40 songs samples older track BBC 2023-09-01
UK economy made stronger recovery during Covid BBC 2023-09-01
'Satan-2' doomsday missile Putin brags could 'sink UK' rolled out for first combat duty Mirror 2023-09-01
Ben Wallace's parting words as resigning British defense secretary: 'That's all folks!' Le Monde 2023-09-01
Two Brits among eight injured in hire car smash in Fuerteventura as horror vid shows UK driver plough into cafe terrace The SUN 2023-09-01
Putin puts 16,000mph doomsday nuke dubbed Satan-2 ‘that can sink UK in ONE strike’ on combat duty for the first time The SUN 2023-09-01
‘Top priority’: British defence firm BAE sets up Ukraine arms facility Al Jazeera 2023-09-01
Critically ill UK teen in legal fight with NHS BBC 2023-09-01
Indian-origin rising star British MP enters cabinet with energy security portfolio TOI 2023-09-01
The Photographer Who Immortalized British Viceroys and Maharajahs NYT 2023-09-01
Why the UK is talking to China BBC 2023-09-01
U.S. plans to deploy F-35s to UK amid Russia tensions DEF 2023-09-01
British volunteer 'killed in action' fighting in Ukraine SKY 2023-09-01
Moment British couple marched into Turkish police station after 'stealing purse' Mirror 2023-09-01
More than 1 million lives saved in the UK over past four decades due to advances in cancer care BBC 2023-09-01
Prominent British composer John Eliot Gardiner pulls out of engagements following allegations he hit a singer BBC 2023-08-31
UK startup BackPedal uses GPS tracking to reclaim stolen e-bikes TechCrunch 2023-08-31
UK Replaces Defense Secretary Ben Wallace With Grant Shapps NYT 2023-08-31
Where do the items in the British Museum come from? Al Jazeera 2023-08-31
Remember David Schwimmer’s British wife on ‘Friends’? Show director sure does, calls actress Helen Baxendale ‘not funny’ DT 2023-08-31
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak names Grant Shapps as next defense secretary BBC 2023-08-31
UK gov’t urged against delay in setting AI rulebook as MPs warn policymakers aren’t keeping up TechCrunch 2023-08-31
UK strikes: Who is walking out in September? DT 2023-08-31
British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace resigns, Grant Shapps replaces him Le Monde 2023-08-31
Ben Wallace confirms resignation as UK defence minister TOI 2023-08-31
Ben Wallace: New UK defence secretary to be announced BBC 2023-08-31
UN expert urges immediate review of discredited UK sentencing scheme GLI 2023-08-31
UK’s National Health Service introduces groundbreaking ‘under the skin’ cancer treatment injection BBC 2023-08-30
Most Church of England priests say Britain no longer a Christian nation, warn of 'extinction' WT 2023-08-30
World’s craziest roads from 2,000ft death plunges, to road markings that make people sick, and Britain’s ‘Widowmaker’ The SUN 2023-08-30
‘We need warning labels’: Doctor calls for ultra-processed foods to be marked with alert to kick the UK’s addiction to ultra-processed food BBC 2023-08-30
Britain’s top diplomat Cleverly visits China to stabilise frayed ties Al Jazeera 2023-08-30
UK strikes – who will be walking out in the next few weeks? DT 2023-08-30
United Kingdom air traffic control says problem which caused flight cancellations won't happen again TOI 2023-08-30
UK home sales set to hit their lowest since 2012 as mortgage sales plummet CNBC 2023-08-30
UK's Air Traffic Control crash was caused by 'unusual piece of data', top boss reveals Mirror 2023-08-30
James Cleverly begins China talks as UK MPs criticise approach BBC 2023-08-30
Technical failure that halted UK air traffic blamed on issues with flight data BBC 2023-08-30
Travellers at UK airports continue to experience delays 24 hours after glitch DT 2023-08-29
UK air controllers say flight data sparked glitch that snarled hundreds of flights TOI 2023-08-29
British soldier found dead during military rugby tournament in France Mirror 2023-08-29
UK air traffic failure set to disrupt flights for days TOI 2023-08-29
Calls for ultra-processed foods to be slapped with warning labels over fears that UK is set to be hit by ‘tidal wave of harm’ from junk food BBC 2023-08-29
Queen unveils British resistance agent portrait at RAF Club DT 2023-08-29
UK flights delayed and canceled as a 'technical issue' hits air traffic control ABC 2023-08-29
Britain's foreign secretary will visit China in an attempt to shore up ties and reduce tensions TOI 2023-08-29
British Trade Secretary criticizes the pro-Khalistan extremist attack on Indian High Commission, calls it 'disgrace' TOI 2023-08-29
UK should be preparing for bird flu pandemic, scientist warns amid concern over virus mutations that could see it take off in humans BBC 2023-08-29
Britain’s quirky World Bog Snorkeling Championships kicks off with flippers, snorkeling gear, and a giant toad BBC 2023-08-29
Britain’s worst maternity units MAPPED – so is your local one of them? BBC 2023-08-29
UK strikes – Who is walking out this September? DT 2023-08-29
UK flight disruption will take 'days' to fix after technical glitch causes travel chaos CNBC 2023-08-29
Airlines rush to restore service after UK air-system outage TOI 2023-08-29
Widespread UK air travel disruption to last for days, minister says Al Jazeera 2023-08-29
Britain's foreign secretary will visit China in an attempt to shore up ties ABC 2023-08-29
UK says a cyberattack was not the cause of air traffic problems that snarled flights ABC 2023-08-29
Air traffic control: UK flight chaos to continue for days after fault BBC 2023-08-29
Airlines warn of UK flight delays over air traffic control fault BBC 2023-08-29
Anna Wintour: Vogue editor says 'art scene is so important' to UK BBC 2023-08-29
What triggered massive flight cancellations in UK TOI 2023-08-29
British man found dead in Ibiza hotel room after pals raised alarm Mirror 2023-08-28
British man, 34, found dead in hotel room in Ibiza party resort San Antonio during holiday with friends The SUN 2023-08-28
UK air traffic issue fixed but flights remain affected Al Jazeera 2023-08-28
30-day warning for British holidaymakers hoping to travel to Europe for holidays Mirror 2023-08-28
'Stolen' memorial pole set to 'return home' from UK museum SKY 2023-08-28
UK flights resume after air traffic control 'technical issue' causes holiday delays CNBC 2023-08-28
P&O cruise ship returning to UK after hitting tanker in Majorca storm…& hundreds of Brits won’t even get to stay onboard The SUN 2023-08-28
UK air travel chaos as major traffic control failure impacts hundreds of flights Mirror 2023-08-28
UK could fit asylum seekers with electronic tags Al Jazeera 2023-08-28
Glitch hits British air space, grounding flights on busy holiday weekend WP 2023-08-28
UK flights delayed and canceled as a 'technical issue' hits air traffic control Le Monde 2023-08-28
Airlines warn of delays as UK air traffic control hit by technical fault DT 2023-08-28
UK air traffic control hit by network failure, airlines warn of delays DT 2023-08-28
Air traffic control down - full list of UK airports affected from Heathrow to Gatwick Mirror 2023-08-28
UK flights delayed after air traffic control suffers ‘technical issue’ The Verge 2023-08-28
Planes grounded in UK due to ‘network failure’ DT 2023-08-28
UK air space SHUT in air traffic control major failure sparking huge flight delays Mirror 2023-08-28
Air traffic control chaos LIVE: Hundreds of flights in and out of the UK hit by delays Mirror 2023-08-28
Indian-origin women in UK given radioactive chapatis in 60s? MP seeks probe TOI 2023-08-27
The UK faces a ‘tidal wave of harm’ as ultra-processed food including sliced bread, cereal and ready meals put millions at risk of heart attacks and strokes BBC 2023-08-27
Competitors get down and dirty at Britain's bog snorkeling championships ABC 2023-08-27
UK's Sunak Plans to Skip UN General Assembly in September Bloomberg 2023-08-27
Family of former British PM apologises for links to slavery Al Jazeera 2023-08-27
As evil Lucy Letby gets sentenced to life in prison… Britain’s other murderer medics – and how they were caught BBC 2023-08-27
Three Brit gang-rape suspects released on bail after UK tourist ‘drugged and attacked in Magaluf holiday apartment’ The SUN 2023-08-27
Dorries Finally Quits UK Parliament With Fierce Attack on Sunak Bloomberg 2023-08-27
The summer during which British Conservatives ignored the climate consensus Le Monde 2023-08-27
UK’s $125M AI chip investment not enough to keep pace in tech race, experts warn: ‘Go big or go home’ BBC 2023-08-27
BOE'S Broadbent Warns UK Rates Need to Remain High For Some ... Bloomberg 2023-08-27
Grenada prime minister calls on Britain to pay slavery reparations: ‘It’s the decent thing to do’ Independent 2023-08-27
Boris Johnson ally Nadine Dorries quits Britain's Parliament after months of delay WT 2023-08-26
Boris Johnson ally Nadine Dorries quits Britain's Parliament after months of delay ABC 2023-08-26
Fed Latest: BOE's Broadbent Sees UK Rates Higher for Longer Bloomberg 2023-08-26
Moment three Brit gang-rape suspects dragged to court in cuffs after UK woman ‘drugged and attacked in Magaluf hotel’ The SUN 2023-08-26
Family of former British PM apologises for enslaver past in Guyana The Guardian 2023-08-26
Three Brits held over Magaluf ‘gang-rape’ snared as they boarded flight back to UK after second alleged attack in days The SUN 2023-08-26
Stock Markets Today: Jackson Hole, Power in Russia, UK ... Bloomberg 2023-08-26
Descendant of British PM apologizes for family’s role in slavery DT 2023-08-26
UK police launch operation into accused poison seller after 88 deaths Al Jazeera 2023-08-25
Prince William ‘irritated’ at Harry’s surprise UK return DT 2023-08-25
UK investigates 88 deaths linked to Canadian site that allegedly offered lethal products to suicidal people BBC 2023-08-25
Guyana president demands slavery reparations ahead of British family's apology SKY 2023-08-25
British girl, 15, 'raped on Greek island by 16-year-old Italian tourist' Mirror 2023-08-25
UK police are investigating the deaths of 88 people linked to Canadian self-harm websites TOI 2023-08-25
UK police are investigating the deaths of 88 people linked to Canadian self-harm websites ABC 2023-08-25
Suicide poison chef linked to 88 deaths in Britain after buying products online Mirror 2023-08-25
Canadian 'online poison seller' linked to 88 deaths in the UK SKY 2023-08-25
United Kingdom man, 40, dies at country’s largest outdoor water park, causing one-day closure BBC 2023-08-25
Wisbech farm claims UK record-breaking year for watermelons BBC 2023-08-24
2 arrested in suspected torching of British pub cherished for its lopsided walls ABC 2023-08-24
British judge: Life support treatment can end for brain-damaged pastor in a coma ABC 2023-08-24
Four key things the Prigozhin plane footage tells us - from a former UK military pilot SKY 2023-08-24
Britain to host world's first AI safety summit at home of World War II codebreakers CNBC 2023-08-24
Hospital services in the UK come to a standstill as thousands of senior doctors strike again ABC 2023-08-24
Hospital services in the UK come to a standstill as thousands of senior doctors strike again ABC 2023-08-24
I was born without a uterus. The UK’s breakthrough womb transplant gives me a ‘glimmer of hope’ that I can have a child BBC 2023-08-24
UK political watchdog says PM Rishi Sunak 'inadvertently' broke ethics rules ABC 2023-08-24
UK political watchdog says Prime Minister Rishi Sunak 'inadvertently' broke ethics rules ABC 2023-08-24
Cycling through the UK: Five rides from the beautiful gardens of Kent to the dazzling Gower Peninsula Le Monde 2023-08-24
‘Nobody wants’ Prince Harry and Meghan in the UK DT 2023-08-24
Prince Harry set to return to the UK solo ahead of Queen Elizabeth’s death anniversary: sources BBC 2023-08-24
Prince Harry to return to the UK on the eve of first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's death ABC 2023-08-24
2 UK teens part of hacking group that blackmailed ‘Grand Theft Auto’ maker, jury rules BBC 2023-08-23
UK’s £18tn slavery debt is an underestimation, UN judge says BBC 2023-08-23
Trade expert discusses UK-India trade deal negotiations as officials say progress is being made DT 2023-08-23
'We are under attack': Security fears after report Chinese spy used LinkedIn to target British officials SKY 2023-08-23
Jury says UK teens were part of the hacking group behind a 'Grand Theft Auto' blackmail bid ABC 2023-08-23
UK Covid cases nearly DOUBLE in a month amid rise of two mutant variants, official figures suggest as BA.2.86 continues to sweep the globe BBC 2023-08-23
UK carries out first-ever womb transplant as sister donates uterus Al Jazeera 2023-08-23
The British government plans to deport migrants to Rwanda NPR 2023-08-23
UK faces ‘heightened recession risks’ as interest rates bite BBC 2023-08-23
Meet the remarkable surgeons behind UK’s first womb transplant BBC 2023-08-23
UK’s first womb transplant costs £25,000 with charity fundraising events including cake sales helping to fund the operation BBC 2023-08-23
British tourist, 23, in coma after oil tanker smashes into cars on Portugal motorway Mirror 2023-08-23
India-UK trade deal held up by 'sticky' issues as trade secretary visits Delhi SKY 2023-08-23
Woman receives sister's womb in first UK transplant BBC 2023-08-23
Chinese spy targets UK officials on LinkedIn offering cash and holidays for state secrets Mirror 2023-08-23
UK to provide £192m loan guarantee to boost Ukraine nuclear capabilities SKY 2023-08-23
UK-India trade talks enter 'final, trickier' stage - government sources BBC 2023-08-23
