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  • Book: His real father
  • Author: Debra Salonen
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  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Books on this subject: 59
  • Editions on this subject: 69
  • Authors on this subject: 54
  • Books in this series: 3
  • Authors in this series: 3

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The main authors on Twins by number of books and editions:


There are the 59 books on the Twins subject with a total 69 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The twin enigma : an exploration of our enduring fascination with twins Vivienne Lewin 3
The twins handbook : coping with twins and more in the family Elizabeth Friedrich 2
Twins! Connie L. Agnew 2
It's twins! Now what? : tips, advice and real-life experience to help you from pregnancy through to your babies' first year Jessica Bomford 2
Separated @ birth : a true love story of twin sisters reunited Anaïs Bordier 2
Identically different : why you can change your genes T. D. Spector 2
Twins : the practical and reassuring guide to pregnancy, birth, and the first year Carol Cooper 2
Exploring twins : towards a social analysis of twinship Elizabeth A. Stewart 2
My sister's wishes : my promise to make my twin's last wishes come true Melissa Tennant 2
Twins 101 : 50 must-have tips for pregnancy through early childhood from doctor m.o.m. Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin 1
Twins Jay Ingram 1
Twins : a survival guide for dads Johnny Pearce 1
Twins : from conception to five years Averil Clegg & Anne Woollett Averil Clegg 1
Twins Carola Zentner 1
Twin telepathy : the psychic connection Guy Lyon Playfair 1
Twin sense : a sanity-saving guide to raising twins-from pregnancy through the first year Dagmara Scalise 1
Twins : genes, environment and the mystery of human identity Lawrence Wright 1
Twice upon a time : twins baby memories Lynn Lorenz 1
Twins : genes, environment and the mystery of identity Lawrence Wright 1
A healing path for womb twin survivors Althea Hayton 1
Twins and deviance : law, crime, sex, society, and family Carmen M. Cusack 1
Twins in society : parents, bodies, space and talk Kate Bacon 1
Twins in the family Elizabeth M. Bryan 1
Twins talk : what twins tell us about person, self, and society Dona Lee Davis 1
Twins! Agnew 1
Twinship and consciousness Wendy Clayton 1
Twinspiration : real-life advice from pregnancy through the first year and beyond Cheryl Lage 1
Two for joy : the true story of one family's journey to happiness with severely disabled twins James Melville-Ross 1
Untangling twinning : what science tells us about the nature of human embryos Maureen Condic 1
When you're expecting twins, triplets, or quads : proven guidelines for a healthy multiple pregnancy Barbara Luke 1
Will and I Clay Byars 1
Twins and multiple births : the essential parenting guide from birth to adulthood Carol Cooper 1
The study of twins Peter Mittler 1
The twin book : (or two of everything) Honor Walters 1
The trouble with twin studies : a reassessment of twin research in the social and behavioral sciences Jay Joseph 1
Are they identical? : zygosity determination for twins, triplets and more Elizabeth M. Bryan 1
Being you Mary E. Holmes 1
Breastfeeding twins and triplets : a guide for professionals and parents Kathryn Stagg 1
Crime as destiny : a study of criminal twins Johannes Lange 1
Deliberately divided : inside the controversial study of twins and triplets adopted apart Nancy L. Segal 1
Double duty : the parents' guide to raising twins, from pregnancy through the school years Christina Baglivi Tinglof 1
Duplicate dreams : twins & multiples with identical interests & careers in common Coralie Phillips 1
How new humans are made : cells and embryos, twins and chimeras, left and right, mind/self\soul, sex, and schizophrenia Charles E. Boklage 1
How twins grow up Mary Rosambeau 1
Inside of the mind : dreams, premonitions, vision, predictions Robert Hannan 1
Killer twins Michael Benson 1
Knowing me Evelyn Hood 1
More than one : the pre-natal and post-natal care of twins and triplets Di McDonald 1
OMG it's twins! : get your twins to their first birthday without losing your mind Alison Perry 1
Personality differences and biological variations : a study of twins Gordon Claridge 1
Raising twins : parenting multiples from pregnancy through the school years Shelly Vaziri Flais 1
The art of parenting twins Patricia Maxwell Malmstrom 1
The biology of twinning in man M. G. Bulmer 1
The end of the twins : a memoir of losing a brother Saul Diskin 1
The feebly inhibited Charles Benedict Davenport 1
The nature and nurture of twins Elizabeth M. Bryan 1
The same only different Joan Lingard 1
All about twins : a handbook for parents Gillian Leigh 1
Womb twin survivors Althea Hayton 1


The 3 authors in this series in our database:


The 3 books in this series in our database:

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