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  • Book: Water experiments
  • Author: Bobbie Neate
  • Bnb Id: GB9948625
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Books on this subject: 119
  • Editions on this subject: 134
  • Authors on this subject: 105
  • Books in this series: 8
  • Authors in this series: 6


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There are the 119 books on the Water subject with a total 134 editions:

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Title Author Editions
H2O : a biography of water Philip Ball 3
Water : life in every drop Julian Oliver Caldecott 2
Water Felix Franks 2
Water at work Barbara Taylor 2
Water in plain sight : hope for a thirsty world Judith D. Schwartz 2
Introduction to water resources and environmental issues Karrie Lynn Pennington 2
Water and life Barbara Taylor 2
Elixir : a human history of water Brian M. Fagan 2
Water John Williams 2
The improbable primate : how water shaped human evolution Clive Finlayson 2
The science of water : concepts and applications Frank R. Spellman 2
The water book Alok Jha 2
The water wizard : the extraordinary power of natural water Viktor Schauberger 2
Take me to the source : in search of water Rupert Wright 2
Water : a global history Ian Miller 1
Water Roger Coote 1
Water Veronica Strang 1
Water : a matrix of life Felix Franks 1
Water : a very short introduction J. L. Finney 1
Water : a.k.a aqua, diprotium oxide, dihydrogen monoxide, hydroxic acid, hydrogen oxide, hydroxylic acid, hydrogen hydroxide, hydric acid, oxidane : a biography of the planet's foremost fundamental fluid Chandra Senan 1
Water Trevor Day 1
Water Su Swallow 1
A cool drink of water Barbara Kerley 1
Water Pierre Rondière 1
Water Paul L. Younger 1
Water : molecular structure and properties Xiao-Feng Pang 1
Water Oliver Aston 1
Water Mitch O'Toole 1
Water Michael Allaby 1
Water E. N. Ramsden 1
Water Chris Ellis 1
Water Avril Harpley 1
Understanding water : developments from the work of Theodor Schwenk Andreas Wilkens 1
Water Paul Caro 1
Water a.k.a Aqua, Diprotium Oxide ... : a biography of the planet's foremost fundamental fluid Chandra Senan 1
Water : nature's liquid miracle Andrew Clegg 1
Water : pure therapy Alice Kavounas 1
Wonders of water : the hydrogen bond in action Ivar Olovsson 1
Why we need water Mike Sanderson 1
When I'm near water Colin Christmas 1
Water: solutions to a problem of supply and demand Michael Overman 1
Water, rivers and creeks Luna B. Leopold 1
Water, pure and simple : the infinite wisdom of an extraordinary molecule Paolo Consigli 1
Water, life force Maggie Black 1
Water, chemistry & ecology Joe Hammill 1
Water watching Edmund W. Jupp 1
Water science and engineering Savely Polevoy 1
Water science and engineering S. L. Polevoy 1
Water on earth : physicochemical and biological properties C. Lecuyer 1
Water on Mars Michael H. Carr 1
Water movement through lipid bilayers, pores and plasma membranes : theory and reality Alan Finkelstein 1
Water in the chemical and allied industries : (its use, treatment, conservation and disposal) John Lester Hewson 1
Water in England Dorothy Hartley 1
Water from heaven : the story of water from the big bang to the rise of civilization, and beyond Robert S. Kandel 1
Water drops : celebrating the wonder of water Peter E. Black 1
Water and water supply Gordon Andrew Message 1
Water and water conservation Gordon Andrew Message 1
Water and aqueous solutions : structure, thermodynamics, and transport process Ralph Albert Horne 1
Water and aqueous solutions : introduction to a molecular theory Arieh Ben-Naim 1
Water always wins : thriving in an age of drought and deluge Erica Gies 1
Trickle and flow : chapters in the history and culture of water Marty Roth 1
Water : the essence of life Mark Niemeyer 1
Two microweight loss techniques for use in hillslope solute studies R. W. Crabtree 1
The structure and properties of water David S. Eisenberg 1
The world of water William Clarence Walton 1
Flowforms : the rhythmic power of water A. John Wilkes 1
Lakes of the world with Google Earth : understanding our environment Anja Scheffers 1
Ions in water and biophysical implications : from chaos to cosmos Y. Marcus 1
International law, sustainable development and water management Antoinette Hildering 1
Industrial demand for water : a study of South East England Judith Rees 1
H₂O and the waters of forgetfulness Ivan Illich 1
H₂O : healing water for mind and body Anna Selby 1
Hydrology : a science of nature A. Musy 1
Hydrated materials : applications in biomedicine and the environment Yoshitaka Nakanishi 1
How to read water : clues, signs & patterns from puddles to the sea Tristan Gooley 1
How Water Influences Our Lives Per Jahren 1
Health2O : tap into the healing powers of water to fight disease, look younger, and feel your best Alexa Fleckenstein 1
Experiment with water Godfrey Hall 1
Messages behind shapes : music, biogeometry, light, water, word Milena 1
Elixir : a history of water and humankind Brian M. Fagan 1
Dw̌r John Williams 1
Drop by drop : a look at water A. Harris Stone 1
Drinking water, the plain facts : answers to 101 important questions about the water you drink Ronald F. Packham 1
Disasters happen : could you provide for yourself! James Mandeville 1
Cultural Dynamics of Water in Iranian Civilization Majid Labbaf Khaneiki 1
Children need water Wendy Davies 1
Alice's adventures in water-land Arieh Ben-Naim 1
Air and water : the biology and physics of life's media Mark W. Denny 1
A method of assessing the corrosivity of water[s] towards iron S. M. Williams 1
A history of water. Series II. Volume 3, Water and geopolitics in the New World Order Terje Tvedt 1
Living water : Viktor Schauberger and the secrets of natural energy Olof Alexandersson 1
Molecular theory of water and aqueous solutions Arieh Ben-Naim 1
The world of water Eric Jones 1
The Greenpeace book of water Klaus Lanz 1
A design for a reusable water-based spacecraft known as the spacecoach Brian McConnell 1
The structure and properties of water David Eisenberg 1
The story of water : source of life Alick Bartholomew 1
The romance of water Herbert Wendt 1
The radiation chemistry of water Ivan G. Draganić 1
The physics of liquid water Makoto Yasutomi 1


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