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  • Book: The coven
  • Author: Cate Tiernan
  • Bnb Id: GBA1U3958
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Books on this subject: 73
  • Editions on this subject: 74
  • Authors on this subject: 64
  • Books in this series: 14
  • Authors in this series: 1


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The main authors on Wicca by number of books and editions:


There are the 73 books on the Wicca subject with a total 74 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
5-minute magic for modern Wiccans : rapid rituals, efficient enchantments, and swift spells Cerridwen Greenleaf 2
The book of crystal spells : magical uses for stones, crystals, minerals- and even sand Ember Grant 1
What thou wilt : traditional and innovative trends in post-Gardnerian witchcraft Jon Hanna 1
The witches' oracle Sally Morningstar 1
The witch's survival guide : spells for healing from stress and burnout Jennifer Lane 1
The wicca book of days : festivals, traditions and lore for every day of the year Selena Eilidh Ash 1
The study of witchcraft : a guidebook to advanced Wicca Deborah Lipp 1
The secret people : parish pump witchcraft, wise-women and cunning ways Mélusine Draco 1
The second book of crystal spells : magical uses for stones, crystals, minerals...and even salt Ember Grant 1
The kitchen witch Soraya 1
The hedge druid's craft : an introduction to walking between the worlds of Wicca, witchcraft and druidry Joanna van der Hoeven 1
The green wiccan year : celebrations, rituals, herbal magic, kitchen witchery Silja 1
The green Wiccan spell book : a compendium of magical knowledge Silja 1
The green Wiccan herbal : 52 magical herbs, plus spells and witchy rituals Silja 1
The everything wicca & witchcraft book : rituals, spells, and sacred objects for everyday magick Skye Alexander 1
The deep heart of witchcraft : expanding the core of magickal practice David Salisbury 1
The complete idiot's guide to Wicca and witchcraft Denise Zimmermann 1
Wicca Leanna Greenaway 1
Wicca : a comprehensive guide to the Old Religion in the modern world Vivianne Crowley 1
Wicca : charms, potions and lore Nixie Vale 1
Wiccacraft : Pagan Witchcraft For The Solitary Witch Liam Peter Keene 1
Women in new religions Laura Lee Vance 1
Witchcraft on a shoestring : practicing the craft without breaking your budget Deborah Blake 1
Witch, please : a memoir : finding magic in modern times Misty Bell Stiers 1
Witch school ritual, theory & practice Donald Lewis-Highcorrell 1
Wiccapedia : a modern-day white witch's guide Shawn Robbins 1
Wiccan celebrations : inspiration for living by nature's cycle Silver Elder 1
Wicca, druidry and shamanism Teresa Moorey 1
Wicca : history, belief, and community in modern pagan witchcraft Ethan Doyle White 1
Wicca pathworking Sheena Morgan 1
Wicca made easy : awaken the divine magic within you Phyllis W. Curott 1
Wicca herbal magic : a beginners wiccan guide to start practicing herbal spells and magic rituals for solitary practitioners, introducing witchcraft magic contemporary and mysteries Scott Shadow 1
Wicca and witchcraft : understanding the dangers Elizabeth Dodd 1
Wicca and witchcraft Denise Zimmermann 1
Wicca : history, belief, and community in modern pagan witchcraft Ethan White 1
The book of kitchen witchery : spells, recipes, and rituals for magical meals, an enchanted garden, and a happy home Cerridwen Greenleaf 1
The big little book of magick : a Wiccan's guide to altars, candles, pendulums, and healing spells D. J. Conway 1
A charmed life : celebrating Wicca every day Patricia Telesco 1
The beginner's guide to wicca : a practical guide for those starting on their wiccan path Kirsten Riddle 1
Identity and the quartered circle : studies in applied Wicca Dorothy L. Abrams 1
House magic : a handbook to making every home a sacred sanctuary Aurora Kane 1
Hidden circles in the web : feminist Wicca, occult knowledge, and process thought Constance Wise 1
Hedge witch : spells, crafts & rituals for natural magick Silver RavenWolf 1
Fire from the cauldron : intimate encounters with the old ones Shon Clark 1
Cunngingham's magical sampler : collected writings and spells from the renowned Wiccan author Scott Cunningham 1
Contemporary witchcraft Frances Billinghurst 1
Contemplative Wicca : reflections on contemplative practice for pagans Teresa Chupp 1
By my chalice and my blade : a brief study in Proto-UEW for UEWiccans Kaatryn MacMorgan-Douglas 1
Aradia : the gospel of the witches Charles Godfrey Leland 1
Antiquity and social reform : religious experience in the Unification Church, Feminist Wicca and Nation of Yahweh Dawn L. Hutchinson 1
Antiquity and social reform : religious experience in the Unification Church, Feminist Wicca and Nation of Yahweh Dawn Hutchinson 1
Ancient knowledge modern ways : a journey of self exploration Leslie Hart-Rudd 1
A teaching handbook for Wiccans & pagans : practical guidance for sharing your path Thea Sabin 1
A pagan testament : the literary heritage of the world's oldest new religion Brendan Cathbad Myers 1
Initiated : the wayward girls' guide to becoming a witch Amanda Yates Garcia 1
Liber Nox : a traditional witch's gramarye Michael Howard 1
Lid off the cauldron : a Wicca handbook Patricia Crowther 1
Simply Wicca : the green and gentle Wiccan way explained Leanna Greenaway 1
The beginner's guide to Wicca : practical magic for the solitary witch Kirsten Riddle 1
The Wicca cookbook : recipes, rituals, and lore Jamie Wood 1
The Wicca bible : the definitive guide to magic and the craft Ann-Marie Gallagher 1
Storied selves : shaping identity in feminist witchcraft Chris Klassen 1
Stewart Farrar : writer on a broomstick : the biography of Stewart Farrar Elizabeth Guerra 1
Spirit in the city : the angels and elementals of wicca Tudorbeth 1
Simply Wicca Leanna Greenaway 1
Living the Wiccan life Sherrene Hubbard 1
Simple Wicca Michele Morgan 1
Seasonal awareness and wellbeing : looking and feeling better the easy way Marie-Claire Wilson 1
Przyszłość czarostwa Doreen Valiente 1
Philosophy of witchcraft Steven Leslie Golding 1
Pain and faith in a Wiccan world : spirituality, ethics and transformation Crystal Blanton 1
Manifest divinity Lisa Spiral Besnett 1
Zasady wicca : Jedyne wprowadzenie, jakiego ci trezba Vivianne Crowley 1


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