Step-by-step, how pioneering medics performed Britain’s first ever womb transplant in painstaking SEVENTEEN-hour op involving two sisters BBC 2023-08-23
Grant Shapps visits Kyiv as UK backs Ukraine nuclear power BBC 2023-08-23
Britain’s first WOMB transplant: Huge medical breakthrough sees mum, 40, donate her uterus to childless younger sister in mammoth 17-hour op – and now she wants ‘as many babies as I can’ BBC 2023-08-23
Microsoft revamps Activision deal to get UK approval Al Jazeera 2023-08-22
Britain’s most dangerous spider’ strikes in Kent: Man’s finger begins ROTTING away after he’s bitten by a noble false widow BBC 2023-08-22
British police charge former Nigerian oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke with bribery BBC 2023-08-22
Former OPEC president charged with bribery offences in the UK SKY 2023-08-22
British tourist drowns jumping into lake to cool off during family holiday to Turkey Independent 2023-08-22
War crimes being committed in Darfur, says UK minister Andrew Mitchell The Guardian 2023-08-22
Nigeria's ex-oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke charged with bribery in the UK BBC 2023-08-22
As inflation hurts most in the UK, top bosses enjoy ‘bumper’ pay rises Al Jazeera 2023-08-22
UK baby-killer Lucy Letby sentenced to life in prison: ‘Malevolence bordering on sadism’ BBC 2023-08-22
Holiday warning as four British tourists fined £30,000 EACH and kicked out of hotels after messing about on balconies The SUN 2023-08-22
Microsoft revamps deal for video game maker Activision Blizzard to meet UK demands ABC 2023-08-22
UK’s CMA confirms decision to block Microsoft-Activision but opens fresh probe of restructured deal proposal TechCrunch 2023-08-22
Microsoft to sell off Activision cloud gaming rights to Ubisoft in bid for UK approval The Verge 2023-08-22
Microsoft submits new Activision Blizzard takeover deal to British regulator after initial block CNBC 2023-08-22
UK police to end investigation into King Charles’ charity DT 2023-08-22
UK microchip giant Arm files to sell shares in US BBC 2023-08-21
UK nurse imprisoned for life for murder of newborns TOI 2023-08-21
Inquiry into claims of unlawful killings by UK soldiers in Afghanistan to be held partly in secret SKY 2023-08-21
UK vows increased support for Iraq’s anti-drug efforts, strengthening security partnership BBC 2023-08-21
Two men arrested after British teenager 'gang-raped in Magaluf video attack' Mirror 2023-08-21
British nurse jailed for life for killing seven babies DT 2023-08-21
Lucy Letby, UK nurse who killed seven babies, sentenced to life in prison Al Jazeera 2023-08-21
From a dog’s dinner to skint and even spend a penny! Nursing bosses create ultimate 46-term guide to British slang so foreign medics know what patients mean BBC 2023-08-21
British nurse Lucy Letby sentenced to life in prison over killing of seven newborns F24 2023-08-21
British nurse Lucy Letby imprisoned for life for the murders of 7 babies and attempted murders of 6 WT 2023-08-21
British baby-killer nurse sentenced to life imprisonment Le Monde 2023-08-21
British nurse Lucy Letby imprisoned for life for the murders of 7 babies ABC 2023-08-21
Former neonatal nurse given a whole-life prison sentence for killing 7 babies and trying to kill 6 others at UK hospital ABC 2023-08-21
UK police to take no action after investigation into cash-for-honors allegation at king's charity ABC 2023-08-21
British nurse who killed 7 babies sentenced to life in prison WP 2023-08-21
Asake returns to UK for first gig since Brixton crush BBC 2023-08-21
UK nurse who murdered seven babies believed to have harmed dozens more infants DT 2023-08-21
Britain’s first menopause education programme launched by experts in bid to help women understand the changes to their bodies as research suggests 90% were never taught about it at school BBC 2023-08-21
Why US tech giants are threatening to quit the UK BBC 2023-08-21
British Museum: How easy is it to steal from a museum? BBC 2023-08-20
British filmmaker says Trump was ‘unhinged’ and ‘terrifying’ during his final days in office Independent 2023-08-20
British heptathlon star wins gold at World Athletics Championship SKY 2023-08-20
Britain's Debt Pile; Football Inequality: Saturday UK Briefing Bloomberg 2023-08-20
Afghan women kept apart from British husbands by UK government’s ‘callous’ English rules Independent 2023-08-20
China, UK Moving on Regulation Tops the Week's AI News Bloomberg 2023-08-20
UK war fears as British Army boasts fewer tanks than neutral Switzerland Mirror 2023-08-19
William Gladstone: family of former British PM to apologise for links to slavery The Guardian 2023-08-19
British and Swiss police break up a crime ring and recover a valuable Ming vase in a sting operation ABC 2023-08-19
Nurse found guilty of murdering seven newborn babies in UK DT 2023-08-19
Spanish police arrest fugitive wanted over UK murder of woman shot in her own home Mirror 2023-08-19
Pakistani police seek to arrest father of 10-year-old Sara Sharif, who died in the UK ABC 2023-08-19
How rife is Covid in YOUR area? Timelapse map shows how cases have DOUBLED in a fortnight as health chiefs confirm ‘real deal’ variant is now in UK – and may have been spreading silently for weeks BBC 2023-08-19
UK nurse found guilty of murdering seven babies DT 2023-08-19
Russia sanctions UK politicians and journalists BBC 2023-08-18
British Nurse Lucy Letby Is Convicted of Killing Seven Newborns NYT 2023-08-18
'Complete betrayal of trust:' Neonatal nurse in a British hospital found guilty of killing 7 babies WT 2023-08-18
British Museum thefts: What we know so far BBC 2023-08-18
Nurse found guilty of murdering seven newborn babies in UK Al Jazeera 2023-08-18
Piece Hall: Is this hidden architectural gem UK's best gig venue? BBC 2023-08-18
British nurse Lucy Letby found guilty of murdering seven newborn babies F24 2023-08-18
A jury has found a British nurse guilty of killing 7 babies and trying to kill 6 others in a neonatal ward ABC 2023-08-18
A neonatal nurse in a British hospital has been found guilty of killing 7 babies ABC 2023-08-18
Cops hunt two tourists who ‘witnessed Magaluf gang rape and did NOTHING to stop it’ – as Brit victim, 18, returns to UK The SUN 2023-08-18
UK strikes – Who is walking out this summer? DT 2023-08-18
British teenager 'gang raped in Magaluf' was 'filmed in 20 videos during sick assault' Mirror 2023-08-18
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince visit to the UK condemned DT 2023-08-18
Why UK's invite to Saudi crown prince is controversial SKY 2023-08-18
Podcast: Decoding the UK's Property Market 'Standoff' Bloomberg 2023-08-18
British Museum worker sacked after jewellery and gems goes missing DT 2023-08-18
UK prime minister plans meeting with Saudi crown prince amid trade, security talks BBC 2023-08-18
DIA exhibit of renowned photographer James Barnor showing connection between Ghana and UK DT 2023-08-18
Ukraine already preparing for ‘worst-case scenario’ winter siege, says UK Independent 2023-08-17
UK’s Sunak, Saudi crown prince to meet ‘at the earliest opportunity’ Al Jazeera 2023-08-17
Six tourists arrested over alleged rape of British teenager in Magaluf Independent 2023-08-17
Ukraine upgrading UK-made Challenger 2’s with Mad Max-style armour to defend against Putin’s kamikaze drones The SUN 2023-08-17
UK prime minister plans to meet with Saudi crown prince to discuss trade, defense cooperation ABC 2023-08-17
British 'chat show king' Michael Parkinson dies aged 88 Le Monde 2023-08-17
Britain’s baby bust laid bare: Births plummet to 20-YEAR low as record number of women over-40 give birth BBC 2023-08-17
Latest update on Ukraine fuel stockpiles from UK Ministry of Defence Independent 2023-08-17
British woman 'gangraped in Magaluf by French tourists' had 'grab marks on her arms' Mirror 2023-08-17
Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman invited to visit UK BBC 2023-08-17
Michael Parkinson, popular British talk-show host, dies at 88 WP 2023-08-17
Renowned British talk show host Michael Parkinson dies at age 88 ABC 2023-08-17
AI could dwarf Industrial Revolution’s impact on ‘all elements of life,’ senior UK official says BBC 2023-08-17
UK's Mortgage Market Is Getting Its Mojo Back Bloomberg 2023-08-17
UK inflation drops to 6.8 per cent due to gas price fall DT 2023-08-17
LIVE UK Inflation Latest: Markets Today on Pound (GBP USD), FTSE Bloomberg 2023-08-17
British teenager 'gang raped in Magaluf' as police arrest six men Mirror 2023-08-16
Son-in-law of UK's ex-Hong Kong guv involved in Indian eatery shootout TOI 2023-08-16
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s California Vacation NYT 2023-08-16
'Britain's greatest living artist' David Hockney vows to carry on painting into his 90s Mirror 2023-08-16
New Covid variant branded the ‘real deal’ could already be in BRITAIN, experts claim amid calls for return of face masks to slow spread of virus BBC 2023-08-16
UK launches £1 billion fintech fund to compete with Silicon Valley CNBC 2023-08-16
UK rents rise at highest rates since 2016 BBC 2023-08-16
UK annual inflation drops to 15-month low TOI 2023-08-16
UK annual inflation drops to 15-month low, eases cost-of-living crisis Al Jazeera 2023-08-16
Kenya-based British army training unit accused of human rights violations, committee launches inquiry BBC 2023-08-16
Tony Blair, Former U.K. Leader, Is Suddenly Back in Favor NYT 2023-08-16
UK Latest: Inflation Falls Less Than Expected Bloomberg 2023-08-16
'Russian spies posed as journalists while running ops from sleepy UK guesthouse' Mirror 2023-08-16
British teenager 'raped in Magaluf hotel room by six tourists' Mirror 2023-08-16
UK inflation slows to 17-month low of 6.8% DT 2023-08-16
Lower energy prices behind UK inflation slowing BBC 2023-08-16
UK inflation falls to 17-month low of 6.8% but unlikely to derail another interest rate rise ABC 2023-08-16
UK headline inflation rate drops sharply to 6.8% in July, in line with expectations CNBC 2023-08-16
UK Wage Growth Accelerates in Tight Labor Market Bloomberg 2023-08-16
LIVE UK Markets Today: Job and Wage Report Show Healthy Hiring Bloomberg 2023-08-16
Three Bulgarians arrested in UK linked to suspected Russian espionage Al Jazeera 2023-08-16
Three Bulgarians suspected of spying for Russia charged in UK TOI 2023-08-15
LIVE UK Markets Today: Job and Wage Report Show Healthy Hiring Bloomberg 2023-08-15
UK Wage Growth Accelerates in Tight Labor Market Bloomberg 2023-08-15
'Russian spy' taught classes on 'how to be British' and baked pies for her neighbours Mirror 2023-08-15
Afghan teacher who worked for Brits 'abandoned' by UK as Taliban trying to hunt him down Mirror 2023-08-15
Russian spies pose BIGGER threat than in the Cold War under ruthless Putin, warns ex-UK general after ‘spooks’ arrested The SUN 2023-08-15
Offshore wind turbine catches fire off east coast of Britain CNBC 2023-08-15
First Look With Surveillance: PBOC Cuts, UK Wages Bloomberg 2023-08-15
Five British tourists rescued from burning boat and one wounded after it erupted in flames off Greek island The SUN 2023-08-15
Every time British transfer record broken in Premier League era BBC 2023-08-15
Kenya launches an inquiry into alleged abuses by a British army training unit, including a slaying ABC 2023-08-15
UK PM Sunak sees "light at the end of the tunnel" TOI 2023-08-15
Three Bulgarians arrested in UK for fraud, suspected of spying for Russia Le Monde 2023-08-15
Three suspected Russian spies arrested in Britain TOI 2023-08-15
UK has an obligation to help Afghans at risk from Taliban, former diplomat says SKY 2023-08-15
Three 'Russian spies' arrested across UK in major national security investigation Mirror 2023-08-15
UK strikes – Who is walking out this August? DT 2023-08-15
UK's first Eurovision singer Patricia Bredin dies aged 88 BBC 2023-08-15
Suspected spies for Russia held in major UK security investigation BBC 2023-08-15
UK wages grow at record rate BBC 2023-08-15
UK fighter jets intercept two Russian bombers north of Scotland DT 2023-08-15
Afghanistan refugees being let down by UK, says think tank BBC 2023-08-15
UK RAF launches Typhoon fighters to intercept two Russian long-range maritime patrol bombers DT 2023-08-14
UK govt rejects claims it was slow to evacuate asylum-seekers TOI 2023-08-14
RAF Typhoons scramble to intercept two Russian ‘Bear’ bombers after they threatened UK airspace in brazen swoop The SUN 2023-08-14
RAF Typhoon fighter jets intercept Russian bombers flying off UK coast Mirror 2023-08-14
Madagascar president’s aide charged with bribery in UK Al Jazeera 2023-08-14
Stock Markets Today: UK Property, China Shadow Banking, Crispin Odey, Rate Cuts Bloomberg 2023-08-14
UK government rejects claims it was slow to evacuate asylum seekers after bacteria detected on barge ABC 2023-08-14
Madagascan presidential aide charged with seeking £225,000 bribe in UK BBC 2023-08-14
British woman, 39, dead in Fuerteventura on one of the hottest days of the year Mirror 2023-08-14
UK government defends handling of migrant crisis DT 2023-08-14
Deadly shipwreck rounds off UK's failed 'small boats week' Le Monde 2023-08-14
British rock star loses restaurant in Hawaii wildfires - and says situation on the ground is 'catastrophic' SKY 2023-08-14
Britain's Landlord Selloff May Be Much Bigger Than First Thought Bloomberg 2023-08-14
Map reveals the 20 countries where men around the world are most likely to be bald – and US and UK’s rank might shock you BBC 2023-08-13
UK celebrity stylists on forming a union DT 2023-08-13
