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  • Book: Fossils
  • Author: Ava Sawyer
  • Bnb Id: GBB8K2176
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Books on this subject: 67
  • Editions on this subject: 79
  • Authors on this subject: 61
  • Books in this series: 2
  • Authors in this series: 1


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The main authors on Rocks by number of books and editions:


There are the 67 books on the Rocks subject with a total 79 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The complete illustrated guide to minerals, rocks & fossils of the world : a comprehensive reference to over 700 minerals, rocks, plant and animal fossils from around the globe and how to identify them, with over 2000 photographs and artworks John Farndon 3
What's that rock or mineral? Tom Jackson 3
The rock physics handbook : tools for seismic analysis in porous media Gary Mavko 3
Soil and rock description in engineering practice David Norbury 2
A photographic guide to minerals, rocks and fossils John L. Roberts 2
An introduction to the rock-forming minerals W. A. Deer 2
Rocks & minerals of the world David Cook 2
Rocks and minerals Adrian P. Jones 2
Fractured rock hydraulics F. O. Franciss 2
Rocks for chemists : an introduction to petrology for chemists and students of chemistry S. James Shand 1
Rocks and the landscape Roger Clare 1
Rocks and minerals in thin section W. S. MacKenzie 1
Rocks and minerals coloring book T. D. Burns 1
Rocks and minerals E. P. Bottley 1
Rocks and minerals Monica Price 1
Rocks and minerals Janet Watson 1
Rocks, minerals and crystals D. C. Almond 1
Rocks and man Myra Lesley Shackley 1
Rocks : a very short introduction J. A. Zalasiewicz 1
Rocks from Antarctica : the 'Discovery' collection in the British Museum (Natural History) D. R. C. Kempe 1
A colour atlas of rocks and minerals in thin section W. S. MacKenzie 1
Rocks, minerals and the earth's crust David Neville Knight 1
Sacred stones and crystals : connecting with the ancient wisdom of stones, pebbles, and crystals Philip Permutt 1
Seismic reflections of rock properties Jack Dvorkin 1
Rocks & minerals Sue Fuller 1
Stones and minerals : minerals, precious stones, rocks, ores Walter Schumann 1
The Firefly guide to minerals, rocks & gems Rupert Hochleitner 1
The complete illustrated guide to rocks of the world : a practical directory to over 150 igneous, sedimentary and metaphoric rocks John Farndon 1
The concise illustrated book of rocks and minerals Richard Moody 1
The illustrated guide to rocks & minerals : how to find, identify and collect the world's most fascinating specimens, featuring over 800 stunning photographs and artworks John Farndon 1
The little book of rocks David Brawn 1
The observer's book of rocks and minerals Frances Atkinson 1
The rock & gem book : ...and other treasures of the natural world Dan Green 1
The rock physics handbook Gary Mavko 1
Rocks & minerals : the definitive visual guide Ra Bonewitz 1
Rocks & minerals Chris Pellant 1
Rocks & minerals Frederick D. Atwood 1
Magmas and mountains S. Blake 1
A method for the direct measurement of erosion on rock surfaces Colin High 1
Attenuation and dispersion of elastic waves in porous rocks : mechanisms and models Boris Gurevich 1
Beneath our feet : the rocks of planet Earth R. H. Vernon 1
Carraigeacha & mianraí : tuairisc ar na carraigeacha agus ar na mianraí is coitianta san Eoraip, arna léiriú faoi dhathanna E. Fejer 1
Derbyshire minerals & rocks (with especial reference to the Peak District) Peter J Grayson 1
Earth's not Earth : minerals and rocks Gautam Sen 1
Flowstones : beautiful creations from polymer clay Amy Goldin 1
Geological carbon storage : subsurfaces seals and caprock integrity Stéphanie Vialle 1
Geology of the industrial rocks and minerals Robert L. Bates 1
Geophysics of caprocks : integrity and geological storage security Stéphanie Vialle 1
Interfacial chemistry of rocks and soils Noémi M. Nagy 1
Landmarks : an exploration of great rocks David Craig 1
Magic of minerals and rock D. J. Wiersma 1
Minerals and rocks in colour J. F. Kirkaldy 1
A concise guide to rocks and minerals James Lagomarsino 1
Minerals, rocks and fossils A. C. Bishop 1
Minerals, rocks and fossils Richard Vincent Dietrich 1
Physical properties of rocks : fundamentals and principles of petrophysics Jürgen Schön 1
Principles of mathematical petrophysics John H. Doveton 1
Rock & gem : the definitive guide to rocks, minerals, gemstones and fossils Ra Bonewitz 1
Rock & mineral R. F. Symes 1
Rock music M. C. Fagg 1
Rock properties of different metamorphism facies of Eastern Fennoscandia F. F. Gorbat︠s︡evich 1
Rocks Brian J. Knapp 1
Rocks David Dineley 1
Rocks Terry J. Jennings 1
Rocks Tony Crisp 1
Rocks & fossils : a visual guide Robert R. Coenraads 1
World atlas of geology and mineral deposits Duncan R. Derry 1


The 1 authors in this series in our database:

Author Books
Ava Sawyer 2


The 2 books in this series in our database:

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Title Year
Fossils 2019
Igneous rocks 2019

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