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Remote sensing and image interpretation Thomas M. Lillesand 7
Introduction to remote sensing James B. Campbell 5
Introduction to environmental remote sensing Eric C. Barrett 4
Remote sensing and GIS B. Bhatta 3
Physical principles of remote sensing Gareth Rees 3
Polarimetric radar imaging : from basics to applications Jong-Sen Lee 3
Weather radar polarimetry Guifu Zhang 2
Remote sensing : the image chain approach John R. Schott 2
Fundamentals of satellite remote sensing Emilio Chuvieco 2
Fundamentals of satellite remote sensing : an environmental approach Emilio Chuvieco 2
Satellite remote sensing of natural resources David L. Verbyla 2
Introductory digital image processing : a remote sensing perspective John R. Jensen 2
Geoinformation : remote sensing, photogrammetry and geographic information systems Gottfried Konecny 2
Practical handbook of remote sensing Samantha Lavender 2
Classification methods for remotely sensed data Brandt Tso 2
Atmospheric acoustic remote sensing Stuart Bradley 2
Multispectral image analysis using the object-oriented paradigm Kumar Navulur 2
Microwave propagation and remote sensing : atmospheric influences with models and applications Pranab Kumar Karmakar 2
Remote sensing and early warning of natural hazards Yang Hong 2
Fundamentals of remote sensing George Joseph 2
Remote sensing : optics and optical systems Philip N. Slater 1
Remote sensing : the role of small format light aircraft photography Paul J. Curran 1
Remote sensing : models and methods for image processing Robert A. Schowengerdt 1
Remote sensing : methods and applications R. Michael Hord 1
Remote sensing and GIS integration : theories, methods, and applications Qihao Weng 1
Radar interferometry Ramon F. Hanssen 1
Remote monitoring : implantable devices and ambulatory ECG Jonathan S. Steinberg 1
Remote Sensing of Soils Dwivedi. Ravi Shankar 1
Radar interferometry : persistent scatterer technique Bert M. Kampes 1
RTLS for dummies Ajay Malik 1
Quantitative remote sensing of land surfaces Shunlin Liang 1
Quantitative remote sensing in thermal infrared : theory and applications Huajun Tang 1
Principles of remote sensing Paul J. Curran 1
Principles of applied remote sensing Siamak Khorram 1
Physics and techniques of remote sensing Charles Elachi 1
Photometry and polarization in remote sensing Walter G. Egan 1
Park management in Ghana using geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing technology Yaw A. Twumasi 1
Panoramic imaging : sensor-line cameras and laser range-finders Fay Huang 1
Optical remote sensing of land surface : techniques and methods Nicolas Baghdadi 1
Remote sensing and geographic information system A. M. Chandra 1
Remote sensing from space : a new view of planet earth J. T. Houghton 1
Remote sensing by Fourier transform spectrometry Reinhard Beer 1
Remote sensing digital image analysis J. A. Richards 1
Transparency masters [for] Remote sensing and image interpretation, fourth edition Thomas M. Lillesand 1
Theory of remote image formation Richard E. Blahut 1
Theory of atmospheric radiative transfer : a comprehensive introduction Manfred Wendisch 1
The theory of scintillation with applications in remote sensing Charles Rino 1
The advanced very high resolution radiometer, AVHRR A. P. Cracknell 1
Terahertz sensing and measurement systems J. Bowen 1
Techniques for image processing and classification in remote sensing Robert A. Schowengerdt 1
Synthetic aperture radar : systems and signal processing John C. Curlander 1
Spying with maps : surveillance technologies and the future of privacy Mark S. Monmonier 1
Spectral-spatial classification of hyperspectral remote sensing images Jón Atli Benediktsson 1
Space radio science O. I. I︠A︡kovlev 1
Signal theory methods in multispectral remote sensing D. A. Landgrebe 1
Sensors for ranging and imaging Graham Brooker 1
Sensitivity analysis in remote sensing Eugene A. Ustinov 1
Seamless 3D navigation in indoor and outdoor spaces Jinjin Yan 1
Satellite remote sensing and the management of natural resources Nathalie Pettorelli 1
Satellite remote sensing : an introduction Ray Harris 1
Satellite radar interferometry : subsidence monitoring techniques V. B. H. Ketelaar 1
Resource management information systems : process and practice Keith R. McCloy 1
Remote sensing with polarimetric radar Harold Mott 1
Remote sensing with imaging radar J. A. Richards 1
Remote sensing of the earth from space : atmospheric correction K. I︠A︡. Kondratʹev 1
Remote sensing of landscapes with spectral images : a physical modeling approach John B. Adams 1
Remote sensing imagery for natural resources monitoring : a guide for first-time users David S. Wilkie 1
Remote sensing image fusion : a practical guide Christine Pohl 1
Remote sensing image fusion Luciano Alparone 1
Remote sensing image classification in R Courage Kamusoko 1
Remote sensing from air and space R. C. Olsen 1
Remote sensing for geoscientists : image analysis and integration G. L. Prost 1
Observations des surfaces continentales par télédetection III : urbain et zones cotières Nicolas Baghdadi 1
A guide to remote sensing S. A. Drury 1
Multi-sensor and multi-temporal remote sensing : specific single class mapping Anil Kumar 1
Earth observation data policy Ray Harris 1
Handbook of ultra-wideband short-range sensing : theory, sensors, applications Jürgen Sachs 1
Guidance information processing methods in airborne optical imaging seeker Tianxu Zhang 1
Global aerospace monitoring and disaster management Valery A. Menshikov 1
Geoinformation : remote sensing, photogrammetry and geographical information systems Gottfried Konecny 1
Geographic information systems, remote sensing and mapping for the development and management of marine aquaculture James M. Kapetsky 1
GNSS remote sensing : theory, methods and applications Shuanggen Jin 1
Essential image processing and GIS for remote sensing Jian-Guo Liu 1
Environmental modeling using satellite imaging and dataset re-processing Moses Eterigho Emetere 1
Environmental data handling George Benjamin Heaslip 1
Elements of photogrammetry : with applications in GIS Paul R. Wolf 1
Elements of photogrammetry : with air photo interpretation and remote sensing Paul R. Wolf 1
Electromagnetics and the environment : remote sensing and telecommunications Warren Lincoln Flock 1
Earth observation for biodiversity monitoring : a review of current approaches and future opportunities for tracking progress towards the Aichi biodiversity targets Cristina Secades 1
Earth from above : a workbook on reading color-coded satellite images Claire Parkinson 1
Mobile robots : navigation, control and remote sensing Gerald Cook 1
Dynamic land use/cover change modelling : geosimulation and multiagent-based modelling Jamal Jokar Arsanjani 1
Digital terrain modelling : principles and methodology Zhilin Li 1
Digital signal processing techniques and applications in radar image processing Bu-Chin Wang 1
Digital image processing of remotely sensed data R. Michael Hord 1
Digital analysis of remotely sensed imagery Jay Gao 1
Detection of melt ponds on Arctic sea ice with optical satellite data Anja Rösel 1
Detection and identification of visually obscured targets Carl E. Baum 1
Coherent fields and images in remote sensing Valery I. Mandrosov 1
Applied remote sensing C. P. Lo 1


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