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Key facts:
  • Books on this subject: 184
  • Editions on this subject: 195
  • Authors on this subject: 163
  • Companies: 19,234
  • Revenue: 261,271 m$
  • Employees: 716,466
  • Books in this series: 8
  • Authors in this series: 1


Top Authors

The main authors on Sports by number of books and editions:


There are the 184 books on the Sports subject with a total 195 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Foundations of physical education, exercise science, and sport Deborah A. Wuest 3
Inspired : stories of sporting greatness Steven Redgrave 3
eSports is business : management in the world of competitive gaming Tobias Scholz 2
Mathematics in sport David Kirkby 2
Playgrounds of the gods : the fulfilment of a sporting fantasy Ian Stafford 2
Sports geography John Bale 2
The meaning of sport Simon Barnes 2
Physical education and sport : a contemporary introduction Angela Lumpkin 2
Introduction to physical education, fitness, and sport Daryl Siedentop 2
Sports retailing in Europe : the race for strategic success Gillian Rhys 1
Sports and games Doug Kincaid 1
Sports and recreational activities Dale Mood 1
Sports astrology John Frawley 1
Sports injuries : diagnosis and management for physiotherapists Christopher M. Norris 1
Sports writer's eye : an anthology Frank Keating 1
Sports writer's eye : an anthology David Miller 1
Sports activities for men Donald Rex Casady 1
Sports writer's eye : an anthology Matthew Engel 1
Sports writer's eye : an anthology Simon Barnes 1
Sportscapes John Bale 1
Sportsmaths J.M Jodey 1
Sportswatching Steve Pinder 1
Surfing and Sustainability Gregory Borne 1
Teaching individual and team sports Raymond Talmadge DeWitt 1
Sports and coaching principles (technical award). Student book Will Swaithes 1
Sports : a reference guide and critical commentary, 1980-1999 Donald L. Deardorff 1
The Cotswolds Ted Fryer 1
Sports : a reference guide Robert J. Higgs 1
Scórscéalta Pádraig Ó Snodaigh 1
Searching for heroes : fifty year[s] of sporting encounters Ian Wooldridge 1
Sightlines : a stadium odyssey Simon Inglis 1
Spartanus : sports warrior ethos of the new aeon Stephen B. Cox 1
Sport Andrew Langley 1
Sport Bob Harris 1
Sport : a very short introduction Mike Cronin 1
Sport and performance in the twenty-first century Kelsey Blair 1
Sport and physical education : the key concepts Tim Chandler 1
Sport and physical education : the key concepts Timothy John Lindsay Chandler 1
Sport examined : body in action, sport in society Paul Beashel 1
Sport in the 80's : a personal view Ian Wooldridge 1
Sport is my lifeline : essays from the Sunday times Ulick O'Connor 1
Sport science Roy Hawkey 1
Sport talk Robert Hull 1
Sport's open secrets Gordon W. Russell 1
Sport. Book 2, level 3 BTEC national Mark Adams 1
Sporting lives Michael Parkinson 1
Sporting memories of Mitcham in the late 1940s and 1950s David Corns 1
The Chilterns Leigh Hatts 1
The Perfect Punter : a year of losing everything and trying to win it all back Dave Farrar 1
The EU in international sports governance : a principal-agent perspective of EU control of FIFA and UEFA Arnout Geeraert 1
What sport tells us about life E. T. Smith 1
This sporting life, that sporting death John Kiely 1
Thoughts from sport Ben Huddleston 1
Traditional sports and games in the contemporary world : the new face of sport? Bartosz Prabucki 1
Trends and opportunities in the travel and tourism industry : the changing face of the business Dick Sisman 1
Understanding modern dive computers and operation : protocols, models, tests, data, risk and applications B. R. Wienke 1
Virtual gymnastics : science in sport David Mullineaux 1
Wealth, health and sport : inaugural lecture Gwilym Roberts 1
Weird sports and wacky games around the world : from buzkashi to zorbing Victoria Williams 1
What do you want to be? Dee Reid 1
What sport tells us about life : Bradman's average, Zidane's kiss and other sporting lessons E. T. Smith 1
Rules and equipment of the game Ian Morrison 1
Whitaker's almanack international sports records and results 1998/9 Peter Matthews 1
Why playing in red makes you a winner... : and other amazing sports statistics phenomena Gavin Newsham 1
Wilkie Collins, sport and exercise Andrew Gasson 1
With gun, rifle and bow : stories for the field sportsman James Douglas 1
World's weirdest sports Matt Roper 1
You can do it : the merit badge handbook for grown-up girls Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas 1
Young people and international travel : HIV prevention and health promotion Michelle Thomas 1
Young people and sport in England, 1994 : the views of teachers and children Val Mason 1
Your personal trainer Kathy Fulcher 1
The world's most unlikely sports : bog snorkelling, goat grabbing & dwyle flunking Paul Connolly 1
The view from the high board : writings on sport Richard Williams 1
The transformation of television sport : new methods, new rules Mike Milne 1
The top of his game : the best sportswriting of W.C. Heinz W. C. Heinz 1
The Scottish Borders Peter Jackson 1
The advantages of introducing a tradable hunting obligation system as a mechanism for reducing deer numbers Douglas MacMillan 1
The athletic action in sport Peter Varley 1
The best of my fun Christopher Curtis 1
The dictionary of sporting champions Ian Morrison 1
The dynamic path James M. Citrin 1
The future of leisure, tourism, and sport : navigating change Geoffrey Godbey 1
The future of the Cairngorms Kai Curry-Lindahl 1
The games guide : 101 warm-up games for coaches and sports leaders Mick McGuire 1
The highlights Frank Keating 1
The management of a football club : a case study in the organizational sociology of sport Roger Penn 1
The manual of museum management Barry Lord 1
The marketing and public relations handbook for museums, galleries and heritage attractions Sue Runyard 1
The physics of sports Michael Lisa 1
The pursuit of sporting excellence : a study of sport's highest achievers David Hemery 1
The science of baseball : modeling bat-ball collisions and the flight of the ball Terry Bahill 1
The sporting life : horses, boxers, rivers, and a Russian ballclub Bill Barich 1
The sports puzzle book Neil Somerville 1
The sportswriter : twenty years of award-winning sports journalism Patrick Collins 1
Scorecasting : the hidden influences behind how sports are played and games are won Tobias J. Moskowitz 1
128 turns in 10 seconds : Albert Rayner - skipping champion Betty Javens 1
Rothesay Castle and St Mary's Church Denys Pringle 1
Revolution im Profifußball : Mit Big Data zur Spielanalyse 4.0 Daniel Memmert 1
Comparative physical education and sport Bruce Lanyon Bennett 1
Complete book of sport Euan Sutherland 1


