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  • Book: Mammals
  • Author: Brundle Joanna
  • Bnb Id: GBB9A7780
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Books on this subject: 68
  • Editions on this subject: 73
  • Authors on this subject: 63
  • Books in this series: 4
  • Authors in this series: 1


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The main authors on Reproduction by number of books and editions:


There are the 68 books on the Reproduction subject with a total 73 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Sex on Earth : a celebration of animal reproduction Jules Howard 3
A natural history of families Scott Forbes 2
Sex link : the three-billion-year-old urge and what animals do about it Hy Freedman 2
Reproducing the world : essays in feminist theory Mary O'Brien 2
The beginnings of life Chris Catton 1
The allometry of growth and reproduction Michael J. Reiss 1
Sexuality and procreation in the age of biotechnology : desire and its discontents Paola Marion 1
Sex, stress and reproductive success David A. Lovejoy 1
Sex, reproduction and Darwinism Filomena de Sousa 1
Sex in nature Chris Catton 1
Reproduction in mammals C. R. Austin 1
Sex hormones and behaviour P. J. B. Slater 1
Sex energy : the sexual force in man and animals Robert S. De Ropp 1
Sex Kenneth L. Jones 1
Reproductive physiology of vertebrates Ari Van Tienhoven 1
Reproductive hazards of industrial chemicals : an evaluation of animal and human data Susan M. Barlow 1
The biology of reproduction Giuseppe Fusco 1
The ecology of reproduction in wild and domestic mammals Richard M. F. S. Sadleir 1
The explanation of organic diversity : the comparative method and adaptations for mating Mark Ridley 1
The female animal Irene Elia 1
The genial gene : deconstructing Darwinian selfishness Joan Roughgarden 1
The mating game Robert Burton 1
The ovarian cycle of mammals John Sherwood Perry 1
The person in the womb N. J. Berrill 1
The physiology of insect reproduction Franz Engelmann 1
The politics of reproduction Mary O'Brien 1
The reproduction of vertebrates Richard M. F. S. Sadleir 1
The sexes Donald E. Carr 1
Understanding sex : a young person's guide Alan Frank Guttmacher 1
Utopian motherhood : new trends in human reproduction Robert T. Francoeur 1
Veterinary genetics and reproductive physiology Susan Long 1
Veterinary reproduction and obstetrics : formerly Wright's 'Veterinary obstetrics' Geoffrey H. Arthur 1
Where do babies come from? : the story of human reproduction for primary and younger secondary school children and their parents Jill Kenner 1
Reproduction in the insects K. G. Davey 1
Reproduction in domestic animals Harold Harrison Cole 1
A primer of life histories : ecology, evolution, and application Jeffrey Alexander Hutchings 1
Heredity and human affairs James J. Nagle 1
Animal reproduction John Lance 1
Animal reproduction Philip Street 1
Animal reproduction : parents making parents Jack Cohen 1
Animal reproduction: tabulated data A. F. Fraser 1
Animated animals Larry Feign 1
Aristotle on female animals : a study of the generation of animals Sophia M. Connell 1
Aristotle's De partibus animalium I; and, De generatione animalium I (with passages from II.1-3) Aristotle 1
Boys growing up Margaret Wallace 1
Conception, birth and contraception : a visual presentation Robert J. Demarest 1
Controlling reproduction J. S. M. Hutchinson 1
Development and reproduction in humans and animal model species Werner A. Müller 1
Gametes & spores : ideas about sexual reproduction 1750-1914 John Farley 1
Growth, development and reproduction Dennis Taylor 1
Helping and communal breeding in birds : ecology and evolution Jerram L. Brown 1
Hospitality of the matrix : philosophy, biomedicine, and culture I. Aristarkhova 1
Reproduction and growth Philip Tribe 1
Human reproduction, conception and contraception Elsayed Saad Eldin Hafez 1
Human reproductive physiology Rodney P. Shearman 1
Love in the garden Jean-Pierre Otte 1
Man and woman : the basis of their relationship Karl Horst Wrage 1
Marshall's Physiology of reproduction. Vol.1, Reproductive cycles of vertebrates F. H. A. Marshall 1
Marshall's physiology of reproduction F. H. A. Marshall 1
Patterns of sexuality and reproduction A. S. Parkes 1
Physiology of reproduction William D. Odell 1
Primer effects by murine pheromone signaling : pheromonal influences on reproductive conditions Sachiko Koyama 1
Procreation and population in historical social science Daniela Danna 1
Prostaglandins in reproduction Norman L. Poyser 1
Reproduction Jack Cohen 1
Reproduction Peter Stanbury 1
Reproduction and environment R. L. Holmes 1
Young animals : invertebrates, fish and amphibia, reptiles, birds, mammals and man Bernard Stonehouse 1


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Brundle Joanna 4


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Mammals 2019
Fish 2019
Birds 2019
Reptiles 2019

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