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The company Fda.Jp is located in Japan and uses the Google Fonts technology stack.

Latest news

  • Fox News link: More people sent to hospital as mushroom-infused 'microdosing' chocolate faces ongoing FDA probe
  • CBS link: FDA "inadvertently archived" complaint about infant formula
  • Fox News link: Experimental Alzheimer's drug gets FDA advisory panel's thumbs-up: 'Progress is happening'
  • The Wall Street Journal link: The FDA and Justice Department said they are stepping up enforcement by forming a multiagency task force to go after the illegal distribution and sale of e-cigarettes.
  • NPR link: FDA advisors strongly back new Alzheimer's drug, despite risks and limitations
  • The Hill link: FDA panel backs Eli Lilly's Alzheimer's drug
  • Fox News link: Mushroom-infused 'microdosing' chocolate bars are sending people to the hospital, prompting investigation: FDA
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