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Deadly desires : a psychoanalytic study of female sexual perversion and widowhood in fin-de-siècle women's writing Julie Lokis-Adkins 3
Gender and romance in Chaucer's Canterbury tales Susan Crane 2
The Sadeian woman : an exercise in cultural history Angela Carter 2
Before intimacy : asocial sexuality in early modern England Daniel Juan Gil 1
Sex and the posthuman condition Michael Hauskeller 1
Unification of God theory and unified superstandard theory : God-unified superstandard theory (GUST) Stephen Blaha 1
The formation of 20th-century queer autobiography : reading Vita Sackville-West, Virginia Woolf, Hilda Doolittle, and Gertrude Stein Georgia Johnston 1
The female thermometer : eighteenth-century culture and the invention of the uncanny Terry Castle 1
The birth of pleasure Carol Gilligan 1
The artist as critic : bitextuality in fin-de-siècle illustrated books Lorraine Janzen Kooistra 1
Shakespeare and gender : sex and sexuality in Shakespeare's drama Kate Aughterson 1
Sexual politics in the work of Tennessee Williams : desire over protest Michael S. D. Hooper 1
Sexing the mind : nineteenth-century fictions of hysteria Evelyne Ender 1
Sex changes with Kleist Katrin Pahl 1
Polymorphous domesticities : pets, bodies, and desire in four modern writers Juliana Schiesari 1
Robert Frost and a poetics of appetite Katherine Kearns 1
Perspectives on gender in post-1945 German literature Georgina Paul 1
Modernism after the death of God : Christianity, fragmentation, and unification Stephen Kern 1
Male sexuality under surveillance : the office in American literature Graham Thompson 1
Learning curves : body image and female sexuality in young adult literature Beth Younger 1
Henry James and sexuality Hugh Stevens 1
H.D. and the Victorian fin de siècle : gender, modernism, decadence Cassandra Laity 1
Gender, genre and the Romantic poets : an introduction Philip Cox 1
Gender and genre in medieval French literature Simon Gaunt 1
Erotic suffering in Shakespeare and Sidney : a central theme in Elizabethan and Jacobean romance Darlene Ciraulo 1
Erotic beasts and social monsters : Shakespeare, Jonson and comic androgyny Grace Tiffany 1
Wuthering Heights : the writing in the margin Maggie Berg 1

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