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  • Book: Slimnastics
  • Author: Pamela Nottidge
  • Bnb Id: GB7011722
  • Publication Date: 1970
  • Books on this subject: 322
  • Editions on this subject: 364
  • Authors on this subject: 250


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There are the 322 books on the Reducing exercises subject with a total 364 editions:

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Title Author Editions
10 years thinner : six weeks to turn back the clock Christine Lydon 2
Body for life for women : a woman's plan for physical and mental transformation Pamela Peeke 2
The Gi bikini diet Charles V. Clark 2
The Flat Tummy Club diet : 21 days to a flatter tummy Kate Adams 2
The Duke diet : the world-renowned programme for healthy and lasting weight loss Howard J. Eisenson 2
The De Vany diet : eat lots, exercise little - shed 5lbs in 1 week - lose fat, gain muscle, look younger Arthur De Vany 2
The 20-minute body : 20 minutes, 20 days, 20 inches Brett Hoebel 2
Slimnastics Pamela Nottidge 2
Six weeks to skinny jeans : blast fat, firm your butt, and lose two jean sizes Amy Cotta 2
Rosemary Conley's complete flat stomach plan Rosemary Conley 2
Rosemary Conley's amazing inch loss plan : lose a stone in a month! Rosemary Conley 2
Power of 10 : the once-a-week slow motion fitness revolution Adam Zickerman 2
Peak physique : your total body transformation Hollis Lance Liebman 2
No fads, no frills, no nonsense weight-loss plan Jim Johnson 2
Fit or fat? Covert Bailey 2
Extreme transformation : lifelong weight loss in 21 days Chris Powell 2
Cellulite solutions : 7 ways to beat cellulite in 6 weeks Helen Foster 2
The abs diet for women : the six-week plan to flatten your belly and firm up your body for life David Zinczenko 2
The biggest loser : your personal programme for permanent weight loss Angie Dowds 2
The body code diet and fitness programme : master your metabolism and see the weight fall off Jay Cooper 2
The ultimate New York Body Plan David Kirsch 2
Weight control through diet & exercise Geoffrey P. Webb 2
Tone your tummy type : flatten your belly and shrink your waist in 4 weeks Denise Austin 2
Thin thighs in 30 days Wendy Stehling Drumm 2
Thin thighs diet and workout Karen Burke 2
Thin thighs : exercises and recipes for trim, toned thighs Karen Burke 2
The vitality plan Deborah Bull 2
The spark solution : a complete two-week diet program to fast-track weight loss and total body health Becky Hand 2
The cLEAN Momma workout : get lean while you clean Carolyn Barnes 2
The south beach diet supercharged : faster weight loss and better health for life Arthur Agatston 2
The petite advantage diet : achieve that long, lean look - the specialized plan for women 5'4" and under Jim Karas 2
The new! abs diet for women : the 6-week plan to flatten your belly and firm up your body for life David Zinczenko 2
The new get back into your jeans diet Monica Grenfell 2
The new abs diet : the 6-week plan to flatten your stomach and keep you lean for life David Zinczenko 2
The first 20 minutes : the surprising science that reveals how we can exercise better, train smarter and live longer Gretchen Reynolds 2
Body fuel : calorie-cycle your way to reduced body fat and greater muscle definition Mark Lauren 2
Pilates for weight loss : the fast, effective way to change your body shape for good Lynne Robinson 2
Yoga for weight loss : the effective 4-week slimming plan for body, mind and spirit Celia Hawe 2
15-minute energizing workout Suzanne Martin 2
15 minute calorie burn workout Efua Baker 2
Be body beautiful : my guide to a healthy, happy new you Lucy Mecklenburgh 2
Ballet beautiful : the fitness and lifestyle programme to help any women gain the strength, grace and body of a ballet dancer Mary Helen Bowers 2
The anti-cellulite plan Liz Hodgkinson 1
The bikini body 28-day healthy eating & lifestyle guide : 200 recipes, weekly menus, 4-week workout plan Kayla Itsines 1
8 minutes in the morning for maximum weight loss : specially designed for people who want to lose up to 2 stone - or more! Jorge Cruise 1
The belly burn plan : six weeks to a lean, fit & healthy body Traci D. Mitchell 1