Russia-Ukraine war - latest: Putin may no longer fund Wagner Group, UK says Independent 2023-08-13
Sunak's Immigration Policy Stumbles: Your Saturday UK Briefing Bloomberg 2023-08-13
Return to Office May Reverse UK Women’s Gains on Working Hours - Flipboard Bloomberg 2023-08-13
Wilko's Fall Leaves a Gaping Hole in British Town Centers Bloomberg 2023-08-13
Sexual abuse is continuing in the movie business even after #MeToo campaign, says British actress Charlotte Kirk The SUN 2023-08-12
Three people avoid injury after rock fall in UK DT 2023-08-12
British Covid scientist, 27, killed in horror cycling crash on holiday in Italy Mirror 2023-08-12
Thousands of Afghans in limbo two years after fall of Kabul – as Sunak urged to keep UK promise Independent 2023-08-12
Rhodes tries to return to normal after wildfires - as British holidaymakers return Mirror 2023-08-12
LIVE UK Markets Today: Pound (GBP/USD) Jumps After GDP Growth Surprise Bloomberg 2023-08-12
Six dead after ‘migrant boat’ capsizes crossing from France to UK Al Jazeera 2023-08-12
British man is permanently blinded in both eyes after paint gun incident in Magaluf nightclub Mirror 2023-08-11
TikTok: Skindred comes second in battle for first UK number one BBC 2023-08-11
No 10 suggests UK still EU member in tweet gaffe BBC 2023-08-11
Rishi Sunak most frequent UK flyer among recent PMs BBC 2023-08-11
Rishi Sunak told UK must grow more of its own food BBC 2023-08-11
U.K. Economy Grows Weakly NYT 2023-08-11
Car insurance hits £500 a year for average UK driver BBC 2023-08-11
Warm weather in June boosts UK economy BBC 2023-08-11
UK economy posts surprise second-quarter growth as households kept spending CNBC 2023-08-11
Beer in Britain's pubs just got cheaper, thanks to changes in the alcohol tax NPR 2023-08-11
Nearly 1,000 Ukrainian marines to return home after 'intense' training from elite UK commandos SKY 2023-08-11
Britain's barge for asylum seekers faces new setback as legionella bacteria found in water system ABC 2023-08-11
Health fears force UK to remove refugees from Bibby Stockholm barge Al Jazeera 2023-08-11
British doctor among five dead in South Africa after taking wrong turn as tourists warned away Mirror 2023-08-09
UK military looks to widen recruitment criteria to boost skills Financial Times 2023-08-09
LIVE UK Markets Today: FTSE Latest, BOE Inflation Outlook Bloomberg 2023-08-09
British doctor among five people shot dead in South Africa unrest SKY 2023-08-09
Iran summons British envoy over his social media post calling for release of detained journalists ABC 2023-08-09
UK Young Adults 'Give Up on Property' to Live With Parents Later in Life Bloomberg 2023-08-09
Four large UK lenders announce mortgage rate cuts Financial Times 2023-08-09
Parsing the UK voter register cyberattack TechCrunch 2023-08-09
Britain can learn lessons from Taiwan’s industrial strategy Financial Times 2023-08-09
UK's Voter Register Was Hacked. No One Noticed for 15 Months Bloomberg 2023-08-09
New Covid variant Eris driving surge in UK was already in India months ago, expert claims Independent 2023-08-09
UK strikes – Who is walking out this summer? DT 2023-08-09
UK announces deal with Turkey to tackle irregular migration Al Jazeera 2023-08-09
UK signs deal with Turkey to disrupt people-smuggling gangs BBC 2023-08-09
Martin Parr's 'Bad Weather' captures rainy Britain Le Monde 2023-08-09
UK 'at risk of recession next year', thinktank warns Sky News 2023-08-09
Sea Powers Like the US and UK Retreat While China and Other Land Powers Expand Bloomberg 2023-08-09
Stock Markets Today: Amazon Arm IPO, Italy Bank Tax, China Deflation, UK Growth Bloomberg 2023-08-09
Need directions? Researchers discover that British men greatly overestimate their ability to navigate – and it declines with age BBC 2023-08-09
Why talk of a UK doctor exodus is premature BBC 2023-08-09
UK government resists moves for tighter corporate transparency Financial Times 2023-08-09
‘Hostile actors’ hacked British voter registry, electoral agency says WP 2023-08-08
Hackers may have access to information on millions of British voters, election commission says ABC 2023-08-08
UK watchdog probes ‘de-banking’ and links to customers’ politics Financial Times 2023-08-08
UK accounting watchdog looks to tighten audit independence rules Financial Times 2023-08-08
Hackers had access to UK voter data for over a year before anyone noticed The Verge 2023-08-08
Staying out of Horizon would harm British science Financial Times 2023-08-08
UK electoral register hacked by ‘hostile actors’, watchdog reveals Financial Times 2023-08-08
Storm Hans smashes Europe with two dead as UK prepares for major downpours this weekend Mirror 2023-08-08
Britain's 'hardest geezer' kidnapped months after being held at gunpoint during run Mirror 2023-08-08
NATO-supplied air defense network preventing Russian jets from flying over Ukraine: U.K. analysts WT 2023-08-08
UK police arrest suspect in stabbing near the British Museum in London ABC 2023-08-08
Electoral Commission hack exposed data of 40 million UK voters TechCrunch 2023-08-08
Cyber-attack on UK's electoral registers revealed BBC 2023-08-08
British Museum Stabbing: Man Wounded NYT 2023-08-08
Britain’s Chinese student diaspora should not live in fear Financial Times 2023-08-08
UK justice secretary hits out at lawyers ‘parading their politics’ Financial Times 2023-08-08
Can UK honours system arise from the swamp? Financial Times 2023-08-08
Female Brit tourist, 20, ‘groped by UK holidaymaker at Magaluf hotel’ as cops arrest man, 48, over ‘sexual assault’ The SUN 2023-08-08
Varadkar says UK reluctant to co-operate on N Ireland political crisis Financial Times 2023-08-08
LIVE Markets Today: UK House Prices, Jobs, FTSE 100 and Pound (GBP to USD) Bloomberg 2023-08-08
Wet weather damps UK consumer spending Financial Times 2023-08-08
UK ministers accused of inaction over ‘buy now, pay later’ lenders Financial Times 2023-08-07
UK starts moving asylum seekers onto barge as part of new detention plan DT 2023-08-07
UK moves asylum seekers to barge despite humanitarian concerns DT 2023-08-07
Britain begins detaining migrants on barge firefighters called ‘deathtrap’ WP 2023-08-07
Major UK housebuilder plans jobs cuts amid slump in demand from new buyers Sky News 2023-08-07
First asylum seekers moved to UK’s Bibby Stockholm barge Financial Times 2023-08-07
UK Moves First Group of Migrants to Barge NYT 2023-08-07
Hybrid working put to the test as ‘London-centric’ UK civil service heads north Financial Times 2023-08-07
UK moves asylum-seekers to a barge to cut costs of sheltering migrants BBC 2023-08-07
UK uni student, 18, wins trip of lifetime into space with mum after entering competition Mirror 2023-08-07
What is Disease X? Why are UK scientists working on a vaccine to prevent a new pandemic from unknown disease? BBC 2023-08-07
UK moves asylum seekers to barge despite humanitarian concerns Al Jazeera 2023-08-07
Migrants moved to barge moored in southern UK as government seeks to cut costs ABC 2023-08-07
The UK must not abandon the evidence on climate goals Financial Times 2023-08-07
At least 57 swimmers fall ill after UK triathlon competition Al Jazeera 2023-08-07
UK house prices fall for fourth consecutive month Financial Times 2023-08-07
UK strikes – Who is walking out this summer? DT 2023-08-07
HSBC executive apologises for criticising UK over China policy Financial Times 2023-08-07
Lecturers in the UK refuse to mark exams in labor dispute, leaving thousands unable to graduate ABC 2023-08-07
British Scouts move into hotels after heatwave hits World Jamboree site SKY 2023-08-07
Iraq asks US, UK to extradite former officials in $2.5 billion corruption scandal F24 2023-08-07
HSBC executive sorry for saying UK 'weak' over China BBC 2023-08-07
UK ready for ‘100 Days Mission’ as new vaccine lab opens Financial Times 2023-08-07
Dreary British capital brought to life by 700 PIO women in sarees TOI 2023-08-07
UK employers and landlords face big jump in ‘illegal migrant’ fines Financial Times 2023-08-07
British scientists are primed to create the next pandemic vaccine in 100 days as super-lab Porton Down develops prototypes to tackle ‘Disease X’ BBC 2023-08-07
British army vet sounds alarm after he’s arrested for silent prayer outside abortion clinic: ‘unfathomable’ BBC 2023-08-06
US and China inflation data and UK GDP figures due Financial Times 2023-08-06
UK businesses urge Sunak to reverse rise in visa fee for skilled workers Financial Times 2023-08-06
UK government split over listing Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as terrorists Financial Times 2023-08-06
What Britain can learn from its polluted waterways Financial Times 2023-08-06
It is time to fix Britain’s broken tax system Financial Times 2023-08-06
Will the Law Commission’s digital assets final report make the UK a DeFi jurisdiction of choice? TechCrunch 2023-08-06
China will use electric cars imported to the UK to spy on Brits, ministers warn The SUN 2023-08-05
Danger to life warning as Storm Antoni hits parts of UK DT 2023-08-05
Inside UK’s silent sleeping pill crisis: Prescriptions for Ambien hit all-time high and even kids as young as FOUR are getting powerful hypnotics on the NHS BBC 2023-08-05
Aidan Roche missing: All we know about British hiker who vanished in the Swiss Alps Independent 2023-08-05
UK and US scouts pulled out of camp after S Korea heatwave BBC 2023-08-05
US, UK scouts quit S Korea World Scout Jamboree campsite over extreme heat Al Jazeera 2023-08-05
'Ambulances everywhere' - UK Scout leader reveals Jamboree chaos amid South Korea heatwave SKY 2023-08-05
British forces join largest joint training exercise with US and Australian troops Mirror 2023-08-04
British scouts to leave South Korean Jamboree site after 100 participants suffer heat ailments WT 2023-08-04
British Scouts pulled from South Korea jamboree as hundreds struck down by extreme heatwave Independent 2023-08-04
Travis Scott in chart Utopia with first UK number one album BBC 2023-08-04
The US could learn a lot from how the UK is crafting DEI policy for venture capital TechCrunch 2023-08-04
UK law firms threaten to halt work on asylum cases without higher pay offer Financial Times 2023-08-04
Radical British preacher Anjem Choudary faces May trial on terrorism charges ABC 2023-08-04
British holidaymaker found dead in Ibiza after witness spots body floating in sea Mirror 2023-08-04
British scouts to leave South Korean Jamboree site after 100 participants suffer heat ailments ABC 2023-08-04
Cash buyers hold trump cards in prime UK property market Financial Times 2023-08-04
Israeli Startup Applies to Put Lab-Grown Steaks on British Menus Bloomberg 2023-08-04
UK housebuilding activity falls sharply in July Financial Times 2023-08-04
Expert says aliens are hiding in 'terminator zones' as 1,000 UFOs spotted in UK Mirror 2023-08-04
Warnings issued as Storm Antoni set to hit the UK this weekend DT 2023-08-04
Freddie Mercury’s private collection goes on show in UK DT 2023-08-04
UK risks wasting wind farms achievement without new links to grid, report warns DT 2023-08-04
UK estate agents build up lettings as homes sales boom ends Financial Times 2023-08-04
Microsoft's determined to buy the maker of Call Of Duty - but will the UK allow it?  Sky News 2023-08-04
Pay UK households to accept new power lines, report urges Financial Times 2023-08-04
Why you shouldn’t rely on Google to choose a dentist: Private medical clinics across Britain are boosting their profiles with fake online reviews, investigation reveals BBC 2023-08-03
Now there’s ANOTHER new Covid variant! Health chiefs claim Eris is starting to sweep UK amid spike in cases blamed on Barbenheimer and bad weather BBC 2023-08-03
British Rowing bans transgender women from women's events WT 2023-08-03
Family and friends of missing British hiker 'extremely worried' SKY 2023-08-03
Fine banks that blacklist customers for political views, says UK chancellor Financial Times 2023-08-03
Crash or Correction? UK House Prices Bloomberg 2023-08-03
British Rowing restricts women’s category to athletes ‘assigned female at birth’ BBC 2023-08-03
Rishi Sunak Home Scaled by Greenpeace Protesters in Britain NYT 2023-08-03
UK discount retailer Wilko on the brink of collapse Financial Times 2023-08-03
Greenpeace climate protesters climb atop UK prime minister’s home, hang black fabric BBC 2023-08-03
Carl Davis, award-winning American composer behind many British TV shows and films, dies at 86 ABC 2023-08-03
UK ordered to apologise to academic over alleged torture in UAE Financial Times 2023-08-03
Climate activists drape British prime minister’s home in ‘oil-black’ fabric WP 2023-08-03
Pockit, an all-in-one financial services app for UK consumers, lands $10M TechCrunch 2023-08-03
Strava's GPS could hold vital clue in finding British hiker missing for 42 days Mirror 2023-08-03
UK interest rates to stay higher for longer, Bank of England says BBC 2023-08-03
Greenpeace drapes UK leader Sunak’s home in black fabric over oil policy Al Jazeera 2023-08-03
Niger: First evacuated UK nationals arrive safely in France BBC 2023-08-03
Greenpeace demonstrators drape UK prime minister's house in black to protest oil expansion ABC 2023-08-03
'The situation could change quickly without warning': UK pulling staff out of its embassy in Niger as unrest looms SKY 2023-08-03
After divorce with EU, UK’s future involves getting closer Financial Times 2023-08-03
Mystery as 'experienced' British hiker missing for 42 days last seen in the Alps Mirror 2023-08-03
Future pandemic and extreme weather among key threats to UK BBC 2023-08-03
