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Black flags : the rise of ISIS Joby Warrick 4
Inside jihadism : understanding jihadi movements worldwide Farhad Khosrokhavar 3
Londonistan : how Britain is creating a terror state within Melanie Phillips 3
The Al-Qaeda doctrine : the framing and evolution of the leadership's public discourse Baldvin Donald Holbrook 3
Life is more beautiful than paradise : a jihadist's own story Khālid Birrī 3
Secret affairs : Britain's collusion with radical Islam Mark Curtis 3
China's forgotten people : Xinjiang, terror and the Chinese State Nick Holdstock 3
The new threat : from Islamic militancy Jason Burke 3
Empire of fear : inside the Islamic State Andrew Hosken 2
The making of a homegrown terrorist : brainwashing rebels in search of a cause Peter Alan Olsson 2
Hostage spaces of the contemporary Islamicate world : phantom territoriality Dejan Lukić 2
The crisis of Islam : holy war and unholy terror Bernard Lewis 2
Holy war, Inc. : inside the secret world of Osama Bin Laden Peter L. Bergen 2
The globalization of martyrdom : Al Qaeda, Salafi Jihad, and the diffusion of suicide attacks Assaf Moghadam 2
The good jihadist Bob Shepherd 2
Defying ISIS : preserving Christianity in the place of its birth and in your own backyard Johnnie Moore 2
The internationalization of ISIS : the Muslim state in Iraq and Syria Raphael Israeli 2
Frontline Pakistan : the path to catastrophe and the killing of Benazir Bhutto Zahid Hussain 2
Emerging security challenges : American jihad, terrorism, civil war, and human rights Seung-Whan Choi 2
From Muhammad to Bin Laden : religious and ideological sources of the homicide bombers phenomenon David Bukay 2
ISIS : the state of terror Jessica Stern 2
For love of the father : a psychoanalytic study of religious terrorism Ruth Stein 2
Extremists in our midst : confronting terror Abdul Haqq Baker 2
Europe's angry Muslims : the revolt of the second generation Robert S. Leiken 2
The new jackals : Ramzi Yousef, Osama bin Laden and the future of terrorism Simon Reeve 2
Hunting season : James Foley, the Islamic State, and the real story of the kidnapping campaign that started a war James Harkin 2
Holy terror : the inside story of Islamic Terrorism Amir Taheri 2
The Red Sea terror triangle : Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Islamic terror Shaul Shay 2
Satanic purses : money, myth, and misinformation in the war on terror R. T. Naylor 2
Mohammed's Koran : why Muslims kill for Islam Peter McLoughlin 2
Modernity, religion, and the war on terror Richard Dien Winfield 2
Osama : the making of a terrorist Jonathan C. Randal 2
Militant Islamist ideology : understanding the global threat Youssef H. Aboul-Enein 2
Osama Bin Laden Michael Scheuer 2
Landscapes of the Jihad : militancy, morality, modernity Faisal Devji 2
Knowing the enemy : jihadist ideology and the War on Terror Mary R. Habeck 2
Kidnapped in Yemen : one woman's amazing escape from terrorist captivity Mary Quin 2
Jihadi Culture on the World Wide Web Gilbert Ramsay 2
The secret history of al-Qa'ida Abdel Bari Atwan 2
Ten years after 9/11 : rethinking the Jihadist threat Arabinda Acharya 2
Terrorism and societies Stephen Vertigans 2
Islamic terror and the Balkans Shaul Shay 2
Terrorist movements and the recruitment of Arab foreign fighters : a history from 1980s Afghanistan to ISIS Roger Warren 2
The Base : al-Qaeda and the changing face of global terror Jane Corbin 2
Islamic State : rewriting history Michael Griffin 2
The Jihadist threat : the re-conquest of the West? Paul L. Moorcraft 2
The Looming Tower : Al-Qaeda's road to 9/11 Lawrence Wright 2
The rise and fall of Al-Qaeda Fawaz A. Gerges 2
No return : the true story of how martyrs are made Mark Townsend 2
The unexpected patriot : how an ordinary American mother is bringing terrorists to justice Shannen Rossmiller 2
Al-Qaeda and sacrifice : martyrdom, war and politics Melissa Finn 2
Al-Qaeda : from global network to local franchise Christina Hellmich 2
