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Tracking Books Throughout History

This report analyses 3,001,686 distinct books by year of edition, from 1563 to today



All 3,001,686 books by edition date since from 1783

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Oldest books

Book Author Year
Eclogues, epitaphs and sonnets Barnabe Googe 1563
Sefer Sheʾerit Yosef : ʿal melekhet ha-ʿibur be-shir shaḳul ʿim perush be-tosefet beʾur Joseph ben Shem-Tob ben Jeshuah Chay 1568
The life and death of Mr. Edmund Geninges, 1614, [by] John Gennings; [and, A censure about the rule of beleefe practised by the protestants, 1634, by Valeriano Magni; translated from the Latin; and, The defence of the honor of God, 1621, by Anthony Clarke] John Gennings 1614
Corona di spine di Maria sempre vergine stampata ad istanza del rev. padre Gio: Pietro Inuiti curato di S. Pietro all'Horto per essercitare i suoi penitenti alla divotione, & alli dolori dell'istessa Madre di Dio Giovanni Pietro Inviti 1700
Love's chronicle: or, the changing heart Abraham Cowley 1730
Redenvoeringen over verscheide stoffen ... : Uit het hoogduitsch vertaalt Abraham a Sancta Clara 1742
The microscope made easy: : or I, the nature, uses and magnifying powers of the best kinds of microscopes described, calculated and explained ... II, an account of what surprizing discoveries have already been made by the microscope ...; Henry Baker 1744
Eight Views of Windsor Great Park [with dedication "To His Royal Highness the Duke these Eight Views of Windsor Great Park are humbly Inscribed by His Royal Highness' most Devoted & Obedient Servant Thos Sandby"] Thomas Sandby 1754
A sermon preached in the Cathedral church of St. Patrick, Dublin at an ordination held by His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Dublin, on Sunday 30th day of May, 1779 ..., John Baird 1779
Or li-netivah : ṿe-hu haḳdamah le-ḥibur Netivot ha-shalom Moses Mendelssohn 1783

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