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There are the 367 books on the Values subject with a total 428 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Spiritual capital : wealth we can live by Danah Zohar 4
The hungry spirit : beyond capitalism - a quest for purpose in the modern world Charles B. Handy 3
Reciprocity Lawrence C. Becker 3
The wisdom of my grandmothers : lessons to live by, from one generation of remarkable women to the next Adriana Trigiani 3
Public policy : preferences and outcomes Christopher A. Simon 3
Aesthetic value Alan H. Goldman 3
Towards the definition of philosophy : 1. The idea of philosophy and the problem of worldview : 2.Phenomenology and transcendental philosophy of value : with a transcript of the lecture course "On the nature of the university and academic study" Martin Heidegger 3
Myself and other more important matters Charles B. Handy 3
Emotions, values, and the law John Deigh 2
Values in education Graham Haydon 2
The nature of things Anthony Quinton 2
Life's values : pleasure, happiness, well-being, and meaning Alan H. Goldman 2
Giving voice to values : how to speak your mind when you know what's right Mary C. Gentile 2
On thinking institutionally Hugh Heclo 2
Moral value and human diversity Robert Audi 2
Common values Sissela Bok 2
The moral landscape : how science can determine human values Sam Harris 2
Moral realities : an essay in philosophical psychology Mark de Bretton Platts 2
Vagaries of value : basic issues in value theory Nicholas Rescher 2
Values for educational leadership Graham Haydon 2
Value judgement : improving our ethical beliefs James Griffin 2
The creation of value Irving Singer 2
Values and the reflective point of view : on expressivism, self-knowledge and agency Robert Dunn 2
The origin and evolution of human values Clifford Sharp 2
Deliberation about the good : justifying what we value Valerie Tiberius 2
The crisis of progress : science, society, and values John Caiazza 2
Engaging reason : on the theory of value and action Joseph Raz 2
Meaning in life and why it matters Susan R. Wolf 2
Values and practice in children's services Roger S. Smith 2
Devil's advocate John Humphrys 2
Education, nihilism, and survival David Holbrook 2
Deep control : essays on free will and value John Martin Fischer 2
Wealth and life : a study in values J. A. Hobson 2
The values-driven organization : unleashing human potential for performance and profit Richard Barrett 2
What makes a good nurse : why the virtues are important for nurses Derek Sellman 2
The structure of values and norms Sven Ove Hansson 2
Justice for hedgehogs Ronald Dworkin 2
The origin of values : sociology and philosophy of beliefs Raymond Boudon 2
Wittgenstein and value : the quest for meaning Eric B. Litwack 2
The rose of life Doriane Lakey-Holmes 2
A theory of value and obligation Robin Attfield 2
Altruistic emotion, cognition, and behavior Nancy Eisenberg 2
Worth doing Steven G. Smith 2
Identity, religion, and values : implications for practitioners C. Margaret Hall 2
What matters most : the power of living your values Hyrum W. Smith 2
Yes ma'am, no sir : the 12 essential steps for success in life Ken Carter 2
Lasting change : the shared values process that makes companies great Rob Lebow 2
Law, love, and freedom : from the sacred to the secular Joshua Neoh 2
The practice of value Joseph Raz 2
Philosophy after postmodernism : civilized values and the scope of knowledge Paul Crowther 2
Religion, morality and government : insights into the sources of the modern morality and immorality Shams Ali 2
Reason's grief : an essay on tragedy and value George W. Harris 2
The intelligible world : metaphysics and value Wilbur Marshall Urban 1
The institution of intellectual values : realism and idealism in higher education Gordon Graham 1
The influence of values on consumer behaviour : the value compass Erik Kostelijk 1
The scope of cooperation : values and incentives Guido Enrico Tabellini 1
The invisible hand in the wilderness : economics, ecology, and God Malcolm Clemens Young 1
The normative and the evaluative : the buck-passing account of value Richard Rowland 1
The road less travelled : a new psychology of love, traditional values and spiritual growth M. Scott Peck 1
The psychology of moral behaviour Derek Wright 1
The psychology of human values Gregory R. Maio 1
The limitations of enlightenment science Woody Wood 1
The logic of spiritual values Robert Bolton 1
The psychological basis of morality : an essay on value and desire F. C. T. Moore 1
The moral landscape Sam Harris 1
The morality of pluralism John Kekes 1
The nature and limits of human equality John Charvet 1
The nature of human values Milton Rokeach 1
The paradoxes of modernity : creating belief through art, community, and ritual Zachary Simpson 1
The human odyssey : East, West and the search for universal values Stephen Green 1
10 good questions about life and death Christopher Belshaw 1
The development of values, attitudes and personal qualities : a review of recent research J. Mark Halstead 1
The guise of the good : a philosophical history Francesco Orsi 1
The guardians : leadership values and the American tradition Karl A. Lamb 1
The Athena doctrine : how women (and the men who think like them) will rule the future John Gerzema 1
Teaching about values : a new approach Graham Haydon 1
Teach your children well : why values and coping skills matter more than grades, trophies, or "fat envelopes" Madeline Levine 1
Taking sides in social research : essays on partisanship and bias Martyn Hammersley 1
Sustainable civilization Klaas van Egmond 1
Subjective morals S. F. Sapontzis 1
Strategy through personal values : a behavioural approach Scott Lichtenstein 1
Sollen Wollen und Lassen Sollen : Die Lücke zwischen Moral und Verhalten Lydia Lange 1
Slivers of life : musings on human values Yusef Saee 1
Simple ethical skills for use in a multicultural society Gwen Francis 1
Significance of individual aspirations in health psychology Ferenc Margitics 1
Sentience and sensibility : a conversation about moral philosophy Matthew R. Silliman 1
Self-construction and the formation of human values : truth, language, and desire Teodros Kiros 1
Seeking meaning and making sense John Haldane 1
Secular and spritual values : grounds for hope in education Dudley Plunkett 1
Secular and spiritual values : grounds for hope in education Dudley Plunkett 1
Science, values and politics in Max Weber's methodology Hans Henrik Bruun 1
The Western devaluation of knowledge Charles B. Osburn 1
The abolition of man : or reflections on education with special reference to the teaching of English in the upper forms of schools C. S. Lewis 1
The axiological status of theism and other worldviews Kirk Lougheed 1
The courage to lead through values : how management by values supports transformational leadership, culture, and success Liza-Maria Norlin 1
The greatest goal John Lerwill 1
The good and the realm of values Donald Walhout 1
The genesis of values Hans Joas 1
The genealogy of values : the aesthetic economy of Nietzsche and Proust Edward Andrew 1
The essentials of formal axiology Rem B. Edwards 1


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