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Women of power : half a century of female presidents and prime ministers worldwide Torild Skard 3
Bananas, beaches and bases : making feminist sense of international politics Cynthia H. Enloe 2
Women world leaders : fifteen great politicians tell their stories Laura A. Liswood 2
The gender politics of development : essays in hope and despair Shirin Rai 2
Global gender issues V. Spike Peterson 2
Sexual decoys : gender, race and war in imperial democracy Zillah R. Eisenstein 2
Women, resistance and revolution : a history of women and revolution in the modern world Sheila Rowbotham 2
Women, political philosophy and politics Liz Sperling 1
Towards a sociological approach to the issue of women's political recruitment Julie Cameron 1
Sometimes it's hard to be a woman : the dilemma of difference and women's political ambition Momin Rahman 1
The Nawal El Saadawi reader Nawāl Saʿdāwī 1
The political integration of women : roles, socialisation, and politics Virginia Sapiro 1
The politics of presence Anne Phillips 1
The politics of presence : the political representation of gender, race, and ethnicity Anne Phillips 1
Women, power, and politics Margaret Stacey 1
Voice, trust, and memory : marginalized groups and the failings of liberal representation Melissa S. Williams 1
Women, politics, and power : a global perspective Pamela Marie Paxton 1
Women and empowerment : participation and decision making Marilee Karl 1
Women and men in political and business elites : a comparative study in the industrialized world Mino Vianello 1
Sex differences in political participation : processes of change in fourteen nations Carol A. Christy 1
Women and the struggle for socialism : a Socialist Workers' Party pamphlet Norah Carlin 1
Women as citizens : a comparative review Josephine F. Milburn 1
Women in contemporary politics Wendy Stokes 1
Women in politics Shirley Williams 1
Women and politics : an international perspective Vicky Randall 1
Real politics : at the center of everyday life Jean Bethke Elshtain 1
Beyond identity politics : feminism, power & politics Moya Lloyd 1
Feminist imagination : genealogies in feminist theory Vikki Bell 1
Breaking out : feminist consciousness and feminist research Liz Stanley 1
Breaking out again : feminist ontology and epistemology Liz Stanley 1
Citizenship : feminist perspectives Ruth Lister 1
Compassionate authority : democracy and the representation of women Kathleen B. Jones 1
Democracy and difference Anne Phillips 1
Engendering democracy Anne Phillips 1
Engendering transitions : women's mobilization, institutions, and gender outcomes Georgina Waylen 1
Female imperialism and national identity : the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire Katie Pickles 1
Feminism, politics and political science Jenny Chapman 1
Feminist politics and human nature Alison M. Jaggar 1
Public man, private woman : women in social and political thought Jean Bethke Elshtain 1
Feminist theory and international relations in a postmodern era Christine Sylvester 1
Feminizing politics Joni Lovenduski 1
From activism to office : women and local government in Edinburgh Christine Forrester 1
Gender & nation Nira Yuval-Davis 1
Handbook of ruling women of the world ʿAzīz Jāvīd 1
Helping ourselves to power : a handbook for women on the skills of public life Sue Slipman 1
Jacques Lacan and feminist epistemology Kirsten Campbell 1
Politics & feminism Barbara Arneil 1
Politics, feminism and the reformation of gender Jenny Chapman 1
Worlding women : a feminist international politics Jan Pettman 1


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