The belly burn plan : 6 weeks to a lean, fit and healthy body Traci D. Mitchell 1
The badass body diet : the breakthrough diet and workout for a tight booty, sexy abs, and lean legs Christmas Abbott 1
The all-day fat-burning diet Yuri Elkaim 1
The body fat breakthrough : tap the muscle-building power of negative training and lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days Ellington Darden 1
The absmart fitness plan : the proven workout to lose inches and strengthen your core without straining your back Adam Weiss 1
8 weeks to wow Emilie Brabon-Hames 1
The Louise Parker method : the 6-week programme Louise Parker 1
The Hollywood body plan : 21 minutes for 21 days to look and feel your best David Higgins 1
The HIIT advantage : high-intensity workouts for women Irene Lewis-McCormick 1
The HGV man manual Ian Banks 1
8 minutes in the morning for lean hips and thin thighs : lose up to 10cm in less than 4 weeks Jorge Cruise 1
The body fat solution : five principles for burning fat, building lean muscle, ending emotional eating, and maintaining your perfect weight Tom Venuto 1
A simple way to shed up to 2 pounds a week in only 8 minutes in the morning Jorge Cruise 1
The complete idiot's guide to power yoga Geo Takoma 1
The fat-loss blitz : a flexible plan to transform your body : whatever your fitness level Chloe Madeley 1
The fat flush fitness plan Ann Louise Gittleman 1
The fat fighter diet Bruce Krahn 1
The fat burn revolution : boost your metabolism and burn fat fast Julia Buckley 1
The fat burn revolution Julia Buckley 1
The fastest diet and workout ever Lucy Wyndham-Read 1
The complete book of weight loss and body shaping Ellington Darden 1
The body sculpting bible express for men with the sculpt21 diet plan James C. Villepigue 1
The celebrity fit club weightloss programme Annie Ashworth 1
The cardio-free diet Jim Karas 1
The calorie myth : how to eat more, exercise less, lose weight, and live longer Jonathan Bailor 1
The calorie myth : how to eat more, exercise less, lose weight, and live better Jonathan Bailor 1
8 minutes in the morning for a flat belly : lose up to 15cm in less than 4 weeks! Jorge Cruise 1
The body sculpting bible express for women with the sculpt21 diet plan James C. Villepigue 1
A new you in 21 days : a three-week regime with instant impact : easy-to-follow with long-lasting results Lucy Doncaster 1
Adore yourself slim : eat, exercise and hypnotise yourself to a healthier, happier you Lisa Jackson 1
Abs revealed Jonathan Ross 1
Strength training for women John Shepherd 1
Shape up, size down : drop a dress size in only 4 weeks Sally Lewis 1
Shape-up shortcuts : score a hotter, healthier body in half the time! Jen Ator 1
Shrink your female fat zones : lose pounds and inches, fast! : from your stomach, hips, thighs and more Denise Austin 1
Any body can lose weight (except you?) John J. May 1
Skinny meals : everything you need to lose weight-fast! Bob Harper 1
Slim gym : helps you keep your figure trim Jillian Evans 1
Slim with Tina : the easy way to lose weight and keep it off Tina Murphy 1
Slimming Marie Borrel 1
Slimming : an oriental approach Soraya 1
Slimming secrets of the rich and famous Adele Parker 1
Anti cellulite : tasty meals and simple exercises to banish cellulite Angelika Ilies 1
Snack Girl to the rescue! : a real life guide to eating healthy, slimming down, and enjoying food Lisa Cain 1
South Beach diet supercharged : faster weight loss and better health for life Arthur Agatston 1
Strength training for fat loss Nick Tumminello 1
Strong : your ultimate guide to achieving a fit, healthy and balanced body Zanna van Dijk 1
8 minutes in the morning Jorge Cruise 1
Strong women stay slim Miriam E. Nelson 1
Ten : commit to fitness & get a lean & trim body in ten weeks Vincent Ng 1
Ten minute tone-ups for dummies Cynthia Targosz 1
The 12 minute weight-loss plan Michael Spira 1
Aerobic walking : the weight-loss exercise : a complete program to reduce weight, stress and hypertension Mort Malkin 1
The 21 day blast plan : lose weight, lose inches, gain strength and reboot your body Annie Deadman 1



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