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  • Books on this subject: 3,882
  • Editions on this subject: 5,060
  • Authors on this subject: 2,214
  • Books in this series: 5
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Top Authors

The main authors on Rome by number of books and editions:


There are the 3,882 books on the Rome subject with a total 5,060 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Julius Caesar William Shakespeare 28
Titus Andronicus William Shakespeare 14
The history of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon 12
Coriolanus William Shakespeare 10
The Aeneid Virgil 8
The twelve Caesars Suetonius 8
Ode to a banker Lindsey Davis 7
Antony and Cleopatra : authoritative text, sources, analogues, and contexts, criticism, adaptations, rewritings, and appropriations William Shakespeare 6
Ancient Rome Fiona Macdonald 6
The histories Cornelius Tacitus 6
One virgin too many Lindsey Davis 6
The poems of Catullus Gaius Valerius Catullus 6
Three hands in the fountain Lindsey Davis 6
The Satyricon Petronius Arbiter 5
The last legion Valerio Manfredi 5
Nemesis Lindsey Davis 5
Ancient Rome Simon James 5
Two for the lions Lindsey Davis 5
Daily life in Ancient Rome : the people and the city at the height of the Empire Jérôme Carcopino 5
A dying light in Corduba Lindsey Davis 5
The accusers Lindsey Davis 5
A body in the bath house Lindsey Davis 5
The social history of Rome Géza Alföldy 5
Pompeii : the life of a Roman town Mary Beard 5
Ancient Rome Peter Chrisp 5
Imperium Robert Harris 5
Pompey the Great John Leach 4
Roman papers Ronald Syme 4
History of Rome Michael Grant 4
The thieves of Ostia Caroline Lawrence 4
Time to depart Lindsey Davis 4
A history of Rome Marcel Le Glay 4
Augustus Pat Southern 4
King of kings Harry Sidebottom 4
Spartacus : the gladiator Ben Kane 4
The course of honour Lindsey Davis 4
The rise and fall of ancient Rome Nigel Rodgers 4
Roman fort Mick Manning 4
Tiberius the politician Barbara Levick 4
Antony & Cleopatra Pat Southern 4
Ancient Rome : the rise & fall of an Empire, 753 B.C.-A.D. 476 Pat Southern 4
Alexandria Lindsey Davis 4
The annals of imperial Rome Cornelius Tacitus 4
The field of swords Conn Iggulden 4
The Romans Sally Hewitt 4
Trade secrets David Wishart 4
Shadows in bronze Lindsey Davis 4
A murder on the Appian Way : a mystery of ancient Rome Steven Saylor 4
Saturnalia Lindsey Davis 4
Storming the heavens : soldiers, emperors, and civilians in the Roman Empire Antonio Santosuosso 4
Makers of Rome : nine lives Plutarch 4
The philosopher prince Paul Waters 4
Scandal takes a holiday Lindsey Davis 4
The ides of March Valerio Manfredi 4
Satyrica Petronius Arbiter 4
Dictator Robert Harris 4
The judgement of Caesar : a mystery of ancient Rome Steven Saylor 4
See Delphi and die Lindsey Davis 4
Finished business David Wishart 4
Lion of the sun Harry Sidebottom 4
Rotten Romans Terry Deary 4
Scipio Ross Leckie 4
The Roman news Andrew Langley 4
The gods of war Conn Iggulden 4
I, Claudius : from the autobiography of Tiberius Claudius, Emperor of the Romans, born BC 10, murdered and deified AD 54 Robert Graves 4
The kingdom of the wicked Anthony Burgess 4
The decline and fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon 4
The death of kings Conn Iggulden 3
Rome : empire of the eagles Neil Faulkner 3
The sacred identity of Ephesos : foundation myths of a Roman city Guy MacLean Rogers 3
All about history book of ancient Rome Nick McCarty 3
The forgotten legion Ben Kane 3
The collapse and recovery of the Roman Empire Michael Grant 3
Adults and children in the Roman Empire Thomas E. J. Wiedemann 3
Rome burning Sophia McDougall 3
The ancient Romans Anita Ganeri 3
These were the Romans Graham Tingay 3
Roman warfare Adrian Keith Goldsworthy 3
The ides of April Lindsey Davis 3
Avenger of Rome Douglas Jackson 3
Ancient history : evidence and models M. I. Finley 3
The colossus of Rhodes Caroline Lawrence 3
The sword and the throne Henry Venmore-Rowland 3
Annals Cornelius Tacitus 3
The song of the gladiator P. C. Doherty 3
The ancient economy M. I. Finley 3
Frontiers of the Roman empire = Grenzen des Römischen Reiches = Frontières de l´Empire Romain David J. Breeze 3
Centurion Simon Scarrow 3
Nero : the end of a dynasty Miriam T. Griffin 3
The house of the vestals Steven Saylor 3
Ancient Rome John Malam 3
Counting the stars Helen Dunmore 3
Ancient Rome Philip Steele 3
Book of Ancient Rome Nick McCarty 3
Rome in the East : the transformation of an empire Warwick Ball 3
Polybius and Roman imperialism Donald Walter Baronowski 3
Swords around the throne Ian Ross 3
Tiger, tiger Lynne Reid Banks 3
The gates of Rome Conn Iggulden 3
The gods of war Jack Ludlow 3


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