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Rwanda is a book subject adressed in 247 books and 312 editions by 203 authors

  • Books: 247
  • Editions: 312
  • Authors: 203
  • Period: -


There are 247 books and 312 editions on Rwanda between 1970 and 2022

Top Authors

The main authors on Rwanda by number of books and editions:


There are the 247 books on the Rwanda subject with a total 312 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
They fight like soldiers, they die like children Roméo Dallaire 4
Christophe's story Nicki Cornwell 4
A people betrayed : the role of the west in Rwanda's genocide Linda Melvern 4
Baking cakes in Kigali Gaile Parkin 4
When the hills ask for your blood : a personal story of genocide and Rwanda David Belton 3
A Sunday at the pool in Kigali Gil Courtemanche 3
We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families : stories from Rwanda Philip Gourevitch 3
Rwanda Philip Briggs 3
Dark heart Tony Park 3
The ignorant bystander? : Britain and the Rwandan genocide of 1994 Dean J. White 2
Rwanda before the genocide : Catholic politics and ethnic discourse in the late colonial era J. J. Carney 2
The key to my neighbour's house : seeking justice in Bosnia and Rwanda Elizabeth Neuffer 2
Conspiracy to murder : the Rwandan genocide Linda Melvern 2
Ethnic politics and democratic transition in Rwanda David Kiwuwa 2
Rwanda : which way now? David Waller 2
Miracle in Kigali : the Rwandan genocide - a survivor's journey Illuminée Nganemariya 2
Rwanda : the Bradt travel guide Philip Briggs 2
The politics of haunting and memory in international relations Jessica Auchter 2
Mobilizing transnational gender politics in post-genocide Rwanda Rirhandu Mageza-Barthel 2
The great lakes of Africa : two thousand years of history Jean-Pierre Chrétien 2
The genocide against the Tutsi, and the Rwandan churches : between grief and denial Philippe Denis 2
The go-away bird Warren Fitzgerald 2
The girl who smiled beads Clemantine Wamariya 2
The flower plantation Nora Anne Brown 2
From classrooms to conflict in Rwanda Elisabeth King 2
Peasants in power : the political economy of development and genocide in Rwanda Philip Verwimp 2
The bishop of Rwanda John Rucyahana 2
Rwanda, Inc : how a devastated nation became an economic model for the developing world Patricia Crisafulli 2
Killing neighbors : webs of violence in Rwanda Lee Ann Fujii 2
Historical dictionary of Rwanda Aimable Twagilimana 2
Hope for Rwanda : conversations with Laure Guilbert and Hervé Deguine André Sibomana 2
Sacrifice as terror : the Rwandan genocide of 1994 Christopher C. Taylor 2
Sowing the seeds of forgiveness : sharing messages of love and hope after the Rwandan genocide Immaculée Ilibagiza 2
Silent accomplice : the untold story of France's role in the Rwandan genocide Andrew Wallis 2
Season of blood : a Rwandan journey Fergal Keane 2
Murambi : the book of bones Boubacar Boris Diop 2
International justice in Rwanda and the Balkans : virtual trials and the struggle for state cooperation Victor Peskin 2
Christianity and genocide in Rwanda Timothy Paul Longman 2
Bad news : last journalists in a dictatorship Anjan Sundaram 2
Political governance in post-genocide Rwanda Filip Reyntjens 2
Women and war in Rwanda : gender, media and the representation of genocide Georgina Holmes 2
When victims become killers : colonialism, nativism, and the genocide in Rwanda Mahmood Mamdani 2
Across the red river : Rwanda, Burundi and the heart of darkness Christian Jennings 2
After genocide : - there is hope Mary Weeks Millard 2
An ordinary man Paul Rusesabagina 2
On the path to genocide : Armenia and Rwanda re-examined Deborah Mayersen 2
Visiting Rwanda Dervla Murphy 2
Antecedents to modern Rwanda : the Nyiginya kingdom Jan Vansina 2
Running the rift Naomi Benaron 2
All things must fight to live : stories of war and deliverance in Congo Bryan Mealer 2
