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Key facts:
  • Art Movement Era: 20th century 1900-1945
  • Art Movement Era Covered: 1913 - 1993 (average: 1941)
  • Artworks: 97
  • Book: Surrealism: permanent revelation
  • Author: Roger Cardinal
  • Bnb Id: GB7010756
  • Publication Date: 1970
  • Artists: 31
  • Books on this subject: 154
  • Editions on this subject: 176
  • Authors on this subject: 127



There are 97 artworks within the Surrealism movement between 1913 and 1993 in our database:


There are 1 museums with this movement in their collection:

Museum Artworks
Tate Museums 97


Gender distribution in represented artists:

Gender Artists Distribution
female 7 21.9%
male 25 78.1%

Top Authors

The main authors on Surrealism by number of books and editions:


There are the 154 books on the Surrealism subject with a total 176 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Photography and surrealism : sexuality, colonialism and social dissent David Bate 3
Surrealism Cathrin Klingsöhr-Leroy 3
Surrealism, feminism, psychoanalysis Natalya Lusty 3
The screen in surrealist art and thought Haim N. Finkelstein 3
The absence of myth : writings on surrealism Georges Bataille 2
Dada & surrealism Robert Short 2
Dada and surrealism C. W. E. Bigsby 2
The home of the surrealists : Lee Miller, Roland Penrose and their circle at Farley Farm Antony Penrose 2
Bureau of the Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacy Mark Dion 2
The lives of the Surrealists Desmond Morris 2
Surrealism and the occult Nadia Choucha 2
The surrealist look : an erotics of encounter Mary Ann Caws 2
Profane illumination : Walter Benjamin and the Paris of surrealist revolution Margaret Cohen 2
Surrealism and the sacred : power, eros, and the occult in modern art Celia Rabinovitch 2
Salvador Dali's art and writing, 1927-1942 : the metamorphoses of Narcissus Haim N. Finkelstein 2
Surrealism and the visual arts : theory and reception Kim Grant 2
Julian Trevelyan : catalogue raisonné of prints Silvie Turner 2
The genres and genders of surrealism Annette S. Levitt 2
Surrealism : the road to the absolute Anna Balakian 1
Surrealism : the dream of revolution Richard Leslie 1
1929 Benjamin Péret 1
Surrealism : theater, arts, ideas Nahma Sandrow 1
Surrealism and Dadaism : provocative destruction, the path within and the exacerbation of the problem of a reconciliation of art and life Marianne Oesterreicher-Mollwo 1
Surrealism : 50 works of art you should know Brad Finger 1
Surrealism and painting André Breton 1
Surrealism and the exotic Louise Tythacott 1
Surrealism at play Susan Laxton 1
Surrealism : genesis of a revolution Nathalia Brodskaia 1
Surrealism Flaminio Gualdoni 1
Surrealism René Passeron 1
Surrealism Patrick Waldberg 1
Surrealism Michael Robinson 1
Surrealism José Pierre 1
Surrealism Fiona Bradley 1
Surrealism Amy Dempsey 1
Surreal people : surrealism and collaboration Alexander Klar 1
Surreal lives : the surrealists, 1917-1945 Ruth Brandon 1
Surreal digital photography : creating the impossible Daniela Bowker 1
Surreal digital photography Barry Huggins 1
Sufism and surrealism Adonis 1
Sufism & surrealism Adūnīs 1
Simulating the marvellous : psychology - surrealism - postmodernism David Lomas 1
Salvador Dalí. 1904-1989 : the paintings Robert Descharnes 1
Salvador Dalí, 1904-1989 Robert Descharnes 1
Surrealism in exile and the beginning of the New York school Martica Sawin 1
Surrealist painters : a tribute to the artists and influence of surrealism Sarane Alexandrian 1
Surrealism: permanent revelation Roger Cardinal 1
The surreal body : fetish and fashion Ghislaine Wood 1
The late fauna of early North America : the art of Scott Musgrove Scott Musgrove 1
The real world of the Surrealists Malcolm Haslam 1
The rise of Surrealism : Cubism, Dada, and the pursuit of the marvelous Willard Bohn 1
The scandalous eye : the surrealism of Conroy Maddox Silvano Levy 1
The screaming body : Antonin Artaud : film projects, drawing and sound recordings Stephen Barber 1
The shameful life of Salvador Dalí Ian Gibson 1
The surreal lives : the surrealists, 1917-1945 Ruth Brandon 1
Surrealist art Sarane Alexandrian 1
The surrealists William Gaunt 1
The surrealists : revolutionaries in art & writing : 1919-35 Jemima Montagu 1
Transfigurations : art critical essays on the modern period Nicolas Calas 1
Who I am and what I want David Shrigley 1
Who's your Dada? : redefining the doll through mixed media Linda O'Brien 1
Why we got the sack from the museum David Shrigley 1
The initiators of Surrealism Patrick Waldberg 1
The history of surrealism Maurice Nadeau 1
The haunted self : surrealism, psychoanalysis, subjectivity David Lomas 1
The fictions of Arthur Cravan : poetry, boxing and revolution Dafydd Jones 1
The esoteric secrets of surrealism : origins, magic, and secret societies Patrick Lepetit 1
The coward surrealists Ezra Pound 1
The concise encyclopedia of surrealism René Passeron 1
The challenge of surrealism : the correspondence of Theodor W. Adorno and Elisabeth Lenk Theodor W. Adorno 1
The beast is near David Shrigley 1
The Surrealists Simon Wilson 1
Surreality check Sammy Slabbinck 1
Surrealists on art Lucy R. Lippard 1
Surrealist sabotage and the war on work Abigail Susik 1
Surrealist painting, 1940-1970 José Pierre 1
Surrealist painting, 1919-1939 José Pierre 1
Surrealist art and thought in the 1930's : art, politics, and the psyche Steven Harris 1
Surrealist art : the Bergman collection at the art institute of Chicago Dawn Ades 1
Salvador Dalí : the making of an artist Catherine Grenier 1
Rock candy Femke Hiemstra 1
Sally Moore : acting up Peter Wakelin 1
Exploring space Patrick Hughes 1
Dada and surrealist art William Rubin 1
Dada and surrealist performance Annabelle Winograd 1
Dada's boys : maculinity after Duchamp David Hopkins 1
Dada, surrealism, and the cinematic effect Bruce Elder 1
Dali Linde Salber 1
Dali and postmodernism : this is not an essence Marc J. LaFountain 1
Dalí Robert Radford 1
Dalí : genius, obsession and lust Ralf Schiebler 1
Dalí : the centenary retrospective Dawn Ades 1
Dark toys : surrealism and the culture of childhood David Hopkins 1
Desmond Morris : 50 years of surrealism Silvano Levy 1
Do not bend David Shrigley 1
Dora Maar : Paris in the time of Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, and Picasso Louise Baring 1
Down victory! Peter Overton 1
Essential surrealists Tim Martin 1
Dada and surrealism Dawn Ades 1
Dada and after : extremist modernism and English literature Alan Young 1

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