'We sold our UK house and moved to paradise island - rent is just £166 a month' Mirror 2023-08-03
Bank of England set to join Fed in raising interest rates again amid high UK inflation ABC 2023-08-03
American fugitive Nicholas Rossi who faked his death can be extradited to US to face rape charge, UK judge says TOI 2023-08-03
UK chip sector cannot ‘recreate Taiwan in south Wales’, says tech minister Financial Times 2023-08-03
UK and EU divide opens up on dealmaking regulation Financial Times 2023-08-03
UK traditional TV viewing sees record decline, Ofcom report says BBC 2023-08-03
UK ‘absolutely committed’ to net zero, says Shapps Financial Times 2023-08-03
Drone attacks, AI and Russian threat to energy among main risks to UK Financial Times 2023-08-03
British viewers shun broadcast TV for digital services, Ofcom finds Financial Times 2023-08-03
Post-Brexit UK border food checks delayed again on inflation fears Financial Times 2023-08-02
UK to establish resolution regime for insurance companies Financial Times 2023-08-02
UK government to give private companies bigger role in health diagnostics Financial Times 2023-08-02
UK tax authorities pursue Uber in widening VAT dispute Financial Times 2023-08-02
Britain’s armed forces must adapt radically to meet future threats Financial Times 2023-08-02
Lib Dems target more than a dozen seats at next UK general election Financial Times 2023-08-02
American fugitive who faked his death can be extradited to Utah to face a rape charge, UK judge says ABC 2023-08-02
UK privacy watchdog warns Meta over plan to keep denying Brits a choice over its ad tracking TechCrunch 2023-08-02
American fugitive who faked death can be extradited to Utah to face rape charge, UK judge says ABC 2023-08-02
American fugitive who faked death can be extradited to Utah to face rape charge, U.K. judge says WT 2023-08-02
UK foreign aid cuts could lead to thousands of deaths, report warns SKY 2023-08-02
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak makes climate activists seethe in bold move for energy independence BBC 2023-08-02
Mass brawl between British tourists and Ibiza street sellers sparks party resort chaos Mirror 2023-08-02
Women’s health at risk from UK aid cuts, Foreign Office warned The Guardian 2023-08-02
Meet the successors to a very British design dynasty Financial Times 2023-08-02
LIVE Markets Today: UK House Prices, HSBC and BP Earnings, Pound (GBP to USD) Bloomberg 2023-08-02
Britain faces a mortgage crisis with renters and homeowners in the crossfire. Here's how to protect your money CNBC 2023-08-02
UK in danger of falling behind on 5G, analysts warn Financial Times 2023-08-02
UK foreign aid cuts: Thousands will die as a result, says report BBC 2023-08-02
UK to back plans to speed up construction of power networks Financial Times 2023-08-02
Foreign Office report reveals ‘grim’ human toll of UK’s overseas aid cuts Financial Times 2023-08-02
U.K.’s New Alcohol Taxes Are Aimed at Keeping Pubs Open and Votes Flowing NYT 2023-08-01
UK plan to house asylum seekers on barge delayed by fire safety concerns Financial Times 2023-08-01
British man who killed terminally ill wife visits her grave for first time after prison release SKY 2023-08-01
Three large UK lenders cut mortgage rates as inflation outlook improves Financial Times 2023-08-01
UK strikes – Who is walking out this summer? DT 2023-08-01
UK to keep EU safety mark in post-Brexit climbdown BBC 2023-08-01
The beginning of the end of Britain’s net zero consensus Financial Times 2023-08-01
UK recognises 'acts of genocide' against Iraq's Yazidis by IS group F24 2023-08-01
Yazidi genocide by Islamic State ranked alongside Holocaust after UK recognition SKY 2023-08-01
UK migrant policy: Hundreds to be housed on barge despite outcry DT 2023-08-01
England fans warm up for World Cup decider with knees up in 'British pub' Down Under Mirror 2023-08-01
UK Property: House Prices Fall at Fastest Pace Since 2009 Financial Crisis Bloomberg 2023-08-01
UK recognises ‘acts of genocide’ against Yazidis by ISIL Al Jazeera 2023-08-01
UK climbs down on post-Brexit product mark Financial Times 2023-08-01
British man freed after Cyprus court rules killing wife to spare her pain was manslaughter act of love BBC 2023-08-01
UK house prices drop by most since 2009 amid rising interest rates Al Jazeera 2023-08-01
HSBC CEO Quinn on Earnings, Investing in Asia, UK HQ Bloomberg 2023-08-01
UK's first drone mail service begins in Orkney BBC 2023-08-01
UK house prices record biggest annual drop since 2009 Financial Times 2023-08-01
UK's Sunak launches pro-oil offensive Le Monde 2023-08-01
UK house prices fall at sharpest rate for 14 years, says Nationwide BBC 2023-08-01
UK imposes sanctions as Russia jails Putin critic for 25 years F24 2023-08-01
UK shop prices dip for first time in 2 years, industry data shows Financial Times 2023-08-01
UK ministers plan task force to plug nuclear skills gap Financial Times 2023-08-01
British Government Signals Support for Oil and Gas Industry NYT 2023-08-01
Climate change: Last year's UK heatwave 'a sign of things to come' BBC 2023-08-01
Renewables, nuclear and fossil fuels: The UK's changing energy mix BBC 2023-08-01
Cyprus authorities free British man despite a 2-year prison sentence for killing his ailing wife WT 2023-08-01
Barbie movie soundtrack breaks UK singles chart record BBC 2023-08-01
Niger coup: Britain cuts aid and neighbours ‘may use force’ to restore president The Guardian 2023-08-01
British mother-of-10 among three killed in France motorway crash - reports SKY 2023-08-01
Mystery as Brit ex-serviceman, 49, shot dead on night out in California – weeks before he was due to return to UK The SUN 2023-08-01
Vodafone, Hutchison to announce UK merger as soon as Friday Reuters 2023-08-01
'I wish I could find words': British expat guilty of wife's mercy killing overwhelmed as he walks free SKY 2023-08-01
UK will issue hundreds of new oil and gas licenses in North Sea Le Monde 2023-08-01
Industry calls on UK to accelerate carbon capture as new projects approved Financial Times 2023-08-01
UK commits to carbon capture while expanding North Sea drilling Financial Times 2023-08-01
The UK has doubled down on oil drilling—and claimed it's all part of its net-zero plan Quartz 2023-08-01
UK mortgage approvals and consumer credit jump despite higher rates Financial Times 2023-07-31
Legal services: US firms lay down the law in the UK Financial Times 2023-07-31
UK accounting watchdog appoints Richard Moriarty as chief executive Financial Times 2023-07-31
UK’s biggest teaching union calls off strikes after backing pay offer Financial Times 2023-07-31
British man who killed terminally ill wife after she ‘begged him to’ is freed from Cyprus prison Independent 2023-07-31
Britain angers climate campaigners after committing to issue hundreds of new oil and gas licenses CNBC 2023-07-31
MPs are stuck as UK parliament crumbles around th Financial Times 2023-07-31
Microsoft argues its Activision Blizzard case with UK regulators The Verge 2023-07-31
UK regulator sets deadline for banks to justify low interest rates for savers Financial Times 2023-07-31
Cyprus court hands British man a 2-year prison term for killing his ailing wife to spare her pain Independent 2023-07-31
Cyprus court hands British man a 2-year prison term for killing his ailing wife to spare her pain ABC 2023-07-31
UK to grant hundreds of new oil and gas licenses, ignoring calls from environmentalists ABC 2023-07-31
UK to grant hundreds of new oil and gas licenses, ignoring calls from environmentalists Independent 2023-07-31
Ambition alone will not build UK nuclear pow Financial Times 2023-07-31
UK searches for tech innovations to boost occupational health Financial Times 2023-07-31
FirstFT: UK makes polluting cheaper by watering down carbon reforms Financial Times 2023-07-31
UK government cuts cost of polluting in latest anti-green mov Financial Times 2023-07-31
UK Looks to Extend Bank Closure Rules to Business: Telegraph Bloomberg 2023-07-31
UK’s nuclear power ambitions for 2050 lack clear plan, say MPs Financial Times 2023-07-31
UK needs to step up engagement with Africa on security, says foreign secretary Financial Times 2023-07-30
City investors putting UK security at risk over ESG, ministers warn Financial Times 2023-07-30
Week Ahead: UK rates set to hit 15-year high Financial Times 2023-07-30
Pressure mounts on UK financial regulator to overhaul bank rules for politicians Financial Times 2023-07-30
Five men hunted by police after British woman ‘sexually assaulted’ in a nightclub toilet in Spain The SUN 2023-07-30
Labour: Government’s gas storage decision cost UK £1.7bn DT 2023-07-30
UK doctor claiming to be trained in Indian specialist massage jailed for sexual assault TOI 2023-07-30
Sunak Goes on the Offensive: Your Saturday UK Briefin Bloomberg 2023-07-30
Warning over deadly Asian hornets seen in UK: Doctor and here’s how much harm a single sting can do to you BBC 2023-07-30
UK man finishes six-year charity walk DT 2023-07-30
ETHAN ENNALS: Why I’ve signed up for the UK’s largest medical study to help firefighters such as Kieran and Miriam’s grandchildren BBC 2023-07-29
UK Second-Home Owners May See Tax Double From 2025 Bloomberg 2023-07-29
Sunak Gambles With Lurch to Right as UK Moderates Flee to Labou Bloomberg 2023-07-29
Ex-head of Government’s vaccine taskforce Kate Bingham warns UK is unprepared for Covid 2.0 because of ‘dumbarse’ decisions in wake of the pandemic BBC 2023-07-29
Killer burden of UK's fast fashion obsession where women risk death carrying our cast-offs Mirror 2023-07-29
A pollution tax on older cars can be extended to London's suburbs after a British court rulin WT 2023-07-28
UK wine and spirit producers braced for new post-Brexit alcohol duty Financial Times 2023-07-28
UK pledges £600mn to boost social care services ahead of wint Financial Times 2023-07-28
Are bad vibes holding back the British economy? Financial Times 2023-07-28
Putin could be out of power within a year, says ex-British spy - here's how SKY 2023-07-28
Sony’s first PS5 sale brings steep price drops to the UK, Germany, India, and beyond The Verge 2023-07-28
Decentralising UK taxes could be a balm amid needy electorat Financial Times 2023-07-28
UK strikes – Who is walking out this summer? DT 2023-07-28
Fifth of UK households can't afford good quality food, MPs' warn Sky News 2023-07-28
What next for UK house prices? Financial Times 2023-07-28
Personal Finance: UK Pension-Change Effects Pack a Wallop Bloomberg 2023-07-28
MPs call for subsidy of UK’s green aviation fuel producers Financial Times 2023-07-28
How Angry Should the UK Be With the Bank of England? Bloomberg 2023-07-28
Thousands of retail outlets disappear from British towns over past five years Sky News 2023-07-28
Former British rap artist and alleged jihadist Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary found dead in Spanish prison BBC 2023-07-27
Centrica Halts Sale of 'Key' UK Gas Assets After Energy Crisis Bloomberg 2023-07-27
xit baggage weighs down UK moves to welcome Europe’s youth Financial Times 2023-07-27
UK under fresh pressure to bring home nationals held in Syria Financial Times 2023-07-27
Former British rapper Abdel Baryfound dead in Spanish prison ABC 2023-07-27
UK seafood sector in talks to clean up labour standards on fishing vessels Financial Times 2023-07-27
Coal Plant Moratorium Pushed by UK, Canada in Letter to G20 Bloomberg 2023-07-27
The UK’s warmest year on record might just become the average by 2060 Quartz 2023-07-27
UK rebuffs EU offer for strategic dialogu Financial Times 2023-07-27
UK government's routine housing of unaccompanied child migrants in hotels ruled unlawfu ABC 2023-07-27
Russia is preparing Black Sea ‘blockade’ of Ukraine: UK int TOI 2023-07-27
Three of the UK’s largest lenders cut mortgage rates Financial Times 2023-07-27
UK ‘routinely’ housing child asylum seekers in hotels is unlawful, court rules Financial Times 2023-07-27
UK government's routine housing of unaccompanied child migrants in hotels ruled unlawfu ABC 2023-07-27
UK billionaire Joe Lewis pleads not guilty in a "brazen" insider trading sch Quartz 2023-07-27
UK unlawfully housing unaccompanied asylum-seeking minors in hotels: Court Al Jazeera 2023-07-27
UK Sanctions on Russian Oligarchs Allow Generous Exemptions NYT 2023-07-27
UK 'complacent' to threat posed by Russian mercenary group Wagn SKY 2023-07-27
Record British Gas profit after energy bill chan BBC 2023-07-27
Moment Russian helicopter explodes 'after being struck by British-made Starstreak missile' Mirror 2023-07-27
Depression, anxiety, long-term COVID-19 symptoms drive increase in UK residents unable to work BBC 2023-07-27
UK lobbying watchdog criticises government for rejecting reforms Financial Times 2023-07-27
Greece fires – live: Nine European nations battle blazes as Met Office warns UK could be next Independent 2023-07-27
‘Lawyers coaching Indian migrants to pretend to be Khalistani for UK asylum’ TOI 2023-07-27
UK’s record heatwave will be seen as ‘cool’ by 2100, Met Office warns Financial Times 2023-07-27
‘Painfully slow’ grid holding up UK electric car shift, says trade body Financial Times 2023-07-27
itain's richest man says Brexit was 'not good for the UK,' backs PM Sunak's economic plans CNBC 2023-07-27
Joe Lewis: UK tycoon bailed in US fraud case but can't use superyacht BBC 2023-07-27
The Nazis built camps on British soil, where the death toll remains unknown WP 2023-07-26
Kwarteng had clear warning of strain facing UK economy before mini-Budget Financial Times 2023-07-26
