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There are the 36 books on the Reconstruction subject with a total 38 editions:

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Reconstruction : America's first effort at racial democracy Hans L. Trefousse 2
Retreat from reconstruction, 1869-1879 William Gillette 2
1866, the critical year revisited Patrick W. Riddleberger 1
Reconstruction after the American Civil War John White 1
Reconstruction: the ending of the Civil War Avery Craven 1
Reminiscences of an active life : the autobiography of John Roy Lynch John Roy Lynch 1
Reunion without compromise : the South and reconstruction, 1865-1868 Michael Perman 1
Suppressing the Ku Klux Klan : the enforcement of the Reconstruction Amendments, 1870-1877 Everette Swinney 1
The ABC-CLIO companion to American reconstruction, 1862-1877 William L. Richter 1
The Scalawags : southern dissenters in the Civil War and Reconstruction James Alex Baggett 1
The anti-slavery movement and reconstruction : a study in Anglo-American co-operation, 1833-77 Christine Bolt 1
The era of good stealings Mark W. Summers 1
The fruits of victory : alternatives in restoring the Union, 1865-1877 Michael Les Benedict 1
The origins of detente : the Genoa Conference and Soviet-Western relations, 1921-1922 Stephen White 1
The road to redemption : Southern politics, 1869-1879 Michael Perman 1
Those terrible carpetbaggers Richard Nelson Current 1
White terror : the Ku Klux Klan conspiracy and southern reconstruction Allen William Trelease 1
Reconstruction, the great experiment Allen William Trelease 1
Reconstruction : after the Civil War John Hope Franklin 1
A covenant with death : the constitution, law, and equality in the Civil War era Phillip Shaw Paludan 1
Conscience and the Constitution : history, theory, and law of the Reconstruction amendments David A. J. Richards 1
A right to the land : essays on the freedmen's community Edward Magdol 1
A ruined land : the end of the Civil War Michael Golay 1
After the conflict : reconstructions and development in the aftermath of war Sultan Barakat 1
Andrew Johnson : a biography Hans L. Trefousse 1
Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction Eric L. McKitrick 1
Climbing up to glory : a short history of African Americans during the Civil War and Reconstruction Wilbert L. Jenkins 1
Crucible of reconstruction : war, radicalism, and race in Louisiana, 1862-1877 Ted Tunnell 1
Reconstruction : America's unfinished revolution, 1863-1877 Eric Foner 1
Division and reunion : America, 1848-1877 Ludwell H. Johnson 1
Freedom's lawmakers : a directory of Black officeholders during Reconstruction Eric Foner 1
Nothing but freedom : emancipation and its legacy Eric Foner 1
Politics and ideology in the age of the Civil War Eric Foner 1
Railroads, reconstruction, and the gospel of prosperity : aid under the Radical Republicans, 1865-1877 Mark W. Summers 1
Reading, 'riting, and reconstruction : the education of freedmen in the South 1861-1870 Robert C. Morris 1
Women's radical reconstruction : the freedmen's aid movement Carol Faulkner 1


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