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Explorations in urban and regional dynamics 2014
Broadband telecommunications and regional development 2015
Regional disparities in the enlarged European Union : geography, innovation and structural change 2015
Knowledge economy in the megalopolis : interactions of innovations in transport, information, production and organizations 2015
Regional development in Australia : being regional 2015
Urban recycling cooperatives : building resilient communities 2016
Competitiveness and knowledge : an international comparison of traditional firms 2017
The geography of scientific collaboration 2017
The spatial and economic transformation of mountain regions : landscapes as commodities 2017
Broadband telecommunications and regional development 2016
The Canada-US border in the 21st century : integration, security and identity 2018
Traveling expertise and regional development 2020
The regional economics of technological transformations : industry 4.0 and servitisation in European regions 2021
Managing knowledge, governing society : social theory, research policy and environmental transition 2021
Planning and the multi-local urban experience : the power of lifescapes 2022
European port cities and urban regeneration : exploring cultural and sporting mega events at the water's edge 2022
Political geography of cities and regions : changing legitimacy and identity 2022
Worker mobility and urban policy in Latin America : policy interactions and urban outcomes in Mexico City 2022
The economics of affordable housing 2022
Evolutionary urban development : lessons from Central and Eastern Europe 2023
The cultural sector and sustainable economic development : innovation and the creative economy in European cities 2023
The rural to urban transition in developing countries : urbanisation and peri-urban land markets 2023
Homes at work : urban informality and recognition in Latin America and Africa 2023

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