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Performance studies : an introduction Richard Schechner 4
Violence and the sacred René Girard 4
The ritual process : structure and anti-structure Victor W. Turner 3
The winter solstice : the sacred traditions of Christmas John Matthews 2
Ritual : key concepts in religion Pamela J. Stewart 2
Deeply into the bone : re-inventing rites of passage Ronald L. Grimes 2
The rites of passage Arnold van Gennep 2
Ritual in early modern Europe Edward Muir 2
Mighty stories, dangerous rituals : weaving together the human and the divine Herbert Anderson 2
Primitive ritual and belief : an anthropological essay E. O. James 2
Opening the doors of wonder : reflections on religious rites of passage Arthur J. Magida 2
Initiation J. S. La Fontaine 2
Living folklore : an introduction to the study of people and their traditions Martha C. Sims 2
Lammas : celebrating fruits of the first harvest Anna Franklin 2
Spells and rituals Teresa Moorey 1
Sacred origins of profound things : the stories behind the rites and rituals of the world's religions Charles Panati 1
Spellbound Helen Glisic 1
Spells and rituals : a beginner's guide Teresa Moorey 1
Spells for the modern mystic : the essentials for a complete ritual practice, with twenty-five spells for healing, wealth, love, and personal transformation Kelley Knight 1
Solitary Wicca for life : a complete guide to mastering the craft on your own Arin Murphy-Hiscock 1
Stellar magic : a practical guide to the rites of the moon, planets, stars and constellations Payam Nabarz 1
Skills in religious studies. Book 3 S. C. Mercier 1
Sacred times : a new approach to festivals William Bloom 1
Sacred rituals : connecting with spirit through labyrinths, sand paintings & other traditional arts Eileen London 1
Taking sacred back : the complete guide to designing and sharing group ritual Nels Linde 1
'To double business bound' : essays on literature, mimesis and anthropology René Girard 1
Rituals for beginners : simple ways to connect to your spiritual side Richard Webster 1
Sacred ceremony : how to create ceremonies for healing, transitions, and celebrations Steven Farmer 1
Rituals in Interreligious Dialogue : Bridge or Barrier? Marcel Poorthuis 1
Rituals for life create your own sacred ceremonies Brenda Knight 1
The anthropology of cultural performance John Lowell Lewis 1
Ritual passage, sacred journey : the process and organization of religious movement Richard P. Werbner 1
Ritual gone wrong : what we learn from ritual disruption Kathryn McClymond 1
Ritual : what it is, how it works, and why Robbie Davis-Floyd 1
Ritual : how seemingly senseless acts make life worth living Dēmētrēs Xygalatas 1
Ritual . Various 1
Rites and relationships : rites of passage and contemporary anthropology Monika Vizedom 1
Rite out of place : ritual, media, and the arts Ronald L. Grimes 1
Religious interaction ritual : the microsociology of the spirit Scott Draper 1
Religious education. Celebration June Curtis 1
Re-enchanting the forest : meaningful ritual in a secular world William Ayot 1
Raven Wicca course. Lesson 9, and including the Feast of Litha (Mid-Summer) Christine Sempers 1
The New Testament in its ritual world Richard E. DeMaris 1
The book of sacred baths : 52 bathing rituals to revitalize your spirit Paulette Kouffman Sherman 1
The art of ritual : creating and performing ceremonies for growth and change Renee Beck 1
Tradition : understanding Christian tradition Gerald O'Collins 1
The sheep and the ceremony Richard Wollheim 1
The spectrum of ritual : a biogenetic structural analysis Eugene G. D'Aquili 1
The way of the sacred Francis Huxley 1
The wicca cookbook : recipes, ritual and lore Jamie Wood 1
The witch's guide to ritual : spells, incantations, and inspired ideas for an enchanted life Cerridwen Greenleaf 1
Towards reconciliation : understanding violence and the sacred after René Girard Paul Gifford 1
Walking the path - : the Cree to the Celtic Shirley Laboucane 1
