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There are the 44 books on the Women's studies subject with a total 53 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Threshold concepts in women's and gender studies : ways of seeing, thinking, and knowing Christie Launius 4
Feminist research practice : a primer Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber 3
Transforming scholarship : why women's and gender studies students are changing themselves and the world Michele Tracy Berger 3
A world full of women Martha Coonfield Ward 2
Fifty key concepts in gender studies Jane Pilcher 2
Women's studies Joy Magezis 1
Women's studies Bonnie G. Smith 1
Power, knowledge and feminist scholarship : an ethnography of academia Maria do Mar Pereira 1
Practising interdisciplinarity in gender studies Veronica Vasterling 1
Sexual politics : an introduction Richard Dunphy 1
Teaching women's and gender studies : classroom resources on resistance, representation, and radical hope (Grades 6-8) Kathryn Fishman-Weaver 1
The Cinderella test : would you really want the shoe to fit? : subtle ways women are seduced and socialized into servitude and stereotypes Vera Sonja Maass 1
The death of feminism : what's next in the struggle for women's freedom Phyllis Chesler 1
The production of the Muslim woman : negotiating text, history, and ideology Lamia Ben Youssef Zayzafoon 1
The reshaping of everyday life, 1790-1840 Jack Larkin 1
Women, science, and society : the crucial union Sue Vilhauer Rosser 1
Women's studies : the basics Bonnie G. Smith 1
New female tribes Rachel Pashley 1
Who makes the news? : global media monitoring project 2000 George Spears 1
Why stories matter : the political grammar of feminist theory Clare Hemmings 1
Women's studies : a resource pack Angela Spindler-Brown 1
Women and ceramics : gendered vessels Moira Vincentelli 1
New female tribes : shattering female sterotypes and redefining women today Rachel Pashley 1
Mappings : feminism and the cultural geographies of encounter Susan Stanford Friedman 1
AHRB/C research strategy seminar : interdisciplinary/crossdisciplinary/transdisciplinary : London 7 May 2004 Griselda Pollock 1
Magazine movements : women's culture, feminisms and media form Laurel Forster 1
Breaking out : feminist consciousness and feminist research Liz Stanley 1
Breaking out again : feminist ontology and epistemology Liz Stanley 1
Conflict and counterpoint in lesbian, gay, and feminist studies Jacqueline Foertsch 1
Contemporary feminist research from theory to practice Patricia Leavy 1
Digital feeling Adrienne Evans 1
Everyday women's and gender studies : introductory concepts Ann Braithwaite 1
Feminist studies : a guide to intersectional theory, methodology and writing Nina Lykke 1
Feminist, queer, crip Alison Kafer 1
Gender identity and place : understanding feminist geographies Linda McDowell 1
Gender, definitional politics and 'live' knowledge production : contesting concepts at conferences Emily F. Henderson 1
Getting smart : feminist research and pedagogy with/in the postmodern Patricia Lather 1
Getting smart : feminist research and pedagogy with/in the postmodern Patti Lather 1
Hamlet's mother and other women Carolyn G. Heilbrun 1
Home truths : gender, domestic objects and everyday life Sarah Pink 1
Inferior : how science got women wrong - and the new research that's rewriting the story Angela Saini 1
Key concepts in gender studies Jane Pilcher 1
Learning liberation : women's response to men's education Jane L. Thompson 1
Work-lifestyle choices in the 21st Century : preference theory Catherine Hakim 1


The 32 books in this series in our database:

Here are 11 of them:

Title Year
The sociocognitive rhetoric of Meridel le Sueur : feminist discourse and reportage of the thirties 1994
A sociological analysis of the California taxi-dancer : the hidden halls 1995
The female hero in women's literature and poetry 1996
The social construction of Western women's rhetoric before 1750 1996
Machado de Assis and feminism : re-reading the heart of the companion 1996
Women in Celtic law and culture 1996
The lived experience of South Asian immigrant women in Atlantic Canada : the interconnections of race, class and gender 1996
Female gang participation : the role of African-American women in the informal drug economy and gang activities 1997
Educating women at Ursuline College : curriculum, collaboration, and growth 1998
The writings of Celia Parker Woolley (1848-1918), literary activist 1998
Narrative feminine identity and the appearance of woman in some of the shorter fiction of Goethe, Kleist, Hawthorne and James 2000
Portuguese women's writing, 1972 to 1986 : reincarnations of a revolution 2000
Oral histories and analysis of nontraditional women students : a study of unconventional strengths 2000
A look at life in Northern Ireland_ how do women live in a culture driven by conflict? 2000
Unemployment and employment policies concerning women in Britain, 1900-1951 2002
Women journalists and the municipal housekeeping movement, 1868-1914 2001
The life and work of Germany's founding feminist, Louise Otto-Peters (1819-1895) 2002
Reading feminist intertextuality through Bluebeard stories 2001
Jungian archetypes in 20th century women's fiction : the persona, the shadow, the animus, and the self 2002
Women's voices in the fiction of Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865) 2002
Black women novelists' contribution to contemporary feminist discourse 2003
A critical biography of Lady Jane Wilde, 1821?-1896, Irish revolutionist, humanist, scholar, and poet 2002
The journal of Mary Freman Caesar, 1724-1741 : literary and political events in Georgian England 2002
Women's status in Texarkana, Texas in the Progressive Era, 1880-1920 2002
A study of the place of women in the poetry and prose works of John Milton 2000
A discussion of the ideology of the American dream in the culture's female discourses : the untidy house 2000
Work roles, gender roles, and Asian Indian immigrant women in the United States 2000
Doreen Wallace, 1897-1989 : writer and social campaigner 2000
Women's groups and equality in British trade unions 2003
Education and empowerment among Dalit (untouchable) women in India : voices from the subaltern 2004
Women contesting the mainstream discourses of the art world 2004
Gender and caste in the Anglophone-Indian novels of Arundhati Roy and Githa Hariharan : feminist issues in cross-cultural perspectives 2005

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