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  • Book: Sun and us
  • Author: Jillian Powell
  • Bnb Id: GB97W0689
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • Books on this subject: 165
  • Editions on this subject: 196
  • Authors on this subject: 136
  • Books in this series: 23
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The main authors on Weather by number of books and editions:


There are the 165 books on the Weather subject with a total 196 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The atmosphere : an introduction to meteorology Frederick K. Lutgens 8
Understanding weather and climate Edward Aguado 7
Philip's guide to weather Ross Reynolds 3
The rough guide to weather Robert Henson 2
Weather : a concise introduction Gregory J. Hakim 2
The Guinness book of weather facts and feats Ingrid Holford 2
Weather Louis J. Battan 2
Weather eye Brendan McWilliams 2
The Spur book of weather lore Terry Brown 2
Weather : a visual guide Bruce Buckley 2
Watching the weather John Gribbin 2
The pocket book of weather : entertaining and remarkable facts about our weather Michael Bright 2
The world of weather Brian Cosgrove 2
The yachtsman's weather guide Ingrid Holford 2
The weather : the truth about the health of our planet Anthony Smith 2
Bring me sunshine : a windswept, rain-soaked, sun-kissed, snow-capped guide to our weather Charlie Connelly 2
The weather factor : how nature has changed history Erik Durschmied 2
The weather handbook Alan Watts 2
World weather and climate D. Riley 2
Weather : Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Ice, Lightning and Other Dramatic Weather Events in Photographs Robert J. Ford 1
Weather Tony Potter 1
Weather Tony Crisp 1
Weather Martyn Bramwell 1
Weather Roy Woodcock 1
Weather Ross Reynolds 1
Weather Ralph Hardy 1
Weather Michael Shorthouse 1
Weather : a guide to recognizing different weather phenomena and understanding their causes ; illustrated throughout in colour Eleanor Lawrence 1
Weather Melanie Quin 1
Weather : a very short introduction Storm Dunlop 1
Understanding weather : a visual approach Julian Mayes 1
The world weather guide E. A. Pearce 1
Weather Mark Pettigrew 1
Weather Kay Davies 1
Weather Julie Lloyd 1
The world's weather C. V. Burgess 1
Weather Julie Brown 1
The world's weather and climates Roger Sears 1
Weather Brian Cosgrove 1
Weather Alain Grée 1
Visualizing weather and climate Bruce Anderson 1
Understanding weather and climate Mike Ferguson 1
Understand the weather Peter Inness 1
Understanding our atmospheric environment Morris Neiburger 1
Weather David Lambert 1
A change in the weather Philip Eden 1
Weather : how it works and why it matters Arthur R. Upgren 1
Weather in the garden Jane Taylor 1
Weather or not? : the personal and commercial impacts of weather and climate Jim N. R. Dale 1
Weather photoguide Storm Dunlop 1
Weather report Alison Hawes 1
Weather systems Leslie F. Musk 1
Weather to go R. Ogden 1
Weather to travel Maria Harding 1
Weather watch Dick File 1
Weather watch Terry J. Jennings 1
Weather watching Patrick Hook 1
Weather, climate and climate change : human perspectives Greg O'Hare 1
Weird weather Paul Simons 1
What makes it rain? Susan Mayes 1
Wild weather John Lynch 1
Will it rain today? Althea 1
Windswept : the story of wind and weather Marq De Villiers 1
Winter weather John Mason 1
World climate : the weather, the environment and man Thomas Frohock Gaskell 1
Weather men Bernard Ashley 1
Weather in focus Melanie Quin 1
The weather project book Francis Wilson 1
Weather impacts on the construction sector, 1855-1913 Solomos Solomou 1
Weather and climate J. Hume Brown 1
Weather and climate John Mason 1
Weather and climate Roy Woodcock 1
Weather and climate Theodore Rowland-Entwistle 1
Weather and climate : notable research and discoveries Kyle Kirkland 1
Weather and climate in Africa Colin Buckle 1
Weather and climate in colour Svante Bodin 1
Weather and climates Laure Chémery 1
Weather and energy Bruce Schwoegler 1
Weather and its work David Lambert 1
Weather and life Alan Hammersley 1
Weather and people Michael D. Morgan 1
Weather at sea : a cruising skipper's guide to the weather Simon Rowell 1
Weather at sea : cruising skipper's guide to the weather Simon Rowell 1
Weather effects on European agricultural output, 1850-1913 Solomos Solomou 1
Weather facts Dick File 1
Weather force : climate and its impact on our world John Gribbin 1
Weather and climate D. C. Money 1
The weather factor Erik Durschmied 1
The weather makers : the history and future impact of climate change Tim F. Flannery 1
Fridtjof Nansen's fog log : (July-September 1893) Fridtjof Nansen 1
Essentials of weather Joseph M. Moran 1
Evolution, the spirit, you & I W. A. Williams 1
Exercises for weather and climate Gregory J. Carbone 1
Exploring the weather Brian Clegg 1
Exploring weather Ed Catherall 1
Extreme weather : understanding the science of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, heat waves, snow storms, global warming and other atmospheric disturbances H. Michael Mogil 1
Extreme weather survival manual : 343 tips for surviving nature's worst Dennis Mersereau 1
Fun with meteorology Jack Scott 1
John Wesley, travelling weather observer Howard R. Oliver 1
Great British weather disasters Philip Eden 1


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