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The scientific revolution P. M. Harman 3
The Earth moves : Galileo and the Roman Inquisition Dan Hofstadter 2
Distilling knowledge : alchemy, chemistry, and the scientific revolution Bruce T. Moran 2
Giordano Bruno and Renaissance science Hilary Gatti 2
Infinitesimal : how a dangerous mathematical theory shaped the modern world Amir R. Alexander 2
The science of describing : natural history in Renaissance Europe Brian W. Ogilvie 2
The idea of the sciences in the French Enlightenment : a reinterpretation G. Matthew Adkins 1
The Jewel house : Elizabethan London and the scientific revolution Deborah E. Harkness 1
The Lynx and the telescope Paolo Galluzzi 1
The business of alchemy : science and culture in the Holy Roman Empire Pamela H. Smith 1
The complex itinerary of Leibniz's planetary theory : physical convictions, metaphysical principles and Keplerian inspiration Paolo Bussotti 1
The death of nature : women, ecology, and the scientific revolution Carolyn Merchant 1
The great rift : literacy, numeracy, and the religion-science divide Michael E. Hobart 1
A history of science in world cultures : voices of knowledge Scott L. Montgomery 1
The mastery of nature : aspects of art, science, and humanism in the Renaissance Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann 1
Studies in Renaissance philosophy and science Charles B. Schmitt 1
The scientific renaissance, 1450-1630 Marie Boas 1
The scientific revolution and the foundations of modern science Wilbur Applebaum 1
The swerve : how the Renaissance began Stephen Greenblatt 1
The theater of nature : Jean Bodin and renaissance science Ann Blair 1
The scientific renaissance 1450-1630 Marie Boas Hall 1
Revolution in science : how Galileo and Darwin changed our world Mark Brake 1
Secrets of women : gender, generation, and the origins of human dissection Katharine Park 1
Isaac Beeckman on matter and motion : mechanical philosophy in the making Klaas van Berkel 1
Disknowledge : literature, alchemy, and the end of humanism in renaissance England Katherine Eggert 1
Galen and Galenism : theory and medical practice from antiquity to the European Renaissance Luis García Ballester 1
Galileo unbound : a path across life, the universe and everything D. D. Nolte 1
Groundbreaking scientific experiments, inventions, and discoveries of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Robert E. Krebs 1
Homo faber and homo economicus in the scientific revolution Ahmet Selami Çaliskan 1
Ingenious pursuits : building the scientific revolution Lisa Jardine 1
It started with Copernicus : how turning the world inside out led to the scientific revolution Howard Margolis 1
Copernicus in the cultural debates of the Renaissance : reception, legacy, transformation Pietro Daniel Omodeo 1
Learning from Leonardo : decoding the notebooks of a genius Fritjof Capra 1
Man and nature in the Renaissance Allen G Debus 1
Promethean ambitions : alchemy and the quest to perfect nature William R. Newman 1
Reading Galileo : scribal technologies and the Two new sciences Renée Jennifer Raphael 1
Renaissance meteorology : Pomponazzi to Descartes Craig Martin 1
Renaissance thought and its sources Paul Oskar Kristeller 1
The writings and drawings of Leonardo da Vinci : order and chaos in early modern thought Robert Zwijnenberg 1

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