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Title Author Editions
Space, politics and aesthetics Mustafa Dikeç 3
Flirting with space : journeys and creativity David Crouch 2
Heidegger among the sculptors : body, space, and the art of dwelling Andrew J. Mitchell 2
"Der Mensch ist ein Landtreter" : die Bedeutung des Raums im politischen Denken von Carl Schmitt Bastian Ronge 1
Representing space in the scientific revolution David Marshall Miller 1
The reality that is not there : reflections on non-locational space Jeremy Naydler 1
The meaning of space in sign language : reference, specificity and structure in Catalan sign language discourse Gemma Barberà Altimira 1
The deep metaphysics of space : an alternative history and ontology beyond substantivalism and relationism Edward Slowik 1
The collectivity of life : spaces of social mobility and the individualism myth Joel Wendland 1
The collected works of Rudolf Carnap. Volume 1, Early writings Rudolf Carnap 1
Styles of organizing : the will to form Gibson Burrell 1
Spacing Ireland : place, society and culture in a post-boom era Caroline Crowley 1
Spaces Derek Gregory 1
Space to reason : a spatial theory of human thought Markus Knauff 1
Placing the Enlightenment : thinking geographically about the age of reason Charles W. J. Withers 1
A circular argument : a creative exploration of power and space Martin Cathcart Froden 1
Place meant : hermeneutic landscapes of the spatial self Gregory V. Loewen 1
Law, space and the vehicular environment : legal geography in motion Sarah Marusek 1
Kantian conceptual geography Nathaniel Jason Goldberg 1
Foucault's heterotopia in Christian catacombs : constructing spaces and symbols in ancient Rome Eric C. Smith 1
Fortuny : time, space, light Wendy Ligon Smith 1
Deep space : the universe from the beginning Stuart Clark 1
Cities and spaces of leadership : a geographical perspective Cristina D'Alessandro 1
Atmospheres : aesthetics of emotional spaces Tonino Griffero 1
Aesthetics and politics of space in Russia and Japan : a comparative philosophical study Thorsten Botz-Bornstein 1
The space composer : JTQ Inc Junji Tanigawa 1


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