UK prime minister urged to speed up compensation for infected blood scandal victims ABC 2023-07-26
Rishi Sunak defends UK’s delay on infected blood scandal compensation Financial Times 2023-07-26
UK government receives record £5.76bn in inheritance tax Financial Times 2023-07-26
UK prime minister urged to speed up compensation for infected blood scandal victims WT 2023-07-26
Dramatic moment ‘British Starstreak’ missile blasts Russian KA-52 helicopter out the sky killing ‘top commander’ The SUN 2023-07-26
UK investigates weight loss, diabetes drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic for suicide risks CNBC 2023-07-26
Amazon offers concessions over third-party sales to appease UK antitrust watchd Financial Times 2023-07-26
Kevin Spacey acquitted of all nine sexual offence charges in UK tria Al Jazeera 2023-07-26
Higher mortgage costs threaten surge of UK buy-to-let property sales Financial Times 2023-07-26
US actor Kevin Spacey cleared of sex offences by UK court F24 2023-07-26
UK prime minister urged to speed up compensation for infected blood scandal victims ABC 2023-07-26
A CEO quits and the BBC apologizes to Trump ally Nigel Farage. A banking scandal erupts in Britain CNBC 2023-07-26
Amazon offers concessions to UK antitrust watchdog as part of probe into its marketplace practices CNBC 2023-07-26
Kevin Spacey found not guilty of UK sex offenses Le Monde 2023-07-26
Amazon makes bid to settle UK antitrust probe into seller data, Buy Box and Pri TechCrunch 2023-07-26
HSBC becomes first big UK lender to cut mortgage rates Financial Times 2023-07-26
Senior Russian commander killed by British-supplied missiles Mirror 2023-07-26
Ukraine war: UK criticised for 'lack of understanding' of Wagner's activities in Africa BBC 2023-07-26
Apple and Amazon face UK class action damages suit over price collusion clai TechCrunch 2023-07-26
Colonisation by British 'luckiest thing' to happen to Australia - John Howard BBC 2023-07-26
Crypto scheme that scans people's eyeballs being looked at by UK regulat Sky News 2023-07-26
Sadiq Khan calls on UK government for extra Ulez fundin Financial Times 2023-07-26
Failures by UK tax agency leave £1.7bn dormant in Child Trust Funds, say MPs Financial Times 2023-07-26
Scrutiny of UK tax relief system is ‘inadequate’, say MPs Financial Times 2023-07-26
UK government taken to task for ‘underplaying’ Wagner’s activities Financial Times 2023-07-26
UK inaction let Wagner group flourish and grow, say MPs The Guardian 2023-07-26
News updates from July 25: Microsoft and Alphabet report rise in revenues, UK government faces £150bn bill to cover Bank of England’s QE losses Financial Times 2023-07-25
UK warns Russia may begin targeting civilian ships in Black Sea Al Jazeera 2023-07-25
UK government says energy certificates need ‘fundamental reform’ in latest green shift Financial Times 2023-07-25
UK cinemas not out of the darkness despite Barbenheimer box office success Sky News 2023-07-25
Students are suing UK universities over Covid disruption. Do they have a case? Financial Times 2023-07-25
UK government faces £150bn bill to cover Bank of England’s QE losses Financial Times 2023-07-25
Virgin Media O2 to cut more than a tenth of UK jobs BBC 2023-07-25
Share trading app Robinhood hires Freetrade exec for UK launch Sky News 2023-07-25
Gilts: linkers are stinkers for the cash-strapped UK Financial Times 2023-07-25
Globalisation is not to blame for Britain’s insecurity p Financial Times 2023-07-25
Inside the mystery of ‘Turkey’s Nicola Bulley’ who vanished on dog walk while living dream retirement with British wif The SUN 2023-07-25
Reports of modern slavery double in UK care sect BBC 2023-07-25
Radical British-Pakistani preacher charged with directing a terrorist organisation TOI 2023-07-25
Electric cars are the future, but is the UK ready? BBC 2023-07-25
UK to tighten rules over illegal content on internet platforms Financial Times 2023-07-25
London’s top earners enjoy strongest UK pay growth since start of pandemic Financial Times 2023-07-25
UK job support system failing unemployed and economy, says report Financial Times 2023-07-25
Climate change plan will leave UK unprepared, advisers warn BBC 2023-07-25
Apple targeted in App Store antitrust damages suit that’s seeking $1BN+ for UK developers TechCrunch 2023-07-25
Instagram is launching creator subscriptions in Australia, Canada, the UK and TechCrunch 2023-07-24
Housebuilders cast doubt over UK government plan to deliver new homes Financial Times 2023-07-24
Trevor Francis dies aged 69 as tributes paid to Britain's first £1m play Mirror 2023-07-24
UK rescue flights for tourists fleeing ‘out of control’ wildfires on Rhodes and Corfu Independent 2023-07-24
UK economic activity slows as rising interest rates hit spendin Financial Times 2023-07-24
The UK is paying for a decade-long seriousness deficit Financial Times 2023-07-24
UK and eurozone economic slowdown highlighted by survey data Financial Times 2023-07-24
TUI cancels all flights to wildfire-hit Rhodes up to Friday - as hundreds of stranded British tourists rescued SKY 2023-07-24
More children can use passport e-gates after UK rule chan BBC 2023-07-24
UK venture capital firms failing to invest in women and minorities, say MPs BBC 2023-07-24
UK strikes: Who is walking out in July? DT 2023-07-24
French movie stars pay final farewell to British-born actor and singer Jane Birkin F24 2023-07-24
Radical British preacher Anjem Choudary is charged with directing a terrorist organization ABC 2023-07-24
'Barbenheimer' sparks biggest UK box office opener since 2019 BBC 2023-07-24
The last of the Thames barges race to save British maritime history WP 2023-07-24
UK charges Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary with ‘terror’ offences Al Jazeera 2023-07-24
‘It was hell on earth’: British tourists describe fleeing for their lives from Rhodes wildfi Independent 2023-07-24
How does the UK economy compare to other countries? BBC 2023-07-24
MPs urge changes to tax relief to boost UK’s regional start-ups Financial Times 2023-07-24
Rhodes fires: Jet2 and TUI flights cancelled as British tourists in li BBC 2023-07-23
'Barbenheimer' phenomenon sparks explosion in UK cinema ticket sales Sky News 2023-07-23
‘It was hell on earth’: British tourists describe fleeing for their lives from Rhodes wildfi Independent 2023-07-23
UK political parties are getting the jitters over green policies after a special election verdict ABC 2023-07-23
Shapps vows to ‘max out’ UK’s North Sea oil and gas reserves Financial Times 2023-07-23
World’s biggest fruit eaters REVEALED in interactive map (and neither Britain or the US is near the bottom) BBC 2023-07-23
Trying to escape Rhodes wildfires 'was literally like the end of the world', says UK tourist SKY 2023-07-23
New British Humanitarian Medal to honour UK disaster rescuers BBC 2023-07-23
Latitude Festival: Are Young Fathers the UK's most thrilling live band? BBC 2023-07-23
Top UK Diplomat Delays China Trip After Qin Gang Disappears Bloomberg 2023-07-22
Ukraine shows off Britain’s mighty Challenger 2 tanks in action as they head for the frontline to face down Putin The SUN 2023-07-22
UK stocks stage biggest rally since early January after inflation drops Financial Times 2023-07-22
Pet owners’ agony over the killer cat coronavirus supposedly headed for BRITAIN: The victims of crisis turning Cyprus into ‘island of dead cats’ BBC 2023-07-22
Inside the floating home for 500 UK asylum seekers DT 2023-07-22
Vulnerable UK migrant workers at risk as audits of farm recruiters sta Financial Times 2023-07-22
‘Netflix for health’ care provider to offer British subscribers who wish to beat NHS delays appointments with consultants within 48 hours for £20 a month BBC 2023-07-22
Train strikes: Walkouts hit start of UK summer holidays BBC 2023-07-22
Ukraine's Zelensky sacks ambassador to UK Prystaiko after criticis BBC 2023-07-21
What does the scrapping of a wind farm plan mean for UK renewable energy? BBC 2023-07-21
New report warns that tacit blasphemy law is operating in the UK TOI 2023-07-21
UK Covid inquiry set to obtain Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages Financial Times 2023-07-21
The unravelling of Britain’s Conservatives Financial Times 2023-07-21
Zelensky sacks Ukraine’s ambassador to UK over Wallace weapons row Independent 2023-07-21
4 Takeaways From Britain’s By-Elections NYT 2023-07-21
UK police shouldn't have stopped French publisher under anti-terror laws, an independent review says ABC 2023-07-21
Sunak’s Conservatives lose two out of three seats in key UK vot Al Jazeera 2023-07-21
UK inflation data could portend a soft landing ahead Financial Times 2023-07-21
UK borrowing dampened as tax hikes and even inflation help boost government coffers Sky News 2023-07-21
Zelensky sacks ambassador to UK after criticis Le Monde 2023-07-21
itish PM Rishi Sunak suffers 2 big defeats in U.K. special elections NPR 2023-07-21
King Charles III to receive bumper pay rise after a shake-up of the British royal family’s finances CNBC 2023-07-21
'Shocking': UK's top litter-polluting brands revealed Sky News 2023-07-21
Zelenskyy fires Ukraine’s envoy to UK and minister quits in shake-up Financial Times 2023-07-21
Zelensky sacks his ambassador to UK after he backed Ben Wallace in row over ‘being grateful’ for Ukraine war weapons The SUN 2023-07-21
McDonald's abuse claims personally shocking, says UK boss BBC 2023-07-21
Sunak's Conservatives suffer 2 big defeats but avoid a wipeout in trio of U.K. special elections WT 2023-07-21
Post-MiFID, UK Reforms Should Target Independent Research T Bloomberg 2023-07-21
UK Latest: Sunak Dealt a Double Defeat in By-Elections Bloomberg 2023-07-21
A silent emergency: The rise in suicides among UK doctors Al Jazeera 2023-07-21
Stock Markets Today: UK Elections, Nasdaq 100, Microsoft-Activision Dea Bloomberg 2023-07-21
UK public borrowing falls unexpectedly as tax receipts grow Financial Times 2023-07-21
UK Conservatives suffer routs in two by-elections but narrowly avoid wipeout F24 2023-07-21
UK police launch hate crime inquiry after Sikh holy text damaged TOI 2023-07-21
What do the results mean for UK politics? BBC 2023-07-21
UK By-Election Results: 1 Win and 2 Defeats for the Tories NYT 2023-07-21
Ukraine ambassador to UK grilled by Kyiv after criticising Zelensky in Amazon row Independent 2023-07-21
Sunak's Conservatives suffer 2 big defeats but avoid a wipeout in trio of UK special elections ABC 2023-07-21
Major UK food producer says no more price rises this yea Sky News 2023-07-21
Sunak's Conservatives suffer 2 big defeats but avoid a wipeout in trio of UK special elections ABC 2023-07-21
Can the UK financial regulator really end rip-offs? Financial Times 2023-07-21
w to UK renewable plans after Vattenfall halts wind farm project Financial Times 2023-07-21
UK mobile companies should be clear on roaming charges, says watchd Financial Times 2023-07-21
UK Conservatives hold on to Boris Johnson's former seat, lose 2 out of 3 by-elections Le Monde 2023-07-21
UK consumer confidence plummets in July Financial Times 2023-07-21
Employers could legally have to offer free health checks to staff under new Government drive to Britain’s end sick-note cultu BBC 2023-07-21
Ukraine ambassador to UK grilled by Kyiv after criticising Zelensky in Amazon row Independent 2023-07-20
Why Apple is threatening to remove iMessage from the UK market Quartz 2023-07-20
Women in the Workplace. Gender Diversity In Corporate Britain Bloomberg 2023-07-20
UK banking boss apologizes to populist politician Farage over the closure of his account Independent 2023-07-20
UK Treasury counts cost of payouts from last summer’s political chaos Financial Times 2023-07-20
UK removes sanctions against Russian oligarch Oleg Tinkov Financial Times 2023-07-20
UK set to push back new recycling scheme amid industry concerns Financial Times 2023-07-20
UK banking boss apologizes to populist politician Farage over the closure of his account ABC 2023-07-20
Russia imposes travel restrictions on UK diplomats ABC 2023-07-20
Apple warning it could shut FaceTime, iMessage in UK over gov’t surveillance policy adds to growing tech industry discontent TechCrunch 2023-07-20
Virgin Money to shut almost a third of UK branches - is your local bank affected? Sky News 2023-07-20
Movement of British diplomats in Russia restricted by Moscow SKY 2023-07-20
Virgin Money to shut a third of its UK bank branches BBC 2023-07-20
Legal & General investment chief bets on UK recession Financial Times 2023-07-20
Virgin Money to shut almost a third of UK branches Sky News 2023-07-20
UK watchdog warns retailers against food price profiteerin Financial Times 2023-07-20
UK sanctions Wagner-linked officials in Mali, Sudan and CAR Al Jazeera 2023-07-20
Memo reveals pressure on UK climate finance pled BBC 2023-07-20
Fibre frenzy gathers pace as InfraBridge eyes merger of UK a Sky News 2023-07-20
Thousands of UK hospital doctors walk out, crippling health services ABC 2023-07-20
Apple slams UK surveillance-bill proposals BBC 2023-07-20
World will miss 1.5C warming limit - top UK expert BBC 2023-07-20
UK’s green halo fades under Sunak leadership Financial Times 2023-07-20
UK's governing Conservatives braced for drubbing from voters in 3 special elections ABC 2023-07-20
Curing UK’s growth problem will take reform and money Financial Times 2023-07-20
Row over British Journal of Psychiatry abortion paper saw panel quit BBC 2023-07-20
UK car industry hopes £4bn Tata gigafactory electrifies the sect Financial Times 2023-07-20