Sizing of the Sports market:

Number of companies 19,234
Total revenues (m$) 261,271
Total employees 716,466
Total market cap (m$) 62,410
Total assets (b$) 400
Total profits (m$) 3,836

Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


There are 19,234 companies in that industry in our database:

Here is the top 100 by revenue (actuals or estimates):

Company Type Revenue (M USD)
adidas estimate 19,548
Major League Baseball estimate 18,933
Toll Brothers actual 9,365
Hana Financial Group actual 7,133
ANTA Sports Products actual 7,127
Padi estimate 3,369
Columbia Sportswear Company actual 3,274
Img estimate 2,943
United States Soccer Federation estimate 2,848
National Football League (nfl) estimate 2,793
Usa Hockey estimate 2,127
Schneider estimate 1,605
Exos estimate 1,533
Xtep International actual 1,446
Fanduel estimate 1,412
(usta) United States Tennis Association estimate 1,151
Fc Barcelona estimate 938
Fansided estimate 930
National Hockey League estimate 908
361 Degrees International actual 857
Chicago Cubs estimate 843
Atlanta Braves estimate 836
Boston Red Sox estimate 826
New York Yankees estimate 806
Pga Of America estimate 798
Los Angeles Dodgers estimate 783
I9 Sports estimate 772
Taekwondo estimate 724
Ticketmaster Canada estimate 720
Australian Football League estimate 708
New York Mets estimate 680
San Francisco Giants estimate 678
Miami Heat estimate 675
Usa Volleyball estimate 669
Spartan Race estimate 668
Mlse (maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment) estimate 663
Green Bay Packers estimate 655
Manchester United actual 645
Ironman estimate 639
Kroenke Sports & Entertainment estimate 635
Ncsa Athletic Recruiting estimate 634
Golftec estimate 622
Philadelphia Eagles estimate 617
Fifa estimate 615
Minnesota Twins estimate 596
Major League Soccer estimate 572
Seattle Mariners estimate 572 estimate 569
Milwaukee Brewers estimate 569
Philadelphia Phillies estimate 568
Cincinnati Reds estimate 567
Tampa Bay Rays estimate 564
Barstool Sports estimate 563
Pittsburgh Pirates estimate 555
The Football Association estimate 533
Washington Nationals estimate 530
Psv estimate 522
Canyon Bicycles Gmbh estimate 519
San Francisco 49ers estimate 516
Houston Astros estimate 511
Baltimore Orioles estimate 508
St. Louis Cardinals estimate 505
Cleveland Cavaliers estimate 501
Detroit Tigers estimate 496
Img Academy estimate 495
Miami Dolphins And Hard Rock Stadium estimate 495
Orlando Magic estimate 484
Dallas Cowboys estimate 482
Kansas City Royals estimate 481
Chicago White Sox estimate 462
Saturday actual 449
Dgi estimate 448
Arizona Diamondbacks estimate 447
Carolina Panthers estimate 447
Commune estimate 445
Dazn estimate 443
Juventus Football Club actual 443
Soccer Shots estimate 441
Bleacher Report estimate 441
Tampa Bay Buccaneers estimate 441
Cleveland Browns estimate 421
Oakland Athletics estimate 419
Houston Texans estimate 418
Miami Marlins, L.p estimate 418
Borussia Dortmund estimate 417
Paris Saint-germain estimate 415
Betradar estimate 415
Phoenix Suns estimate 413
Pacers Sports & Entertainment estimate 409
Milwaukee Bucks estimate 406
USA TODAY estimate 399
United States Olympic Committee estimate 396
Cleveland Indians estimate 395
Japan Rugby Football Union estimate 392
San Diego Padres estimate 388
New York Jets estimate 387
Coachup estimate 386
Los Angeles Angels estimate 381
La Clippers estimate 380
Chicago Bulls estimate 380


The 1 authors in this series in our database:

Author Books
Nick Rebman 8


The 8 books in this series in our database:

Here are 8 of them:

Title Year
Baseball 2019
Basketball 2019
Dance 2019
Football 2018
Lacrosse 2019
Soccer 2019
Swimming 2019
Wrestling 2019



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