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Dysgu trwy themâu Huw John Hughes 2
New steps in religious education Michael Keene 2
Religious education in the secondary school : an introduction to teaching, learning and the world religions James Holt 2
Faith and secularisation in religious colleges and universities James Arthur 2
Religious education : a conceptual and interdisciplinary approach for secondary level Clive Erricker 1
Religious ideas, feelings and their interrelationship : research into the effects of religious education in parables on 10- to 12-year-olds Theo van der Zee 1
Religious ethics : principles, practice and society Declan McCay 1
Religious education key stage 2 Ruth Parmiter 1
Religious education key stage 1 Ruth Parmiter 1
Religious education in a plural western society : problems and challenges Hans-Georg Ziebertz 1
Religious education in Steiner-Waldorf Schools : extracts from Rudolf Steiner's lectures and meetings Rudolf Steiner 1
Religious education for plural societies : the selected works of Robert Jackson Robert Jackson 1
Religious education as a dialogue with difference : fostering democratic citizenship through the study of religions in schools Kevin O'Grady 1
Religious education and the pupil with learning difficulties Alan Brown 1
Religious education and postmodernity Andrew Wright 1
10 religious education lesson plans for 5-7 year olds P. S. Quick 1
Religious literacy and schools Gillian Georgiou 1
Religion and belief literacy : reconnecting a chain of learning Adam Dinham 1
Reformpädagogik und Protestantismus im Übergang zur Demokratie : Studien zur Pädagogik Peter Petersens Hein Retter 1
Reforming RE : power and knowledge in a worldviews curriculum Mark Chater 1
Reconstructing religious, spiritual, and moral education Clive Erricker 1
RE and music education : singing from the same song sheet? Penny Hollander 1
Power beyond words Allan Hart Jahsmann 1
Pobl Dduw'n perthyn : esboniad yr ysgol Sul i oedolion : Blwyddyn C Euros W. Jones 1
Outstanding RE lessons Andy Lewis 1
On holy ground : the theory and practice of religious education Liam Gearon 1
New steps in religious education. Bk. 2 Michael Keene 1
New directions in religious education Finola Cunnane 1
Religion in the classroom : dilemmas for democratic education Jennifer Hauver James 1
Rethinking religious education and plurality : issues in diversity and pedagogy Robert Jackson 1
More assemblies for primary schools. Summer term Margaret Cooling 1
The senses Dorothy J. Taylor 1
Willingly to school : religious education as an examination subject Patrick M. Devitt 1
Wicked Problems : Essays for Aspiring Catholic School Leaders Chris Richardson 1
Why we should keep religion in our schools Peter Cousins 1
What they never told you about RE Terence Copley 1
What do we tell the children? : confusion, conflict and complexity Angela Wood 1
Visiting places of worship Paul Gateshill 1
Unearthing policies of instrumentalization in English religious education using statement archaeology Jonathan Doney 1
Truth is not neutral : a study of freedom and authority in religious education M. V. C. Jeffreys 1
Transforming religious education : beliefs and values under scrutiny Brian E. Gates 1
Themes in religious education for the nines to thirteens Kenneth Noel Smith 1
The teacher and the world religions Dudley William Gundry 1
The spirit on the deep : studies in religious and moral education Michael Ingram 1
The religious dimension of intercultural education : contributions to a contextual understanding Heid Leganger-Krogstad 1
Right and wrong : with easy-to-access additional eResources Lat Blaylock 1
The learned practice of religion in the modern university Donald Wiebe 1
The growing Sunday school : hints for superintendents Myrtle Watney 1
The effective teaching of religious education Brenda Watson 1
Teaching religious literacy : a guide to religious and spiritual diversity in higher education Ariel Ennis 1
Teaching religious education : a teaching skills workbook Trevor Kerry 1
Teaching in the context of worship Charles H. Hutchins 1
Teaching and learning in college introductory religion courses Barbara E. Fassler Walvoord 1
Spiritual development in schools : invisible to the eye Alan Brown 1
Sound learning and religious education : lecture delivered at the King's College Women's Department, October 5th 1904, introductory to the courses of biblical study Alice Gardner 1
Social networks and parental behavior in the intergenerational transmission of religion Eleonora Patacchini 1
Sharing the Easter faith with children Carolyn C. Brown 1
Sex and the spiritual teacher : why it happens, when it's a problem, and what we all can do Scott Edelstein 1
New Directions in Religious Education John Hull 1
More assemblies for primary schools. Autumn term Margaret Cooling 1
More assemblies for primary schools. Spring term Margaret Cooling 1
Does religious education have a future? : pedagogical and policy prospects Mark Chater 1
Discerning images : the media and theological education : resources for theological educators Derek C. Weber 1
Design for religion : toward ecumenical education Gabriel Moran 1
Decolonizing interreligious education : developing theologies of accountability Shannon Frediani 1
Dear Simon ... : a selection of resource material for use in worship, discussion and teaching Barbara Hasler 1
Collective worship in schools : contemporary approaches Derek Webster 1
Classical approaches to the study of religion : aims, methods, and theories of research. introduction and anthology Jean Jacques Waardenburg 1
Church, community and state in relation to education : towards a theory of school organization Fred Clarke 1
Christian education : where the learning is Virgil Elwood Foster 1
Christian artefact pack Vida Barnett 1
Chosen : small group curriculum for girls 8 to 12 years old Candy Gibbs 1
Children, Catholicism and religious education Patricia Kieran 1
Challenging religious studies : the wealth, wellbeing and inequalities of nations John Atherton 1
Biting the bullet : some personal reflections on religious education Chris Arthur 1
Binding things together : teaching as a religious activity Ronald M. Noone 1
Beginnings : a religious education course for the lower secondary school David Konstant 1
Begin with the heart : recovering a sacramental vision Daniel J. O'Leary 1
Aunt Emily's African animals : stories and activity ideas for teachers of infants Brian Ogden 1
Approaches to religious education Margaret Evening 1
An introduction to thinking about God Derek Harley 1
A-to-Z : active learning strategies to support spiritual and moral development Joyce Mackley 1
A professional approach to religious education : towards a coherent policy of co-operation and teacher representation Peter Lefroy-Owen 1
A practical guide to critical religious education : resources for the secondary classroom Andrew Wright 1
A bedside book for RE teachers Terence Copley 1
11-16 : a complete course for religious education at the secondary school level Derek Lance 1
100 ways to tell God's great story Phyllis Vos Wezeman 1
Discovering their world Geoffrey Duncan 1
Does religious education matter? Mary Shanahan 1
100 ideas for secondary teachers : outstanding RE lessons Andy Lewis 1
Doing God in education Trevor Cooling 1
Migration, religion, and schooling in liberal democratic states Bruce A. Collet 1
Making every RE lesson count : six principles to support religious education teaching Louise Hutton 1
Let's teach them right : perspectives on religious and moral education Christopher Macy 1
Learning for Life : a handbook of adult religious education Yvonne Craig 1
Indoctrination and education Ivan Augustine Snook 1
Ideas : a handbook for religious education specialists and others engaged in religious education Robin Pearce 1
I'd rather be dead than be a girl : implications of Whitehead, Whorf, and Piaget for inclusive language in religious education John Marcus Sweeney 1
How to teach religion : principles and methods George Herbert Betts 1
Home, school and faith : towards an understanding of religious diversity in school David W. Rose 1


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