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  • Book: Aging in today's society
  • Author: Clark Tibbitts
  • Bnb Id: GB6010388
  • Publication Date: 1960
  • Books on this subject: 1,962
  • Editions on this subject: 2,456
  • Authors on this subject: 1,613
  • Books in this series: 9
  • Authors in this series: 9


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The main authors on Sociology by number of books and editions:


There are the 1,962 books on the Sociology subject with a total 2,456 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Sociology : exploring the architecture of everyday life David M. Newman 19
Sociology John J. Macionis 18
Society : the basics John J. Macionis 16
Sociology : a down-to-earth approach James M. Henslin 12
Sociological theory George Ritzer 10
Essentials of sociology : a down-to-earth approach James M. Henslin 9
Sociology Richard T. Schaefer 9
Sociology : themes and perspectives Michael Haralambos 9
Sociology : a down-to-earth approach : core concepts James M. Henslin 8
Our social world : introduction to sociology Jeanne H. Ballantine 8
Sociology in our times Diana Elizabeth Kendall 8
Sociology Anthony Giddens 7
Essentials of sociology George Ritzer 7
Sociology : a global perspective Joan Ferrante-Wallace 6
Sociology : a global introduction John J. Macionis 6
Discover sociology William J. Chambliss 6
Introduction to sociology George Ritzer 6
Second thoughts : sociology challenges conventional wisdom Janet M. Ruane 5
Society in focus : an introduction to sociology William E. Thompson 5
Introduction to sociology Henry L. Tischler 5
Sociology : exploring the architecture of everyday life, brief edition David M. Newman 5
Sociology : a brief introduction Richard T. Schaefer 5
An introduction to sociology Ken Browne 5
How can we solve our social problems? James A Crone 5
In conflict and order : understanding society D. Stanley Eitzen 5
Sociology : concepts and applications in a diverse world Thomas J. Sullivan 5
Sociology Rodney Stark 5
Sociology in a changing world William Kornblum 5
Sociology David Popenoe 5
Sociology in our times : the essentials Diana Elizabeth Kendall 5
Classical and contemporary sociological theory : text and readings Scott Appelrouth 5
The study of society Kathleen Heasman 4
Sociology James Fulcher 4
Sociology Neil J. Smelser 4
The practical skeptic : core concepts in sociology Lisa J. McIntyre 4
Sociology in action : a critique of selected conceptions of the social role of the sociologist Christopher G. A. Bryant 4
Sociology : an introduction Christopher Bates Doob 4
Sociology : the essentials Margaret L. Andersen 4
Sociology and history Peter Burke 4
The social lens : an invitation to social and sociological theory Kenneth Allan 4
Social problems James William Coleman 4
Sociology now : the essentials Michael S. Kimmel 4
The person in the sight of sociology Colin Fletcher 4
Second thoughts : seeing conventional wisdom through the sociological eye Janet M. Ruane 4
Perspectives in sociology E. C. Cuff 4
Contemporary Social & Sociological Theory : Visualizing Social Worlds Kenneth Allan 4
Sociology and the human experience Donald A. Hobbs 4
Mastering sociology Gerard O'Donnell 4
Founding theory of American sociology, 1881-1915 Roscoe C. Hinkle 4
Sociological theory in the contemporary era : text and readings Scott Appelrouth 4
Key Concepts in classical social theory Alex Law 3
Armageddon or evolution? : the scientific method and escalating world problems Bernard S. Phillips 3
The life course : a sociological introduction Stephen Hunt 3
Basic sociology F. J. Wright 3
Our social world : condensed version Jeanne H. Ballantine 3
Introduction to sociological theory : theorists, concepts, and their applicability to the twenty-first century Michele Dillon 3
Our social world Jeanne H. Ballantine 3
Essential concepts in sociology Anthony Giddens 3
The meaning of sociology Joel M. Charon 3
Environments, natures and social theory : towards a critical hybridity Damian F. White 3
The social web : an introduction to sociology John A. Perry 3
Culture, class, and critical theory : between Bourdieu and the Frankfurt school David Gartman 3
Discovering sociology : studies in sociological theory and method John Rex 3
Understanding society : an introduction to sociology Caroline Hodges Persell 3
Sociology Paul B. Horton 3
Economy/society : markets, meanings, and social structure Bruce G. Carruthers 3
The science of society : an introduction to sociology Stephen F. Cotgrove 3
The science of society : an introduction to sociology Stephen Cotgrove 3
Sociology : a text with adapted readings Leonard Broom 3
The frontiers of sociology T. R. Fyvel 3
Global sociology Robin Cohen 3
Rethinking modernity : postcolonialism and the sociological imagination Gurminder K. Bhambra 3
Social control : a survey of the foundations of order Edward Alsworth Ross 3
Talcott Parsons and the conceptual dilemma Hans P. M. Adriaansens 3
Social work and social perspectives Eileen Oak 3
Structuralist analysis in contemporary social thought : a comparison of the theories of Claude Levi-Strauss and Louis Althusser Miriam Glucksmann 3
Foundations of modern sociology Metta Spencer 3
Human societies : an introduction to macrosociology Gerhard Lenski 3
Ideas and intervention : social theory for practice Joe Bailey 3
Sociology for nurses Christine M. Chapman 3
Sociology alive! Stephen Moore 3
People in society P. J. North 3
A textbook of sociology Graham Sergeant 3
Sociology after the crisis Charles C. Lemert 3
Social theory and the family D. H. J. Morgan 3
Social change Steven Vago 3
Sociology : the basics Kenneth Plummer 3
The sociological quest : an introduction to the study of social life Evan Willis 3
Sociology in modules Richard T. Schaefer 3
Sociology : traditional and radical perspectives Howard J. Sherman 3
Pareto on policy Warren J. Samuels 3
Professing sociology : studies in the life cycle of social science Irving Louis Horowitz 3
Lévi-Strauss : structuralism and sociological theory C. R. Badcock 3
Theorizing globalization : a critique of the mediatization of social theory Marko Ampuja 2
Classical sociological theory Steven Loyal 2
Max Weber's insights and errors Stanislav Andreski 2
The structure of sociological theory Jonathan H. Turner 2
Social theory and political practice Brian Fay 2
The problem of sociology : an introduction to the discipline David Lee 2
The theories of Talcott Parsons : the social relations of action Stephen P. Savage 2

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