Nigel Farage accuses UK’s Coutts bank of closing his account over political beliefs; PM Sunak responds BBC 2023-07-20
Young adults in the UK rely on social media to access news, regulator finds Financial Times 2023-07-20
UK government pays £500mn in subsidies for Tata battery plant Financial Times 2023-07-19
Disposable vapes should be restricted like tobacco in order to clamp down on UK’s kid e-cig epidemic, senior Tory MP claims BBC 2023-07-19
iden turns up heat on UK over asylum for Afghan hero pilot Independent 2023-07-19
UK amends encrypted message scanning plans BBC 2023-07-19
Tobias Ellwood: Afghan women slate UK MP's video praising 'country transformed' BBC 2023-07-19
Microsoft and Activision agree to extend $69 billion deal deadline in wait for UK approva CNBC 2023-07-19
UK battles to reverse EU endorsement of ‘Islas Malvinas’ na Financial Times 2023-07-19
UK inflation falls more than expected to 7.9% in Jun Financial Times 2023-07-19
‘No more’: Anti-racism group to monitor UK police after scandals Al Jazeera 2023-07-19
Kemi Badenoch: UK government can’t pick winners but it can help the car industry succeed Financial Times 2023-07-19
PM: Many reasons why Tata chose UK for battery plant DT 2023-07-19
UK Prime Minister Sunak apologizes for ban on LGBTQ+ people in the military ABC 2023-07-19
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak apologizes for a previous ban on LGBTQ+ people in the military ABC 2023-07-19
'Incredibly proud moment' as Tata confirms plans to build gigafactory for batteries in the UK Sky News 2023-07-19
wn bears enjoy themselves at UK z DT 2023-07-19
UK’s dementia hotspots mapped: One in 35 people have incurable disease in parts of country and experts warn rate will double by 2050 amid demands to get game-changing Alzheimer’s drugs rushed onto NHS to stop incoming onslaught BBC 2023-07-19
UK rents reach record high as mortgage rate rises hit housing market Financial Times 2023-07-19
UK universities set to secure big cut in pensions bi Financial Times 2023-07-19
PM Rishi Sunak apologises for historic LGBT ban in UK armed forces TOI 2023-07-19
Netflix just axed its basic ad-free plan in the US and UK The Verge 2023-07-19
Netflix removes its basic tier in the US and the UK TechCrunch 2023-07-19
Rishi Sunak apologises to UK’s LGBT veterans for past armed forces gay ban BBC 2023-07-19
adcom's $61 billion VMware purchase wins UK competition watchdog's approva ABC 2023-07-19
Microsoft and Activision Delay Deal to Settle UK Regulatory Issues NYT 2023-07-19
Why Britain’s Mortgage Holders Are Being Squeezed NYT 2023-07-19
There is no low-tax option at the next UK election Financial Times 2023-07-19
UK property stocks surge after inflation falls Financial Times 2023-07-19
MI6 head calls on Russians to spy for UK Financial Times 2023-07-19
Macquarie takes further control of Britain’s gas network Financial Times 2023-07-19
‘Join hands with us’: Britain’s MI6 chief urges Russians to spy Al Jazeera 2023-07-19
Minister: Battery factory is brilliant news for Britain DT 2023-07-19
UK chairs first UN Security Council meeting on AI risks DT 2023-07-19
India's Tata Group to build $5 billion gigafactory in the UK CNBC 2023-07-19
UK provisionally approves Broadcom’s $69B VMware acquisition TechCrunch 2023-07-19
Afghan refugees to move out of UK hotels over the su BBC 2023-07-19
India's Tata will build a $5-billion new electric car battery factory in the UK ABC 2023-07-19
UK travel chaos warning - where are the flashpoints and when is the best time to get away? Sky News 2023-07-19
Electric car battery factories matter to the UK - for one simple reason Sky News 2023-07-19
India’s Tata Group to build $5bn EV battery gigafactory in UK Al Jazeera 2023-07-19
A UK measure to stem migration is set to become law NPR 2023-07-19
Russians against Ukraine war should spy for the UK, MI6 boss says Independent 2023-07-19
Russians appalled by Ukraine war should spy for UK, says MI6 boss SKY 2023-07-19
UK borrowing costs drop sharply after lower-than-expected inflation print CNBC 2023-07-19
Ukraine war puts UK at greatest Russian 'nuclear escalation' threat since the Cold Wa Mirror 2023-07-19
UK inflation falls by more than anticipated to 15-month low of 7.9% ABC 2023-07-19
UK’s governing Conservatives face a reckoning with voters in 3 special elections ABC 2023-07-19
UK inflation rate slides to 7.9% in June, below expectations CNBC 2023-07-19
Jaguar Land Rover-owner to spend £4bn on UK battery factory BBC 2023-07-19
UK inflation falls to lowest level in more than a yea BBC 2023-07-19
Why is there no UK heatwave as Europe swelters during Charon? Independent 2023-07-19
Rishi Sunak’s popularity sinks to lowest since he became UK PM TOI 2023-07-19
UK gripped by 'sickness explosion costing economy £15 billion a year' Sky News 2023-07-19
UK-listed company profit warnings rise for seventh consecutive quart Financial Times 2023-07-19
UK Bill ‘significantly erodes’ human rights and refugee protections, UN agencies warn GLI 2023-07-19
Price of UK car insurance accelerates to all-time high Financial Times 2023-07-19
UK Conservative lawmaker faces ejection from Parliament for groping strangers at a London clu ABC 2023-07-18
Anxiety grips UK renters as housing costs soa DT 2023-07-18
Shark attacks rising due to innocent error, expert says after UK sightings Mirror 2023-07-18
Controversial migrant housing boat docks in the UK DT 2023-07-18
UN slams UK migration bi Le Monde 2023-07-18
Jaguar Land Rover owner investment in electric vehicle battery plant in UK 'very welcome' Sky News 2023-07-18
Threat of terror attack in UK is ‘rising’, home secretary warns Financial Times 2023-07-18
Tata Motors set to announce plans to build UK battery factory Financial Times 2023-07-18
UK terrorism risk is rising - Suella Braverman BBC 2023-07-18
UK may not have enough gas to power the country in winter, energy boss says Sky News 2023-07-18
McDonald’s apologises to UK staff over fresh sexual assault and bullying claims Financial Times 2023-07-18
UK emergency alert could be tested every two years BBC 2023-07-18
UK lags behind G7 peers on productivity due to ‘complacency’ Financial Times 2023-07-18
UK military to adopt ‘campaigning mindset’ in new science-driven strategy Financial Times 2023-07-18
UK’s illegal migration bill ‘sets a worrying precedent’, UN warns Financial Times 2023-07-18
Woman who took abortion pills beyond UK limit to be released Al Jazeera 2023-07-18
Terrifying heat maps show 52C Europe inferno - when will it hit UK? Mirror 2023-07-18
UK's contested migration deterrence plan set to become law F24 2023-07-18
A UK woman jailed for obtaining tablets to end her pregnancy is to be released after appeal ABC 2023-07-18
Europe heatwave live: UK travellers warned as Italy and Spain fight to control wildfires Independent 2023-07-18
Barge to house asylum-seekers arrives in UK as Parliament passes controversial migration bill ABC 2023-07-18
UK’s migration bill at odds with international law, says UN Al Jazeera 2023-07-18
UK ‘over the worst’ of food price inflation, says Ocado chief Financial Times 2023-07-18
UK grocery inflation eases for fourth consecutive month Financial Times 2023-07-18
UK cough syrup could be prescription-only over addiction fears BBC 2023-07-18
Loot boxes: Games companies agree to restrict access in UK BBC 2023-07-18
As UK housing costs soar, anxiety grips homeowners and renters: 'I'm in meltdown' ABC 2023-07-18
The looming financial crisis at UK universities Financial Times 2023-07-18
France and Britain are battling it out for Europe's A.I. crown CNBC 2023-07-18
Why is there no UK heatwave as Europe swelters during Charon? Independent 2023-07-18
Smuggler sentenced to prison for deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants who suffocated in truck in UK ABC 2023-07-18
How Harry Styles, Elton John and Glastonbury helped UK economy Sky News 2023-07-18
UK picking apart Russian army vehicles captured in Ukraine to learn their secrets SKY 2023-07-18
UK’s approach to AI safety lacks credibility, report warns TechCrunch 2023-07-18
New high of 1.1m for overseas music tourists to UK last year, report says BBC 2023-07-18
UK to boost ammunitions stockpile by £2.5bn Financial Times 2023-07-18
Terror suspect accused of plotting attacks with 'White Widow' to return to UK in days Mirror 2023-07-17
UK government has ‘mixed scorecard’ on levelling up admits adviser Financial Times 2023-07-17
Microsoft and UK regulators win more time to resolve blocked $69 billion Activision deal ABC 2023-07-17
UK watchdog proposes tougher rules on ‘finfluencers’ Financial Times 2023-07-17
UK needs culture shift to become AI superpower - DeepMind co-founder BBC 2023-07-17
Dover warns of long ferry delays as Britain’s summer getaway begins Financial Times 2023-07-17
How does donanemab fight Alzheimer’s? And when will it be approved in the UK and US? Everything you need to know about game-changing new drug BBC 2023-07-17
Confidence boost for British business, and tech start-up helps pinpoint places Sky News 2023-07-17
Hostile states using organised crime gangs in UK, head of NCA warns SKY 2023-07-17
British holidaymakers are changing their plans as heatwave intensifies in Europe SKY 2023-07-17
‘British tourist’ stabbed in back after getting into argument with Australian teenager, police say Independent 2023-07-17
Why is there no UK heatwave as Europe swelters during Charon? Independent 2023-07-17
Why is there no UK heatwave as Europe swelters during Cerberus? Independent 2023-07-17
British backpacker 'stabbed in back at beach resort' SKY 2023-07-17
Hedge Fund Short Sellers Get Some Love in UK Bloomberg 2023-07-17
Protecting UK jobs will be a challenge says new AI adviser BBC 2023-07-17
British actor and singer Jane Birkin has died aged 76 DT 2023-07-17
UK pension reform push relies on a big bet Financial Times 2023-07-17
ADHD timebomb fear as diagnoses rocket in the UK among adults and boys over the past two decades BBC 2023-07-17
Wallace, defence secretary under 3 UK PMs, to quit post TOI 2023-07-17
Britain hands Microsoft’s Activision deal an extra life The Economist 2023-07-17
'A significant milestone for UK trade': Britain signs deal to join £12trn Indo-Pacific trading block SKY 2023-07-17
Jane Birkin, Franco-British actress and singer, dies at 76 F24 2023-07-17
Britain officially joins an Asia-Pacific trade group that includes Japan and 10 other nations WT 2023-07-17
Joining Indo-Pacific trade bloc could only boost UK GDP by £1.8bn as US deal talked down Sky News 2023-07-17
Interest rate rises drive biggest postwar fall in UK household wealth Financial Times 2023-07-17
Self-driving vehicles 'could bridge gaps in UK's public transport network' Sky News 2023-07-17
Jane Birkin, British actress, singer and French icon, dies at 76 NPR 2023-07-16
Ukraine live briefing: British defense minister to resign; deadline for crucial grain deal looms WP 2023-07-16
Britain signs deal to join £12 trillion Indo-Pacific trade bloc CNBC 2023-07-16
UK poisonous plants: The dangerous plants lurking in plain sight BBC 2023-07-16
CPTPP: UK agrees to join Asia's trade club but what is it? BBC 2023-07-16
CPTPP trade deal will benefit UK if we use it, says Kemi Badenoch BBC 2023-07-16
A National Treasure, Tarnished: Can Britain Fix Its Health Service? NYT 2023-07-16
Kevin Spacey, in U.K. Trial, Denies Abusing Position of Power NYT 2023-07-14
Adobe’s $20 billion Figma bid is under threat from UK antitrust regulators The Verge 2023-07-13
'I am not Amazon' and 'people want to see gratitude': UK minister's comments on Ukraine cause a stir CNBC 2023-07-13
UK not an Amazon delivery service for weapons to Ukraine, says defence secretary SKY 2023-07-13
UK economy 'listless' with little growth in four years BBC 2023-07-13
UK to be worst hit by increase in 'uncomfortably hot days' globally SKY 2023-07-13
UK imposes sanctions on companies linked to warring Sudanese factions The Guardian 2023-07-13
What experts are saying about the chance of a heatwave in the UK this summer SKY 2023-07-13
UK slammed as it sacrifices its security to the 'siren call of Chinese investment' Mirror 2023-07-13
Britain's biggest housebuilder cuts construction target as storm clouds mount Sky News 2023-07-13
UK chip start-up RED Semiconductor in talks to raise funding Sky News 2023-07-13
Why Britain's debt makes it far more vulnerable than its global peers Sky News 2023-07-13
Will Smith-backed U.S. broker Public launches in the UK in first foray overseas CNBC 2023-07-13
How Britain can get trade with the EU back on track Financial Times 2023-07-13
Actor Kevin Spacey tells UK jury he did not commit sexual assault Al Jazeera 2023-07-13
UK watchdog says telcos must make cheap offers visible to the vulnerable Financial Times 2023-07-13
UK government debt to reach 310% of GDP by 2070s, fiscal watchdog warns Financial Times 2023-07-13
Nottingham maternity review to become UK's largest BBC 2023-07-12
New Renault-Geely engine firm to have headquarters in UK BBC 2023-07-12
Covid inquiry: Former first minister says UK should have made NI decisions BBC 2023-07-12
To Revive a Dying Main Street, One British Landlord Offered Free Rent NYT 2023-07-12
The UK — which blocked the Microsoft-Activison deal — is ready to negotiate. Here’s what happens next CNBC 2023-07-12
British workers keep getting pay raises — despite the Bank of England urging them not to ask for more money CNBC 2023-07-12
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The country has a total population of 66,971,411 (0.85% of worldwide)

