Specialized REITs

Classified as:
  • Industry

Key facts:
  • Companies: 16
  • Employees: 63,157
  • Revenues: 34.3B$
  • Assets: 184.8B$
  • Profits: 5.8B$
  • Debt: 125.7B$


Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


Here is the top 100 companies by revenue (actuals or estimates) in that industry in our database:

Company Type Revenue (M USD)
American Tower actual 10,234
Crown Castle actual 6,748
Equinix actual 6,557
Iron Mountain actual 4,827
Lamarooh actual 1,872
CoreCivic actual 1,860
Gaming And Leisure Properties actual 1,238
EPR Properties actual 571
HASI actual 98
Charter Hall actual 77
Farmland Partners actual 57
Arena REIT actual 52
Canadian Solar Infrastructure Fund actual 48
AFC GAMMA actual 45
Ichigo Green Infrastructure Investment actual 7
Avrasya Gayrimenkul Yatýrým Ortaklýðý actual 0

Updated: 63 days ago

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