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  • Book: The Moon
  • Author: Raman Prinja
  • Bnb Id: GBA341920
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Books on this subject: 84
  • Editions on this subject: 92
  • Authors on this subject: 72
  • Books in this series: 2
  • Authors in this series: 2

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There are the 84 books on the Universe subject with a total 92 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Until the end of time : mind, matter and our search for meaning in an evolving universe B. Greene 3
Galaxy : mapping the cosmos James Geach 2
The space book : from the beginning to the end of time, 250 milestones in the history of space & astronomy Jim Bell 2
A beautiful question : finding nature's deep design Frank Wilczek 2
Everything you ever wanted to know about the universe : and our place within it Andrew Newsam 2
Hubble Giles Sparrow 2
The universe, black holes and the big bang Clive Gifford 2
The exact QED calculation of the fine structure constant implies all 4D universes have the same physics/life prospects : exact QED calculation of fine structures constant [alpha] approximate formula in terms of [pi] and e fine structure constant is independent of time and space, universe vacuum polarization generates expansion, trivializes anthropic principle, physics and chemistry of 4D universes, life can exist in all 4D universes Stephen Blaha 1
The mysteries of the universe : discover the best-kept secrets of space Will Gater 1
The invisible universe : dark matter, dark energy, and the origin and end of the universe Antonino Del Popolo 1
The history of the universe D. H. Lyth 1
The history of everything (in 32 pages) Anna Claybourne 1
The great cosmic carrot John Reyes 1
The great atlas of the universe L. Benacchio 1
1001 wonders of the universe Piers Bizony 1
The secrets of the universe Mike Goldsmith 1
The big bang and beyond Michael Bright 1
The beginning and the end : the meaning of life in a cosmological perspective Clément Vidal 1
The amazing unity of the universe : and its origin in the big bang Edward Peter Jacobus van den Heuvel 1
The Universe : a challenge to the mind Jacques Vanier 1
The Universe Greg Brown 1
The Universe Andrew Cohen 1
The Accidental Universe : The World You Thought You Knew Alan Lightman 1
Stories of a planet that needs help : seven stories from before the beginning until after the end of the universe J. Reyes Florido 1
The cosmic diary of our incredible universe Tim Peake 1
The story of space : a first book about our universe Catherine Barr 1
Space encyclopedia : a tour of our solar system and beyond David A. Aguilar 1
The universe John Farndon 1
Why the Universe Exists : A Short, Non-technical Essay for the General Reader James D. Robinson 1
Water in the universe Arnold Hanslmeier 1
Universe : journey into deep space Mike Goldsmith 1
Universe Giles Sparrow 1
Universal : a guide to the cosmos Brian Cox 1
Universal Brian Cox 1
United universes : Quaternion Universe - Octonion Megaverse Stephen Blaha 1
Under alien skies : a sightseer's guide to the universe Philip C. Plait 1
Ultimate horizons : probing the limits of the universe H. Satz 1
The universe through the eyes of Hubble Oli Usher 1
The universe is talking to you : understand the language of the universe and give your life meaning Sandra Denda 1
The universe in 100 key discoveries Giles Sparrow 1
The universe explained : a cosmic Q & A Heather Couper 1
The universe : a travel guide Oliver Berry 1
The universe : a biography Paul Murdin 1
Stori'r gofod : llyfr cyntaf am y bydysawd Catherine Barr 1
Solipsism : a novel A. L. Patterson 1
Space Annabelle Lynch 1
Astrophysics for people in a hurry Neil de Grasse Tyson 1
Enjoy our Universe : you have no other choice A. De Rújula 1
Deep-sky wonders : a tour of the universe with Sky & telescope's Sue French Sue French 1
Deep space : beyond the solar system to the end of the universe and the beginning of time Govert Schilling 1
Cosmology and the early universe Pasquale Di Bari 1
Cosmic menagerie : a visual journey through the universe. Mark A. Garlick 1
Bulletin from the dark universe Julie Hill 1
Astrophysics for young people in a hurry Neil de Grasse Tyson 1
Astronomy : an illustrated guide to the Universe Tom Jackson 1
Evolved-God creationism : a view of how God evolved in the wider universe Yew-Kwang Ng 1
Alien Worlds : an introduction to observing the wonders of the universe Martin Griffiths 1
A quick history of the universe : from the Big Bang to just now Clive Gifford 1
A history of the universe in 100 objects James Goss 1
A history of the solar system Claudio Vita-Finzi 1
A fortunate universe : life in a finely tuned cosmos Geraint F. Lewis 1
A beautiful question : in pursuit of the hidden logic of the universe Frank Wilczek 1
A Non Zero Universe Thesis : Including Some Historical Thoughts About The Cosmos James D. Robinson 1
Epos of Cosmos David Mar 1
Finding a million-star hotel : an astro-tourist's guide to dark sky places Bob Mizon 1
A New Bible in Three Testaments George Terence Meaden 1
Mysteries of the universe Lela Nargi 1
Revenge of the sequel John Cusick 1
Reflections on a surprising universe : extraordinary discoveries through ordinary eyes Richard C. Dieter 1
Rare astronomical sights and sounds Jonathan Powell 1
Puzzle masters. Star Quest Jonny Leighton 1
Our universe : an astronomer's guide Jo Dunkley 1
Once upon a rabbit : investigations into life, the universe and everything by P.W. Linda Warren 1
Once before time : a whole story of the universe Martin Bojowald 1
Moonrise from the Green Grass Roof Vinoda Kumāra Śukla 1
Galaxy : explore the universe, planets and stars Richard Happer 1
Little book of the universe Liam McCann 1
Latest scientific developments : (sciences of Earth, solar-system, nature, biology, space and Universe) N. M. Jha 1
Kosmologie für Höhlenmenschen und andere Anfänger : das Universum von außen: Trabanten, Planeten, Sterne, Galaxien Jürgen Beetz 1
Hubble deep field : how a photo revolutionized our understanding of the universe Don Nardo 1
How to save the universe without really trying John Cusick 1
How to bake a universe Alec Carvlin 1
God after Einstein : What's Really Going on in the Universe? John F. Haught 1
Wonders of the universe Brian Cox 1


The 2 authors in this series in our database:

Author Books
Raman Prinja 1
Tim Goss 1


The 2 books in this series in our database:

Here are 2 of them:

Title Year
The Moon 2002
Jupiter 2007

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