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  • Book: Baptism : new life in Christ
  • Author: Eustochium Lee
  • Bnb Id: GBA426661
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Books on this subject: 37
  • Editions on this subject: 38
  • Authors on this subject: 35
  • Books in this series: 8
  • Authors in this series: 5


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There are the 37 books on the Sacraments subject with a total 38 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The interruptive word : Eberhard Jüngel on the sacramental structure of God's relation to the world R. David Nelson 2
A guide to the sacraments John MacQuarrie 1
Sacraments after Christendom Andrew Francis 1
Swear to God : the promise and power of the Sacraments Scott Hahn 1
The Archbishop's school of the sacraments Simon Stanley 1
The Christian life and hope : a guide for study and devotion Alister E. McGrath 1
The Church of Christ : a treatise on the nature, powers, ordinances, discipline, and government of the Christian Church James Bannerman 1
The God who is given : Dietrich Bonhoeffer's sacramental theology and religionless Christianity Chris Dodson 1
The bonds of freedom : vows, sacraments and the formation of the Christian self Garry J. Deverell 1
The sacraments Michael J. Townsend 1
The seven sacraments Anselm Grün 1
The true Catholike and Apostolike faith, 1593 William Rainolds 1
The work of our redemption Clifford Howell 1
This great sacrament revere - : (some doctrinal and practical notes on reverence for the Blessed Sacrament) John Saward 1
Through brokenness Elizabeth Stuart 1
Understanding the new covenant : a simple introduction to "new covenant theology" Frederick Serjeant 1
Ven a la mesa : desata el poder de la santa cena Joseph Prince 1
Sola scriptura sacramentaque : recovering the significance of the sacraments with Hilary of Poitiers and Robert W. Jenson Charles Edward Meeks 1
Sacraments & ministry in ecumenical perspective Gerald Lewis Bray 1
Baptism, Eucharist & ministry : (the 'Lima Report'), an Evangelical assessment David F. Wright 1
Sacramental commons : Christian ecological ethics John Hart 1
Charism and sacrament : a theology of Christian conversion Donald L. Gelpi 1
Closer communion : the sacraments in scripture and history Clifford W. Kew 1
Doorways to the sacred : Developing sacramentality in fresh expressions of church Ian Mobsby 1
Eat your way to life and health : unlock the power of the holy communion Joseph Prince 1
Encountering God together : biblical patterns for ministry and worship David Peterson 1
Extravagant affections : a feminist sacramental theology Susan A. Ross 1
Jesus now: studies in the sacraments Hamish Swanston 1
Joy : the meaning of the sacraments Peter Waddell 1
Living in the new covenant : enjoying the love, freedom, joy and peace that is every Christian's inheritance: basic teachings from the Bible that show us the fullness of life that every believer in Jesus Christ can come to know and experience Frederick Serjeant 1
Meditations on the sacraments Karl Rahner 1
Passing-in parades : reflection on the seven Christian sacraments Ananias Radebe 1
Pastoral and liturgical ministry to the sick Michael Botting 1
Prayers, sacraments and the Christian life Alun R. Davies 1
Ritual und Sakrament : Liminalität bei Victor Turner Tobias Benzing 1
SCM studyguide to the sacraments Ross Thompson 1
Why sacraments? Andrew Davison 1


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