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  • Books on this subject: 78
  • Editions on this subject: 88
  • Authors on this subject: 55
  • Books in this series: 8
  • Authors in this series: 2


Top Authors

The main authors on Teddy bears by number of books and editions:


There are the 78 books on the Teddy bears subject with a total 88 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The knitted teddy bear : make your own heirloom toys, with dozens of patterns for unique clothing Sandra Polley 4
Teddy bears of the rich & famous Mark Leigh 2
Little bears to knit & crochet Val Pierce 2
In praise of teddy bears Philippa Waring 2
The best-dressed knitted bears : dozens of patterns for teddy bears, bear costumes and accessories Emma King 2
The encyclopedia of teddy bear making techniques : Alicia Merrett and Ann Stephens Alicia Merrett 2
The little history of the teddy bear Michèle Brown 2
Making teddy bears : celebrating 100 years : projects, patterns, history, lore Paige Gilchrist 2
Sandra Polley's knitted toys : animals, dolls and teddies for all ages Sandra Polley 1
Teddy Eddy's rainbow Julie Open 1
Teddy bear century Brian Gibbs 1
Teddy bear studio : a step-by-step guide to creating your own one-of-a-kind artist teddy bear Theodore Menten 1
Teddy bears : more than 25 irresistible designs for knitted bears Debbie Bliss 1
Ready teddy knit! : knitted teddy bears to get your paws on Emma King 1
Peter Bull's book of teddy bears Peter Bull 1
Teddy bear studio : create your own handcrafted heirlooms Theodore Menten 1
Teddy bears Geneviève Picot 1
Nicola patterns presents clothes for little bears : a collection of sewing and knitting patterns to make 32 garments : to fit bears 12.5cm to 28cm (5" to 11") Joan Nerini 1
Teddy bears Monika Schleich 1
Teddy bears Pat Rush 1
Teddy bears Philippa Waring 1
Teddy bears : a celebration Mary Hillier 1
101 bears to make Nancy Tillberg 1
Teddy bears and how to make them Margaret Hutchings 1
The teddy bear craft book Carolyn Hall 1
Two-hour teddy bears Anita Louise Crane 1
The well dressed bear Geraldine Thistlethwaite 1
The teddy bear story Pat Rush 1
The teddy bear making book Brian Gibbs 1
The teddy bear lovers' book Philippa Waring 1
The teddy bear lovers catalogue Theodore Menten 1
The teddy bear book Maureen Stanford 1
Making your own teddy bear Peggy Bialosky 1
The teddy bear book Marsha Evans Moore 1
The embroidered patchwork bear Carolyn Pearce 1
The art and craft of bear making Alicia Merrett 1
The Teddy Bear book Peter Bull 1
The Hugglets bear making manual Irene Jackman 1
The Honourable Ted Kenworthy Nina Kenworthy 1
Me & my teddy bear William L. Simpson 1
Making teddy bears to treasure : 10 original bear designs Brian Gibbs 1
Making traditional teddy bears Brian Gibbs 1
Easy teddies to knit : knitted teddy bears to get your paws on Emma King 1
Dolls, puppedolls, and teddy bears Estelle Ansley Worrell 1
Cute felt bears : 20 easy-to-make felt bear projects Benjamin Rowling 1
Cross stitch teddies Joan Elliott 1
Crocheting teddy bears : 16 designs for toys Barbara Jacksier 1
Crocheted bears Val Pierce 1
Crochet for bears to wear : more than 20 perfect projects for your favorite teddies and friends Amy O'Neill Houck 1
Creative handpainted bears 3 Annette Stevenson 1
Constructing Teddy and his friends Jennifer Laing 1
Classic bears : how to make 14 heirloom bears Julia Jones 1
Classic bear making : how to make 14 hierloom bears Julia Jones 1
Bears Sue Pearson 1
Bear with me : the teddy bear : a symposium Peter Bull 1
Bear necessities Mandy Shaw 1
American teddy bear artists pattern book Linda Mullins 1
Adorable teddy bears to knit : plus all their clothes and accessories Rachel Borello 1
Dressed-up bears Val Pierce 1
Favourite bears to make & treasure Julia Jones 1
A hug of teddy bears Peter Bull 1
Horace : a teddy bear story Chris D'Lacey 1
Making teddy bears in miniature : featuring 17 bear patterns plus 6 unique scenes Angela Bullock 1
Making lovable teddy bears & their clothes Marion Thielmann 1
Making adorable teddy bears : from Anita Louise Crane's Bearlace Cottage Anita Louise Crane 1
Knitting for teddies Catherine Bouquerel 1
Knitted teddies : over 15 patterns for well-dressed bears Sandra Polley 1
Knitted bears : eight special friends for you to knit and crochet Claire Garland 1
Knitted bears : all dressed up! Val Pierce 1
Knits for children and their teddies Fiona McTague 1
Knit-a-bear : 15 fluffy friends to make and dress for every occasion Val Pierce 1
How to recreate your own antique bears and dolls Georgina Ledlie 1
How to make teddy bears Jane Gisby 1
How to make little needle-felted teddy bears Judy Balchin 1
How to make heirloom teddy bears Sue Quinn 1
How to make enchanting miniature teddy bears Debbie Kesling 1
How to make award-winning teddies Michela Rae 1
Victorian découpage, teddy bears Hilary Hammond 1


The 2 authors in this series in our database:

Author Books
Alison Sage 4
Ann Ricketts 4


The 8 books in this series in our database:

Here are 8 of them:

Title Year
ABC 1992
Nursery rhymes 1992
Fun with words 1992
1 2 3 1992
The crazy day 1999
The midnight feast 1999
The lost pet 2000
Sports day 2000



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