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There are 1 artworks within the Realism movement between 1934 and 1934 in our database:


There are 1 museums with this movement in their collection:

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Tate Museums 1


There are 1 artists involved in that movement in our database:

Artist Artworks
Percy Horton 1


Gender distribution in represented artists:

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male 1 100.0%

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The main authors on Realism by number of books and editions:


There are the 256 books on the Realism subject with a total 303 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The antidote : happiness for people who can't stand positive thinking Oliver Burkeman 4
Legal realism and American law Justin Zaremby 3
Moral knowledge Alan H. Goldman 3
Pragmatism without foundations : reconciling realism and relativism Joseph Margolis 3
Truth matters : realism, anti-realism and response-dependence Christopher Norris 3
The bet : truth in science, literature, and everyday knowledges Garry Potter 2
Dialectic : the pulse of freedom Roy Bhaskar 2
The realist hope : a critique of anti-realist approaches in contemporary philosophical theology Christopher J. Insole 2
Reference, truth and conceptual schemes : a defense of internal realism Gábor Forrai 2
On the plurality of worlds David K. Lewis 2
Nihil unbound : enlightenment and extinction Ray Brassier 2
The limits of realism Tim Button 2
Naturalistic realism and the antirealist challenge Drew Khlentzos 2
From instrumentalism to constructive realism : on some relations between confirmation, empirical progress, and truth approximation Theo A. F. Kuipers 2
The case for idealism John Foster 2
A critical introduction to scientific realism Paul Dicken 2
God and realism Peter Byrne 2
Reality and its appearance Nicholas Rescher 2
God in the act of reference : debating religious realism and non-realism Erica Appelros 2
Taking morality seriously : a defense of robust realism David Enoch 2
Supervenience and realism Dalia Drai 2
Moral realism Kevin Michael DeLapp 2
Speculative realism : problems and prospects Peter Gratton 2
Introduction to new realism Maurizio Ferraris 2
Marxism and realism : a materialistic application of realism in the social sciences Sean Creaven 2
Judgment and Sachverhalt : an introduction to Adolf Reinach's phenomenological realism James M. DuBois 2
Liberal realism : a realist theory of liberal politics Matt Sleat 2
Scientific realism and human emancipation Roy Bhaskar 2
Critical scientific realism Ilkka Niiniluoto 2
Scientific realism and the rationality of science Howard Sankey 2
Austere realism : contextual semantics meets minimal ontology Terry Horgan 2
Realism, meaning and truth Crispin Wright 2
A metaphysics for scientific realism : knowing the unobservable Anjan Chakravartty 2
Realism and the progress of science Peter Smith 2
Truth and objectivity Crispin Wright 2
The structure of the world : metaphysics and representation Steven French 2
Realism and truth Michael Devitt 2
The taming of the true Neil Tennant 2
Realism, idealism, and international politics : a reinterpretation Martin Griffiths 2
Truth, meaning and realism A. C. Grayling 2
Universals : an opinionated introduction D. M. Armstrong 2
Realism in religion and science Clare McGraw 1
Realism in religion : a pragmatist's perspective Robert Cummings Neville 1
Sacramental poetics in Richard Hooker and George Herbert : exploring the abundance of God Brian Douglas 1
Realism in religion : a pragmatist's perspective Robert C. Neville 1
Realism in international relations and international political economy : the continuing story of a death foretold Stefano Guzzini 1
Science without laws Ronald N. Giere 1
Saving the differences : essays on themes from Truth and objectivity Crispin Wright 1
Scholastic realism : a key to understanding Peirce's philosophy Paniel Reyes Cárdenas 1
Realism with a human face Hilary Putnam 1
Science, humanism, and religion : the quest for orientation Matthias Jung 1
Realism for the 21st century : a John Deely reader John N. Deely 1
Scientific realism Nicholas Rescher 1
Realism and the climate crisis : hope for life John Foster 1
Scientific realism : how science tracks truth Stathis Psillos 1
Realism and sociology : anti-foundationalism, ontology and social research Justin Cruickshank 1
Realism versus realism Chhanda Gupta 1
Reality Beverley Tasker 1
Russell, Moore, and Wittgenstein : the revival of realism Herbert Hochberg 1
Realistic rationalism Jerrold J. Katz 1
Realist thought and the nation-state : power politics in the age of nationalism Konstantinos Kostagiannis 1
Reality and representation David Papineau 1
Reality at risk : a defence of realism in philosophy and the sciences Roger Trigg 1
Rebels without causes : empiricism vs realism in political analysis Alistair Edwards 1
Realist social theory : the morphogenetic approach Margaret S. Archer 1
Reconstructing American legal realism & rethinking private law theory Ḥanokh Dagan 1
Reconstructing realism : between power politics and cosmopolitan ethics Alastair J. H. Murray 1
Realist inquiry in social science Brian D. Haig 1
Realist ethics : just war traditions as power politics Valerie Ona Morkevicius 1
Relativism & truth : a misguided polarity Maurizio Passerin d'Entrèves 1
Relativism and reality : a contemporary introduction Robert Kirk 1
Realisms interlinked : objects, subjects and other subjects Arindam Chakrabarti 1
Religious truth and religious diversity Nathan S. Hilberg 1
Representation and reality Hilary Putnam 1
Representing electrons : a biographical approach to theoretical entities Theodore Arabatzis 1
Resources of realism : prospects for 'post-analytic' philosophy Christopher Norris 1
Retrieving realism Hubert L. Dreyfus 1
Robust ethics : the metaphysics and epistemology of godless normative realism Erik J. Wielenberg 1
Romantic realities : speculative realism and British Romanticism Evan Gottlieb 1
Reduction, time and reality : studies in the philosophy of the natural sciences Richard Healey 1
Structure, culture and agency : selected papers of Margaret Archer Margaret S. Archer 1
Scientific realism and the plasticity of mind Paul M. Churchland 1
Sense of things : toward a phenomenological realism Angela Ales Bello 1
The realist tradition in international relations : the foundations of Western order Barry Scott Zellen 1
The realistic spirit : Wittgenstein, philosophy, and the mind Cora Diamond 1
The relativity of theory : key positions and arguments in the contemporary scientific realism/antirealism debate Moti Mizrachi 1
The revival of realism : critical studies in contemporary philosophy James K. Feibleman 1
The rise and fall of Scottish common sense realism Douglas McDermid 1
The rise of realism Manuel De Landa 1
The sense of things : toward a phenomenological realism Angela Ales Bello 1
The space that separates : a realist theory of art Nick Wilson 1
The unipolar world : an unbalanced future Thomas S. Mowle 1
The universe of things : on speculative realism Steven Shaviro 1
The verbal philosophy of real time Andrzej Jarczewski 1
The world according to Kant : appearances and things in themselves in critical idealism Anja Jauernig 1
The world of failing machines : speculative realism and literature Grant Hamilton 1
The world we found : the limits of ontological talk Mark Sacks 1
Theory of knowledge : a direct realist approach Albert L. Hammond 1
To know or not to know : beyond realism and anti-realism Jan T. J. Srzednicki 1
Towards speculative realism : essays and lectures Graham Harman 1

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