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  • Book: Virtue and terror
  • Author: Maximilien Robespierre
  • Bnb Id: GBA684297
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Books on this subject: 192
  • Editions on this subject: 228
  • Authors on this subject: 163
  • Books in this series: 14
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The main authors on Revolutions by number of books and editions:


There are the 192 books on the Revolutions subject with a total 228 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Revolutions and revolutionary movements James DeFronzo 5
Reference groups and the theory of revolution John Urry 4
On revolution Hannah Arendt 3
The state and revolution Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin 3
Revolution and international politics Peter Calvert 3
1789 : the threshold of the modern age David Andress 2
Revolution, democracy, socialism : selected writings Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin 2
Intervention and revolution : the United States in the Third World Richard J. Barnet 2
Lenin and the end of politics A. J. Polan 2
Modern revolutions : an introduction to the analysis of a political phenomenon John Dunn 2
Politics of violence : militancy, international politics, killing in the name Charlotte Heath-Kelly 2
Race, class, & power : ideology and revolutionary change in plural societies Leo Kuper 2
Revolt, revolution, critique : the paradox of society Bülent Diken 2
Revolution Peter Calvert 2
Revolutionary change Chalmers Johnson 2
Fanaticism : on the uses of an idea Alberto Toscano 2
Revolutions : a worldwide introduction to social and political contention Stephen K. Sanderson 2
Social origins of dictatorship and democracy : lord and peasant in the making of the modern world Barrington Moore 2
Terrorism and communism : a reply to Karl Kautsky Leon Trotsky 2
The defence of terrorism : terrorism and communism : a reply to Karl Kautsky Leon Trotsky 2
The longing for total revolution : philosophic sources of social discontent from Rousseau to Marx and Nietzsche Bernard Yack 2
Utopia & revolution : on the origins of a metaphor Melvin J. Lasky 2
Wars, revolutions, dictatorships : studies of historical and contemporary problems from a comparative viewpoint Stanislav Andreski 2
Why men rebel Ted Robert Gurr 2
Women, resistance and revolution : a history of women and revolution in the modern world Sheila Rowbotham 2
Insurgencies : constituent power and the modern state Antonio Negri 2
World revolution : the plot against civilization Nesta Helen Webster 2
Comparative revolutionary movements : search for theory and justice Thomas H. Greene 2
Democracy & revolution : from ancient Greece to modern capitalism George Novack 1
The conquest of violence : an essay on war and revolution Bart de Ligt 1
Terrorism and communism : a contribution to the natural history of revolution Karl Kautsky 1
An réabhlóid mar ghníomh dínite Alan Titley 1
Terrorism, civil war, and revolution : revolution and international politics Peter Calvert 1
The Angela Y. Davis reader Angela Y. Davis 1
The French Revolution and the psychology of revolution Gustave Le Bon 1
The Marxian revolutionary idea Robert C. Tucker 1
The complete works of Rosa Luxemburg. Volume IV, Political writings 2 : on revolution (1906-1909) Rosa Luxemburg 1
The defence of terrorism : terrorism and communism Leon Trotsky 1
The language of contention : revolutions in words, 1688-2012 Sidney G. Tarrow 1
All the power : revolution without illusion Mark Andersen 1
The dynamics of the armed struggle J. Bowyer Bell 1
The extreme centre : A Warning Tariq Ali 1
The extreme centre : a second warning Tariq Ali 1
The fastidious assassins Albert Camus 1
The great revolutions and the civilizations of modernity S. N. Eisenstadt 1
The hooligan's handbook : methods of thinking and action Roger Howard 1
The imaginary institution of society Cornelius Castoriadis 1
Terrorism and Communism Leon Trotsky 1
Subversion : propaganda, agitation and the spread of people's war Ian Greig 1
Struggles in the state : sources and patterns of world revolution George Armstrong Kelly 1
Strategy for non-violent revolution George Lakey 1
Revolutionary war in world strategy, 1945-1969 Robert Thompson 1
Revolutionary warfare James Connolly 1
Revolutions Noel Stephen Pratt 1
Revolutions : a very short introduction Jack A. Goldstone 1
Anti-tech revolution : why and how Theodore John Kaczynski 1
Revolutions and revolutionaries : four theories Barbara Salert 1
And not a shot is fired Jan Kozák 1
Revolutions and revolutionary waves Mark N. Katz 1
Revolutions and steam engines, 1775-1815 Martin Ballard 1
Revolutions and the collapse of monarchy : human agency and the making of revolution in France, Russia and Iran Zhand Shakibi 1
Revolutions, nations, empires : conceptual limits and theoretical possibilities Alexander J. Motyl 1
Selected writings on anarchism and revolution Petr Alekseevich Kropotkin 1
Social order, reform and revolution : a power, exchange and institutionalisation perspective Bob Jessop 1
Anatomies of revolution George Lawson 1
Social revolutions in the modern world Theda Skocpol 1
Specters of revolt : On the intellect of insurrection and philosphy from below Richard Gilman-Opalsky 1
State and revolution Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin 1
The iron cage of liberalism : international politics and unarmed revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa Daniel P. Ritter 1
Adjudicating revolution : courts and constitutional change Richard S. Kay 1
Revolutionary discourse in Mao's Republic David E. Apter 1
The natural history of revolution Lyford Paterson Edwards 1
Theories of civil violence James B. Rule 1
Theories of revolution : an introduction A. S. Cohan 1
There is no unhappy revolution : the communism of destitution Marcello Tarì 1
Today's revolutionaries : a study of some prominent modern revolutionary movements and methods of sedition in Europe and the United States Ian Greig 1
Understanding revolution Patrick Van Inwegen 1
Understanding revolution : a multi-paradigmatic approach Kavous Ardalan 1
Uprising! : political upheavals that have shaped the world Mark Almond 1
Urban guerrilla Martin Oppenheimer 1
A study of revolution Peter Calvert 1
Utopia and revolution : on the origins of a metaphor, or some illustrations of the problem of political temperament and intellectual climate and how ideas, ideals, and ideologies have been historically related Melvin J. Lasky 1
A new translation of Volney's Ruins C.-F. Volney 1
What is to be done? Louis Althusser 1
What makes a revolution? Robert MacCulloch 1
Why it's kicking off everywhere : the new global revolutions Paul Mason 1
Why it's still kicking off everywhere : the new global revolutions Paul Mason 1
A history of world communism F. W. Deakin 1
1989 : revolutionary ideas and ideals Krishan Kumar 1
The struggle against history Ronald Segal 1
A theory of conflict Brian Crozier 1
The secret history of the west : the influence of secret organizations on western history from the Renaissance to the 20th century Nicholas Hagger 1
The radicality of love Srećko Horvat 1
The new Middle East : protest and revolution in the Arab World Fawaz A. Gerges 1
The permanent revolution ; &, Results and prospects Leon Trotsky 1
The political economy of revolution : contemporary issues as seen from the historical standpoint K. I. Zarodov 1
The politics of Kathy Acker : revolution and the avant-garde Emilia Borowska 1
The politics of revolt Paul G. Lewis 1
The politics of revolution Paul G. Lewis 1
The portable Hannah Arendt Hannah Arendt 1

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