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Title Author Editions
Sport in history : an introduction Jeff Hill 3
Sports history : a practical guide Martin Polley 3
'Manufactured' masculinity : making imperial manliness, morality and militarism J. A. Mangan 2
Sport : almost everything you ever wanted to know Tim Harris 2
And the crowd goes wild! : relive the most celebrated sporting events ever broadcast Joe Garner 2
Floodlights and touchlines : a history of spectator sport Rob Steen 2
Sports in world history David G. McComb 1
Sport in history : an introduction Jeffrey Hill 1
Sporting doubles : a gallery of great sportsmen who represented their country at more than one sport Jeremy Malies 1
Sporting travels of a Karoo son Des Newton 1
Sports and games Geoffrey Malcolm Rider 1
Sports and games : history and origins Brian Jewell 1
Sports and games in the ancient world Věra Olivová 1
Sports and games of the Renaissance Andrew Leibs 1
Sports and pastimes of the middle ages John Marshall Carter 1
The anthropology of sport : an introduction Kendall Blanchard 1
Talking to GOATs : the moments you remember and the stories you never heard Jim Gray 1
Sport and spectacle in the ancient world Donald G. Kyle 1
The book of sports trophies Brian A. Wynne 1
The diary of sport : history, facts & figures from every day of the year Nick Weatherhogg 1
The dictionary of sporting champions Ian Morrison 1
The end of Greek athletics in late Antiquity S. Remijsen 1
The field : truth and fiction in sport history Douglas Booth 1
The giants of sportswear : fashion trends throughout the centuries Leen Demeester 1
The shared origins of football, rugby, and soccer Christopher Rowley 1
The super-athletes David Patrick Willoughby 1
The world atlas of sport : who plays what, where, and why Alan Tomlinson 1
They call it courage : the story of the Segrave Trophy Phil Drackett 1
Sport in ancient times Nigel B. Crowther 1
Sport and democracy in the ancient and modern worlds Paul Christesen 1
Sport and society : history, power and culture Graham Scambler 1
How did sports begin? : a look into the origins of man at play Rudolph Brasch 1
A history and philosophy of sport and physical education : from ancient civilizations to the modern world Robert A. Mechikoff 1
An illustrated history of health and fitness, from pre-history to our post-modern world Roy J. Shephard 1
Beyond the finish line : images, evidence, and the history of the photo-finish Jonathan Finn 1
Combat sports in the ancient world : competition, violence and culture Michael B. Poliakoff 1
Crazyball : sports scandals, superstitions, and sick plays Barry Wilner 1
Empire games : the British invention of twentieth-century sport Roger Hutchinson 1
Fox tossing, octopus wrestling, and other forgotten sports Edward Brooke-Hitching 1
Games people played : a global history of sports Wray Vamplew 1
Great sporting moments Ian Harrison 1
How bad do you want it? : mastering the psychology of mind over muscle Matt Fitzgerald 1
How the game was played : essays in sports history Wray Vamplew 1
(Re)presenting Wilma Rudolph Rita Liberti 1
It's not the winning that counts : the most inspiring moments of sporting chivalry Max Davidson 1
Made to be broken : the 50 greatest records and streaks in sports Allen St. John 1
More than a game : when sport and history collide Jan Stradling 1
Olympic and world records 2012 Keir Radnedge 1
On me 'eadline! : 30,000 years of sport, told by the no1 paper John Perry 1
On the origins of sports Gary Belsky 1
Pageantry of sport from the age of chivalry to the age of Victoria John Arlott 1
Spectator sports made simple : how to watch, understand, and enjoy : baseball, football, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, bowling, and ice hockey Dan Bartges 1
Sport : Antiquity and Its Legacy Peter J. Miller 1
Sport : almost everything you ever wanted to know Tim Harris 1
World of sport Michael Archer 1


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