The strategy of antelopes : living in Rwanda after the genocide Jean Hatzfeld 2
Rwanda Andy Koopmans 2
Rwandan women rising Swanee Hunt 1
Rwanda's genocide : the politics of global justice Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu 1
Rwanda : rising from the ashes : an inspiring account of the ministry of a white Rwandan bishop : the Right Revd Kenneth Barham OBE John Miles 1
Rwanda 1994 : the myth of the Akazu genocide conspiracy and its consequences Barrie Collins 1
Reconciling Rwanda : unity, nationality and state control Jennifer Melvin 1
Rwanda, lasting wounds : consequences of genocide and war on Rwanda's children Sara Rakita 1
Rwandan refugees in southwestern Uganda : their attitudes and responses to repatriation, 1994-2012 Cleophas Karooma 1
Re-imagining Rwanda : conflict, survival and disinformation in the late 20th century Johan Pottier 1
Rwanda and Burundi René Lemarchand 1
Rwanda yesterday Patricia Bamurangirwa 1
Race and ethnicity in East Africa Peter G. Forster 1
Saving Zawadi Mike Thomson 1
Rwanda : an agenda for international action Guy Vassall-Adams 1
Post-genocide Rwandan refugees : why they refuse to return 'home': myths and realities Masako Yonekawa 1
Rwanda : from genocide to precarious peace Susan Thomson 1
Security and women in post-conflict societies : a comparative study of Cambodia and Rwanda Anuradha Rai 1
Rwanda's Gacaca courts : between retribution and reparation Paul Christoph Bornkamm 1
Sex and international tribunals : the erasure of gender from the war narrative Chiseche Salome Mibenge 1
Rwanda and genocide in the twentieth century Alain Destexhe 1
Remediation in Rwanda : grassroots legal forums Kristin Doughty 1
Repatriation and reconciliation in divided societies : the case of Rwanda's 'Ingando' Andrea Purdeková 1
Rwanda with Eastern Congo : the Bradt travel guide Philip Briggs 1
Rwanda in Zaire : from genocide to continental war Gérard Prunier 1
Ruanda - die geleugnete Geschichte : 25 Jahre Diktatur der Ruandischen Patriotischen Front : Memorandum und Appell Helmut Strizek 1
Rwanda genocide stories : fiction after 1994 Nicki Hitchcott 1
Rwanda : country torn apart Kari Bodnarchuk 1
Rwanda 1994 : genocide in the 'Land of a thousand hills' Ralph Benyamin Neuberger 1
Rwanda : the land God forgot? : revival, genocide and hope Meg Guillebaud 1
Rwanda Randall Fegley 1
Ruanda und Burundi : von der Unabhängigkeit zum Staatszerfall : Studie über eine gescheiterte Demokratie im afrikanischen Zwischenseengebiet Helmut Strizek 1
Rwanda and the new scramble for Africa : from tragedy to useful imperial fiction Robin Philpot 1
Rwanda after genocide : gender, identity and post-traumatic growth Caroline Sinalo 1
Rwanda and the moral obligation of humanitarian intervention Joshua James Kassner 1
99 days Matteo Casali 1
The colour of darkness : a personal story of tragedy and hope in Rwanda Lesley Bilinda 1
Shake hands with the devil : the failure of humanity in Rwanda Roméo Dallaire 1
Sharing the burden of stories from the Tutsi Genocide : Rwanda: écrire par devoir de mémoire Anna-Marie De Beer 1
The premise of inequality in Ruanda : a study of political relations in a Central African kingdom Jacques Jérôme Pierre Maquet 1
The road to democratic development statehood in Africa : the cases of Ethiopia, Mauritius, and Rwanda Marcel Felicity Nagar 1
The role of France in the Rwandan genocide Daniela Kroslak 1
The search for home : the true story of Beatrice Smith Beatrice Smith 1
The shadow of Imana : travels in the heart of Rwanda Véronique Tadjo 1
The shallow graves of Rwanda Shaharyar M. Khan 1
The silence Gilles Peress 1
The survivor champion : the remarkable story of a refugee child Josée Kana Bizimana 1
Theology, liberation and genocide Mario I. Aguilar 1
Through arid places Tim Rayner 1
To Rwanda and back : liberation, spirituality and reconciliation Mary C. Grey 1
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