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Updated: 108 days ago

Classified as:
  • Company

Key facts:
  • City: Dallas
  • Country: United States
  • Sector: Communication Services
  • Foundation Year: 1876
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Keywords: att, at&t, wireless, internet, tv, support, directv, phones, deals, prepaid, entertainment, bundles
  • CEO: John T. Stankey (male)
  • Type: public company
  • Employees: 172,400
  • Revenues: 156,602 m$
  • Market cap: 122,120 m$
  • Assets: 551 b$



Here is the latest on AT&T:

Title Source Date
AT&T helped connect the first satellite 5G phone call The Verge 2023-09-19
AT&T and T-Mobile Change Autopay Discount Requirements DT 2023-09-01
AT&T is bringing its $55 per month 5G home internet plan to more places The Verge 2023-08-22
Can AT&T and Verizon escape managed decline? The Economist 2023-08-02
AT&T's stock is sinking under the weight of future litigation over toxic lead cables Quartz 2023-07-18
AT&T stock fell to 29-year low on Friday and sank another 6.7% today Ars Technica 2023-07-17


All metrics are actuals:

Employees 172,400
Revenues (m$) 156,602
Profits (m$) 20,081
Assets (b$) 551
Market cap (m$) 122,120
Cash (m$)
Debt (m$) 155,325
Free Cash Flow (m$) 42,128

Market share

The total market size of the Telecommunications industry is 2,824 billion $USD

AT&T is ranked #2 amongst the 21,796 companies in the Telecommunications industry based on revenues

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