The return of the Blue Stots : an aspect of traditional drama in Yorkshire Chas Marshall 1
Why ritual? Michael Tapp 1
Wiccan tutor tapes Christine Sempers 1
Women celebrating life : honoring the passages of life : a guide to growth & transformation Elizabeth Owens 1
Women's intercultural performance Julie Holledge 1
Women's rites of passage : how to embrace change and celebrate life Abigail Brenner 1
Women's rites, women's mysteries : intuitive ritual creation Ruth Barrett 1
The roaring of the sacred river : the wilderness quest for vision and self-healing Steven Foster 1
The psychology of ritual Murry Hope 1
The book of altars and sacred spaces : How to Create Magical Spaces in Your Home for Ritual and Intention Anjou Kiernan 1
The end of time : religion, ritual and the forging of the soul Richard K. Fenn 1
Raven Wicca course. Lesson 7, and including the Fourth Face of the Goddess Christine Sempers 1
The ceremonial animal : a new portrait of anthropology Wendy James 1
The changing leadership roles of Dedes in the Alevi Movement : ethnographic studies on Alevi associations in Turkey and Germany from the 1990s to the present Deniz Coşan Eke 1
The deep heart of witchcraft : expanding the core of magickal practice David Salisbury 1
The disappearance of rituals : a topology of the present Byung-Chul Han 1
The dream of the perfect act : an inquiry into the fate of religion in a secular world Richard K. Fenn 1
The future of ritual : writings on culture and performance Richard Schechner 1
The power of ritual Rachel Pollack 1
The gate of heaven : the history and symbolism of the Temple in Jerusalem Margaret Barker 1
The holy book of women's mysteries Zsuzsanna Emese Budapest 1
The joys of everyday rituals Barbara Biziou 1
The magic of ritual : our need for liberating rites that transform our lives and our communities Tom F. Driver 1
The male mysteries : rites & rituals for the journey to manhood Nikki Dorakis 1
The oil and the mantle Chris Oyakhilome 1
Raven Wicca course. Lesson 8, and including the Feast of Beltane Christine Sempers 1
Raven Wicca course. Lesson 2, and including the triple goddess Christine Sempers 1
Raven Wicca course. Lesson 5, and including the feast of Imbolc Christine Sempers 1
Earth's children : a book of rituals for pagans Simon R. Musk 1
Crafting secular ritual Jeltje Gordon-Lennox 1
Creating ceremony Glennie Kindred 1
Culture, thought and social action : an anthropological perspective Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah 1
Dancing the goddess incarnate : living the magic of maiden, mother & crone Kristin Madden 1
Earth wisdom : a heart-warming mixture of the spiritual, the practical and the proactive Glennie Kindred 1
Earth wisdom : a heartwarming mixture of the spiritual and the proactive Glennie Kindred 1
Ecstatic ritual : practical sex magick Brandy Williams 1
Christmas around the world Maria Hubert 1
Enter the king : theatre, liturgy, and ritual in the medieval civic triumph Gordon Kipling 1
Everyday rituals and ceremonies : special ways to mark important events in your life Lorna St. Aubyn 1
Goddess aloud : transforming your world through rituals & mantras Michelle Skye 1
Goddesses & gods : embrace the power : invocations with the feminine & masculine divine Stacey Demarco 1
How Lifeworlds Work : Emotionality, Sociality, and the Ambiguity of Being Michael Jackson 1
In the shadow of the dancing shamans : an investigation into the experience and expression of the numinous through dance Ross McKim 1
Coming of age the RITE way : youth and community development through rites of passage David G. Blumenkrantz 1
Christian worship : 100,000 sundays of symbols and rituals Gail Ramshaw 1
Raven Wicca course. Lesson 4, and including the horned god Christine Sempers 1
Blessing of the animals : a guide to prayers & ceremonies celebrating pets & other creatures Diana L. Guerrero 1


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