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  • Book: Water-colour painting
  • Author: Barbara Jones
  • Bnb Id: GB6016670
  • Publication Date: 1960
  • Books on this subject: 892
  • Editions on this subject: 1,019
  • Authors on this subject: 455


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There are the 892 books on the Watercolor painting-Technique subject with a total 1,019 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Buildings in watercolour Richard S. Taylor 4
Watercolour Patricia Monahan 4
Vibrant watercolours Hazel Soan 3
Watercolour painting Robin Capon 3
Watercolor : pour it on! Jan Fabian Wallake 3
Watercolours Alwyn Crawshaw 3
The watercolorist's essential notebook Gordon MacKenzie 3
Watercolour landscapes David Bellamy 3
Flowers in watercolour Wendy Tait 3
Country flowers in watercolour Ann Blockley 3
Flower portraits in watercolour Elizabeth Conlon 3
David Bellamy's watercolour landscape course David Bellamy 2
David Bellamy's complete guide to watercolour painting David Bellamy 2
David Bellamy's developing your watercolours David Bellamy 2
Painting angels in watercolour Elaine Hamer 2
Painting with children Brunhild Müller 2
Paint with the watercolour masters : a step-by-step guide to materials and techniques for today's artists Jonathan Stephenson 2
Daring color : mix and mingle watercolor on your paper Anne Abgott 2
Developing style in watercolour Ray Campbell Smith 2
Watercolour : for the absolute beginner Alwyn Crawshaw 2
Draw and paint your pet Susie Wynne 2
The art of watercolor Charles Le Clair 2
The challenge of watercolour John Blockley 2
Painting beautiful watercolours from photographs Jan Kunz 2
Watercolour for absolute beginners Bill Whitsett 2
Watercolour challenge Diana Vowles 2
Painting flowers & gardens in watercolour and pastel Alison Hoblyn 2
Charles Reid's watercolour secrets Charles Reid 2
Skies in watercolour Ron Ranson 2
Watercolour landscapes step-by-step Ray Campbell Smith 2
Painting flowers with impact in watercolour Julie Collins 2
Color for the watercolor painter Tom Hill 2
Watercolour landscapes from photographs Ron Ranson 2
Watercolour interpretations John Blockley 2
Watercolour flower portraits Billy Showell 2
Watercolour fruit & vegetable portraits Billy Showell 2
Stunning crystal & glass : the watercolorist's guide to capturing the splendor of light Joyce Roletto Faulknor 2
Painting dragons in watercolour Paul Bryn Davies 2
Creating textured landscapes with pen, ink and watercolor Claudia Nice 2
Watercolour for all : a practical guide for beginners and improvers Ray Campbell Smith 2
The complete watercolor course : a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to watercolor John Raynes 2
One watercolor a day : a 6-week course exploring creativity using watercolor, pattern, and design Veronica Lawlor 2
The encyclopedia of watercolour techniques Hazel Harrison 2
Everyone's guide to water colour painting Philip Berrill 2
Trevor Chamberlain : a personal view : light and atmosphere in watercolour Trevor Chamberlain 2
Water-colour painting : landscapes & townscapes James Fletcher-Watson 2
Water paper paint : exploring creativity with watercolor and mixed media Heather Smith Jones 2
The watercolour flower painter's A to Z : an illustrated directory of techniques for painting 50 popular flowers Adelene Fletcher 2
The watercolour flower painter's pocket palette : instant visual reference on colours and shapes Elisabeth Harden 2
Vibrant flowers in watercolor Soon Y. Warren 2
Ian King's watercolour landscape techniques : seven stages to success Ian King 2
Landscapes in watercolour Ray Campbell Smith 2
Glorious garden flowers in watercolor Susan Harrison-Tustain 2
Landscapes in watercolour Paul Talbot-Greaves 2
Travels with watercolour Lucy Willis 2
The watercolourist's A to Z of trees & foliage : an illustrated directory of techniques for painting 24 popular trees and their foliage Adelene Fletcher 2
Landscape in pen and wash Paulette Fedarb 2
The watercolourist's guide to painting buildings Richard S. Taylor 2
The watercolourist's nature journal : how to create a personal record of the natural world around you Jill Bays 2
Hazel Soan's African watercolours Hazel Soan 2
Light & color : expert techniques and step-by-step projects for capturing mood and atmosphere in watercolor Iain Stewart 2
Experimental flowers in watercolour Ann Blockley 2
The practical encyclopedia of watercolour : mixing paint, brush strokes, gouache, masking out, glazing, wet into wet, drybrush painting, washes, using resists, sponging, light to dark, sgraffito Wendy Jelbert 2
Exploring flowers in watercolour : techniques and images Siriol Sherlock 2
The flower painter's essential handbook Jill Bays 2
The landscape in watercolour : a personal view David Curtis 2
Fill your watercolors with nature's light Roland Roycraft 2
The natural way to paint Charles Reid 2
Flower painting through the seasons : practical projects in watercolour Ann Blockley 2
Flowers in watercolour Judith Milne 2
Gardens in watercolour Sharon Finmark 2
Watercolor bold and free Lawrence C. Goldsmith 2
Light in watercolour Lucy Willis 2
The watercolor book : materials and techniques for today's artist David Dewey 2
Fresh watercolour : bring light and life to your painting Ray Campbell Smith 2
Light and shade in watercolour Hazel Soan 2
Light and movement in watercolour Jake Winkle 2
Charles Evans' watercolours in a weekend Charles Evans 2
Painting animals in watercolour Sally Michel 2
Just Add Watercolour : Inspiration & Painting Techniques from Contemporary Artists Helen Birch 2
Painting watercolour landscapes with confidence Brian Ryder 2
Watercolour pencils Judy Martin 2
A celebration of light : painting the textures of light in watercolor Jane Freeman 2
Paul Riley's watercolour workshop Paul Riley 2
Watercolour problems and solutions : a trouble-shooting handbook Trudy Friend 2
Painting nature in pen & ink with watercolor Claudia Nice 2
Watercolour tips and tricks : over 70 essential techniques for painting landscape subjects Zoltan Szabo 2
Wild flowers in watercolour Wendy Tait 2
Watercolour skills workbook : develop your artistic skills in ten easy lessons Anne Elsworth 2
Being bold with watercolour Annette Kane 2
Botanical illustration : the next ten lessons : colour and composition Valerie C. Price 2
Botanical illustration : painting with watercolours Siriol Sherlock 2
Wet-on-wet watercolour painting : a complete guide to techniques and materials Ewa Karpińska 2
Pen and wash Wendy Jelbert 2
Painting water in watercolour Christian Wharton 2
Watercolours in a weekend : pick up a brush and paint your first picture this weekend Hazel Harrison 2
Painting unicorns in watercolour Rebecca Balchin 2
Alwyn Crawshaw's watercolour painting course : a step-by-step guide to success Alwyn Crawshaw 2
Quick & clever watercolour pencils Charles Evans 2
Watercolour textures Ann Blockley 2



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