Labour (United Kingdom)

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  • Political Party

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There are 716 members of that party in our database

Name Gender
Adam Ingram male
Afzal Khan male
Alan Campbell male
Alan Howarth male
Alan Hurst male
Alan Johnson male
Alan Meale male
Alan Milburn male
Alan Simpson male
Alan Whitehead male
Alan Williams male
Alan Williams male
Albert Owen male
Alex Cunningham male
Alice Mahon female
Alison Mcgovern female
Alison Seabeck female
Alistair Darling male
Allan Rogers male
Anas Sarwar male
Andrew Bennett male
Andrew Dismore male
Andrew Gwynne male
Andrew Mackinlay male
Andrew Miller male
Andrew Slaughter male
Andrew Smith male
Andy Burnham male
Andy King male
Andy Mcdonald male
Andy Sawford male
Angela Eagle female
Angela Rayner female
Angela Smith female
Ann Clwyd female
Ann Coffey female
Ann Cryer female
Ann Keen female
Ann Mckechin female
Ann Taylor female
Anna Mcmorrin female
Anne Begg female
Anne Campbell female
Anne Mcguire female
Anne Picking female
Anne Snelgrove female
Anthony D Wright male
Ashok Kumar male
Audrey Wise female
Austin Mitchell male
Bambos Charalambous male
Barbara Follett female
Barbara Keeley female
Barbara Roche female
Barry Gardiner male
Barry Jones male
Ben Bradshaw male
Ben Chapman male
Bernie Grant male
Betty Williams female
Beverley Hughes female
Bill Esterson male
Bill Etherington male
Bill Michie male
Bill O Brien male
Bill Olner male
Bill Rammell male
Bill Tynan male
Bob Ainsworth male
Bob Blizzard male
Bob Laxton male
Brian H Donohoe male
Brian Iddon male
Brian Jenkins male
Brian Sedgemore male
Brian White male
Brian Wilson male
Bridget Phillipson female
Bridget Prentice female
Bruce George male
Bruce Grocott male
Calum Macdonald male
Candy Atherton female
Caroline Flint female
Carolyn Harris female
Cat Smith female
Catherine Mckinnell female
Catherine West female
Cathy Jamieson female
Celia Barlow female
Charles Clarke male
Charlotte Atkins female
Chi Onwurah female
Chris Bryant male
Chris Elmore male
Chris Leslie male
Chris Matheson male
Chris Mccafferty female
Chris Mole male
Chris Mullin male
Chris Pond male
Chris Ruane male
Chris Smith male
Chris Williamson male
Christine Butler female
Christine Russell female
Chuka Umunna male
Claire Curtis Thomas female
Claire Ward female
Clare Short female
Clive Betts male
Clive Efford male
Clive Lewis male
Clive Soley male
Colin Burgon male
Colin Challen male
Colin Pickthall male
Colleen Fletcher female
Conor Mcginn male
Dai Havard male
Dale Campbell Savours male
Dan Carden male
Dan Jarvis male
Dan Norris male
Daniel Zeichner male
Danielle Rowley female
Dari Taylor female
Darren Jones male
Dave Watts male
David Anderson male
David Blunkett male
David Borrow male
David Cairns male
David Chaytor male
David Clark male
David Clelland male
David Crausby male
David Hamilton male
David Hanson male
David Heyes male
David Hinchliffe male
David Jamieson male
David Kidney male
David Lammy male
David Lock male
David Marshall male
David Miliband male
David Stewart male
David Winnick male
David Wright male
Dawn Butler female
Dawn Primarolo female
Debbie Abrahams female
Debra Shipley female
Denis Macshane male
Denis Murphy male
Dennis Skinner male
Denzil Davies male
Derek Fatchett male
Derek Foster male
Derek Twigg male
Derek Wyatt male
Des Browne male
Desmond Turner male
Diana Organ female
Diana R. Johnson female
Diane Abbott female
Donald Anderson male
Donald Dewar male
Doug Henderson male
Douglas Alexander male
Ed Miliband male
Edward Balls male
Edward O Hara male
Eileen Gordon female
Eleanor Smith female
Ellie Reeves female
Elliot Morley male
Emily Thornberry female
Emma Dent Coad female
Emma Hardy female
Emma Lewell Buck female
Emma Reynolds female
Eric Clarke male
Eric Illsley male
Eric Joyce male
Eric Martlew male
Ernie Ross male
Estelle Morris female
Fabian Hamilton male
Faisal Rashid male
Fiona Jones female
Fiona Mactaggart female
Fiona O Donnell female
Fiona Onasanya female
Frank Cook male
Frank Dobson male
Frank Doran male
Frank Field male
Frank Roy male
Fraser Kemp male
Gareth Thomas male
Gavin Shuker male
Gavin Strang male