The average net migration is 202,027 (0.3% of pop)

The population density is around 277 ppl/km²

Population distribution

The total population is 66,971,411

The male share is 49.4% and female 50.6%

The urban population represent 84.4% and rural 15.6%

The median age is 35.9

Age distribution:

Age group Pop Share
0 3,524,821 5.26%
5 4,025,301 6.01%
10 4,147,588 6.19%
15 3,811,694 5.69%
20 3,916,100 5.85%
25 4,370,061 6.53%
30 4,549,195 6.79%
35 4,402,355 6.57%
40 4,253,469 6.35%
45 4,028,651 6.02%
50 4,503,321 6.72%
55 4,551,012 6.80%
60 4,049,501 6.05%
65 3,425,653 5.12%
70 3,227,031 4.82%
75 2,696,531 4.03%
80 3,489,127 5.21%
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United Kingdom is located in Northern Europe, Europe

The total country area is 241,930 km² (0.19% of worldwide)

London is the capital

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There are 861 cities in United Kingdom in our database, they represent 59.19% of the population of the country altogether

City Population
London 7,421,228
Birmingham 984,336
Glasgow 610,271
Belfast 585,994
Liverpool 468,946
Leeds 455,124
Sheffield 447,048
Edinburgh 435,794
Bristol 430,714
Manchester 395,516
Leicester 339,240
Leicester 339,240
Coventry 308,314
Kingston upon Hull 302,297
Cardiff 302,142
Bradford 299,310
Stoke-on-Trent 260,420
Wolverhampton 252,792
Plymouth 247,298
Nottingham 246,655
Southampton 246,201
Reading 244,071
Derby 235,029
Dudley 199,060
Northampton 197,323
Portsmouth 194,151
Luton 193,670
Newcastle upon Tyne 192,382
Preston 190,688
Aberdeen 183,791
Sunderland 177,965
Norwich 177,636
Bournemouth 175,017
Walsall 172,142
Swansea 170,885
Southend-on-Sea 163,378
Swindon 162,439
Oxford 154,567
Dundee 151,593
Poole 150,092
Huddersfield 149,018
York 144,202
Ipswich 143,768
Blackpool 143,101
Middlesbrough 142,708
Bolton 141,331
Peterborough 140,142
Stockport 139,053
Brighton 139,001
West Bromwich 135,618
Slough 134,072
Gloucester 128,722
Cambridge 128,489
Watford 125,708
Rotherham 117,619
Newport 117,327
Exeter 113,119
Eastbourne 112,906
Colchester 109,415
Crawley 107,061
Sutton Coldfield 107,030
Blackburn 106,154
Oldham 104,783
Cheltenham 103,249
Chelmsford 102,671
Saint Helens 102,555
Basildon 101,363
Gillingham 101,187
Worcester 100,023
Worthing 99,110
Rochdale 97,550
Basingstoke 96,349
Solihull 96,268
Harlow 94,365
Bath 93,238
Southport 93,044
Maidstone 90,894
Lincoln 89,228
Hastings 89,100
Grimsby 87,819
Darlington 87,205
Harrogate 87,024
Hartlepool 86,713
Bedford 86,659
Londonderry 86,312
Hemel Hempstead 85,630
Stevenage 84,652
Saint Albans 84,561
South Shields 83,656
Weston-super-Mare 82,903
Halifax 82,625
Birkenhead 81,806
Chester 81,313
Warrington 81,238
Wigan 80,789
High Wycombe 80,357
Stockton-on-Tees 79,957
Wakefield 78,978
Gateshead 77,649
Redditch 77,129
Bracknell 76,103
Chatham 75,510
Hove 75,174
Aylesbury 74,565
East Kilbride 74,231
Tamworth 74,130
Nuneaton 73,555
Burnley 73,480
Paisley 73,074
Carlisle 72,633
Scunthorpe 72,515
Guildford 71,873
Lowestoft 71,479
Barnsley 71,448
Grays 70,935
Salford 70,905
Gosport 70,793
Chesterfield 70,680
Crewe 70,456
Mansfield 70,447
Shrewsbury 69,520
Cannock 68,067
Ellesmere Port 67,768
Doncaster 67,671
Bognor Regis 65,391
Torquay 65,389
Stafford 65,290
Stafford 65,290
Kingswood 64,793
Royal Leamington Spa 64,641
Waterlooville 64,350
Rugby 63,323
Ashford 62,787
Bangor 62,568
Aldershot 61,339
Royal Tunbridge Wells 61,075
Bury 61,045
Taunton 60,433
Margate 60,134
Farnborough 59,902
Runcorn 59,679
Great Yarmouth 59,601
Maidenhead 59,463
Rhondda 59,450
Loughborough 59,317
Wallasey 58,794
Littlehampton 58,714
Hereford 58,281
Bootle 57,791
Fareham 57,390
Morley 57,386
Cheshunt 57,374
Bebington 56,803
Dartford 56,694
Kidderminster 56,657
Dewsbury 56,641
Stourbridge 56,284
Widnes 56,098
Sale 55,689
Halesowen 55,265
Clacton-on-Sea 54,674
Gravesend 54,264
Eastleigh 54,225
Livingston 53,798
Washington 53,527
Kettering 53,329
Crosby 52,140
Reigate 52,123
Dunstable 51,974
Macclesfield 51,739
Barry 51,681
Morecambe 51,645
Staines 51,040
Batley 50,807
Horsham 50,680
Weymouth 50,253
Bletchley 50,193
Keighley 50,171
Corby 50,029
Paignton 49,886
Wellingborough 49,783
Carlton 49,687
Cumbernauld 49,393
Benfleet 48,824
West Bridgeford 48,314
Cwmbran 48,157
Long Eaton 47,898
Brentwood 47,606
Llanelli 47,206
Lancaster 47,162
Canterbury 46,978
Braintree 46,765
Neath 46,126
Banbury 46,075
Folkestone 45,992
Durham 45,696
Salisbury 45,600
Middleton 45,589
Havant 45,574
Ayr 45,514
Lisburn 45,314
Hinckley 45,130
Welwyn Garden City 44,725
Winchester 44,094
Sutton in Ashfield 43,912
Great Sankey 43,793
Yeovil 43,733
Ashton-under-Lyne 43,675
Wrexham 43,650
Perth 43,634
Leigh 43,627
Leatherhead 43,544
Greenock 43,496
Telford 43,244
Kilmarnock 42,905
Wallsend 42,739
Christchurch 42,397
Loughton 42,229
Northwich 42,113
Stretford 41,954
Altrincham 41,548
Bridgend 41,352
Newburn 41,347
Urmston 41,198
Sittingbourne 41,148
Wokingham 41,144
Swadlincote 40,961
Prescot 40,889
Inverness 40,755
Bexhill 40,478
Worksop 40,443
Andover 39,951
Coatbridge 39,752
North Shields 39,747
Kirkby 39,208
Dunfermline 38,961
Skelmersdale 38,944
Scarborough 38,909
Glenrothes 38,734
Ramsgate 38,624
Bury Saint Edmunds 38,622
Ilkeston 38,587
Whitley Bay 38,055
Bridgwater 38,021
Arnold 37,873
Castleford 37,713
Great Malvern 37,663
Leyland 37,615
Eccles 37,275
Redcar 37,203
Abingdon 37,192
Farnham 36,971
Trowbridge 36,922
Chester-le-Street 36,917
Tonbridge 36,894
Chippenham 36,890
Herne Bay 36,642
Wilmslow 36,618
Mangotsfield 36,427
Blyth 36,356
Chipping Sodbury 36,108
Walkden 35,938
Tyldesley 35,932
Bicester 35,902
Boston 35,859
Grantham 35,720
Billingham 35,709
Pontypool 35,687
Radcliffe 35,638
Airdrie 35,440
Accrington 35,318
Port Talbot 35,180
Hoddesdon 35,174
Exmouth 35,154
Bridlington 35,057
Bentley 34,821
Billericay 34,467
Felling 34,355
Fleet 34,218
Letchworth 33,955
Chorley 33,888
Hitchin 33,830
Wigston 33,720
Leighton Buzzard 33,467
Strood 33,381
Coalville 33,288
Glossop 33,243
Pudsey 33,109
Carrickfergus 33,080
Newbury 33,065
Hatfield 33,044
Stirling 33,013
Wickford 32,975
Brighouse 32,873
Aberdare 32,756
Irvine 32,749
Darwen 32,566
Barnstaple 32,532
Falkirk 32,479
Borehamwood 32,176
Prestwich 32,125
Cleethorpes 32,017
Beverley 31,968
Milton Keynes 31,967
Hyde 31,926
Burgess Hill 31,183
Whitstable 31,166
Ballymena 30,997
Colwyn Bay 30,829
Merthyr Tydfil 30,821
Winsford 30,812
Dumfries 30,656
Stroud 30,600
Pontypridd 30,420
Heswall 30,065
Cramlington 29,985
Bedworth 29,981
Peterlee 29,979
Motherwell 29,908
Clydebank 29,867
Burntwood 29,766
Egham 29,663
Haywards Heath 29,660
Kidsgrove 29,480
Kendal 29,468
Nelson 29,317
Totton 29,261
Lichfield 28,973
Harpenden 28,966
Newtownards 28,878
Rochester 28,671
Pontefract 28,620
Shipley 28,544
Chichester 28,222
Heywood 28,016
Sevenoaks 27,871
Bearsden 27,839
Sunbury 27,784
Wishaw 27,627
Ashington 27,546
Kirkby in Ashfield 27,539
Denton 27,464
Jarrow 27,264
Fleetwood 27,077
East Grinstead 26,523
Melton Mowbray 26,405
Rushden 26,307
Newry 26,271
Newton Aycliffe 26,269
Congleton 26,030
Rhyl 25,874
Hertford 25,848
Newton Abbot 25,789
Staveley 25,719
Farnworth 25,680
Bishop Auckland 25,665
Antrim 25,525
Crowthorne 25,522
Frome 24,948
Whitehaven 24,803
Coleraine 24,509
Thatcham 24,275
Formby 24,225
Newport 24,200
Hindley 24,169
Ryde 24,107
Witney 24,103
Warwick 24,040
Golborne 24,021
Gosforth 23,975
Ormskirk 23,792
Droylsden 23,689
Lurgan 23,602
Droitwich 23,589
Whitefield 23,546
Penarth 23,438
Saint Austell 23,432
Broadstairs 23,283
Heanor 23,122
Witham 22,995
Westhoughton 22,994
Litherland 22,971
Rugeley 22,937
Royton 22,848
Kenilworth 22,799
Chapeltown 22,785
Stalybridge 22,748
Bishopbriggs 22,668
Musselburgh 22,656
Stratford-upon-Avon 22,576
Alfreton 22,550
Clevedon 22,414
Spalding 22,357
Thornaby 22,356
Arbroath 22,291
Falmouth 22,222
Godalming 22,199
Potters Bar 22,192
Rawtenstall 22,115
Truro 22,044
East Retford 21,897
Rottingdean 21,756
Amersham 21,731
Portadown 21,617
Ossett 21,616
Buxton 21,300
Elgin 21,236
Seaham 21,170
Huntingdon 21,059
Consett 21,016
Dronfield 20,942
Penzance 20,812
Chesham 20,649
Workington 20,618
Stamford 20,526
Failsworth 20,210
Bellshill 20,201
Atherton 20,149
Dumbarton 19,878
Gainsborough 19,871
Kirkintilloch 19,489
Alloa 18,885
Omagh 18,463
Aberystwyth 18,392
Ebbw Vale 18,345
Maesteg 17,830
Peterhead 17,627
Skegness 17,072
Dorchester 16,879
Tiverton 16,799
Blantyre 16,739
Louth 16,635
Bideford 16,624
Nailsea 16,537
Northallerton 16,480
Lewes 16,479
Buckhaven 16,063
Giffnock 16,038
Kilwinning 16,000
Sleaford 15,558
Teignmouth 15,498
Saint Andrews 15,435
Larkhall 15,410
Bathgate 15,337
Carmarthen 15,244
Brynmawr 14,924
Troon 14,900
Galashiels 14,351
Penicuik 14,314
Hatfield 14,199
Helensburgh 14,108
Hawick 14,053
Linlithgow 13,863
Haverfordwest 13,469
Carluke 13,465
Broxburn 13,288
Ivybridge 13,277
Forfar 13,237
Bodmin 13,063
Eaton Socon 12,712
Fraserburgh 12,249
Bourne 12,060
Sidmouth 11,853
Matlock 11,516
Dalkeith 11,502
Honiton 11,463
Kingsteignton 11,360
Cowdenbeath 11,350
Inverurie 11,324
Largs 11,126
Ardrossan 10,936
Dawlish 10,676
Montrose 10,620
Stranraer 10,582
Carnoustie 10,500
Ilfracombe 10,486
Oakham 10,150
Whitburn 10,137
Mold 9,995
Caernarfon 9,836
Kilsyth 9,662
Fort William 9,652
Stonehaven 9,592
Queensferry 9,477
Cumnock 9,189
Forres 9,134
Tranent 9,042
Armadale 9,026
Cupar 8,822
Haddington 8,780
Ellon 8,750
Nairn 8,551
Peebles 8,404
Annan 8,231
Strathaven 8,190
Lanark 8,152
Oban 8,082
Blairgowrie 8,081
Dunblane 8,056
Dunoon 7,981
Shotts 7,981
Buckie 7,860
Northam 7,668
Thurso 7,492
Holbeach 7,408
Wick 7,147
Prestonpans 7,145
Bonnybridge 7,123
Rhymney 7,089
Houston 7,031
Brechin 6,977
Kilbirnie 6,972
Lossiemouth 6,841
Portlethen 6,841
Girvan 6,821
Crieff 6,685
Stewarton 6,615
Lerwick 6,594
North Berwick 6,439
Dunbar 6,414
Loanhead 6,358
Locharbriggs 6,333
Beith 6,288
Kirkwall 6,196
Kirriemuir 6,108
Brigg 5,988
Banchory 5,978
Cockenzie 5,962
Gorebridge 5,874
Ballingry 5,758
Kelty 5,644
Selkirk 5,629
Stornoway 5,423
Tillicoultry 5,404
Llandrindod Wells 5,350
Ruthin 5,344
Dalry 5,234
Inverkeithing 5,163
Kelso 5,154
Alva 5,130
Neilston 5,091
Bishopton 5,029
Stonehouse 4,950
Campbeltown 4,939
Alness 4,921
Cardenden 4,913
Rothesay 4,912
Galston 4,902
Turriff 4,711
Kinross 4,691
Dingwall 4,687
Blackburn 4,631
Fauldhouse 4,610
Kennoway 4,596
Maybole 4,447
Bridge of Weir 4,418
Keith 4,396
Huntly 4,390
Llangefni 4,361
New Scone 4,355
West Kilbride 4,322
Auchterarder 4,220
Dalbeattie 4,205
Mauchline 4,137
Tayport 4,093
Oakley 4,067
Jedburgh 4,045
Lockerbie 3,986
Invergordon 3,949
Banff 3,914
Kemnay 3,889
Kilmacolm 3,887
Lesmahagow 3,823
Lennoxtown 3,795
Macduff 3,747
Castle Douglas 3,631
Newton Stewart 3,548
Anstruther 3,527
Harthill 3,464
Clackmannan 3,432
Tain 3,409
Eyemouth 3,395
Kirkcudbright 3,367
Newtonhill 3,284
Auchinleck 3,282
Darvel 3,225
Kirkliston 3,139
Eaglesham 3,077
Kincardine 3,014
Law 2,994
New Cumnock 2,884
Dollar 2,845
High Valleyfield 2,837
Callander 2,782
Kinghorn 2,776
West Calder 2,769
Cleland 2,733
Gretna 2,692
Lochwinnoch 2,684
Mintlaw 2,673
Cairneyhill 2,660
Duns 2,630
Coylton 2,607
Innerleithen 2,591
Pitlochry 2,551
Aviemore 2,545
Kilmaurs 2,528
Overtown 2,519
Cowie 2,506
Chryston 2,495
Longniddry 2,482
Crossford 2,448
Crosshouse 2,418
Dundonald 2,399
Alyth 2,354
Leuchars 2,341
Lochgilphead 2,272
Alford 2,237
Aboyne 2,236
Bridge of Earn 2,231
Langholm 2,213
Crossgates 2,200
Inverbervie 2,162
Coupar Angus 2,160
Gullane 2,133
Lundin Links 2,124
Biggar 2,120
Patna 2,088
Forth 2,087
Moffat 2,077
Ormiston 2,062
Comrie 2,033
Oldmeldrum 2,023
Auchtermuchty 2,023
Kinloss 2,011
East Linton 2,008
Kirkconnel 1,993
Sanquhar 1,987
Caldercruix 1,980
Catrine 1,974
Aberfeldy 1,937
Laurencekirk 1,916
Lochmaben 1,910
Newburgh 1,909
Blackwood 1,901
Cardross 1,897
Portree 1,886
Milnathort 1,885
Skelmorlie 1,859
East Wemyss 1,856
Lhanbryde 1,845
Coldstream 1,823
Balmedie 1,814
Pittenweem 1,807
Muir of Ord 1,807
Strathblane 1,803
Kirknewton 1,755
Plean 1,752
Thornton 1,743
Balloch 1,743
Aberdour 1,742
Inverkip 1,733
Earlston 1,728
Kintore 1,688
Portsoy 1,688
Douglas 1,685
Burghead 1,684
Hopeman 1,675
Pencaitland 1,671
Tarbolton 1,649
Melrose 1,640
Cruden Bay 1,620
Doune 1,616
Balfron 1,605
Letham 1,591
West Linton 1,578
Fairlie 1,568
Stromness 1,564
Muirkirk 1,539
Ladybank 1,519
Ratho 1,515
Insch 1,504
Thornhill 1,504
Fochabers 1,494
Stanley 1,491
Carnwath 1,471
Glenboig 1,468
Ballater 1,466
Saint Monans 1,447
Kingussie 1,442
Airth 1,414
Seafield 1,386
Dufftown 1,384
Golspie 1,381
Newburgh 1,377
Tarbert 1,364
Kilcreggan 1,343
Port Bannatyne 1,331
Limekilns 1,329
Boddam 1,327
Ullapool 1,327
Rosehearty 1,320
Garelochhead 1,296
Waterfoot 1,286
Cullen 1,283
Kinglassie 1,274
Coalburn 1,267
Allanton 1,266
Dalrymple 1,264
Ardrishaig 1,261
Dornoch 1,261
Millport 1,260
Pitmedden 1,246
Torphins 1,245
Luncarty 1,236
Newtown Saint Boswells 1,225
Sandwick 1,217
Fortrose 1,206
Slamannan 1,195
Townhill 1,190
Portknockie 1,179
Bankfoot 1,178
Chirnside 1,176
Beauly 1,169
Falkland 1,168
Saline 1,161
Methven 1,161
Aberchirder 1,159
Evanton 1,138
Blackburn 1,136
Innellan 1,132
Rothes 1,132
Freuchie 1,120
Springside 1,114
Findochty 1,102
Brora 1,095
Balmullo 1,085
Macmerry 1,082
Carmunnock 1,080
Lauder 1,078
Saint Boswells 1,062
Lamlash 1,046
Balintore 1,045
Findhorn 1,040
Errol 1,039
Ceres 1,023
Whitehills 1,019
Abernethy 1,010
Hillside 999
Symington 997
Kingskettle 993
Tobermory 993
Kippen 990
Newtonmore 988
Tarves 978
Hawkhead 968
Quarter 959
Dunning 955
Elie 949
Wigtown 934
Ardersier 930
Strathmiglo 926
Saint Cyrus 914
New Pitsligo 907
Rosneath 901
Halkirk 897
Strathpeffer 893
Langbank 884
North Kessock 881
Drumnadrochit 881
Aberlady 876
Gatehouse of Fleet 875
Dailly 866
Strichen 857
Bowmore 852
Dunlop 844
Avoch 843
Kinlochleven 831
Whithorn 830
Aberlour 828
Fenwick 828
Loans 825
Annbank 822
Scalloway 809
Edzell 790
Friockheim 787
Port Ellen 779
Castletown 772
Portgordon 763
Chapelton 760
Crimond 758
Newcastleton 751
Mallaig 742
Kyle of Lochalsh 734
Newtyle 731
Longside 722
Saint Combs 719
Inchture 715
Cromarty 712
Netherburn 710
Ecclefechan 705
Crossford 702
Gardenstown 700
Carstairs 691
Sandhaven 690
Longforgan 678
Creetown 677
Gargunnock 677
Gifford 674
Maud 673
Muthill 668
Monkton 668
Killin 666
Ochiltree 665
Brodick 655
Blairhall 651
Stuartfield 649
Johnshaven 641
Croy 641
Walkerburn 638
Helmsdale 637
Ballachulish 633
Coldingham 631
Drymen 623
Brae 622
Glenluce 618
Almondbank 617
Denholm 609
Glassford 606
Torphichen 605
Tighnabruaich 603
Eaglesfield 601
Portpatrick 599
Yetholm 584
Uplawmoor 581
Aberfoyle 577
Greenlaw 570
Gourdon 569
Inveraray 568
Avonbridge 560
New Deer 559
Stow 551
Tarland 550
Ayton 548
Blackford 541
Maidens 530
Broadford 522
Boat of Garten 517
Strone 502
Kingseat 500
Fyvie 499
Fort Augustus 499
Carradale 497
Dirleton 496
Kirkton of Largo 496
Crosshill 495
Cuminestown 492
Port William 466
Braco 455
Glenfarg 449
Buchlyvie 448

