Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh is a male dutch artist (1853-1890) with 23 artworks in our database

1853 - 1890


There are 23 artworks by Vincent van Gogh created between 1863 and 1890 in our database:


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Media and materials

Vincent van Gogh used 11 distinct media and materials:

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Directory of work

Explore 23 artworks by Vincent van Gogh:

Title Year Medium
A Corner of the Garden of St Paul’s Hospital at St Rémy 1889 Graphite and ink on paper
Brooms And Red Poppies Painting
De aardappeleters 1885 Lithografie (techniek)
Farming Village at Twilight 1884
Farms near Auvers 1890 Oil paint on canvas
House With Three Women In The Street Painting
Korensnijder met hoed, van achteren gezien 1863 Brush
Landscape With A Tree In The Wind Painting
Landschap bij de abdij van Montmajour te Arles 1888
LÉplucheuse De Pommes De Terre Drawing
Paysage De Saint Remy Painting
Portrait of Dr. Gachet (Man with a Pipe) 1890 Etching
Portrait of Joseph Roulin 1889 Oil on canvas
Self Portrait 1887
Sorrow 1882 Lithograph
Spring Garden Painting
Thatched Roofs 1884 Ink, graphite and gouache on paper
The Oise at Auvers 1890 Graphite and gouache on paper
The Olive Trees 1889 Oil on canvas
The Potato Eaters 1885 Lithograph
The Starry Night 1889 Oil on canvas
Vincent On His Way To His Job Painting
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