Gemma Doyle female
Geoff Hoon male
Geoffrey Robinson male
George Galloway male
George Howarth male
George Mudie male
George Robertson male
George Stevenson male
George Turner male
Gerald Jones male
Gerald Kaufman male
Geraldine Smith female
Gerry Bermingham male
Gerry Steinberg male
Gerry Sutcliffe male
Giles Radice male
Gill Furniss female
Gillian Merron female
Gisela Stuart female
Glenda Jackson female
Gloria De Piero female
Gordon Banks male
Gordon Brown male
Gordon Marsden male
Gordon Mcmaster male
Gordon Prentice male
Graeme Morrice male
Graham Allen male
Graham Jones male
Graham Stringer male
Grahame Morris male
Greg Pope male
Gregg Mcclymont male
Gwyn Prosser male
Gwyneth Dunwoody female
Harold Best male
Harriet Harman female
Harry Barnes male
Harry Cohen male
Harry Harpham male
Hazel Blears female
Heidi Alexander female
Helen Clark female
Helen Goodman female
Helen Hayes female
Helen Jackson female
Helen Jones female
Helen Liddell female
Helen Southworth female
Henry Mcleish male
Hilary Armstrong female
Hilary Benn male
Hilton Dawson male
Holly Lynch female
Howard Stoate male
Hugh Bayley male
Hugh Gaffney male
Huw Edwards male
Hywel Francis male
Iain Coleman male
Iain Luke male
Iain Mckenzie male
Iain Wright male
Ian Austin male
Ian Cawsey male
Ian Gibson male
Ian Lavery male
Ian Lucas male
Ian Mccartney male
Ian Mearns male
Ian Murray male
Ian Pearson male
Ian Stewart male
Imran Hussain male
Irene Adams female
Ivan Henderson male
Ivan Lewis male
Ivor Caplin male
Jack Cunningham male
Jack Dromey male
Jack Straw male
Jackie Lawrence female
Jacqui Smith female
James Frith male
James Plaskitt male
James Purnell male
Jamie Cann male
Jamie Reed male
Jane Griffiths female
Jane Kennedy female
Janet Anderson female
Janet Daby female
Janet Dean female
Jared O Mara male
Jean Corston female
Jeff Ennis male
Jeff Rooker male
Jeff Smith male
Jenny Chapman female
Jenny Jones female
Jeremy Corbyn male
Jess Phillips female
Jessica Morden female
Jim Cousins male
Jim Cunningham male
Jim Devine male
Jim Dowd male
Jim Fitzpatrick male
Jim Knight male
Jim Marshall male
Jim Mcgovern male
Jim Murphy male
Jim Sheridan male
Jimmy Hood male
Jimmy Wray male
Jo Cox female
Jo Stevens female
Joan Humble female
Joan Ruddock female
Joan Ryan female
Joan Walley female
Joe Ashton male
Joe Benton male
John Austin male
John Battle male
John Cryer male
John Cummings male
John Denham male
John Grogan male
John Gunnell male
John Healey male
John Heppell male
John Home Robertson male
John Hutton male
John Lyons male
John Macdougall male
John Mann male
John Martin Mcdonnell male
John Maxton male
John Mcallion male
John Mcwilliam male
John Morris male
John Prescott male
John Reid male
John Robertson male
John Smith male
John Spellar male
John Woodcock male
Jon Cruddas male
Jon Trickett male
Jonathan R Shaw male
Joyce Quin female
Judith Church female
Judith Cummins female
Judy Mallaber female
Julia Drown female
Julie Cooper female
Julie Elliott female
Julie Hilling female
Justin Madders male
Kali Mountford female
Karen Buck female
Karen Lee female
Karin Smyth female
Karl Turner male
Kate Green female
Kate Hoey female
Kate Hollern female
Katy Clark female
Keir Starmer male
Keith Bradley male
Keith Darvill male
Keith Hill male
Keith Vaz male
Kelvin Hopkins male
Ken Livingstone male
Kerry Mccarthy female
Kerry Pollard male
Kevan Jones male
Kevin Barron male
Kevin Brennan male
Kevin Hughes male
Kevin Mcnamara male
Khalid Mahmood male
Kim Howells male
Kitty Ussher female
Laura Moffatt female
Laura Pidcock female
Laura Smith female
Lawrence Cunliffe male
Lawrie Quinn male
Lesley Laird female
Liam Byrne male
Lilian Greenwood female
Linda Perham female
Linda Riordan female
Lindsay Hoyle male
Lindsay Roy male
Lisa Nandy female
Liz Blackman female
Liz Kendall female
Liz Mcinnes female
Liz Twist female
Llew Smith male
Llin Golding female
Lorna Fitzsimons female
Louise Haigh female
Luciana Berger female
Lyn Brown female
Lynda Clark female
Lynda Waltho female
Lynne Jones female
Madeleine Moon female
Malcolm Chisholm male
Malcolm Savidge male
Malcolm Wicks male
Margaret Beckett female
Margaret Curran female
Margaret Greenwood female
Margaret Hodge female