UNESCO sites

There are 32 UNESCO World Heritage sites in United Kingdom:

List of sites


United Kingdom democracy type is: Full democracy

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is the political leader of the country

Democracy forecast: protests for more democracy are likely

Parity forecast: at this rate of evolution, parity will be reached in 2045

GDP Evolution

The country GDP is 3.1% of worldwide

The GDP per capita is $45,850.46 and the GDP per km² is $12,692,390.36

Carbon Dioxide Emissions (CO2)

Latest: 308,650 kt CO2 / yr (0.95% of worlwide)


There are 2,865 artists in our database for United Kingdom:

Here are 100 of the most prolific ones:

Artist Born Dead
Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775 1851
George Jones 1786 1869
Henry Moore 1898 1986
Eduardo Paolozzi 1924 2005
William Daniell 1769 1837
Francis Frith 1822 1898
David Hockney 1937
Thomas Bewick 1753 1828
William England 1816 1896
John Thomson 1837 1921
John Flaxman 1755 1826
Thomas Annan 1829 1887
Esq Tom Phillips 1937
Thomas Girtin 1775 1802
John Smith 1664 1743
John Constable 1776 1837
Frank Brangwyn 1867 1956
George Washington Wilson 1823 1893
John Piper 1903 1992
Thomas Stothard 1755 1834
Richard Hamilton 1922 2011
William Blake 1757 1827
Richard Earlom 1743 1822
John Walker 1939
David Octavius Hill 1802 1870
Charles Howard Hodges 1764 1837
Alfred Capel Cure 1826 1896
Thomas Gainsborough 1727 1788
Joe Tilson 1928
Nathaniel Dance-Holland 1735 1811
Barry Flanagan 1941 2009
James McArdell 1728 1765
Patrick Caulfield 1936 2005
George Clausen 1852 1944
David Lucas 1802 1881
Eric Gill 1882 1940
Francis Bedford 1816 1894
Victor Pasmore 1908 1998
William Roberts 1895 1980
Francis Barlow 1626 1704
Joshua Reynolds 1723 1792
Edward Coley Burne-Jones 1833 1898
Keith Arnatt 1930 2008
Ernest Edwards 1837 1903
Stephen Thompson 1831 1893
Peter Henry Emerson 1856 1936
Dame Elisabeth Frink 1930 1993
Martin Hardie 1875 1952
Dame Barbara Hepworth 1903 1975
William Russell Sedgfield 1826 1902
Walter Crane 1845 1915
Walter Richard Sickert 1860 1942
William Hogarth 1697 1764
Bill Brandt 1904 1983
Leon Kossoff 1926 2019
John Sell Cotman 1782 1842
Damien Hirst 1965
Gordon House 1932 2004
Ivor Abrahams 1935
Thomas Worlidge 1700 1766
John Payne Jennings 1843 1926
Richard Smith 1931 2016
Julian Trevelyan 1910 1988
Paul Graham 1956
John Scarlett Davis 1804 1845
Fiona Banner 1966
John Varley 1778 1842
Allen Jones 1937
Bruce McLean 1944
George Cruikshank 1792 1878
Colin Self 1941
Ben Nicholson 1894 1982
Richard Long 1945
Ian Tyson 1933
Joseph Cundall 1818 1895
Patrick Heron 1920 1999
Edward Burne-Jones 1833 1898
Ceri Richards 1903 1971
Howard Hodgkin 1932 2017
Robyn Denny 1930 2014
Augustus Wall Callcott 1779 1844
Joshua Cristall 1767 1847
Joseph Highmore 1692 1780
Clarkson Frederick Stanfield 1793 1867
Thomas Rowlandson 1756 1827
William Henry Hunt 1790 1864
William James Müller 1812 1845
Samuel Bourne 1834 1912
Charles Thurston Thompson 1816 1868
William Turnbull 1922 2012
Graham Sutherland 1903 1980
Rachel Whiteread 1963
David Wilkie 1785 1841
Susanna Duncombe 1725 1812
Peter Doig 1959
Cecil Collins 1908 1989
Gilbert & George
David Shrigley 1968
John Linnell 1792 1882
Edward Linley Sambourne 1844 1910

COVID-19 Situation

Latest total reported figures for the United Kingdom

09-Mar Last 7 days vs last week Total
Cases 28,783 28,875 9.13% 24,658,705
Deaths 0 0 nan% 220,721
Case Fatality 0.0% 0.0% nan% 0.9%

Reported Covid-19 deaths, United Kingdom

There have been a total of 220,721 deaths related to COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, 0 yesterday and 0 in the last 7 days (nan%)

The chart below shows a rolling 7-day average, and includes all corrections made by countries in the past

Reported Covid-19 cases, United Kingdom

There have been a total 24,658,705 cases related to COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, 28,783 yesterday and 28,875 in the last 7 days (9.13%)

The graph below shows a rolling 7-day average, and includes all corrections made by countries in the past