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There are the 1,626 books on the Sustainable development subject with a total 1,840 editions:

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Weak versus strong sustainability : exploring the limits of two opposing paradigms Eric Neumayer 5
Environmental science : earth as a living planet Daniel B. Botkin 5
Environmental and natural resources economics : theory, policy, and the sustainable society Steven C. Hackett 5
Environment, development, agriculture : integrated policy through human ecology Bernhard Glaeser 4
When corporations rule the world David C. Korten 3
Sustainable development Susan Baker 3
Environmental political thought : interests, values and inclusion Robert Garner 3
Organizational change for corporate sustainability : a guide for leaders and change agents of the future Dexter C. Dunphy 3
Rocks and hard places : the globalization of mining Roger Moody 3
Moving people : sustainable transport development Peter Cox 3
Sustainability principles and practice Margaret Robertson 3
Living in the environment G. Tyler Miller 3
The business guide to sustainability : practical strategies and tools for organizations Darcy E. Hitchcock 3
Chemistry for sustainable technologies : a foundation N. Winterton 3
Wasted : counting the costs of global consumption M. R. Redclift 3
Evaluating sustainable development in the built environment P. S. Brandon 3
The chaos point : the world at the crossroads Ervin Laszlo 3
Agendas for sustainability : environment and development into the twenty-first century Mary MacDonald 3
Property management : corporate strategies, financial instruments and the urban environment Mark Deakin 3
Common wealth : economics for a crowded planet Jeffrey Sachs 3
Understanding sustainable development John Blewitt 3
The story of the fly and how it could save the world Jason Drew 3
Capitalism : as if the world matters Jonathon Porritt 3
Sustainable business : key issues Helen Kopnina 3
Eco-efficiency : the business link to sustainable development Livio D. DeSimone 3
Chemicals from biomass : integrating bioprocesses into chemical production complexes for sustainable development Debalina Sengupta 2
Resilience, development and global change Katrina Brown 2
Towards sustainable development : essays on system analysis of national policy Khalid Saeed 2
Business, power and sustainability in a world of global value chains Stefano Ponte 2
Sustainability networks : cognitive tools for expert collaboration in social-ecological systems Janne Hukkinen 2
Climate change and natural disasters : transforming economies and policies for a sustainable future Vinod Thomas 2
Climate change for football fans : a matter of life and death James Atkins 2
Business, ethics, and the environment : imagining a sustainable future Joseph R. DesJardins 2
Searching for resilience in sustainable development : learning journeys in conservation John Blewitt 2
The changing profile of corporate climate change risk Mark C. Trexler 2
Green jujitsu : the smart way to embed sustainability into your organisation Gareth Kane 2
Business sustainability : performance, compliance, accountability and integrated reporting Zabihollah Rezaee 2
The sustainable city Steven Cohen 2
Shaping neighbourhoods : for local health and global sustainability Hugh Barton 2
Leading sustainable innovation Nick Coad 2
Education for sustainable development and disaster risk reduction Rajib Shaw 2
Sustainability in austerity : how local government can deliver during times of crisis Philip Monaghan 2
Materials and sustainable development M. F. Ashby 2
Lobbying for good : how business advocacy can accelerate the delivery of a sustainable economy Paul Monaghan 2
Sustainable automobility : understanding the car as a natural system Paul Nieuwenhuis 2
Green alternatives to globalisation : a manifesto Michael Woodin 2
Environment and citizenship : integrating justice, responsibility and civic engagement Mark J. Smith 2
Managing sustainable development Michael Carley 2
Rethinking sustainability in facilities and workplace management Frans Melissen 2
Timeless simplicity : creative living in a consumer society John Lane 2
Cities : an environmental history Ian Douglas 2
The governance of sustainable rural renewal : a comparative global perspective Rory Shand 2
The appropriation of ecological space : agrofuels, unequal exchange and environmental load displacements Kenneth Hermele 2
Sustainabiltiy Leslie Paul Thiele 2
Theory and practices on innovating for sustainable development Yoram Krozer 2
Leading change toward sustainability : a change-management guide for business, government and civil society Bob Doppelt 2
Energy for a sustainable world : from the oil age to a sun-powered future Nicola Armaroli 2
The automotive industry in a era of eco-austerity : creating an industry as if the planet mattered P. E. Wells 2
Theatre for women's participation in sustainable development Beth Osnes 2
The bankruptcy of economics : ecology, economics and the sustainability of the earth Joseph Wayne Smith 2
Manual of environmental management Adrian Belcham 2
The world ahead : our future in the making Federico Mayor 2
Rough guide to sustainability Brian Edwards 2
Sustainability reporting for SMEs : competitive advantage through transparency Elaine Cohen 2
Marine environmental governance : from international law to local practice Erika J. Techera 2
Collision course : endless growth on a finite planet Kerryn Higgs 2
The age of consequences : a chronicle of hope and concern Courtney White 2
Short circuit : strengthening local economies for security in an unstable world R. J. Douthwaite 2
Economic growth and sustainable development Peter N. Hess 2
Decent work, green jobs and the sustainable economy : solutions for climate change and sustainable development Peter Poschen 2
Economic development and the environment : a comparison of sustainable development with conventional development economics Raymond F. Mikesell 2
The new triple constraints for sustainable projects, programs, and portfolios Gregory T. Haugan 2
Economic analysis of social common capital Hirofumi Uzawa 2
Stakeholder politics : social capital, sustainable development, and the corporation Robert Boutilier 2
The new economics : a bigger picture David Boyle 2
Innovating for sustainability : green entrepreneurship in personal mobility Luca Berchicci 2
Sustainability : a systems approach Anthony M. H. Clayton 2
The metabolic pattern of societies : where economists fall short Mario Giampietro 2
How to account for sustainability : a business guide to measuring and managing Laura Musikanski 2
Developing a plan for the planet : a business plan for sustainable living Ian Chambers 2
Strategic sustainable procurement Colleen Theron 2
Indra's net and the Midas touch : living sustainably in a connected world Leslie Paul Thiele 2
The first 100 days on the Job : how to plan, prioritise and build a sustainable organisation Anne Augustine 2
The future makers : a journey to people who are changing the world - and what we can learn from them Joanna Hafenmayer Stefańska 2
How to engage youth to drive corporate sustainability : roles and interventions Nicolò Wojewoda 2
The ideas of Ronald H. Coase : market failure and planning by contract for sustainable development Lawrence Wai-chung Lai 2
How to make your company a recognised sustainability champion Brendan May 2
The hot topic : how to tackle global warming and still keep the lights on Gabrielle Walker 2
The guide to the circular economy : capturing value and managing material risk Dustin Benton 2
Studying the built environment Marion Temple 2
The green workplace : sustainable strategies that benefit employees, the environment, and the bottom line Leigh Stringer 2
Eco-cities and the transition to low carbon economies Federico Caprotti 2
Sustainability Thomas Pfister 2
The green economy and the water-energy-food nexus Robert C. Brears 2
Economic geographies : circuits, flows and spaces Ray Hudson 2
The plundered planet : how to reconcile prosperity with nature Paul Collier 2
The sustainability of air transportation : a quantitative analysis and assessment Milan Janić 2
The political ecology of climate change adaptation : livelihoods, Agrarian change and the conflicts of development Marcus Taylor 2
Educating for sustainability : principals and practices for teachers Victor Nolet 2
Measuring and evaluating sustainability : ethics in sustainability indexes Sarah E. Fredericks 2


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