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UNLIMITED is our individual plan that unlocks all insights and functionalities across the entire platform

First 30 days free,
14.90€ / month after.

First 30 days free,
$17.90 / month after.

First 30 days free,
£12.90 / month after.

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Get your work to the next level

UNLIMITED unlocks the most complex research, including cutting-edge simulations and advanced modelling, as well as all functionalities to get the full extent of our tools.

Those applications help you build strategies on solid ground, create content based on intelligence, understand your position in any ecosystem, evaluate risks and opportunities, forecast the future and potential scenarios or define precise tactical plans.

Get the most comprehensive view on everything

UNLIMITED give you access to additional insights on millions of topics and entities.

Here are a few examples:

Page Additionnal insights
Freedom of the Press & Democracy
Book Subjects
Politics country
Renewable Energy Production
Largest companies by Revenue

UNLIMITED also unlocks the full potential of all functionalities on the platform.

As an example, results are restricted when you want to find artists, this limitation is removed with UNLIMITED.

* This excludes our DATASET and API plans.

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