Unholy war : terror in the name of Islam John L. Esposito 2
Bin Laden : behind the mask of the terrorist Adam Robinson 2
Architect of global jihad : the life of al-Qaida strategist Abu Mus'ab al-Suri Brynjar Lia 2
Understanding Al Qaeda : changing war and global politics Mohammad-Mahmoud Mohamedou 2
Tide of terror : America, Islamic extremism, and the War on Terror Carl Hammer 2
They must be stopped : why we must defeat radical Islam and how we can do it Brigitte Gabriel 2
Wanted women : faith, lies, and the war on terror : the lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafia Siddiqui Deborah Scroggins 2
Where in the world is Osama bin Laden? Morgan Spurlock 2
Because they hate : a survivor of Islamic terror warns America Brigitte Gabriel 2
Combating jihadism : American hegemony and interstate cooperation in the War on Terrorism Barak Mendelsohn 2
You will not have my hate Antoine Leiris 2
Superpowers, rogue states and terrorism : countering the security threats to the west Paul L. Moorcraft 1
Sectarian war : Pakistan's Sunni-Shia violence and its links to the Middle East Khaled Ahmed 1
The Base : in search of Al-Qaeda, the terror network that shook the world Jane Corbin 1
United States of Jihad : investigating America's homegrown terrorists Peter L. Bergen 1
Unmasking Islamic state : revealing their motivation, theology and end time predictions Patrick Sookhdeo 1
Urban fears and global terrors : citizenship, multicultures and belongings after 7/7 Victor J. Seidler 1
See something, say nothing : a Homeland Security officer exposes the government's submission to jihad Philip Haney 1
Sexual Jihad : the role of Islam in female terrorism Christine Sixta Rinehart 1
Terrorist hunter Tamer Elnoury 1
Suicide bombers : Allah's new martyrs Farhad Khosrokhavar 1
Terrorism and violence in Islamic history and theological responses to the arguments of terrorists Recep Dogan 1
Terrorism in Indonesia after "Islamic State" Quinton Temby 1
Violence in the name of God : the militant Jihadist response to modernity Joel Hodge 1
Terror and modernity Donatella Di Cesare 1
Terror in the name of God : why religious militants kill Jessica Stern 1
Terror on the pitch : how Bin Laden targeted Beckham and the England football team Adam Robinson 1
Terror on the tube : behind the veil of 7/7, an investigation Nick Kollerstrom 1
War without end : the rise of Islamist terrorism and the global response Dilip Hiro 1
Terror truncated : the decline of the Abu Sayyaf group from the crucial year 2002 Bob East 1
Terrorismusabwehr : zur aktuellen Bedrohung durch den islamistischen Terrorismus in Deutschland und Europa Stefan Goertz 1
Terror's source : the ideology of Wahhabi-Salafism and its consequences Vincenzo Oliveti 1
Terrorism : under the banner of Islam D. J. Kadhim 1
The search for Al Qaeda : its leadership, ideology, and future Bruce O. Riedel 1
Road warriors : foreign fighters in the armies of Jihad Daniel Byman 1
Warrant for terror : fatwās of radical Islam and the duty of jihād Shmuel Bar 1
Salafismus, Radikalisierung und terroristische Gewalt : Erklärungsansätze - Befunde - Kritik Michail Logvinov 1
Ní bheidh fuath agam oraibh : insint ó chroí Antoine Leiris 1
On suicide bombing Talal Asad 1
Open Source Jihad : Problematizing the Academic Discourse on Islamic Terrorism in Contemporary Europe Per-Erik Nilsson 1
Origins of terrorism : the rise of the world's most formidable terrorist groups Godfrey Garner 1
Women in modern terrorism : from liberation wars to global Jihad and the Islamic State Jessica Davis 1
Women and radicalism in Saudi Arabia Hend T. Alsudairy 1
Why terrorists quit : the disengagement of Indonesian jihadists Julie Chernov-Hwang 1
Who killed Daniel Pearl? Bernard-Henri Lévy 1
Political Islam and violence in Indonesia Zachary Abuza 1
Preventing & countering extremism & terrorist recruitment : a best practice guide Hanif Qadir 1
Radical Islam rising : Muslim extremism in the West Quintan Wiktorowicz 1

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