Margaret Moran female
Maria Eagle female
Maria Fyfe female
Marie Rimmer female
Mark Fisher male
Mark Tami male
Mark Todd male
Marsha De Cordova female
Marsha Singh male
Martin Caton male
Martin Linton male
Martin O Neill male
Martin Salter male
Martin Whitfield male
Martyn Jones male
Mary Creagh female
Mary Glindon female
Matt Rodda male
Matt Western male
Matthew Pennycook male
Melanie Johnson female
Melanie Onn female
Michael Clapham male
Michael Connarty male
Michael Dugher male
Michael Foster male
Michael Jabez Foster male
Michael Mccann male
Michael Meacher male
Michael Wills male
Mike Amesbury male
Mike Gapes male
Mike Hall male
Mike Hill male
Mike Kane male
Mike O Brien male
Mike Wood male
Mo Mowlam female
Mohammad Sarwar male
Mohammad Yasin male
Naseem Shah female
Natascha Engel female
Neil Coyle male
Neil Gerrard male
Neil Turner male
Nia Griffith female
Nicholas Dakin male
Nick Ainger male
Nick Brown male
Nick Palmer male
Nick Raynsford male
Nick Smith male
Nick Thomas Symonds male
Nigel Beard male
Nigel Griffiths male
Norman Godman male
Oona King female
Owen Smith male
Paddy Tipping male
Pamela Nash female
Parmjit Dhanda male
Pat Glass female
Pat Mcfadden male
Patricia Hewitt female
Patrick Hall male
Paul Blomfield male
Paul Boateng male
Paul Clark male
Paul Daisley male
Paul Farrelly male
Paul Flynn male
Paul Goggins male
Paul Murphy male
Paul Stinchcombe male
Paul Sweeney male
Paul Truswell male
Paul Williams male
Paula Sherriff female
Peter Bradley male
Peter Dowd male
Peter Hain male
Peter Kilfoyle male
Peter Kyle male
Peter Mandelson male
Peter Pike male
Peter Snape male
Peter Soulsby male
Peter Temple Morris male
Phil Sawford male
Phil Wilson male
Phil Woolas male
Phyllis Starkey female
Piara S Khabra male
Quentin Davies male
Rachel Reeves female
Rachel Squire female
Raymond Powell male
Rebecca Long Bailey female
Richard Burden male
Richard Burgon male
Richard Caborn male
Rob Flello male
Rob Marris male
Robert Jackson male
Robert Marshall Andrews male
Robert Sheldon male
Robert Wareing male
Roberta Blackman Woods female
Robin Cook male
Robin Corbett male
Roger Berry male
Roger Casale male
Roger Godsiff male
Roger Stott male
Ronnie Campbell male
Rosemary Mckenna female
Rosena Allin Khan female
Rosie Cooper female
Rosie Duffield female
Rosie Winterton female
Ross Cranston male
Rudi Vis male
Rupa Huq female
Rushanara Ali female
Russell Brown male
Ruth Cadbury female
Ruth George female
Ruth Jones female
Ruth Kelly female
Ruth Smeeth female
Sadiq Khan male
Sally Keeble female
Sam Galbraith male
Sandra Osborne female
Sandy Martin male
Sarah Champion female
Sarah Jones female
Sarah Mccarthy Fry female
Shabana Mahmood female
Shahid Malik male
Sharon Hodgson female
Shaun Woodward male
Sheila Gilmore female
Shona Mcisaac female
Sian James female
Simon Danczuk male
Siobhain Mcdonagh female
Sion Simon male
Stephanie Peacock female
Stephen Byers male
Stephen Hepburn male
Stephen Hesford male
Stephen Kinnock male
Stephen Ladyman male
Stephen Morgan male
Stephen Timms male
Steve Mccabe male
Steve Pound male
Steve Rotheram male
Stuart Bell male
Sue Hayman female
Susan Elan Jones female
Syd Rapson male
Sylvia Heal female
Tam Dalyell male
Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi male
Ted Rowlands male
Teresa Pearce female
Terry Davis male
Terry Lewis male
Terry Rooney male
Tess Kingham female
Tessa Jowell female
Thangam Debbonaire female
Thelma Walker female
Thomas Docherty male
Toby Perkins male
Tom Blenkinsop male
Tom Clarke male
Tom Cox male
Tom Greatrex male
Tom Harris male
Tom Levitt male
Tom Pendry male
Tom Watson male
Tommy Graham male
Tonia Antoniazzi female
Tony Banks male
Tony Benn male
Tony Blair male
Tony Clarke male
Tony Colman male
Tony Cunningham male
Tony Lloyd male
Tony Mcnulty male
Tony Worthington male
Tony Wright male
Tristram Hunt male
Tulip Siddiq female
Valerie Davey female
Valerie Vaz female
Vera Baird female
Vernon Coaker male
Vicky Foxcroft female
Virendra Sharma male
Wayne David male
Wes Streeting male
William Bain male
Win Griffiths male
Yasmin Qureshi female
Yvette Cooper female
Yvonne Fovargue female



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